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March 2011

Thursday, March 31:

Why Are We In Libya? (4 comments)

Tea Partier Bachmann's Presidential Candidacy Should Be Welcomed (6 comments)

A Two-Decade Detour into Empire (1 comments)

The New Colonialism (16 comments)

GOP continues Nixon Legacy

Sweetwater, TN Infects Rome: Now CATHOLIC BISHOPS Tell HUD To Take A Hike! (1 comments)

Why I Pledge Allegiance to an Atheist America (9 comments)

*11 Years Killing Afghani Children now Humanitarian Bombing in Libya (3 comments)

Venezuela, after Libya, to prepare ourselves for the Second Conquest! (1 comments)

Obama on Libya: George W. Bush 2.0

BACK TO THE BRIDGES (2 comments)

Wake up! Obama's Libyan Rebels are Carrying Out Genocide of Black Africans (8 comments)

Safecracking (1 comments)

Why I 'pied' a government official (1 comments)

Synecdoche Wisconsin: Neoliberalism and economic inequities in America (2 comments)

Social Change Strategic Focus: Young People! (1 comments)

President Palin's First Ten Days in Office

Turkey-Libya: Defusing another UN timebomb (1 comments)

Heart Warming Massacres (1 comments)

This is no "Humanitarian Intervention" in Libya (43 comments)

Bahrain hiring Pakistani ex-soldiers to suppress uprising (1 comments)

US Doesn't Intend to Shut Down "Cirque de Saleh" in Yemen Anytime Soon (2 comments)

The Handwringing Over Our Support for the Rebels in Libya (3 comments)

Sounds of Resistance are Growing Join Americans Fed Up With Big Finance (1 comments)

Assad's Cookie-Cutter (2 comments)

Japan's Earthquake: Natural or Engineered? (8 comments)

The Truth About the Economy Nobody In Washington Or On Wall Street Will Admit: We're Heading Back Toward a Double Dip (2 comments)

Wednesday, March 30:

Our Billion Dollar Turd Sandwich

by Harvey Wasserman: "Safe" Radiation is a Lethal TMI Lie (1 comments)

Hunger in America (8 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Rick Santorum's Bizarre Abortion Theory (5 comments)

Scott Walker Peeved That NYT Refuses to Publish His Op/Ed (8 comments)

Moving from Facebook Into the Streets (7 comments)

HELP! (1 comments)

NATO Wages War On Third Continent (3 comments)


Obama's Fatal Addiction (1 comments)

Stop the War! Expose the Lies! Free Bradley Manning! (2 comments)

This is no "humanitarian" intervention in Libya (1 comments)

Dilemma: We Seem Hell Bent on Destroying One Another, Finding a Way Out (2 comments)

Sally McMillan: Responsibility2Protect (3 comments)

Barack Hussein Reagan And Ronald Wilson Obama On Libya

Libya and the war of the wimps (2 comments)

Communal Sin and The Unrighteous Faithful (1 comments)

Informed Student Activists Are Needed

High unemployment is good for war. (2 comments)

*Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door

The Gonzo President

Do Cable TV Wars Cause Real Wars?

On Visiting an Unwinnable War

Citizens United, a long but necessary fight

Can We Live Free in an Unfree World (1 comments)

The Supreme Political Problem: Why the F**k Isn't Big Money in Government the Overwhelming Focus of Political Blogs? (9 comments)

*Loving Revelations (2 comments)

A Place of No Pity

What happens when we run out of cheap oil? (2 comments)

Group to Congress, Administration: Begin Enforcement of Antitrust Laws, Finalize GIPSA Rule, Take Immediate Steps to El (1 comments)

Censorship: Made in the USA (1 comments)

From Saudi Arabia: Thanks, Muammar! (1 comments)

Japan's Radiation: Media Hyping Fear (3 comments)

MEK's Impact on Change in Iran (2 comments)

Phoenix Protests Attack on Libya

Prediction: 20 Years of War in Libya (1 comments)

Obama on Libya: Defending the Indefensible

Tuesday, March 29:

Gaddafi in History: From Populist Hero to Isolated Dictator (9 comments)

Charles M. Young: Who are the Liquidators? (2 comments)

The Deficit Hawks Target Nurses and Firefighters (3 comments)

Warriors of the Mainstream Media (1 comments)

The Coming Misery That Big Oil Discusses Behind Closed Doors (1 comments)

An Energy Crisis of Tsunami Proportions Rushes Toward America (8 comments)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Afghanistan--But Forgot to Ask (1 comments)

Why Obama's right on Libya but Bush was wrong on Iraq (28 comments)

Obama on Libya: What Would MLK Say?

*The Declaration of Human Freedom (1 comments)

The Republican "Take-away" Agenda

Nuclear Nightmares: Damned Lies about the World's "Safest" Energy Source (1 comments)

The Slaughter Summit and Miss Little Ears (4 comments)

Political Prisoners in America: A Shocking Example of Mistreatment (5 comments)

Japan's Leaking Water Radiation 100,000 Times Above Normal (4 comments)

Monday, March 28:

Obama Raises American Hypocrisy To A Higher Level (67 comments)

People of Earth (13 comments)

Obama Muddling Thru Afghan War, But Not Clearly (2 comments)

The War On Science is Now a War on Education (12 comments)


Off the Reservation

Gaming the Game: Baba, Elvis, and the NBA Betting Scandal

The Collapse of Globalization (9 comments)

Atoms for War, Atoms for Peace: Only Japan knows both sides of nuclear coin (2 comments)

Of course nobody ever dies from overpopulation

Radioactive Right Spews Fallout -- and No Fix in Sight (3 comments)

How lawyers manipulate doctors in custody cases: Do-No-Harm vs. Take-No-Prisoners (1 comments)

PARADIGMS (1 comments)

Demise of International Education in Australia

The Odd Couple: Torture and the Truth

No Word for It: Imagining the Unimaginable

Who are the Libyan 'Freedom Fighters' and their Patrons? (12 comments)

The Hidden Truth About Nuclear Power (9 comments)

BBC: Imperial US and UK Tool (2 comments)

Planned Regime Change in Libya

Tsunami "Prevention" (3 comments)

Sunday, March 27:

21st Century Responsibility

'Theater of the Absurd' Comes to Life (2 comments)

Get The Hell Out of My Country (1 comments)

"Safe" Radiation is a Lethal TMI Lie (1 comments)

The Mark Inside: Joseph Beuys And Coyote meet "Humanitarian" Bombing Campaigns (1 comments)

Housing's Double Dip

How Might We Avert the Economic & Environmental Catastrophe That Approaches (16 comments)

Tax Time? Not for Giant Corporations

The Mubarak Comedy Hour

Senatorial Misstep: Giving Hate an Aura of Authenticity (1 comments)

Schaefers Killed with Mysterious Gun, GBI Destroys Evidence, Closes "Suicide" Case (1 comments)

Greg Mitchell: Bradley Manning, From Boston to Baghdad

Franklin P. Lamb: Time for Nasrallah and Obama to talk?

Sub-Prime Mortgages and Harry the Snake (1 comments)

Journalists, Media Fail Education Reform Debate (3 comments)

Is You Itching for Rescue Again? (4 comments)

History, the National Interest and R2P (1 comments)

Will This Cruelty Ever End? (5 comments)

Japan Nuclear Crisis-- Eerily Familiar (3 comments)

The American Family: Sacred or Profane? (1 comments)

What Everyone Should Know About Einstein and the Atomic Bomb (9 comments)

Updating Japan's Nuclear Disaster

US-Led Libyan Ground Assault Planned (2 comments)

Saturday, March 26:

The Charter School Industry (5 comments)

5 Reasons Why Technology Can Never Be Neutral (8 comments)

"Pretty Woman" reflects Wisconsin workers (1 comments)

The Al Gore Surge (2 comments)

Bradley Manning Treatment Reveals Continued Government Complicity in Torture (10 comments)

Fukushima's "Chernobyl moment" could be fast approaching (1 comments)

Who is annexing Whom?

Questions continue to arise regarding the conviction of Knox and Sollecito

Clout Wagon USA Mayoralgate Chicago

For the Money

Cable Highlights Saudi Anti-Bush Poem Published During Israel's 2006 War in Lebanon (2 comments)

Tracking Our Downward Spiral: the Ways in Which America Still 'Leads' the World (45 comments)

Fraudulent Birther Controversy Trump's Only Presidential Trump

What a horrific cruelty case can teach us

Welcome to the "Christian Nation" (3 comments)

Greg Mitchell: The Bradley Manning/Karen Silkwood Connection (5 comments)

Roy Eidelson, Marc Pilisuk, and Stephen Soldz: The Dark Side of "Comprehensive Soldier Fitness" (8 comments)

NATO: America's Imperial Tool

Venezuela's New Social Responsibility Law

Friday, March 25:

Pundits' Turnabout

Polygamy, a Luxury Only the Rich Can Afford (1 comments)

Current Comedy: Are We Libya Yet?

Why (Baseball) Owners Hate Good Government (1 comments)

Pedagogism -- War on Teachers (10 comments)

The Neocons Regroup on Libyan War (1 comments)

Libyan War And Control Of The Mediterranean (2 comments)

Deconstructing America's Nuclear Cult

Punditry & Politics Won't Solve the Oil "Curse" (2 comments)

Turkey and the Middle East: Carpe diem

You Scare Me (13 comments)

Defending My Post re the Amish Puppy Mills (4 comments)

Winding Down Obama (3 comments)

Libya, Leadership and Lives (6 comments)

Target Israel, Not Libya (4 comments)

New Scientist - "Fukushima radioactive fallout nears Chernobyl levels" (6 comments)

Thursday, March 24:

UN, NATO going after Gaddafi (1 comments)

Is Gadhafi Case Reminiscent of Saddam Hussein? (1 comments)

The War on Public Education (17 comments)

Why Governor LePage Can't Erase History, and Why We Need a Fighter in the White House (3 comments)

Ohio Republicans pass new Jim Crow law disenfranchising 900,000 voters (5 comments)

Why We Still Need Collective Bargaining Today (3 comments)

Does Gaddafi Still Have Chemical Weapons? (What WikiLeaks Cables Reveal) (1 comments)


Five Things Wrong with AT&T's Mega-Merger

Charlie and the CBS Factory (and other news) (1 comments)

If You Supported the No Fly Zone, Time to Reconsider (6 comments)

Huge Job Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart to be Heard Tuesday by Supreme Court

To Grind Your Bones to Make their Bread

Three strikes - we're out. (1 comments)

U.S. Dictatorship? Propaganda and Hope (3 comments)

Life After St. Liz (3 comments)

In a Heartbeat: Ruling Class keeps the Bush tax cuts then attacks the middle class. (4 comments)

Are You Gamed Enough? (1 comments)

Nihilists Rule!

*Solving the Pay-for-Play Crisis in America Post Citizen's United (3 comments)

Nuclear vs Oil: The devil we know (3 comments)

Cheerleading for War (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 23:

The Republican's Big Lies About Jobs (And Why Obama Must Repudiate Them) (18 comments)

Revolt Against American Militarism (3 comments)

Why South of the Border Matters North of the Border

Anthony Weiner: Barnstorming on the One-Year Anniversary of the Passage of the Health Care Bill

Hypocrisy At Its Finest

The Race for Space Solar Energy (1 comments)

Can Afghans and Pakistanis Teach Nonviolence?

Libya: When Fools Rush In"

Stop Israel Spying on International Citizen Activists and Their Organizations (1 comments)

The Arab "Spring" has Nothing to Do with Terrorism Revealing the Sham of Our Wars and the War on Terrorism

Libyan Invasion as Further Expansion of Obama's Executive Power (19 comments)

Toxic Intervention: Are NATO Forces Poisoning Libya with Depleted Uranium as They 'Protect' Civilians? (1 comments)

Be Consistent -- Invade Saudi Arabia (3 comments)

Obama and the Backbiters! (6 comments)

Manning Up! (1 comments)

Caught in the Crosshairs of America's War: The Children of Afghanistan and Pakistan (5 comments)

Prep, don't panic over fallout (1 comments)

Lip Service to Human Rights: What Are the Causes? (2 comments)

Ghosts of Allende & Pinochet Haunt Obama in Chile (3 comments)

Instead of Bombing Dictators, Stop Selling Them Bombs (6 comments)

Animal tests are today's Tuskegee experiments

*The health law at one year: Should we celebrate? (2 comments)

Thoughts on the Insanity (21 comments)

You Are Not Allowed To Have Real Money. (5 comments)

Western Aggression on Libya (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 22:

Revealed in the "White House Diary" (2 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Obama Shrugged

Take action NOW to stop Ohio Republicans' killer voter-ID bill!

America 'Trapped' by False Narratives (3 comments)

*The War On Truth: 9/11, Disinformation and the Real 'Terrorists' in America (12 comments)

Charlotte's Economy (A Fable)

Should the North Celebrate the Defeat of the Confederacy? (31 comments)

Global Brush Fires That Could Burn Down The Forest...

What do the conservatives want? (4 comments)

Wars Cannot Be Both Planned and Avoided (1 comments)

Lies, Damn Lies, and Humanitarian Intervention (10 comments)

The Health Care Crisis Grows While the 2010 Health Reform Shrinks (2 comments)

Stop Bombing Libya (1 comments)

Monday, March 21:

Wars Should Be Declared by Congress, Not Merely Launched by Presidents (11 comments)

THE LEGAL TENDER EXCEPTION - How The Bankers Screwed Lincoln's Greenbacks (1 comments)

US, France and Britain launch war of aggression against Libya (1 comments)

One Year Anniversary: The Incredible Shrinking Obama Health Care Law (4 comments)

Western military intervention in Libya; a challenge to the left (2 comments)

Haiti's displaced: Caught between greedy landlords and an absentee government (1 comments)

The Case For the U.N. Approved Intervention in Libya (3 comments)

Anti-Racism Day Should be Observed in US (2 comments)

They take our money for WAR (3 comments)

*The Death of My Country; Barrack Obama and the Black Swan Politic (3 comments)

Has US accepted the Sharia principle by securing Raymond Davis' freedom under a controversial Diyat law?

Right or Wrong?

America Fires 3,000 Teachers at Libya (4 comments)

Powering Down (1 comments)


Never Forget The Power of the Strike (1 comments)

The USPS and the GAO: Facilitating Identity Theft! (8 comments)

Imperial War on Libya (3 comments)

Sunday, March 20:

Veterans Tell Obama White House its War Policy is a Disgrace (1 comments)

A Dirty Word (4 comments)

Libya: Obama's Latest, AFRICOM's First, NATO's African War (1 comments)

Protecting Libyan Civilians, Not Others

Nuclear Nightmare (4 comments)

Japan's Tragedy Provides Us All An Opportunity To Show That We Have A Heart

Witness to Wisconsin (1 comments)

Defund NPR (9 comments)

Where is Jim Mason Today?

No Live Bunnies for Easter, Please (2 comments)

The Corporatist/GOP Echo Chamber on Tax Cuts (7 comments)

Impeach Obama Over Libya, You Got to Be Kidding (14 comments)

Junior Moments (2 comments)

The Capitalist Follies (4 comments)

Power Corrupts, Nuclear Power Corrupts Absolutely (11 comments)

Bad to Worse in Japan (1 comments)

First Blood: American Missiles Rain Down on Libya (9 comments)

Saturday, March 19:

Intermezzo In Style Or Why I Support Progressives (2 comments)

Limbaugh and Right Trivialize Scientific Debate (8 comments)

The Tea Party Congress's 20 Best Job Creation Bills (1 comments)

The Gathering Storm (1 comments)

In Defense of NPR (16 comments)

Questions CNN's Piers Morgan Failed to Ask (3 comments)

In Post-Conflict Countries, Where are the Women? (1 comments)

Can We Give Troubled Teens Another Chance?

Contemplating a Not So Dear Watson (2 comments)

The Liberal Inside of Me (13 comments)

Get a Life! (1 comments)

Compassion Without Evangelism: What Japan Needs Vs. What Japan Will Get (2 comments)

Hoarders hurt animals

Che in Tobruk?

Eight Years of War: What WikiLeaks Has Revealed on the US Occupation of Iraq (5 comments)

Washington's UN Resolution on Libya (22 comments)

Multiples Worse than Chernobyl (8 comments)

Gaddafi's freedom for a people's future? (3 comments)

Ezili Danto: Haiti beating back the elite's rabid rage: Against all odds Aristide returns (1 comments)

Friday, March 18:

Getting Away With Murder -- Hillary Helps US Mercenary Escape Justice (3 comments)

Save American Dream Rally in Albuquerque

Rural New York Legislators Propose Resurrecting Jim Crow (3 comments)

The U.S. and Oil (4 comments)

The Triumph of Engineering and the Failure of Capitalism -- Will It Produce Socialism of Feudalism? (4 comments)

Barack Obama: MIA in Labor's Struggle (38 comments)

Through the US Media Lens Darkly (2 comments)

Ninety Days of Popular Uproar -- Taking Stock of the Arab Revolutions

Why Fox News Will Keep Bullying NPR (1 comments)

Why the Jokes about Japan's Tragedy (1 comments)

War, Repealing Child Labor Laws, and Chihuahuas

Fight for a Decent Society or Inherit a Worse One

Newt the Hoot

Aristide Heading Home (1 comments)

US Coal Giant Possibly Involved in Trade Unionist Killings Asked Diplomat for Help with Bad Publicity (2 comments)

Torturing Bradley Manning (5 comments)

Full Core Meltdown in Japan? (1 comments)

Thursday, March 17:

The End of Economic Growth (7 comments)

Activism in New Zealand (4 comments)

As the Global Economy Trembles, Our Nation's Capital Fiddles (4 comments)

Eight Years Too Many (3 comments)

*I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take Mitch McConnell anymore. (1 comments)

America and Nuclear: Obama's Forgotten Track Record (4 comments)

The Rebellion We Need in America (3 comments)

President Obama Step In to Protect the Constitutional Rights of Veterans and Citizens (5 comments)


Glenn Beck and the 10 Commandments (4 comments)

Michio Kaku: "We live in a Bubble" - eerily familiar excerpts from an older interview (15 comments)

The Escalating War Within America: A House Divided (28 comments)

Muhammed Ali Joins Cause for Freeing the Hikers--Will Tehran finally Listen? (14 comments)

State Budgets And The Frog

*Channeling Citizen Solidarity into Productive Channels of Action (10 comments)

Mitigation of Tsunami's and Earthquakes--Has JAPAN DONE ENOUGH?

Because Gloating For God Is Soooo Good!: Jacobs, Joyner, Pierce and TamtamPam Delight in Japan's Tragedy (1 comments)

Armageddon Scenario in Japan (4 comments)

Press Release: Bahrain Pulls a Qaddafi

Wednesday, March 16:

*Right Wing Hit Media 400: "Disabling Journalism to Destroy Progressive Thought" (8 comments)

No Nukes Is Good Nukes (1 comments)

Safety on the Cheap (4 comments)

*I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take Mitch McConnell anymore (1 comments)

A Personal Letter which I wrote to The NY Times RE the editorial "Pay Teachers More" (2 comments)

Thom Hartmann: Will we have a tone-deaf response to the nuclear catastrophe in Japan? (12 comments)

Another Meeropl Sues Atty. General & FBI (1 comments)

Nuclear... um... Terror? (3 comments)

God's Ambulance Chasers Rush To Japan's Aid, But Lady Gaga May Have Gotten There First (4 comments)

The Arab World: Ruled by dinosaurs, changed by the courageous young (8 comments)

Hate to Say It, but We Told You So! (2 comments)

Bahrain: U.S. Backs Saudi Military Intervention, Conflict With Iran

AI and IQ: The Right Answer to the Wrong Question (1 comments)

Japan's "civilized" response to the earthquake and tsunami has inspired all the wrong questions (44 comments)

Japan's Nuclear Calamity Compounded by History of Neglecting Safety, Downplaying Accidents (4 comments)

Abusing Asylum Seekers in the Sinai

Red Alert in Japan: An Unfolding Nuclear Catastrophe (2 comments)

From Celebrities To Tsunamis: "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answer

Tuesday, March 15:

Divestment from Israel Bonds: Morally Right

New Zealand: Experiencing a Second World Country (5 comments)

Across the Universe: The Power of Disillusionment and the Politics of Despair (2 comments)

Punishing the Truth-Tellers (1 comments)

"Send 'em To Siberia" NH Politician Resigns Due To "SLIGHTLY Unfavorable Publicity." (1 comments)

No Word for Meltdown: The Return of Nukespeak

Peter King's Incitement Speech (8 comments)

Expanding U.S.-Mexico Economic and Security Cooperation

Multiple Meltdowns

The Ultimate Tragedy, We Have To Borrow, At Interest, From Our Private Central Bank To Pay For Natural Disasters (1 comments)

Mr. Wrong from Right (4 comments)

Pick My Poison? Don't Tell Me Nuclear is Necessary (41 comments)

IF (2 comments)

Is Obama Even Worse Than Bush? (19 comments)

Wisconsin's Union Workers Have Always Paid 100% of the Cost of Their Benefits (2 comments)

President Obama Countenances the Torture of Bradley Manning, That Says All We Need to Know About This President (6 comments)

"Whichever way the wind blows" - Update Fukushima I Nuclear Disaster (10 comments)

Coverup and Denial in Japan

Ron Freeman: Inconsistencies In Reporting Japan's Nuclear Crisis (1 comments)

A Good Look at the Countries America Loves to Hate (4 comments)

Monday, March 14:

The Root of September 11 -- The Love of Money (11 comments)

In The Public Interest: PBS-NPR-Leaning Right (2 comments)

Union Mythmakers vs. Mythbusters (1 comments)

Muammar Al Gaddafi Meets his own Rebels

Did you hear Who is in this year's Name-dropping Championship?

A Palestinian Wrong Way to Peace (1 comments)

Neocon 'shock and awe': the rise of redefined Arabs (1 comments)


Now This War Must Come To An End, Mr. Obama

Inside America's 'Adjustment Bureau' (3 comments)

Biz Stone and the Power of Giving Back

Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand (4 comments)

As Democracy Disappears, Obama Plays Basketball (2 comments)


War Is Illegal - Even in Libya (2 comments)

Deficit Reduction Requires Shared Sacrifice (1 comments)

Obama Can't Blame GOP For His Worst "Bipartisanship' Blunder (1 comments)

The Real "Dracula" within Our Midst

Anonymous Uncovers Details on Bank of America Fraud, Establishes Way for Employees to Get Story Out

Divestment from Israel Bonds: morally right (2 comments)

In War On Terror, Obama Is Bush Light (7 comments)

Our Man in Havana (2 comments)

Post Nuclear Japan, Pre Disaster United States (10 comments)

Our Time of Universal Deceit Needs An Orwell (23 comments)

Sunday, March 13:

The Women of the Libyan Revolution and Why aren't American Women Supporting Them? (11 comments)

Manning must be tortured to make an example of him and to intimidate his supporters (1 comments)

The Facts About Photo ID for Voters as North Carolina and other states consider it

Shoes for President Obama (1 comments)

Let There Be (Florescent) Light (5 comments)

Get Ready for The Nuclear Energy Spin Assault (61 comments)

Nuclear Meltdown in Japan (6 comments)

Sleep Awareness Week: Global Sleep Emergency Persits (2 comments)

*Health Care is a Basic Human Right--Almost Everywhere but Here (13 comments)

Saturday, March 12:

Of Arms and the Man: War-Profiteers and Progressives Make Common Cause for Obama (2 comments)

Dancing With Dynamite --A video interview with Ben Dangl (1 comments)

Time to Wake Up From the American Dream -- Reflections on May Day 40 Years Later (3 comments)

Stop This Damnable War, Mr. Obama; the People Say "Enough is Enough" (10 comments)

Will You Walk to the Gulag? (6 comments)

My Letter to Senator Claire McCaskill About the Budget Battle (1 comments)

Pa's Corbett Expands Conservative War on Middle-class (2 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Over the Body of a Woman (8 comments)

Channeling Our Inner Hulk (13 comments)

From Baghdad With Love (4 comments)

Kafka: Gov't Tries Barring Newspaper Articles, Whistleblowing & Over-Classification at Drake Trial

The Gauntlet has been Thrown Down and the Challenge is Being Met (1 comments)

The Dwarfs

Gov. Tom Corbett: Pennsylvania's Savior (9 comments)

The Libyan Revolution: Western military intervention? That is the question (3 comments)


Have We Now Gained The Right To Sadism? The Horrible Story Of The Deaver Fetus (13 comments)

"A Question of Power": Of Accountability and Teaching by Numbers (1 comments)

*An American Muslim's Moral Quandary (58 comments)

Recent Events, Nuclear Catastrophes, and the Dalai Lama (11 comments)

Battleground Wisconsin: Corporate Power v. Worker Rights

Why Obama Isn't Fighting the Budget Battle (8 comments)

Friday, March 11:

Press Release: Interview with Famed French Philosopher and Writer Bernard-Henri Levy on Libya.

Pro-Worker Movement Power in Wisconsin: What's Next? (2 comments)

Four Ticking Time Bombs That Will Soon Ignite a Revolution (52 comments)

Kafka: Gov't Tries Barring Newspaper Articles, Whistleblowing & Over-Classification at Drake Trial (1 comments)

Sam Hamod: Secret American Atom Tests On Ocean Floor Creating Earthquakes, Tsunamis? Some Questions (9 comments)

My New Expatriate Identity (30 comments)

WND's Joseph Farah Finally Admits he's a Birther (10 comments)

The KingFish Schemes to Reignite the National Psychosis

In Defense of NPR (1 comments)

Looking Back

Nero and Obama: Bad Judgment is Eternal! (2 comments)

The Koch Brothers Own Scott Walker (15 comments)

Muslims and WikiLeaks: Two of Peter King's Most Favorite Targets (1 comments)

How the US Press Corps Lost Its Way (3 comments)

It's Time For a New Policy Face in Afghanistan (1 comments)

The Abusive Detention of Bradley Manning (1 comments)

Suffer the Little Children (6 comments)

Explaining Obama Hatred (14 comments)

*A 'Net Neutrality Primer' (2 comments)

Japan's Quake Could Have Irradiated the Entire US (8 comments)

Have we forgotten the lessons of September 11, 2001? (8 comments)

Corporate Coup d'Etat in Wisconsin (3 comments)

Thursday, March 10:

Sleeping With the Enemy (1 comments)

Protest the Wisconsin Coup! Nationwide Student Walkout, Friday @ 2:00 (4 comments)

Michigan Fascism Old News in DC

Report: Glenn Beck Staged Calls as Wacky DJ, More Questions Abound (15 comments)

After Wisconsin Union-Busting Bill is Rammed Through, Will There Finally Be Widespread Strikes? (1 comments)

PBS Changed Our Lives (1 comments)

Egypt: Peering into the revolution's crystal ball

The Ultimate Irony that Plagues Republicans (1 comments)

The Republican War on Higher Education: Abraham Lincoln Weeps (3 comments)

Pack Journalism Promotes War on Libya (5 comments)

Wednesday, March 9:

The Teenage Rebellion of Modern Conservatives (1 comments)

Banks behind a new scare campaign

Obama Wisconsin Wimp or Hero?

When Egypt's Revolution Was at the Crossroads: Twelve Moments That Shook the World (1 comments)

Defunding America's Future (3 comments)

Supreme Court Republicans set for more hypocrisy in the Westboro decision (1 comments)

I Am Coming Out of the Closet (3 comments)

About Those Whites-Only Scholarships

Muslims welcome congressional hearings by Peter King (6 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Pass the Oxygen!

*House Runs Amok on FCC (1 comments)

Gaddafi Depravity of the Day: Libya BBC Staff Arrested and Tortured by his Forces

The Morphing of Obama (9 comments)

International Women's Day and the "Holy" Books (1 comments)

*From the Middle East to the Midwest, let's stand up for the rights of women and workers. (2 comments)

I am Responsible (2 comments)

Stealing from Social Security to Pay for Wars and Bailouts (9 comments)

Hypocrisy of world governments over Libyan conflict -- It's only OK for Gaddafi to murder his people "diplomatically' - (6 comments)

The Glass of Indignation Spilling Over in Wisconsin Beginning to Happen Nationwide (1 comments)

*Would That We Could Have Wisely Invested the Money Stolen From Us by Banksters and Not Let Unions Be Crippled (6 comments)

Wis. Gov. Walker's Rapidly Sinking Ship Takes on More Water (1 comments)

Still in the Dark About 9/11 (28 comments)

Word Games: Most US Media Hide an American Atrocity in Afghanistan Behind 'NATO' and Fudge the Victims' Ages

Open Letter on the Humiliating Treatment, Including Forced Nudity, of PFC Bradley Manning (16 comments)

Guess who . . . we've become (7 comments)

Violence During Million Women March Frustrates Female Egyptians

Egypt Shocked by Proof of Mubarak's Legacy

Obama's Lawless Authorization of Military Commissions Injustice

Tuesday, March 8:


Kindness, Generosity, and Bombing Libya (4 comments)

The Only Constitutional Crisis In Wisconsin Is the One the Governor's Consigliere Is Creating (1 comments)

"Trust in God," says the Supreme Court (4 comments)

Unrest Is not Revolution

The Oil Trap: The Devastating Economic Impacts of Spiraling Oil Prices

Point Of No Return: U.S. And NATO Prepare For War With Libya (2 comments)

You Might Be a Transpartisan If . . . (1 comments)

Why the Democrats Should Never Have Started Paying Ransom to Avoid a Shutdown (1 comments)

Amn Dawla Leaks Reveals Gamal Mubarak, Egypt State Security Behind Sharm el-Sheikh Bombings

Interpreting the Beck Card in the Republican Deck

Parents as Authorities? (17 comments)

Two Visions (3 comments)

Memories from EL GALEON DE MANILA (Part 2) --Filipinos in late 19th Century Breaking with European History & Language


Egyptian Revolution is Not Over Yet, it Just Begun

June Terpstra, Ph. D.: Reflections on International Women's Day, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats Plan Capitulation (2 comments)

Raising Awareness: Why We Shouldn't Take It For Granted (3 comments)

Getting THE CALL: How One OpEdNews Writer Plans To Fight The Powerful Christian Right, Using Their Own Weapon! (7 comments)

Founder Nepali Congress leader and former PM Kishunji has passed away: What to learn and what not to learn from from him (1 comments)

How I Got to Madison, Wisconsin (5 comments)

Breast-feeding "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness' (4 comments)

Nakedness, Justice and Bradley Manning (9 comments)

Monday, March 7:

Contempt (2 comments)

Another Life Focuses This One

Mardi Gras Reflection: Food's Impact on Re-Building New Orleans (5 comments)

CNBC Advocates Unbridled Capitalism

Kathy Malloy: Another Brick in the Wall

Bradley Manning Is Punished for Seeking a More Perfect Union (3 comments)

Republican Right Has Long History of Conflict With Labor Unions (3 comments)

Dr. King Spanks Obama: Part 5 (1 comments)


Murder Most Foul

Franklin P. Lamb: Has the Lebanon Tribunal drama become farce?

Libya, Gas Prices, and the Big Payday at Your Expense (2 comments)

Fearing spill over of Bahrain riots Saudis release Shiite cleric

Wall Street Says "Buy Krona not Dollars"

Change Is Coming; Get Used To Your New "Normalized" Lifestyle (3 comments)

This Time We're Taking the Whole Planet With Us (5 comments)

*A Manifesto for the Impending Second American Revolution (1 comments)


With Ever Growing Productivity, Why Must We Keep Working 40-50 Hours a Week For So Many Years of Our Life? (15 comments)

100 Revelations to Mark the 100th Day of Cablegate

"This Is What Democracy Looks Like': A Visit to Madison


Local Food Ordinance Passed in Maine Town (1 comments)


Beck's BS Book "Broke"

The American Conscience and Abuse of the Elderly (1 comments)

Speak Out for Ohio Veal Calves (1 comments)

The "Illegal' Bishop of Jerusalem and the Christian EXODUS from the 'Holy' Land (2 comments)

Perimeter Security and the Future of North American Integration

MAYBE TOMORROW (1 comments)

The Indignities and Humiliations the People Suffer from the Tyrants in Their Midst

Clinton Wants More Propaganda; I Want Less

Pakistan -- where fanaticism is a virtue

On The Wrong Premise Of Deficit Reduction (2 comments)

Broken Unions, Broken Nation, and the Lie that Keeps us Broke (17 comments)

For International Women's Day, The True Recipe For Equality

Mixed on Wikileaks (1 comments)

*We'd Kill those Vietnamese etc., All Over Again Without Blinking an Eyelash (3 comments)

Extrajudicial Assassinations: Official Israeli Policy (2 comments)

Libya, Gas Prices, and the Big Payday at Your Expense (10 comments)


Sunday, March 6:

Michael Moore Comes to Madison Wisconsin and Punches Back at the GOP Led War on the Middle Class (4 comments)

"The WikiLeaks Threat" and Other Tales from the Dark Side (2 comments)

Gaddafi's Libya: A State of Terror and Breaking the Silence (1 comments)

10/14/02: the Day I Became an Expatriate (12 comments)

VIDEO: America Is NOT Broke (4 comments)

The Libyan revolution (2 comments)

Bill Gates is an Idiot: A Recipe for Educational Failure (9 comments)

Bernie Sanders Calls for Surtax on Billionaires, End to Breaks for Big Oil

The History of the 2012 Presidential Campaign (1 comments)

Manchurian Senators (4 comments)

Pouring Gas on the Fire: Hugo Chavez Reaches out to Qaddafi (5 comments)

Focus on Peace: A Peace Movement for Everyone (2 comments)


Fishing in Troubled Waters

Even Great Journalism Leaves Questions! (1 comments)

Why So Many White Men Still Don't Like President Obama (6 comments)

War, Prisons, and Torture in the US & UK --An interview with Richard Haley (1 comments)

'This Week in WikiLeaks' Podcast - Guest Andy Worthington Talks Bradley Manning and Guantanamo

Obama and the Middle East Protests

Out-of-Control Human Rights Abuses in Iraq

America's War on Libya (3 comments)

America Needs A N.A.P.

Saturday, March 5:

Limbaugh/Hannity Parent Company Admits Hiring Actors to Call Radio Shows (65 comments)

Trading Places: A Tale of Two Countries

Wrong Side

Who Are the Tea Party Patriots? (16 comments)


The National Shame of the US Military "Slow Torture" of Bradley Manning (2 comments)

A Nation Stripped Bare: Fascism Has Come to America (4 comments)

Pvt Manning: Is Army Aping Mafia? (2 comments)

The Perpetrators of Our Tyranny and Corruption

Time to Change

The Restorative Revolution

Balance the Budget by Taxing Billionaires? God Forbid!! (4 comments)

Look at all those Republicans, Tonto!

Selective Conscientious Objection (3 comments)

Big Business Paid For Their Beds, Now Republicans Have to Lie in Them (2 comments)

Reactionary Extremism in Wisconsin and Ohio

Waging War on Working Americans (1 comments)

*Mo Money (1 comments)

Friday, March 4:

Paradox of revolution (1 comments)

Michelle Obama Sends Pedestrians Across the Country To Untimely Deaths! (1 comments)

Who is to blame for $4.00 a gallon gas? How about $10.00 a gallon? (5 comments)

*Reflections on the Women-in-Science Debate (4 comments)

Acting Awards for Politicians?

Ziggy (2 comments)

Slogans that Teach (13 comments)

Left, Right, Third Party in Sight?

Western Journalists Fail to Report the Facts about Libya Objectively (11 comments)

Mouseland Revisited

Distorting the Essence of the Great Arab Revolutions of 2011

Sam Hamod: Four Sides of the Libyan Situation (8 comments)

Is Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes Going to Jail? (1 comments)

People v. U.S. Govt (13 comments)

Egypt/Serbia/Georgia: Learning from others' mistakes (5 comments)

Dr. Drew Pinsky's Authoritarian Approach to Charlie Sheen (20 comments)

We should spend more on education and less on... (1 comments)

Is Bradley Manning Being Treated Like a Guantanamo Detainee? (14 comments)

The Second American Civil War: A Middle Class Divided (26 comments)

Ronald McDonald and Other Clowns (3 comments)

Who Is Frances Fox Piven and Why Do Phyllis Schlafly and Glenn Beck Want Her Beheaded? (1 comments)

Struggling with "Chicken Little" Syndrome (1 comments)

Pirates Threaten Washington (2 comments)

Mixed Messages: Arabs Challenge Israeli Hasbara (1 comments)

Thursday, March 3:

*GMOnslaught (3 comments)

Climate Gambit: How Rightwing Hypocrisy Endangers Us (7 comments)

The Shia Seek Justice - Bahrain Faces its Faceless (1 comments)

Media, Mergers, Capitalism, and Popular Democracy: Part 2 (1 comments)


Go to Wisconsin, President Obama (6 comments)

*Extreme "Stupak on Steroids" bill moves to the full House!

Supporting America's Ambassador of Peace (5 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: At This Point, God May Indeed Hate America: When Forming a "Dead Zone" May Be The Only Solution (1 comments)

Silent Screams: The Shattering Impact of U.S. Drone Attacks

Why a Wisconsin Sheriff Refuses to Serve as Governor Walker's 'Palace Guard' (1 comments)


This Is The BIG ONE! It Even Beats Eddie Long!: The Hypocrisy of the Year Award Goes To ... (1 comments)

Israel: Adapt to the New Middle East or Face Isolation, Exclusion, Marginalization (4 comments)

Indignity Testing

*Could Jesus make it on $1.9m per day? (1 comments)


Days of Rage-Its not the Muslims Stupid

*Middle Class Revolution by Union Workers--A Morality Tale

2-28 Day in Taiwan (Formosa)

Sheila Dean: *ACTION ALERT: Spread the truth and defund the Real ID Act

UN hypocrites ban arms sale to Libya -- Too little, too late? (1 comments)

State of Wisconsin under Walker fails to disclose 67 Billion in usable assets (2 comments)

More on Blue Butterflies and Teaching Kids

Madison a Foretaste of Things to Come: The Next Big Occupation Could be Boomers Taking Over the Capitol Building

"Win the Future" my anus!

Cyprus: U.S. To Dominate All Europe, Mediterranean Through NATO

Is That a Light at the End of the Tunnel? Or an Oncoming Train?

Intifada beyond Palestine (3 comments)

Iditarod suffering begins even before the starting line

*The "Budget Crisis" is the Product of Tax Avoidance Scams By The Very Rich (7 comments)

IMF Rates Up Dictatorships Just Before Revolutions

The Ongoing Obscenity of Our Wars and the War on Terrorsim

The End Comes To The Colonel's Compound (3 comments)

A Question of The Heart: What's Really Afoot in Wisconsin? (1 comments)

Our Man in Pakistan (1 comments)

Wednesday, March 2:

Will Sweden Kill Assange? (7 comments)

"Reptilian" Rumsfeld's Biggest Media Crime

How to Read Gates's Shift on the Wars (4 comments)

An Alternative Profit: MNCs Role in Poverty Alleviation (1 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Perpetual War for Perpetual Profit (1 comments)

The Latest, Greatest Bag of GOP Tricks -- Words That Win?! (1 comments)

Free Speech is Superior to a Family's Right to Privacy (5 comments)

Iraq: Work in Progress, Wishful Thinking or Propaganda Vehicle? (1 comments)

UN hypocrites ban arms sale to Libya -- Too little, too late? (1 comments)

Witnessing Revolutions (1 comments)

*All Wars Are Begun With Lies, Continued With Lies, and Later Explained With Lies (4 comments)

Another Corporate-Inspired War? (1 comments)

"This Week in WikiLeaks Podcast" - The Corporate War on WikiLeaks Supporters

Apology to Keith Olbermann (1 comments)

Julian Assange: A Sleazy Anti-Semitic High-Tech Info-Terrorist (Or Not) (12 comments)

Seventh Annual Israel Anti-Apartheid Week

Major Media Promote War on Libya

Tuesday, March 1:

Thank You Scott Walker

Inside Gaddafi's Torture Chambers - in Tandem with the al Qaeda Canard

"Your Forefathers Would All Have Been Gassed" (3 comments)

Revealed! The Ancient Mystery at the Heart of the Worldwide Communist Conspiracy (2 comments)

The GOP Plan to Cut Social Security ... Starting Right Now (3 comments)

Thinking Like Egyptians (6 comments)

As the Race to the Bottom Picks Up Speed, Are Americans Finally Fed-Up? (1 comments)

U.S. And NATO Escalate World's Deadliest War On Both Sides Of Afghan-Pakistani Border (1 comments)


Scott Walker: Fool or Fraud? (8 comments)

Ironic Lessons in Education Reform from Bill Gates (8 comments)

Frances Kissling Sells Out the Pro-Choice Movement

Iraq: Joining the revolution in the Arab world

British Petroleum's crude tactics (2 comments)

An Alternative Profit: MNCs Role in Poverty Alleviation (4 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: In Re Barak, "Bullahs," Blackwater, Bounties & the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)


Frozen Assets (2 comments)

Why Wars Really Happen (6 comments)

Obstructing and Delaying Aristide's Return

Unverified Misreporting on Libya


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