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January 2013

Thursday, January 31:

It's Still Inequality, Stupid (2 comments)

Stand Up for Julian Assange (19 comments)

Cameron's Attack On George Galloway Reflects The West's Self-Delusions (1 comments)

The Black Panther Party's Living Legacy: Touring Oakland & Berkeley with Billy X Jennings (1 comments)

Down the Rabbit Hole of the Arab World

The Crisis in Egypt

In Amerika Law No Longer Exists: The Extermination Of Truth (52 comments)

Aaron Swartz Died For Piers Morgan's Sins (3 comments)

Drones Are a Local Issue (1 comments)

Our Only Solution to the Fed Debt Trap (11 comments)

"17 Camels: Can a Sufi Tale Heal Our Broken World?" (8 comments)

When Truth Tried to Stop War (7 comments)

*Rep. Doug Collins -- Off to a Very Bad Start! (1 comments)

What My Father Taught Me About Guns (7 comments)

Freedom Rider: Job Discrimination Lives On (1 comments)

Political Prisoners, Mass Incarceration and What's Possible for Social Movements

Civil War; Are We There Yet? (35 comments)

Gun Control or Crappola? (2 comments)

Waging War on Immigrants (1 comments)

Washington's War of Aggression on Syria (1 comments)

Wednesday, January 30:

Look Not Unto the Morrow (1 comments)

US Secures Drone Base in Northwest Africa

Women In Combat: A Distraction From the Real Issue (2 comments)

The Servility of Token Dissidents: Jon Stewart and the Media (2 comments)

"Russia Is Ending Its Dependency On The Global Superpower" -- Pushkov (1 comments)

The Real Invasion Of Africa Is Not News, And A Licence To Lie Is Hollywood's Gift (3 comments)

At A Most Critical Time, When Strong Leadership Was Required, Where Was President Obama? (5 comments)

Why Consumers are Bummed Out

Israel Attacks Lebanon

Will A Free Internet Continue?

What Should We Do With The 1%? (10 comments)

S. Korea National Intelligence Service Agent's Suspected Activity During Presidential Race (2 comments)

Responsible Coastal Rebuilding After Sandy (2 comments)

*Burma blames embassies and media concerning news reports on Kachin war

Debt Ceiling Games--Court Could End Leverage

Saving the Bayonne Bridge and the NY/NJ Port

*Now Lady GIs Can Kill the Poor Overseas Too & Be Spit On (7 comments)

Islamofascist Rule in Egypt (1 comments)

Netanyahu's Apartheid Government

Immigration Reform or NIGHTMARE Act? (10 comments)

Boy Scouts May Accept Gays. Christian Right Heads Explode. News At 10. (2 comments)

Tuesday, January 29:

When American Business Fights a Higher Minimum Wage, It's a Tragedy of the Commons (2 comments)

Verbal Tics and Political Routines (5 comments)

Meet Ron Johnson, the Randiest of the Ayn Rand Republicans (16 comments)

Another Nail in the Coffin (6 comments)

Crackpot Pragmatism: Richard Cohen and Torture

Grading Geithner -- And Waiting For Obama (3 comments)

Rocket Launch Hypocrisy (4 comments)

The World's Greatest Threat (1 comments)

Palin, Fox And The End Of An Era

Reality Bites Back (2 comments)

*Path to Citizenship, or Ship to Nowhere? (25 comments)

The United States of Seizure (Grotesque) (2 comments)

Thomas Paine: in rabble we trust (7 comments)

Obama Prioritizes Targeted Killings

Targeting Iran Continues

Pentagon's New Massive Expansion Of "Cyber-Security" Unit Is About Everything Except Defense (3 comments)

Monday, January 28:

A Blowback Hurricane (3 comments)

Pleading With Satan (2 comments)

Cherokee's Trail of Tears Continues (1 comments)

Mary Wentworth: Downton Abbey Redux (1 comments)

Avoiding Wall St. Shuffle's Perils

Priebus Is What Happens When a Party Loses Its Self-Respect (1 comments)

Forget Politics and Cut the Control Lines: The Seven Abominations of Organized Coercion (4 comments)

Personhood? (1 comments)

Toward an Integrative Vision for a Better Human Future

The Moral Crisis of the Republican Party (2 comments)

White Power to the Rescue (38 comments)

Mary Jo White Nominated to Head SEC, New Tough Enforcement a "Hope and a Prayer (1 comments)

Wendell Potter: Getting young people to work against their own best interests: here's how it's done (2 comments)

The Times Does Gaza (Again): Oh, no you don't, Ismael Haniya (3 comments)

Tim Geithner's Legacy of Shame

Medical Neglect in Israeli Prisons

The Vatican's Golden Toilet Flush: Mussolini's Millions Point To Greater Secret Papal Wealth (3 comments)

Sunday, January 27:

Obama's Spirit of '76 (4 comments)

Zero Dark Mali (2 comments)

Kiriakou And Stuxnet: The Danger Of The Still-Escalating Obama Whistleblower War (6 comments)

Show The Pictures (55 comments)

Explainer: Fiscal Cliff's Secret Gifts To Corporations

Hey, Hey Barack! What Do You Say? How Many Kids Have You Killed Today? (5 comments)

In Memory of Aaron Swartz: Copyright, Theft and Profit (1 comments)

National Nervous Breakdown (27 comments)

The Deplorable Duplicity of DISH! (6 comments)

Most of Our Debt Is Fake - Let's Abolish It (11 comments)

The No News News Media (1 comments)

Empire Project Failing in Syria Says French Foreign Minister (10 comments)

Connecting the Dots to a Frightening Future (2 comments)

Obama's War on Whistleblowers (1 comments)

Intifada Activism Needed (1 comments)

Saturday, January 26:

The Great Dismal: "What we speak becomes the house we live in" (3 comments)

It's Inequality, Stupid

Lovelace: A Feminism-Free "Feminist" Critique Of The Pornography Industry (1 comments)

The War of Terror (1 comments)

Fifty Years of Milestones for Minorities

Reject Nuclear Power - Here's Why (15 comments)

Hal O'Leary: Portrait of America (8 comments)

On Women in Military Combat (5 comments)

Somali foreign missions are in failure and neglect

Sanctioning to death: the US experiment of Iran's pain threshold (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: US-led Sanctions Contribute to the Destruction of Syria's Millenary History (1 comments)

Rights Erosion -- An Analysis (2 comments)

Western Media Ratcheting Up Anti-Iran Propaganda?

Return of "Three-Fifths' of a Person (1 comments)

Michael Uhl: Déja Vu All Over Again: Notes on Jonathan Schell's Review of "Kill Anything That Moves' (2 comments)

*Burma would like ceasefire, but KIO calls for political talks

Wall Street's in Good Hands with Mary Jo White (1 comments)

Israel's Likely Coalition Partner Government Threatens Humanity (2 comments)

Three Strategies to Block the Gerrymandering of the Electoral College (5 comments)

Friday, January 25:

Filibuster reform is dead (3 comments)

Senator's Denial of News Story Reflects Deep Resistance to "Chained-CPI" Social Security Cut (2 comments)

Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch: New Zealand, legal highs and sensible supply-side policies (2 comments)

Hillary Turns Texas Blue (2 comments)

Lenin on "Left-Wing" Communism in Great Britain (4 comments)

Aaron Swartz, Financial Fraud and the Justice Department (9 comments)

The GOP Crackup: How Obama is Unraveling Reagan Republicanism (3 comments)

What Do Republicans Teach Their Children? (40 comments)

Overcoming the Great Dismal (9 comments)

Ye of little faith in American Democracy (1 comments)

Targeting Younas Abdullah Muhammad (1 comments)

Nature's Capital Is The Limiting Resource (9 comments)

A New Model Drone Resolution

Obama's Legacy: Drone Wars

Fascism Wins Big in Israel

Targeting Chavismo

Are Liberal American Zionists "Delusional"? (1 comments)

Thursday, January 24:

David Brooks Is Shocked When Tribes Let Sick People Die. He Also Wants to Cut Medicare (2 comments)

How To Avoid Raising Taxes on the Middle Class or Cutting Programs the Middle and Poor Depend On (5 comments)

A Move to the Center

*Profiling for the Big Debate About Government's Role (1 comments)

Finally, the Republicans Are Afraid (1 comments)

Election Rigging Plotted on ABC's Scandal: The Real Life Backstory (2 comments)

Women In Combat. An Open Thread (58 comments)

Rising Economic Inequality in America: Its Causes and Consequences, Part 1 (3 comments)

Stop trying to steal Childhood from our children (4 comments)

Female Fodder for the War Machine, Ban to be Lifted on Women in Combat (8 comments)

America: Prosecutor, Judge and Jury With Jurisdiction Over the World (9 comments)

The White House Un-Reality Show (9 comments)

Israeli Election Results

Lynne Stewart's Struggle for Justice Continues

Wednesday, January 23:

Myth, Fantasy, and Silence: the Inaugural Address (4 comments)

Local Police Harass Iraq Veteran Turned Anti-War Activist Ethan McCord (11 comments)

Corporate Parity. Reign In the Pigs (2 comments)

Next Steps For Al Jazeera America (2 comments)

The Untouchables: How The Obama Administration Protected Wall Street From Prosecutions (16 comments)

The East Is A Promotion (1 comments)

The Eleven Ladies, The Eleven Daughters and The American Spring

Rape in High School and College Athletics: Why do we settle for the explanation that boys will simply be boys? (13 comments)

Forgiveness and Radical Egalitarianism: When Nations Emulate Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi (2 comments)

"Tea Party" Brand Now a Liability to "Tea Party" ... and Republicans (2 comments)

Power Simplifies (11 comments)

Performance-Related Pay for Teachers Harms Education (6 comments)

Is Extremism the Answer to Extremist Politics? (4 comments)

In NotSee America You Will (Part3).......[[notsee]] (1 comments)

Hillary and the Big Bad Benghazi Wolves of Congress (58 comments)

Qatar and U.S.: Collusion or Conflict of Interests

The Real Enemy Within (31 comments)

Will Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats Reform the Filibuster Today? (UPDATE) (2 comments)

Second Amendment not absolute (8 comments)

*The Emancipation of Women -- An Invitation to Participate - (1 comments)

The Problem with the Bahmas (7 comments)

Obama To Approve Drone Assassination Manual (9 comments)

Inaugural Hypocrisy (2 comments)

Dominant Israeli Parties Spurn Democracy (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 22:

What to Make of Barack Obama? (7 comments)

The Last Genocide In North America - Why Are They Ignoring Our Indians? (2 comments)

Inauguration Day/MLK Day (2 comments)

The Trillion Dollar Coin: What You Really Need to Know (2 comments)

FSA-Rise of the Hashishi Assassins (2 comments)

JIM CROW, Undead After All These Years (1 comments)

How To Start A Direct Action Group To Make King Proud (1 comments)

The Road Map To A Prosperous America (4 comments)

War On Terror Forever (5 comments)

Four More Years Of "It Could Have Been Worse"

Debt No More! How Obama can defeat Austerity Thugs by Using the Constitution and Debt-Free Money (13 comments)

Mississippi Murder Screams for Hate Crime Prosecution

The Next Forty Years

A Proposed Standardized Scientific Approach to Assessing Conspiracy Theories and Questions (43 comments)

Will Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats Reform the Filibuster Today? (10 comments)

A Very Good Speech, Really (14 comments)

Goldman, Other Welfare Queens Tell Us Forget Social Security-Medicare Until 70 (37 comments)

Four More Years of War

Netanyahu Rejects PAlestinian Sovereignty and Democratic Freedoms (2 comments)

Embattled Roe v. Wade Turns 40 Today/An Interview with NOW President Terry O'Neill (1 comments)

Monday, January 21:

*Burma President repeats peace while his army continues hostility

Barack Obama Charts an Arc of History That Bends Toward Justice (5 comments)

Wilhelm Reich's Mass Psychology of Fascism Revisited (3 comments)

To Save Social Security, Raise the Minimum Wage (4 comments)

More of the Same at Treasury (2 comments)

The Demise of the GOP? Fuhgeddaboudit! (1 comments)

MLK's Vehement Condemnations Of US Militarism Are More Relevant Than Ever (14 comments)

The Extremist Cult of Capitalism (44 comments)

A Time For "Sublime Madness" (10 comments)

Unblocking The Pipe (Stop The Filibuster, Part 5) (4 comments)

Citizens United: 7 Brides Marry 7 Corporations on Steps on NY Stock Exchange (1 comments)

Money Rules! (7 comments)

When Is Diversity Not Diversity? (3 comments)

*Liar's Poker at the Federal Reserve--"Can't anybody here play this game?" (1 comments)

"The Right To Bear Nuclear Arms" (7 comments)

Israelis Vote

Israel Criminalizes Throwing Snowballs

Sunday, January 20:

NFL's Newest Lawsuit Need Not Dim Light on Its Former Disabled

Freedomville: A Libertarian Tale (10 comments)

God Is On Their Side: No Regrets for America's Jihad Wars

Islamic law, Adoptions and Kafalah

DAVID HOUSE: It's a Heyokha World out there! (8 comments)

In NotSee American You Will (Part 2) ... (1 comments)

Gary Brumback: An Inaugural Dream (1 comments)

This President Can -- and Must -- Claim a Mandate to Govern (24 comments)

Aaron Was a Criminal and So Are You (27 comments)

Organizing for ACTION (2 comments)

MLK Day 2013: Why Transportation is Still a Civil Rights Issue

Robert's Rules Of Disorder (Stop The Filibuster, Part 4)

Targeting Mali

Navi Pillay Targets Syria

Saturday, January 19:

Palestinian Citizens Wearily Eye Israeli Elections (2 comments)

The African-American Army

The Moral Torment of Leon Panetta (4 comments)

More of the Same at the U.S. Treasury

Franklin P. Lamb: Shedding Crocodile Tears While Collaborating With US-Led Sanctions

One Million Moms For Gun Control (5 comments)

Brookings' Bruce Riedel Urges Intensified US Support For Saudi Despots (2 comments)

The Trillion Dollar Coin: Joke or Game Changer? (40 comments)

A Voice Crying for Safety in the Georgia Wilderness! (3 comments)

Open Letter to New York Times Editors (10 comments)

Western Sponsored Aleppo Mass Murder

Burn, Burn -- Africa's Afghanistan (4 comments)

The Institutionalization of Tyranny (49 comments)

Friday, January 18:

Teen White Supremacist Arrested for Planned Bombing of Alabama School (1 comments)

The Right's Dangerously Bad History (5 comments)

New York State Needs to Do More to Curb Gun Violence (1 comments)

Who To Vote For? (3 comments)

Dennis Kucinich Joining Fox News as a "Contributor", Some Thoughts (18 comments)

Another Word for Propaganda (2 comments)

Gary Brumback: A deadly monster. Part 3: How the war making triumvirate might be "pacified" (12 comments)

Mali and Chickens

Professor Faces Punishment for Dissing NRA Head (5 comments)

American News Media Ignores Critical Media Scandal (3 comments)

The Iraq War "Surge" Myth Returns

Peace Activists Speak Out Against the 'militarization of education' in Cochise County (1 comments)

A Conspiracy Conspiracy Theory (256 comments)

Unconditional Support for Israel? Even God Wouldn't Pass That Test! (12 comments)

American Culture and the Psychology of Mass Shootings (6 comments)

What is Really Behind the Idle No More Controversy - Follow the Money (4 comments)

Of course humans are not overpopulating the planet (2 comments)

Islamabad sit-in ends after agreement with govt

Are Background Checks the Solution? (8 comments)

Top Ten Republican Lies (1 comments)

Top Ten Taxes (1 comments)

In Defense Of Lance Armstrong (4 comments)

Covert Propaganda & Media Manipulation: Lew Rockwell interviews Doug Valentine

Confessions of a Juiced Journalist (1 comments)

Glen Ford: Don't You Dare Conflate MLK and Obama (4 comments)

Keeping your eye on the ball (1 comments)

Israel Complicit in Global State Terrorism (2 comments)

Police State Israel (1 comments)

Thursday, January 17:

How Extreme Is the Business Roundtable? Check Out Its Attack on the Elderly (1 comments)

Vladimir Putin's PR Blunders Earn Him Controversial Nomination

Video: Thugs in Uniform - A Cesspool of Police Misconduct and Corruption (1 comments)

The Incredible Debt Spider (2 comments)

Election Could Push Israel Further To The Right (1 comments)

*Is the Bird Alive or Dead? (2 comments)

Ben Manski, Stein Campaign Manager: The Real Obama Emerges Again by Jill Stein Campaign (5 comments)

Decent Men In Indecent Times (4 comments)

Nixon Went to China, Who Will Go to Iran? (3 comments)

What an ATF Scandal Revealed About US Gun Trafficking (3 comments)

Biden and Obama Give Hollywood a Free Pass for Inciting Violence (35 comments)

What Is an Assange? Part 2 (3 comments)

Secrecy and National Security Whistleblowing (1 comments)

Under Siege From Within; A Society Trapped in a State of Self-Induced Fear and Paranoia (13 comments)

Israeli Apologist Benny Morris (2 comments)

*Pope Thanks a CIA Panetta Sure to be Indicted for Crimes Against Humanity (1 comments)

Hypocrisy Hits The Skids: NRA Targets Protection Of President's Daughters (2 comments)

Aaron Swartz: Suicide or Murder? (1 comments)

Obama v. Netanyahu Round Two

Carmen Ortiz And Stephen Heymann: Accountability For Prosecutorial Abuse (8 comments)

Wednesday, January 16:

King: I Have a Dream. Obama: I Have a Drone. (2 comments)

Time to Declare Victory Over the Deficit -- And Start Fixing Our Real Problems (2 comments)

How Obsequious Media Coverage Perpetuates NRA Mythology

How Low Can You Go? (1 comments)

*Zero Dark 30 in the toilet (3 comments)

Why The "All Government Is Bad" Movement -- Is Bad (5 comments)

The Depressing "Zero Dark Thirty" (1 comments)

Mali: Another Quagmire in the Making?

The City of Los Angeles' Proposed Ban on Elephants in Traveling Circuses

Can you be Fiscally Responsible by threatening not to pay the bills you helped the Government incurred?

Debunking the Swiss gun myth. (39 comments)

Pirates Of The Constitution (Stop The Filibuster, Part 3)

Aaron Swartz, Activism, and the 'Rewards of Courage'? (4 comments)

In 2013, let's remember: Kindness is not a finite commodity

Paying $11,000 for "free" Medicare health care in 2012: How Social Security and Medicare really work: A case study (2 comments)

Nepal: Parties seek royal promulgations from Ceremonial President

Conspiracy Theory As Distraction From Reality (105 comments)

Welcome To The Shammies, The Media Awards That Recognize Unsung Talent

Kids Killing Kids - Right Here in Maine

Growth is the Enemy of Humankind (3 comments)

The Torture Debate Echoes: An Army Psychologist's Job Search

"Only you can prevent building fires!" (1 comments)

Obama: Money Power's Point Man (1 comments)

Chavez Shows Clinical Improvement

Tuesday, January 15:

*Ownership of daily newspapers is still a major dilemma in Burma

Attack On Sovereignty (12 comments)

US Sanctions Darken Internet in Congo (1 comments)

Brain Damage

Peace Movement Drones On and On: Wisdom From the USS Kitty Hawk

America's War for Reality (2 comments)

Meet Jack Lew, The Insider's Outsider

Neocon Nightmare: The Truth Behind the Attacks on Chuck Hagel (1 comments)

Alternative to Atmospheric CO2 Draw-down (2 comments)

Israelis Want Out

A New Jefferson Bible (3 comments)

Executive Orders on Guns Good Start but Congress is Still the Cure (1 comments)

Wendell Potter: Insurers telling only part of the story in attempt to gut important consumer protections

The Last Gasp Of Françafrique (1 comments)

Shava Nerad's memorial to Aaron Swartz

To BE - or Not to BE: Is Mankind in Midst of a Millenia Long Evolutionary Step? (27 comments)

Sticks and Drones, and Company Men: The Selective Outrage of the Liberal Caste (2 comments)

No Pain Meds for the Poor in NYC? (41 comments)

Single Payer: The Only Real Answer (10 comments)

Aaron Swartz's Suspicious Death (3 comments)

FAIR v. Scoundrel Media Misreporting on Venezuela

Post-Iraq-War US Intel Chief Praised (1 comments)

Monday, January 14:

Why Obama's Gamble on the Debt Ceiling Depends on the GOP Being More Sane Than It Is (4 comments)

More Second Amendment Madness (16 comments)

Remembering a Rape Victim and the Meaning of Her Death

RNC's Priebus Proposes to Rig Electoral College so Losing Republicans Can "Win" (5 comments)

So You Believe In Some Gun Control, Just Not In Action.

The Double Barrels of Gun Mania (7 comments)

JetBlue and Its Friends Are Trying to Ruin Your Old Age

The Koch Brothers, Superstorm Sandy, and the Teabaggers

*Guns And The Coming Revolution (12 comments)

Obama in Africa: Somalia, Mali and the War Powers Resolution

The Bombing Of Mali Highlights All The Lessons Of Western Intervention

The Illusion of Freedom (4 comments)

Impeach Obama! (4 comments)

The Pentagon as a Global NRA (1 comments)

Ban Assault Weapons? To the Gun Crowd that means "Lock and Load" (1 comments)

Iraq Today (4 comments)

How 20 tents rocked Israel -- Palestinians take the fight to their occupiers (1 comments)

And the Winner of the Golden Globes is... The MIIC (30 comments)

The Myth of Human Progress (59 comments)

Impromptu:The Golden Boredom Award (13 comments)

"Free Market" Social Services Fail to Deliver (1 comments)

South Koreans question the result of presidential election (10 comments)

Do All Black Male Athletes Have To Be Thugs? Or, as X-ESPN Analyst Rob Parker said: R.G. III Ain't Black Enough (3 comments)

America's Uncivil Phone Manners (3 comments)

Kill for Peace - US and EU Sanctions Deny Medicine to the Critically Ill (13 comments)

We're Not As Free As We Think: Perhaps Religion Has Something To Do With It (2 comments)

Israel's Sham Elections

Netanyahu: The Face of Israeli Fascism (1 comments)

High Noon in America or: How I learned to Love Gun Control (16 comments)

Sunday, January 13:

The Inspiring Heroism of Aaron Swartz (7 comments)

The Australian Bushfires: Homo"Sapiens" Scorched Earth Program (1 comments)

11 Years of Infamy -- US Actions at Guantanamo Prison (5 comments)

Musings About The "Khans" Of Our Species (4 comments)

The Short, Sad Life of Greedaholics Anonymous (5 comments)

Italy's Political Quagmire: is Berlusconi on the come-back trail?

Cape Cod Regional Government Restructuring Needs to Include Charter Amendment for "Recall" Provision

Afghan Peace Volunteer: Drones Bury Beautiful Lives (2 comments)

Jeanne Manford, PFLAG Founder, RIP

*Confronting the Violence That Betrays Young Lives (7 comments)

*Three Recommendations for Joe Biden's Gun Task Force (9 comments)

Hugo Chavez: Why Does He Hate Us? (4 comments)

Permanent Afghanistan Occupation Planned

Saturday, January 12:

Idle No More, Think Occupy With Deeper Roots (7 comments)

Does Torture Work? Does It Matter? -- An Analysis (6 comments)

The US -- Alongside Saudi Arabia -- Fights For Freedom And Democracy In The Middle East (4 comments)

The "Crony Capitalist Blowout"

You Know The Drill, And That's The Problem (21 comments)

City of Dallas to Conspiracy Realists: Be Silent. (12 comments)

In NOTSEE America You will..... (3 comments)

The Real Lessons of Pearl Harbor, Part 3 (4 comments)

Will Obama's "War On Weed" Really Ride Roughshod Over American Voters? (19 comments)

Contesting the Systems of Power

*Prosecuting Crimes of Hyper-empire Inverview of OEN Writer by Dissident Voice (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: "Mr. Obama, Tear Down These sanctions!"

How Public Schools Came to Be and the Fight to Dismantle Them (17 comments)

*Burma:President sends a rhetorical style message to Parliament

The Debt Ceiling Gives the President Enormous Power -- He Should Use It (13 comments)

World War in Asia? (2 comments)

US Law Prohibits Transferring Guantanamo Prisoners to America (1 comments)

Chavismo in Venezuela

Much Ado about Nothing on Obama's White Guy Appointees

Friday, January 11:

Why Bernie Sanders Objects to Obama's Treasury Nominee (2 comments)

In These Days of Elmer Gantry (3 comments)

The Inconvenient Truth About Jack Lew (2 comments)

Gun Control and Society in America: Legislation Is Not Enough (1 comments)

Steroids, Greenies, and Willie Mays (5 comments)

Welcome, Chuck (2 comments)

Billionaires Gain As Living Standards Fall (1 comments)

New York City Stop and Frisk Police Harassment Found Unconstitutional (1 comments)

Public Banks: helping workers by helping people (18 comments)

The Dark Side of "Zero Dark Thirty" (3 comments)

Grappling on the Fiscal Cliff: Putting County Over Politics

Rep. Steven Palzzo's Vote on Sandy Relief (1 comments)

US Senators still feeding from the same trough of questionable companies (3 comments)

Whoops, There He Goes Again (1 comments)

The Hierarchy Machine: Authority is the Enemy of Rationality (10 comments)

The Truly "Unhinged" Are at the Ready (7 comments)

Reflections On The Occupy Movement For 2013

Zero Dark Thirty: Journalism? Art? Propaganda? (1 comments)

Zombie Politics: 2013 Republicans

Big Oil, Big Ketchup and The Assassination of Hugo Chavez (1 comments)

Obama Picks Jack Lew for Treasury (1 comments)

Anti-Chavez Media War Rages (1 comments)

"I'm Gonna Start Killing People": Tactical Response "Patriot" Video Warns America. (27 comments)

Waking Up in Tehran (1 comments)

Take It to the Bank, Hagel Will Win (1 comments)

Thursday, January 10:

Why Are Bob Woodward's WH Sources -- Or Woodward Himself -- Not On Trial Next To Bradley Manning? (11 comments)

The Trillion-dollar Coin Trick (4 comments)

Syria: A Jihadi Paradise (8 comments)

Debt Ceiling and Guns: Using Presidential Authority to the Fullest (36 comments)

Kourosh Zaibari: US Journalist Dave Lindorff: US will not launch a war against Iran

Talk About Politicizing Intelligence! Meet John Brennan, CIA Chief Designee (3 comments)

Power, Sex, and Symbiotic Relationship (2 comments)

Bernie Sanders: Opposing Jack Lew Appointment as Treasury Sec (1 comments)

Are Israel and the U.S. Becoming Fascist States? (8 comments)

Lenin on the Need for Political Compromise (2 comments)

Diamond industry spin conceals on-going trade in Blood Diamonds (3 comments)

The Republican Party: Imploding From Within, Heading Toward Political Oblivion (10 comments)

Rethinking the East-West Dichotomy

Muslim Flu Shots? (2 comments)

Brother and Sister Sexual Abuse: The Secret Reveal (1 comments)

The New War for Afghanistan's Untapped Oil

Obama's Cliff DIve (1 comments)

Obama's Race To The Top Drives Nationwide Wave of School Closings, Teacher Firings (4 comments)

Washington Post Supports Israeli Settlements

Chavez Inauguration Postponed

Wednesday, January 9:

It's Not about Hagel, it's about President Obama

Namaste! (2 comments)

The Grilling that Brennan Deserves (7 comments)

Our "Next Big Thing"

Even A Military Judge Recognizes What Many Progressives Denied: Bradley Manning Was Mistreated (10 comments)

SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES and changes the planet (1 comments)

Obama's Political Cowardice (11 comments)

Obama's Steady Road to Austerity (6 comments)

Want Pentagon Cuts? Make Barney Frank a Senator (1 comments)

Richard Nixon at 100: The Man Who Matters

Torture - An Evil Miracle Of Lie (5 comments)

"Too Big" Is Hollowing the Middle Class, Killing the American Dream (8 comments)

Whither Hugo? Chavez's Enemies See Opportunities in Cancer (3 comments)

Bernie Sanders: The Soul of America (5 comments)

Shame on NPR: Ellliot Abrams Is Not a Trustworthy Authority! (8 comments)

Debt Ceiling Disaster - Crazy or Criminal? (7 comments)

Hagel and Brennan Nominations

New York Times Wages War on Medicare and Social Security (3 comments)

Tuesday, January 8:

The Progressive Caucus: Enabling Obama's Rightward Moves? (3 comments)

The World Economy 2013: Illusions & Reality

Sometimes Monsters Look Pretty, and Sometimes Monster Killers are Very Small (6 comments)

Medea Benjamin: John Brennan vs. a Sixteen-Year-Old (2 comments)

TARP is Over, But the Bailouts Will Continue Until the Big Banks are Broken Up -- And Washington Knows It (5 comments)

Media Silent on Fukushima Radiation Impact in US (12 comments)

*An Independent Voice When It Counts (3 comments)

Washington Doesn't Work? Oh Really?

Two New Fraud Deals Show Wall Street's Washington Insiders at Work (2 comments)

The Case Against Billionaires (7 comments)

*It's Time For A Real Debate On Health Care Reform (12 comments)

GOP Still Aims to Make Obama a Failed President (1 comments)

"Django Unchained" Continues Hollywood's Sad, Shameful Legacy of Dealing With Slavery Era (2 comments)

Dixiefication (4 comments)

High School Graduation Rates Reveal Our National Shame (10 comments)

Despicable Few...The 67 House Republicans who voted against #SandyAid (2 comments)

Western Media War on Syria (1 comments)

New York Times Supports Austerity Harshness (1 comments)

Monday, January 7:

When the Great Judgment Call Came, Hagel Handed Bush a Blank Check

Deck the Halls With Rounds of Ammo (3 comments)

Washington's Hegemonic Ambitions Are Not in Sync With Its Faltering Economy (14 comments)

The Trampled Bill of Rights (8 comments)

John Brennan's Extremism And Dishonesty Rewarded With CIA Director Nomination (4 comments)

Keystone XL: DilBit Through the Heartland

Canada's First Nations: Expect resistance (6 comments)

Why Paul Krugman should be President Obama's pick for US treasury secretary (3 comments)

Palestinians Must Find "True" Voice (2 comments)

The Fool's Gold-en Rule (1 comments)

Ex CIA Operative the First to be Sentenced for Leaks to Reporter (1 comments)

Excusing Torture, Again (1 comments)

Does Truth Have A Future In America? (12 comments)

State of Fear (6 comments)

Our New Double-Standard for Justice

Plutocracy (16 comments)

Joe Biden: Dancing With the Sausage maker (6 comments)

Proselytizing Death On Trial: Scott Lively Goes To Court Today For Crimes Against Uganda's Gays. Will Anybody Follow? (3 comments)

Politics, the US and Sweden, and a 'Laboratory for Rightwing Radicalism' (7 comments)

The Hoax of Entitlement Reform (2 comments)

Foreign Terrorists Wage War on Syria

America's Lackluster December Jobs Report (1 comments)

Sunday, January 6:

Will Americans Ever Get To See Al Jazeera? (3 comments)

Cut Corporate Welfare, Not the Safety Net (1 comments)

Drones Kill Kids: Protesting in Hawaii Obama's Drone Program (2 comments)

Omphaloskepsis, Abortion, and Marijuana

The gun culture and return of the Wild Wild West (3 comments)

Chuck Hagel And Liberals: What Are The Priorities? (53 comments)

Another Global Banking Crisis Now Taking Shape (4 comments)

2012: Another hard year for American Muslims

11 Years Later, Gitmo Injustice Continues

Marketing Violence

The Narrative of No Escape (28 comments)

Bolivariansm in Venezuela (1 comments)

PA Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Saturday, January 5:

Constitution? What Constitution? Paul Ryan Refuses to Provide for the General Welfare (2 comments)

Weird Elections (1 comments)

World's Biggest Entitlement -- A Private Central Bank Issues Our Money And Charges Us Interest (7 comments)

Obama signs Pentagon bill maintaining Guantanamo and military detention

Those Who Say 'I Support the Troops' Really Don't (2 comments)

The "War on terror" -- By Design -- Can Never End (6 comments)

Building the No Billionaires/ Debillionairize Campaign (33 comments)

Douglas C. Smyth: Black Panthers = Occupy =Terrorists? (2 comments)

Is the Constitution Still Relevant? (3 comments)

There is good reason to be optimistic about 2013

The Best Solution For Climate Change Is a Carbon Tax (15 comments)

Critically Important, An Absolute Must: FILIBUSTER REFORM! (5 comments)

One in Twelve (4 comments)

Venezuela's Future (3 comments)

Netanyahu: Unfit to Serve

Friday, January 4:

Our Deficit Debate's 'Sick Secret' Is Killing Us ... Literally

Late Stage Capitalism And The Shame Haunted Life: You Can't Kill Trauma With A Gun (5 comments)

A Modest Proposal -- Take Two (5 comments)

A letter to Kathryn Bigelow on Zero Dark Thirty's apology for torture (22 comments)

Why I'm On A Hunger Strike (2 comments)

if Money Is Speech, Do Taxes Restrain My First Amendment Rights? (16 comments)

Income Inequality: A Long-Term Solution for the United States (4 comments)

*A Single Bullet (3 comments)

Al Gore, Al-Jazeera (3 comments)

Iranians in Latin America Spook US

Why Jobs Must Be Our Goal Now, Not Deficit Reduction (3 comments)

Senate Filibuster Reform Vote Delayed Until January 22

Another NNC Lendman Interview

Al Gore's "Current TV" Debacle (3 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Iran's Best Response To Israeli or U.S. Attack Would Be Non-Violent (4 comments)

Pain of Fiscal Cliff Averted, but Bigger Pain Ahead For Needy Wasn't

Taxpayer Subsidized Downsizing

Through a Narrative, Brightly (12 comments)

Those Who Say "I Support the Troops" Should Just Stop, Out of Respect for the Troops (9 comments)

Institutionalized Inequality in America (3 comments)

Hardening Israeli Fascism

The Hagel Narrative the Neocons Want

Thursday, January 3:

Haneen Zoabi: Another Persecuted Truth-Teller -- An Analysis (2 comments)

Why They Lose

Congress Will Be Diminished by the Departure of Dennis Kucinch (3 comments)

Human State (1 comments)

How Government Grows (5 comments)

Automobiles have to be insured. Why not guns? (5 comments)

America's Political Dysfunction at Root is an Unwillingness to Cut War Spending (2 comments)

Lonely Progressive? Feeling Overwhelmed, Burned Out? Find Your Mojo. Join Our Journey (4 comments)

Hi-Tech Election Fraud (1 comments)

Why is Anthony Fletcher on Pennsylvania's Death Row? (3 comments)

A New Year's Resolution For Survival

When Research Meets Conventional Wisdom; Non-violent Response More Effective Than Armed Response (11 comments)

Do Pro-business Policies Benefit the Poor? (1 comments)

Big Media Gatekeepers Prohibit Substantive Discussion, Shift Blame for Gun Massacres (1 comments)

It's OK, Honey, His Gun Has a Noise Suppressor (12 comments)

Crazy For Change-- Debillionairizing America, Eliminating Dynasties (70 comments)

Fiscal Cliff Postmortems (1 comments)

Netanyahu's Warning

Wednesday, January 2:

What Hagel Could Give Obama (2 comments)

New Era for Progressives and Obama (10 comments)

My New Year's Resolutions (2 comments)

What Did You Learn From the Cliff Debate, Dorothy? (1 comments)

Why Creationism? (6 comments)

How About No, James? (7 comments)

An Ugly, Ugly Deal

Same As It Ever Was (1 comments)

Don't Celebrate Obama's Deal Too Soon-- and Let's Start talking about the Next Fiscal Cliff Coming 60 Days from Now (21 comments)

Of Safety Warnings, Costs, Censorship, and MSM Spin (2 comments)

My Loss: Whose Gain? A Case of Disappearing Stock (11 comments)

North Korean Leader wants end to "Confrontation" with South Korea (1 comments)

Boom and Bust, Fuelled by Banks for Benefit of Banks (1 comments)

Fiscal Cliff Over, Now the Attack on the People Begins (2 comments)

Was the Shooter on Antidepressant Drugs? (4 comments)

Resisting Racism and Militarism in 2013 (2 comments)

Will Dem Senator Levin Kill Fillibuster Reform? (2 comments)

Robots Don't Destroy Jobs; Rapacious Corporate Executives Do (1 comments)

The Ongoing War: After the Battle Over the Cliff, the Battle Over the Debt Ceiling (1 comments)

"Take me to your leader!" (4 comments)

New UN Report on Syria

Why Tom Harkin and a Handful of Other Progressives Opposed the Deal (1 comments)

Looking Forward To The Hate: Getting Back To Work In 2013. Will Christian Right Hate Finally Implode? (1 comments)

The Space Between Stories (1 comments)

Flim flam Fiscal Cliff Legislation (1 comments)

No Relief for Palestine in New Year (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 1:

Obama's Tax Threshold Concession Bodes Ill For Debt Ceiling Talks (1 comments)

Our Deeply Dysfunctional Congress (1 comments)

2012 "Are You Serious?" Awards (2 comments)

Capping 2012 With Hate: Do New York and New Delhi Crimes Mirror Where We've Been ... Or Where We're Going? (1 comments)

Hobo's Lullaby (5 comments)

Beating Up on Iran and Syria


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