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October 2007

Wednesday, October 31:

Rob Kall: Covering the Dem Debate in Philly for OpEdNews and Gravel's Counter Event (8 comments)

Brian Wolf: Is Phelps Loss, a Loss for All (3 comments)

the web: Not in MY Cart

Mary Lyon: When "Brownie" Meets "Jeffie" (1 comments)

the web: *Help me stop Republican power grab for the White House

Jane Stillwater: Codetalkers: How to win friends & influence people in Iraq.... (1 comments)

Kay Ebeling: "We never heard allegations like this," said Msgr. Urell, now recovering from deposition anxiety in Toronto

United States Senator Jeff Bingaman, Democrat from New Mexico: Insuring America's Children

John E. Carey: Applause: Karen Hughes Leaving State Department (3 comments)

William Cormier: If America Is To Have A Future, We Must Elect A President That Speaks For The People (8 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Rulers Must Accept Their Failure

Michael Roberts: Obama And The Gay Thing (6 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Voting as Political Narcotic (12 comments)


Kevin Gosztola: Dissecting the Philly Debate (Part 1) (1 comments)

Peter Michaelson: Denial of U.S. War Crimes (1 comments)

David Glenn Cox: Not Another Fake News Conference

Kay Ebeling: EXTRA: Salesians Religious Order not part of Catholic Church and other ways to conceal evidence in LA jury trial Nov 5th

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: A "Two-Headed Party," and the Power of a Dime (14 comments)

Sandy Sand: Healthful Treats for Hallowe'en? It's Sacriholidayous (7 comments)

The Stiletto: Israel And The Armenian Question

Mary Shaw: American Bar Association Finds Death Penalty Seriously Flawed (1 comments)

Josh Mitteldorf: A Political Halloween (1 comments)

Pablo Ouziel: Could Iran Redefine Euro-American Relations?

Stephen Pizzo: Pursue Them! Pursue Them to the Grave! (7 comments)

Russ Wellen: Even When Hillary Gets It Right, We Still Don't Believe Her (1 comments)

Linda Milazzo: Captured Red-Handed BY THE MEDIA - AT LAST!! (13 comments)

Tuesday, October 30:

Jeff Michell: Hizbullah's Promise to the Murderer of Jewish Toddlers (75 comments)

Gustav Wynn: NY Congressman Won't Sign On For Impeachment Because of Political Baggage (3 comments)

ibrahim turner: It's Watergate all over again – Only this time it was successful...

Robert Weitzel: An Open Letter to the Christian Right (4 comments)

winston: Just imagine Mukasey being in place. (1 comments)

Stephen Cassidy: The Big Three Fraud on Iraq & Bill Richardson Alternative (3 comments)

Mary Shaw: Bushies Grant Immunity to Blackwater War Criminals (1 comments)

the web: *NPR Gives Torture Credibility

Kevin Gosztola: Iran and Separating the Sheep from the Goats (4 comments)

Eileen Fleming: Taking It To The Streets and Getting Sen. Mike Gravel's Irish UP!!! (9 comments)

William Cormier: When Will The United States be Sanctioned By The United Nations (12 comments)

James Strait: IT'S 1776 ALL OVER AGAIN

Thomas Heffner: The American Economy: Continuing To Be Hollowed Out At A Near Record Pace (1 comments)

bhwhite: *NSPD-51 and the Potential for a Coup d'Etat by National Emergency (3 comments)

Philip Dorsey Iglauer: Nanjing's 70-year-old ghost story (1 comments)

Alex Engwete: The Holy Bible has eaten the soul of my nation from the inside and left it an empty and stinking shell (1 comments)

Ian Lynch: Ending Economic Slavery

Sumogirl: *2008::A Referendum on Iran

Dana Pico: The Democrats are revolting! (2 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Why Are Criminals Being Imposed On Tribesmen?

Mumia Abu-Jamal: The Law That Promotes Punishment (Instead of Education)

William Cormier: A Zogby Poll Shows Complacency In America Has Been Replaced By Ignorance and Stupidity (2 comments)

Lani Brown: A closer look at the GAO's Florida District 13. No smoking gun...Not if but when and how often. Could Red be next?

Anthony Wade: Parents Versus Big Pharma, The Autism Battle Rages On (9 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Kucinich Will Force Vote on Impeachment Before Thanksgiving (1 comments)

Uzi Silber: Idealist or Realist on Burma

Cameron Salisbury: Indestructible Food: With Love from America, Inc. (2 comments)

laura flanders: Obama Be Bold: Break with Backer on Torture

Mike Kuykendall: Clinton Quid Pro Quo for Racist Nobel Laureate

Bob Geiger: A Time For True Leadership: Chris Dodd for President (5 comments)

Bob Burnett: Depressed America (1 comments)

Jason Miller: Shouting at the Devil: (2 comments)

Walter Brasch: A Halloween Scare (6 comments)

Michael Shaw: Questioning 9/11 and to Hell with Caution (82 comments)

Steven Leser: Democratic Party Strategy Regarding the Iraq War and other issues Smacks of Fear and Cynicism and should be Abandoned (18 comments)

Monday, October 29:

Kevin Gosztola: United We Stand Divided

Cenk Uygur: ush Insiders Describe How This Administration Starts Wars

David Swanson: Obama Comes to Virginia (1 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: THE LONG WAR NEEDS MORE MONEY (1 comments)

David Swanson: Jonesborough Justice

GR: Campus War Protest: Grim Reaper Recruits With Marines in GA. (1 comments)

Ann Medlock: Where are the Voices of -and for - the Poor?


Andrew Bard Schmookler: OK, Don't Run, Al Gore; But Do Speak Out! (9 comments)


Rachel Gladstone-Gelman: FROM PERMANENT RESIDENT...TO CANADIAN CITIZEN? (2 comments)

Mickey Dodson: Is History Repeating Itself? (2 comments)

Ramon Puga: Marching in the Rain (1 comments)

Linh Dinh: Pissed Off Zombies

Soraya: The Devil's Playground (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: FBI Must Investigate Cases of Terrorism In Pakistan

Christina Matthies: After watching Kid Nation, this mom thinks CBS should grow up (3 comments)

Ben Marble, M.D.: Lamestream media inciting 'Superbug' mass hysteria (6 comments)

Robin Boerner: Bush sends War General, MG Robert Radin out on Propaganda Stump. Why not a public Q and A session general?

Rachel Neuwirth: Walt & Mearsheimer's Fuddle-Duddle and the Spirit of our Age (8 comments)

Rob Kall: Do Reid and Pelosi WANT The Occupancy of Iraq to Continue? (36 comments)

Kevin Zeese: The Catastrophic Military Occupation of Iraq is Rarely Described Accurately in the U.S. Media (5 comments)


Marc McDonald: Why Are Free-Market Economists Still Taken Seriously? (14 comments)

Mary Shaw: Whistleblower Exposes Even More Corruption and Injustice at Gitmo (5 comments)

Stephen Lendman: The Bank of the South: An Alternative to IMF and World Bank Dominance (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: America is Out of Time, We Need A new Strategy (25 comments)

Sunday, October 28:

Michael Bonanno: I Long For a Better World (1 comments)

steve young: Fake FEMA Press Conference Template Making The Rounds (1 comments)

James Nimmo: Peace from Christian or Islam? Give me Freethought! (2 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): CAN we nominate Al Gore as a write in candidate, and if so, HOW? (8 comments)

Kent Welton: The Fed's Inflation Scam, How Americans Get Screwed By "Their" Central Bank (3 comments)

jerryL: A primer for living in a totalitarian state

F. Vyan Walton: Mukasey Must Be Blocked! (3 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: SCHIP again and again

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Is State Department Cover-up a Criminal Obstruction of Justice? (6 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: "Collateral Damage?" You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! (6 comments)

Mark A. Goldman: Open Letter to the People of Planet Earth (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Sinead O'Connor Delivers Magic at New Orleans' Voodoo Fest (1 comments)

ibrahim turner: Nuclear, Solar/Wind Power or Vegetables of the New World Order.

Stephen Cassidy: Bill Richardson on Iraq: Listening To Our Soldiers Call To End The War Now (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Terrorists Trying To Establish A State Of Their Own (5 comments)


Jim Bush: The Terror Is Us (3 comments)

William Cormier: A Clash Of Beliefs - And Congress Rules Against The People - Updated (2 comments)

Rob Kall: What Will it Look Like After the Dems Declare they Refuse to Further Fund the War (37 comments)

Mary Shaw: Is God Running for President? (14 comments)

Mark A. Goldman: The Last Man Standing (2 comments)

Steven Leser: *Republicans turning USA into Capitalist equivalent of 80's East Germany or Werde der USA der neue DDR sein? (6 comments)

Mary MacElveen: The Eve of Destruction and I Feel Like I'm Fixin to Die (15 comments)

Saturday, October 27:

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Keeping the Constitutional Faith is now EVERYTHING (7 comments)

Jim Freeman: Put On the Cuffs, I'm Guilty as Charged (2 comments)

Richard Clark: *BushCo's Covert Attempt to Force Iraq Into Giving Up 87% of Its Oil

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Message to Anti-War Protests: "Wars Without End--Again" (3 comments)

William Cormier: To Pursue Peace, We Must Understand And Study Our Past (1 comments)

James Strait: The "THEATER" of Elections

Naomi Wolf: Guide to Restoring Liberty in America (7 comments)

Dan Ashby: Charge: Menace to Democracy

David Swanson: Depleted Uranium and Depleted Democracy (3 comments)


Steve Novick: Killing A Dream: Gordon Smith Votes Against Innocent Children (3 comments)

Michael Chavers: What the hell has happened to my country?? (2 comments)

Robin Hardy: "That same old problem of religion in politics: Mitt Romney, Mormonism, and The White House" (3 comments)

Cathy Garger: Open Letter to US Army Regarding Decision to Destroy Hawaii (10 comments)

Stephen Cassidy: John Edwards v. Bill Richardson on The Path Out of Iraq (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Rulers Hypocrisy Endangers Whole World (2 comments)

Sandy Sand: Bush Cherishes the Fetus, But Loathes the Child and Its Parents (7 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: When Bush Accuses the Dems of "Wasting Time" (9 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Come to Jonesboro or to a Demonstration Near youToday (1 comments)

Friday, October 26:

Dan Fejes: Strike Three For the Democrats?

winston: Heartless W!

Nick Nyhart: Voter File: The Bus Stops Here

Senator Bernie Sanders: Why I Will Vote "No" on Mukasey (12 comments)

Jim Freeman: The Master Liquidity Enhancement Con (duit)

Zena Crenshaw, Esq., Michael McCray, Esq., & Deputy U.S. Marshal Matt Fogg (INA): Scary Federal Judiciary (3 comments)

Mick Youther: The Bu$hWorld Report, 10/25/07 (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Terrorists Must Be Dealt With An Iron Hand

David Swanson: What Is Rahm Emanuel Talking About? (9 comments)

SDrobny: Insanity Is Trump: Bush And The Prudent Man Rule (4 comments)

Jessica Vozel: Just Whose 'Values' Matter at the Values Voters Summit?

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Planning To Fail (2 comments)

Ed Martin: The evidence that Bush will attack Iran.

William Cormier: Why Is There Even An Argument In Regard Impeachment

Steve Osborn: Executive Order 13422 and a History Lesson

Tom Driscoll: Solomon's Sword

Karen Fish: Pope Benedict Archbishop of Canterbury Cancel George Bush's Crusade

Dave Lindorff: Home of the Brave? (2 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Ron Paul Reality Check (12 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: What the Media Won't Tell You: The Military is supporting Anti-War candidates (1 comments)

Charles Sullivan: Truth Matters (9 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Voice from Congo: Is the Pen Mightier Than the Sword? (1 comments)

Jai Daemion: *Peace of Mind: Life Under Australian Universal Health Care (7 comments)

Stephen Cassidy: Bill Richardson: Say No to Torture -- and to Mukasey (1 comments)

Thursday, October 25:

Kevin Gosztola: Help Me Form a Statement for a Youth Speak Out (4 comments)

David Michael Green: Just For the Sake of Argument, What Would It Look Like If a President Didn't Give a Damn About Terrorism? (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: We need to ask 'are' our children learning

Randy LoBasso: 9/11 Truth - Let's Get This Straight (16 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: New Orleans Not Resting Easy Two Years Post Katrina (3 comments)

Michael Green: Requiem for Democracy (1 comments)


Dr. Michael P Byron: The Burning Time (1 comments)

J. Edward Tremlett: MSU YAF to Bring BNP's Nick Griffin to Speak

William Cormier: Are Fox News and Right-Wing Pundits Illegally Supporting Blatant Lies and Propaganda (6 comments)

David Glenn Cox: What Did You Import Today? (2 comments)

Rosa Brooks: *Straitjacket Bush (3 comments)

Sandy Sand: Entreaties Ignored, Bush Came to California Anyway (1 comments)

Bob Koehler: A Nation Downwind

Dave Lindorff: About Those Destroyed Houses in California (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Three weeks with the Marines in Iraq? Priceless! (1 comments)

Jon Faulkner: "Unfit for Office (3 comments)

John Kelley: Why a Noose Isn't a Prank (1 comments)

David Swanson: We're Sorry Too, Pete (2 comments)


James Brett: Putinshchina

Jane Stillwater: Heartbreak Hotel: Let's open up a resort and spa in Al Anbar, Iraq! (1 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Not One More Dime to Continue the Iraq Occupation

Dr. Michael P Byron: Constructing Common Sense

Mary MacElveen: President Bush, does the name Luis Posada Carriles ring a bell as you lecture Cuba? (5 comments)

New Mexico Governor William Blaine Richardson III: New Mexico Governor Richardson's UCLA speech on New Policies vis-a-vis Latin America (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Tribesmen Are Terrorists Or Victims Of Terrorism

Michael Roberts: Blacks Are Inferior

Kevin Gosztola: MUGSHOTS of those Who Joined Republicans in Voting to Censure Pete Stark (3 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Civil Disobedience: The Right of Revolution (18 comments)

Soraya: Ann Coulter: Nuke Them! (3 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: It's Time to Revive the Great American Tradition of Skunkworks (4 comments)

Cindy Sheehan: Pete, Nancy, George and WWIII (71 comments)

Mary Shaw: Senate Confirms a Bigot as U.S. Circuit Judge (6 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Torture, Paramilitarism, Occupation and Genocide (1 comments)

Carol Wolman: Let's be Proactive, not Reactive (5 comments)

Wednesday, October 24:

H. Lewis Smith: AFRICAN AMERICAN'S WATERLOO...THE N-WORD (15 comments)

editor Norla Antinoro: We! Issue #40 (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Diplomacy -- the civilized alternative to thel Dogs of War. (3 comments)

Peter Michaelson: Pelosi Capitulates to Hatred (3 comments)

John E. Carey: National Tragedy of One Segment of the USA

Bernard I. Finel: If He Did It: The Coming Attack on Iran (1 comments)

Jay Janson: *Iraqi and Somali Kids Jump for Joy on Bodies of Americans! Don't Ask Why.

Ernest Partridge: TO: The Free World – FROM: The American People – RE: HELP! (8 comments)

Brian Wolf: Condi a Waste of Time (1 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Loosen Your Tie, Tucker Carlson! (14 comments)

winston: "Iraqi Police Tied to Attack on U.S. Base"

Moss David Posner, M.D.: In The Eye of the Hurricane

Eric Malone: I See A Kettle And I Want to Paint It Black

Michael Roberts: Apocalypse Now

Ron Corvus: *The "Magic Number" is 41 - Not 51, Not 60, Not 67 (1 comments)

Kevin Geary: 22 Ways to be a Good Republican (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Human Rights Watch Details "Horrific" Crimes in DR Congo Province

Ron Fullwood: Iraqis Looking to U.N. to Limit Bloody U.S. Mission

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: But WHY Are Our Dem Leaders Such Timid Wimps? (5 comments)

Gina-Marie Cheeseman: Propaganda Still Sells Wars

Tuesday, October 23:

Mary Lyon: Things We Saved in the Fire


Mary Shaw: Chertoff: Screw the Environment, We Need to Keep the Mexicans Out (3 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: *"Michael Clayton", Issues of Accountability and Brave New Films' "The Real Rudy: Radios" (18 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Sieg Heil! To The Satanic Majesty: Bush! (20 comments)

Rob Kall: Shame on NBC for Banning Mike Gravel From Its Next Debate (14 comments)

Michael Chavers: These guys are starting to P!$$ ME OFF

Eileen Fleming: Censoring Gravitas, Blowing Out the Doors and Tearing Down Walls (2 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: How to Interrogate Terrorists: Colonoscopy

Dave Lindorff: Dead Men and Women Walking (21 comments)

Mary MacElveen: California wildfires: Those who bash Californians need to grow up (1 comments)

srose14: Is the Justice Department Courting Latinos on Behalf of the GOP?

Rainbow Law: *Not the Be All & END-All, But Better Than Nothing

Robert Sargent: Darcy Needs $Millions for a Life Saving Operation

Andrew Bard Schmookler: A True Patriot Watches A Perfect Anti-Democracy Storm Reach Full Fury (10 comments)

Wayne Madsen: Israel Lobby May Be Source of Armenian Genocide Resolution (5 comments)

Pappy: Anarchy in the USA (27 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Citibank, U.S. Credit Management and Me (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Rulers Have To Answer For Masses Miseries

Bob Burnett: Playing the Hate Card (20 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Sweet Home Iraq: In Anbar province, I met the governor...

Monday, October 22:

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Science and Religion must unite to confront the biology of evil.

Scott Ritter: On the Eve of Destruction (2 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Screw Up Your Courage America! (7 comments)

Ann Williams: From a Participant at the Blackwater Protest at Moyock (5 comments)

Ian Lynch: For the Birds


Walter Burien: *ACTION ALERT! Government Investments, 911, and the Dollar

Danny Schecter: In The Age of the Superbugs: What Is The Remedy

Kamala Sarup: Women are suffering from HIV/AIDS

kpominville: The Wellstone of Hope

Marjorie Cohn: Michael Mukasey: Another Loyal Bushie (1 comments)

azchuck: *Barksdale - Why, When, Where and Who - Part One

Rob Kall: Hillary or Giuliani, democrat or republican-- It's all in the Questions (27 comments)

Mary Shaw: NASA Refuses to Disclose Air Safety Survey Results (1 comments)

Kay Ebeling: Pedophile priest crime victims who can't file civil lawsuits, the "silent victims"


bill katovsky: White House will be the Green House Under Gore

Frosty Wooldridge: What Presidential Candidates Refuse to Talk About (3 comments)

Robert R. Regl: Bush will not leave office willingly (6 comments)

Sandy Sand: "Under Fire" in Southern California (10 comments)

Manuel Valenzuela: We the People versus a Government of, by and for The United Corporations of America (1 comments)

Mikael Rudolph: *Single Payer Health Care works in Italy (5 comments)

John E. Carey: Russia and China Stand Up (4 comments)

Ron Fullwood: For the Bush Regime and Iran, Freedom's Just Another Word

Georgianne Nienaber: Congo War Takes Civilian Toll: New Voices from Congo

Holly Sklar: Billionaires Up, America Down (1 comments)

Cosmic: *WHAT'S HAPPENED TO AMERICA ? (1 comments)

Ron Jacobs: The FBI's War on Black Liberation: COINTELPRO and the Panthers

Vi Ransel: Representative De-MOCK-cracy (1 comments)

William Cormier: World War III or Peace, An Issue the World At Large Must Address (2 comments)

Stephen Fox: Former Ambassador and New Hampshire Democratic Chairman Endorses Richardson

Muhammad Khurshid: Is Committing Crimes Right Of Rulers?

ncvoter: The Voting Literacy Test of the 21st Century (6 comments)


Steven Leser: Swift Boating 2008 Ahoy! Thompson Campaign Turning the Ship on McCain in latest GOP Chickenhawk Disgrace (2 comments)

Russ Wellen: Homeland Security: The Lethal Illusion (4 comments)

Lord Stirling: War on Iran = You Die from Biowar (1 comments)

Linh Dinh: Onward, Christian Soldiers!

Dale Hill: Maher Left Speechless! (11 comments)

Martin Zehr: Defending Southern Kurdistan (1 comments)

Stephen Lendman: UAW Sellout at GM and Chrysler

Muhammad Khurshid: US Must Intervene to Save Pakistan from Terrorists

Sunday, October 21:

Timothy V. Gatto: "Commonsense" and Our Two Never-Ending Wars (10 comments)

Rob Kall: Invertebrate Dems' Congressional Failure Hurting Candidates Chance in Nov Elections (6 comments)

Carolyn Baker: STOP CALLING ME A "DOOMER" (2 comments)

Jerm: Bill Maher Avoids Mentioning WTC7, Attacks 9/11 Truthers in Audience (3 comments)

Carol Wolman: Condemning genocide

Kevin Gosztola: Hope for the Hill

Rowan Wolf: Mercs in a Corporate World (1 comments)

Mary Shaw: Bush Threatens World War Three - With Nukes (1 comments)

NM State Sen Gerald Ortiz y Pino: Blackwater: the Visigoths (1 comments)

David Glenn Cox: The Few, The Proud, Armies of One

Jane Stillwater: In Iraq, "The war is over if you want it." (5 comments)

Bill Douglas: The Bill Maher Real Time Meltdown – Comments from a Long Time Bill Maher Fan (44 comments)

David Glenn Cox: There Are No Republicans in Science Fiction (1 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Does Larry Sabato Really Want A Constitutional Convention? (5 comments)

Michael Collins: Destruction of Evidence - Ohio's 2004 Presidential Ballots (7 comments)

Bob Kincaid: Daffy Duck Diplomacy

Dan Fejes: The New Enron (1 comments)

Debbie Lewis-Comments Paul Sheridan-Letter: A United States Patriot Trying to Understand

Muhammad Khurshid: Is Pakistan Base Of Al-Qaeda?

Rob Kall: Fractal Politics-- Local Trickle Down of Campaign Lie, Distortion Tactics (1 comments)

Charles Sullivan: Uncommon Grace: Biology and Economic Theory (6 comments)

Sandy Sand: Giuliani Fails the Religious Right's Job Interview (3 comments)

Saturday, October 20:

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Extinction or the elites. Choose (9 comments)

David Swanson: Peace Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (2 comments)

thepen: So They're Fond of Condemnations Are They? Let's Condemn the Entire Republican Leadership (3 comments)

Rand Clifford: King Hemp V: Industrial Disease (6 comments)

Project Vote: Voter Suppression In 2008 At Stake In Attorney General Hearings (1 comments)

Ron Corvus: Range Voting and the Two-Party system (6 comments)

Richard Clark: *Just How Much Trouble is the US Economy In?

Susan Rapp: I say: "Embrace the Silly Conspiracy Theories" (4 comments)

Soraya: Safer Airports across America (1 comments)

Remy Chevalier: Major_Players Moving to Colorado to Escape Global Warming

Michael Salla, Ph.D: The B-52 Incident – An Unfolding Saga of Villains, Scapegoats and Heroes (11 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Capture and Kill Terrorists, But Please Save the Innocent

Robert N Smith: *Economic nightmares (2 comments)

Mumia Abu-Jamal: "Beat" Camp (8 comments)

Michael Roberts: The African Conundrum (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Those who feel Stark should apologize, are acting as Pres. Bush's enablers (4 comments)


Jayne Lyn Stahl: The Protect Who Act? (6 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Is the Progressive "Blogosphere" Bought by the Clinton Campaign? (1 comments)

Steven Leser: John Edwards , Hillary Clinton , Fred Thompson and the state of the 2008 Presidential Election (10 comments)

steve young: Uncle and Auntie-Semite: When Will Jewish Fans Finally Abandon Bill and Ann? (2 comments)

Mary Shaw: Kucinich: SCHIP Bill Fails To Provide Health Coverage For Legal Immigrant Children (4 comments)

Linda Milazzo: Ellen DeGeneres' Misuse Of The Media and A Challenge To Right That Wrong (65 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Iraq's Anbar Province: The World's Next Top Model? (2 comments)

Jim Goodman: Democracy is Too Important (3 comments)

Min. Paul Scott: Sorry Sarah: Blackface Still Ain't Funny

Curt Day: President AhmaBUSHnejad (2 comments)

Matthew Clark: Worthy and Unworthy Victims: The Armenian Genocide (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Pres. Bush should apologize and not Rep. Pete Stark (14 comments)

Friday, October 19:

Don Williams: Al Gore drew a circle that brought us all in...

Kevin Gosztola: America to Blame for Pakistan Blasts? (10 comments)

Paddy Shaffer: Music with a point: "If you want to be a voter (The Ballad of Sarasota)"

Ingrid E. Newkirk: Why we brought Michael Vick into our classroom (2 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: PELOSI FAILS (9 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: A Many-Dimensional Look at America (2 comments)

John R Moffett: "Discoverer" of DNA gets Foot in Mouth Disease (15 comments)

Mark A. Goldman: Regarding SCHIP (4 comments)

Lynne Glasner: Harry and Louise vs. Harry and Sally

David Swanson: It Was Never About Children's Health

winston: W assumes it's his ball and he can go home anytime he wants.

Mark A. Goldman: I Can Show You How To Build An Empire

Stephen Fox: Important Poll - Democracy for America///Please forward this widely to all of your friends, colleagues, and family! (4 comments)

Rob Kall: Joke: Outsourcing Help Hotlines (3 comments)

Jim Freeman: AND ON THE 3RD DAY, CONGRESS RESTED (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Term Limits; Good or Bad (22 comments)

Royce Penstinger: *Killing the Nuclear Beast by Saying No

Steve Fournier: Imperial Courts Safe with Mukasey (2 comments)

Alex Wallenwein: Hillary -- A Bush in Sheep's Clothing (4 comments)

Anthony Barnes: End of an Error (1 comments)

William Cormier: Crime DOES Pay, and Patriots Are Punished in a Nation Under Surveillance (2 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Pakistani Terrorists Fail To Shatter Hope Of Masses (8 comments)

David Michael Green: Al Gore's Inaugural Address: January 20, 2009 (1 comments)

Thursday, October 18:

Kevin Gosztola: Our Deteriorating Democracy Can Be Rescued by Those Here and Outside of OpEdNews (10 comments)

Act for Change: Join Bonnie Raitt; Sign Petition to Prevent Costly Bailout of Nuclear Power Industry

Barry Tevelow: Limited Choices, Limited Results

Jim Freeman: 750,000 Americans Take 50% Drop in Social Security (4 comments)

Brian Wolf: Sorry Kids (1 comments)

Mike Adams: October is Breast Cancer Propaganda Month: Pinkwashing, Breast Cancer Action and Vitamin D (3 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: War On Terror: Cat Is Coming Out Of The Bag

David Swanson: US Will Tip Its Hand Before Attacking Iran (2 comments)

David Swanson: Dodd Ends Spying, No Senator Will Do Same for War (5 comments)

SDrobny: Smoke And Mirrors: From The Cold War To Iran (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats (2 comments)

Carol V. Hamilton: The Curmudgeon Party (9 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Write Your Congressman. Right. (3 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Press On

Eric Marshall: State ID wrapped in red tape

Karen Fish: Muslim Scholars Pope Benedict talk Peace George Bush talks Apocalypse

Bob Cesca: World War III Is Going To Be Hilarious (2 comments)

David Swanson: 123 Silent Congress Members (10 comments)

Bob Koehler: Pre-Existing Conditions

Andris: is there no end to China's inscruitable mischief (2 comments)

Michael Greenwell: The Greatest Hero You Have Never Heard Of (4 comments)

Patricia Johnson: Sleep-Walking Through History with Reaganomics (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Those who oppose AIPAC and CUFI are caught in the realm of nightmares (7 comments)

Rob Kall: The DCC Just Hung Up On Me (55 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Nobel Hypocrisy (16 comments)

Mary Shaw: Rendition/Torture Surviver Maher Arar to Testify Before Congress Today

Peter Michaelson: What Can I Do? (4 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): The Onion of Evil: first establishment politics & religion and then vampire elites. (6 comments)

Wednesday, October 17:

winston: Three unrelated items--or are they? (1 comments)

Michael Chavers: "We have met the enemy and he is us." Pogo

Carolyn Baker: CELEBRATING AMERICAN TEARS: Responding To Naomi Wolf's Recent Missive (2 comments)

Sandy Sand: O'Reilly Rants At Catholic Bashers While Chortling With Coulter and Her Defaming Jews (12 comments)

Norla Antinoro: Revive the Wild Colonial Spirit

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Beaten on the Docks (1 comments)

Rory OConnor: The Media Conscience of a Liberal (3 comments)

chanell quaschnick: Non-Altruism is the New Altruism (2 comments)

Pencil Warrior: Birds of Market Deregulation Home to Roost?

Brian Wolf: A Rush to Threaten (8 comments)

Rob Kall: Monster Corporation Advertisements in the MSM-- Buying the MSM, making it Lamestream (1 comments)

Kay Ebeling: Geoghan's murderer names priests who molested him; Sheriff hunts Fr. Dominguez, fugitive pedophile, a day in the life

Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers: Will Dems Commit Political Suicide in '08?: An Address to Democrats Abroad (5 comments)

Scott O'Reilly: Bush and Austin Powers: How Bush Lost His Mojo and Became Dr. Evil

Kate Mucci: *A Genetic Disaster

Uri Avnery: The Clash of Civilizations; Mother of All Pretexts (2 comments)

Ben Marble, M.D.: The day I helped prevent the ASSASSINATION of George W. Bush! (6 comments)

Paul Donovan: Redefining Universal Healthcare: What Consequences will this have on vulnerable workers with poor leadership?

winston: Declare "Mission Accomplished" again.

John E. Carey: China Watch (1 comments)

Richard Clark: *The FBI knew that the 911 attack was being planned

Mary Shaw: Rendition Movie is Not Fiction

Norla Antinoro: We! Magazine, Issue #39

Kevin Gosztola: South Carolina to Move Primary to Tuesday before Thanksgiving (2 comments)

Tuesday, October 16:

Elizabeth Ferrari: Nancy, I AM your neighbor. (9 comments)

Barbara Peterson: Baby It's Cold Outside

Michael Chavers: The Neo-Convicts keep up the call to arms to attack IRAN. (1 comments)

Alamgir Hussain: The Future of Secularism in Turkey (1 comments)

Steve Silver: No White House Run: Al Gore Has All the Prizes He Needs

Michael Collins: American Cassandra - Susan Lindauer's Story (1 comments)

Mary Lyon: Gore's Not the Only One Who Won (6 comments)

\"Hoss\" D.P.: "WHAT DO I KNOW?" (1 comments)

Eric Baerren: We Need Al Gore, Because Global Warming Truly Threatens Peace

Eileen Fleming: *What happened on October 13, 2007 in California and SEEKING JUSTICE for USS LIBERTY (5 comments)

Karen Fish: Why is George Bush Alienating America Russia China India Muslims et al (6 comments)

Brian Wolf: It's Been Slow, Too Slow (1 comments)

Jim Freeman: Unprepared in Iran, the Follow-Up to Unprepared in Iraq

Andrew Bard Schmookler: What's the NASCAR-Bushite Connection?

Mickey Z. (with Rosemarie Jackowski): Rescue: 2008

Rowan Wolf: The Coup Started Before September 11, 2001 (1 comments)

Ian Lynch: One Person's Heaven

Kay Ebeling: Catholic Church Created New Breed of Criminal with its Policies for Pedophile Priests

Joe Rathbun: Islamophobia: Acceptable racism? (4 comments)

Brian Wolf: China Should Apologize, Not Bluster (2 comments)

Dusty Nathan: Ballots Missing, Money Found - Seen Enough of the GOP? (1 comments)

HUTCH: Declaration of Crisis - Call for An American Peoples' Congress

Kevin Sysyn: Congress Can't Violate the 4th Amendment Either

Consider the Facts: TOPOFF 4: A Teachable Moment for Portland and America (3 comments)

John E. Carey: Putin Digs In (3 comments)

Mumia Abu-Jamal: The Aura of Inevitability (1 comments)

William Cormier: There's a Fly in the Ointment, and his name is Vladimir Putin (1 comments)

David Swanson: Ten Silent Senators (1 comments)

Danny Schecter: Fox Business; Can The Foxes Save the Hen House?

Carson Dugal: Illegal Immigration and a Federal Reserve Connection? (4 comments)

Dennis Diehl: Uh oh...A Bigger Secret Than THE SECRET..again. (1 comments)

Bob Burnett: The Politics of Trust (11 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Everything Starts with You (9 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Eye witness report: Marines drop acid in western Iraq! (1 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Musings on root canal, bad dreams and the big C (23 comments)

bill katovsky: The Tipper Point (10 comments)

Monday, October 15:

Kenneth Briggs: Congressman Vern Buchanan: Will He Follow Through? (2 comments)

Sheila Samples: In The Kingdom of Fear (8 comments)

HUTCH: American Crisis - The Voters' Bill of Rights (4 comments)

Mick Youther: Bill O'Reilly--Newsman or News-menace? (6 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Russ Feingold Writes Bush Urging Him to Come Clean on CIA Methods of Torture That Have Been Used



Ann Medlock: Necks Out, Chins Up (3 comments)

Ray McGovern: What Did Pelosi Know About NSA, and When Did She Know It? (1 comments)

Pamela Haengel: Four Possible Options for Pinellas County for Compliance with FL's New Paper Ballot Legislation (2 comments)

Michael Roberts: Behind The Sanchez Rant (8 comments)

steve young: The Right Attempts To Twist Gen Sanchez's Words (3 comments)

F. Vyan Walton: Al Qaeda in Iraq Defeated!?

Frank J. Ranelli: Bush administration was either incompetent or is guilty of malfeasance (5 comments)

David Swanson: War Lies Investigation: Rockefeller Says He'll Get to It Someday (1 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Ron Paul Captures the Power of the "Blogosphere" (27 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: The Pelosi Paradox (8 comments)

Michael Chavers: Mike Rants on the current state of affairs in the good ole USA (1 comments)

Sandy Sand: Playing Fast & Loose With Unlawful Combatants Could Bite Bush Big-Time (7 comments)

William Cormier: Bush, Pelosi, And Congress: Dumb and Dumber (2 comments)

Jessica Vozel: I Changed My Mind: Al Gore Should Save the Earth, Not Run for President (5 comments)

Rich Herschlag: Party Pooper

Wayne Madsen: Coming to a Community Near You: Blackwater (17 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Ich Bin Ein Berliner (That goes for you too) (10 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Promised Social Change in Ecuador (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Something is Rotten in Iraq and the Pentagon (29 comments)

Sunday, October 14:

Rowan Wolf: "TOPOFF 4" and Vigilant Shield: October 15-19 (3 comments)

sameh abdelaziz: Caroline, Polling, and the American Democracy

National Iranian American Council: Joint Letter to Congress Requesting Scraping of Flawed "Democracy Funds"

Robert Weitzel: The Realpolitik of Article VI: Religious Test Required for Public Office (1 comments)

Dusty Nathan: *The NeoCon Nation Defines the General Welfare

winston: It is all falling apart-- (1 comments)

Jamie Santi: Election Lessons and Why Kucinich Ought to Be the Next President (6 comments)

HUTCH: Declaration of Crisis - Call for An American Peoples' Congress (8 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Women Want A Long-term Anti-poverty Program (1 comments)

Jane Stillwater: The Iraqi Book of the Dead (1 comments)

Randy LoBasso: To Change the Subject: Smear (3 comments)

Kevin Sysyn: Why Isn't Campaign Finance THE Major Issue In 2008 Election? (6 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: Take a Look: Prof. Steven Freeman's Presentation On Stolen US Elections (5 comments)

Michael Roberts: Weenie Nation (9 comments)

Peter Dearman: Burma coverage teaches us Goebbels' Corollary (10 comments)

David Glenn Cox: Pointing Out the Monsters among the Sheep (8 comments)

Rob Kall: Prophetic Dream? Or Screamingly Obvious Nightmare About Our Fascist Future (29 comments)

Mary Shaw: Obama Blows It With "Kingdom on Earth" Comment (8 comments)

Saturday, October 13:

Cenk Uygur: Why Do You Need Immunity If You Haven't Broken the Law? (1 comments)

DerLange: America's Bad name BEcomes an '08 Issue (1 comments)

James Murtagh: Michael Clayton: Just Pretend this isn't Madness

Mumia Abu-Jamal: When the Union Becomes Management

Bob Richardson: Re: Crossing the Global Warming Threshold (3 comments)

Anthony Wade: An Open Letter to MSNBC/CNBC (5 comments)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Iran: Ebadi Says Military Attack 'Would Worsen Our Situation'

David Glenn Cox: It's a Small World After All

Walter F. Wouk: Reefer Madness is Dangerous (3 comments)

Joe Rathbun: Faux Wars: The Empire Strikes Black

Edrea Davis: Mychal Bell of the Jena Six, ordered back to jail for prior charge

Michael Greenwell: I'm Very Pleased Winston Churchill is Dead

Mike Palecek: You Talkin' To Me?

Dan Fejes: First person plural

Michael Roberts: Gore Vs Bus (2 comments)

Michael Salla, Ph.D.: Dick Cheney & Vigilant Shield: Will a Missing Nuke from the B-52 Incident be used in a Simulated Terrorist Attack? (25 comments)

Jered Talbot: A Democrat on the Importance of the Constitution (6 comments)

David Roberts, Brent Budowsky, Andrew Bard Schmookler: Two Views --Plus Mine-- Regarding Al Gore, the Nobel Prize, and the Idea of His Running for President (3 comments)

steve young: Alfred Nobel Would Have Given His Award To George W

Jane Stillwater: Battle fatigue: Me and Oprah in the Green Zone (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Just go away, President Bush...A letter to the Washington Post (5 comments)

Friday, October 12:

Kevin Gosztola: A Party for the Mainstream (8 comments)

John E. Carey: Beijing Has No Control Over Food Safety

RLAnchors: VA Finds New Way to Deny Disabled Vets (2 comments)

Bhumika Ghimire: Ralph Peters:Ignores Harsh Reality of Life in NWFP Pakistan

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Why can Americans dialog about our own right wing, but never the Israeli right wing, EVEN ON WELL KNOWN "LIBERAL" SITES (2 comments)

Thom Hartmann: Ann Coulter and Justice Antonin Scalia to Synagogue - Jews Are Safer with Christians in Charge (9 comments)

Project Vote: Failing the Grade: Young People Face Strong Barriers at the Polls

Scott O'Reilly: Bush Wins Nobel Prize for War (3 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Can this Party Be Saved? (6 comments)



Dean Powers: NYTimes Writes Pity Piece for Congress, Stereotypes Gays Appallingly

Mickey Z.: Ya Gotta Believe? (3 comments)

Michael Roberts: Democrats In Sheep's Clothing (3 comments)

Lisa Wathne: Zoo babies: From famous to forgotten

Jayne Lyn Stahl: An Open Letter to Al Gore (31 comments)

David Swanson: PNACo Fascism Awareness Week (2 comments)

Lawrence Velvel: The Mainstream Media Annoints Jack Goldsmith A Hero

Hans Meyer: Hate Filtered Through a Smile Isn't Pretty (4 comments)

Bob Koehler: An Adolescent Choice (4 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: To All Contractors for Chaos: Who Wants to Help with Iran Reconstruction? (3 comments)

Mary MacElveen: To Al Gore, I thirst to drink from the cup of intelligence (5 comments)


Rachel Gladstone-Gelman: If Al Gore...

Jane Stillwater: Bush leagues: How GWB lost the World Series to Iran (3 comments)

Russ Wellen: Medals of Honor, Wars of No Honor (10 comments)

Robert Halfhill: Christianity's Persecution of Gays: Historical Bigotry

robert dodge: The Earth Charter: A Declaration of Interdependence

Thursday, October 11:

David Michael Green: The Coming Progressive Era (2 comments)

Michael Roberts: The Ever-Changing Hillary (1 comments)

John E. Carey: Jimmy Carter: Human Rights Godsend Will Criticize Even His Own USA (6 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): 9/11 and the neocon cabal will be the the twin foci of the post 2008 "Nuremberg Trials". (6 comments)

David Swanson: ACORN Gives Members Only 4 Choices

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Illegal Immigration Spurs Constitutional Amendment (7 comments)

Jan Baumgartner: In Baseball You Wear a Cap (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Corporate Donations are Now Favoring the Democrats (2 comments)

winston: It is always the same. (3 comments)

Steve Osborn: Remember the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Andrew Bard Schmookler: John Wayne as an American Archetypal Figure (3 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Final Jeopardy: And the correct answer is "What is Al-Qaeda in Iraq?" (1 comments)

Stephen Fox, redacted from Congresswoman Schakowsky's Press Releases: End of the American Mercenaries in Iraq? Congresswoman Schakowsky's Efforts May Bring This About.

NancyT: Pulling Up the Stone: Patriots at Work

Project Vote: Fewer Than Half of Eligible Minority and Low-Income Americans Voted in 2006, Report Shows (1 comments)

Michael Chavers: Somebody is finally standing up to Dick "Tator" Cheney and it isn't a Democrat.

Brian Wolf: Shoot the Messenger

Sandy Sand: If I Still Lived in Michigan, I'd Be So Ticked Off at the DNC and the Candidates (3 comments)

Paul Rogat Loeb: Making Our Restrooms Safe for Democracy

Brian Narelle: Lessons From Poker Joe

Dana Gabriel: Saving Canada From a North American Union

Ed Tubbs: GOP Presidential debaters & The Wizard of OZ (2 comments)

Michael Greenwell: The Tediousness of Democracy

Dennis Diehl: Giving Away Our Power..A Very Bad Habit (1 comments)

Rob Kall: *Can Patrick Murphy End The War; Is He Dem Leader,Future President or Get Along Guy? (6 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Is supporting political parties and front-runners more important than our country? (1 comments)

Georgianne Nienaber: Nkunda Says DRC Bombs Raining Down on Villages (2 comments)

Dean Powers: For Bush Wiretapping Is Not About Thwarting Attacks (1 comments)

Carol Wolman: *Whither the impeachment movement? (5 comments)

Sheila Jackson: A damn lapel pin is the burning issue of the day?!?!?!? (2 comments)

Rand Clifford: Mud, Fog, And Blackwater

andi novick: WHO'LL STOP THE TRAIN (WRECK)? Reject Theft-Enabling Voting Computers (3 comments)

Wednesday, October 10:

David Swanson: Only One Congress Member Gets It (5 comments)

Rachel Eliasi-Kohan: The Lingering U.S. Dilemma over Iraq..., and now Iran ?!

Peter Michaelson: The Secular Soul of Democracy

Mark Adams JD/MBA: *Dr. Steve Freeman Speaks on Election Fraud

Kevin Gosztola: I Wish I Could Have a Private Conversation with Dennis Kucinich (5 comments)

andi novick: Letter To NY's Governor Urging Him to Lead the Nation towards a Democratic Electoral System: Hand Count Paper Ballots

winston: Britain believes its reduction of troops led to decreased violence! (1 comments)

MyLeftMind: Keep the responsibility on the Republicans (3 comments)

Walter C. Uhler: Bush's Campaign of Lies to Conceal War Crimes (1 comments)

Martin Zehr: The American Case Against Turkish Invasion

Jim Miles: It's not about the carbon

William Cormier: French Say Iran attack Oct 15, NORTHCOM Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise The Same Day (4 comments)


Sandy Sand: Annie's Artistic Adventure and Her 1st Tattoo at 80 (5 comments)


Timothy V. Gatto: Congress Proposes that Bush gets a Do-Over and they will Forgive and Forget the Spying on American Citizens

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich: The Hydra

Rady Ananda: Too Butch to Pee (1 comments)

Randolph T. Holhut: The Politicians Who Love War, But Don't Want To Pay For It

Jane Stillwater: Better than the Hilton?: US detention centers in Iraq (1 comments)

JOHN LORENZ: Neo-cons as Heirs of Social Darwinism

Linda Seger: Let's Kill Our Enemies In The Name Of Christ (3 comments)

Soraya: Petty Role Model (1 comments)

Sunsara Taylor: Nooses at Columbia: Enough is Enough! (3 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Defending Against their al-Qaeda Failure at the Site of their Iraq Folly

Ernest Partridge: Global Engineering and Climate Change

Michael Greenwell: It's Not Centrist, Nor Is It Moderate (1 comments)

Steve Consilvio: It is Absurd

Anthony Barnes: MO' BITTER BLUES (2 comments)

Frank Ahearn: Skip Trace Before the Loss

Eileen Fleming: *The Censoring of Bishops and Whistle Blowers (4 comments)

Michael Chavers: American democracy is in terrible trouble (1 comments)

James Brett: Capitalism and Its Discontents (1 comments)


Steve Beckow: *What's Worrying Portland? (6 comments)

Rob Kall: Obama Says He Will Vote for NAFTA Expansion (13 comments)

Mary Shaw: Murder Victims' Families Call for Worldwide Moratorium on the Death Penalty (2 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Reviewing James Petras' "Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire

Jane Stillwater: Running for President in Iraq: Which candidate will win the grunts' vote? (16 comments)

Dean Powers: Wiretapping Illustrates Dems' Loyalties to Bush and DC Power

Tuesday, October 9:

Hamad Alomar: US – Muslims Conflict: Israel Is the No One Beneficiary (1 comments)

Gustav Wynn: Don't give your voter mojo away! REFUSE TO REGISTER WITH A PARTY (7 comments)

Kay Ebeling: Arrest records, sex crimes of other perps should be excluded as evidence, per defense of Salesians re jury trial 11.5.07

Eric Malone: Should He Collate or Should He Blow?

Mark Angelo Cummings: Fearful Americans: In Disbelief We Are A Dying Nation (2 comments)

the web: Put our children first

Hamad Alomar: American Model of Democracy Is Not The End of History (4 comments)

Ellen Brodsky: Pig in a poke: Buying Voting Equipment in Broward County Florida (2 comments)

Andy Ostroy: Limbaugh Says "Liberals Hate this Country." Time to get him off the air (1 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Explaining the Weakness of the Dems in Spiritual Terms (18 comments)

Jim Freeman: A 2nd Shaming of America by the Supreme Court

Mary Lyon: The Chastening (1 comments)

James Brett: Health Care

Jason Miller: 35% of US Americans Still Support Bush: Diagnosing the Insanity (9 comments)

Carol Wolman: *speculations about the Minot incident, and call for investigation by a retired Naval officer (6 comments)

Dave Lindorff: What are Progressives Waiting For? (8 comments)

James Nimmo: SEVEN THOUSAND Lashes and Twenty Blows to the Head (4 comments)

Sandy Sand: Bush, Cheney, Gonzo, Bill-O Set to Prove Torture Works on Live TV (6 comments)

steve young: You Don't Need MediaMatters To Know That O'Reilly Lies: Just Check

Georgianne Nienaber: General Nkunda Makes His Move in Virunga: Perhaps a Good Thing? (1 comments)

Bob Burnett: It's the Economy, Stupid (1 comments)

Patricia Johnson: Laugh with Laffer over Supply-Side Economics (7 comments)

Ed Allison: Ron Paul Considers Me an Exception! (10 comments)

Dean Powers: On Wiretapping, Democrats Ask Bush: "Would You Like it Gift-Wrapped?" (6 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: The Media Has Failed the American People! (15 comments)

Monday, October 8:

David Swanson: Sen. Reid Struggles for a Reason to Oppose Impeachment (1 comments)

Marjorie Cohn: Torture Endorsed, Torture Denied (2 comments)

Michael Chavers: When will congress read the Constitution? (1 comments)

Eric Baerren: Environmental Optimism? Smiling Our Way to Suicide

Ian Lynch: Resisting Evil

Steve Silver: Giuliani's Lack of Viability Belies Dobson's Bluff

Vin LoPresti: Y-Chromosome Sickness: The Congo's "Silent War"

David Swanson: Laura Flanders and Norman Solomon Challenge the Warfare State

Michael Bonanno: Ayn Rand, Ron Paul and the Myth that Government Monopolizes Bureaucracy (13 comments)

Carolyn Baker: AMERICAN LOCKDOWN: Law Enforcement Out Of Control And Beyond The Pale (9 comments)

Mathew Maavak: WE ARE IN A BAD FIX

Alan Hurwitz: Stop Sending Our Young Heroes to Iraq

Welsa Stone and Kathlyn Stone: Forty Years Past Che (3 comments)

Kay Ebeling: Documents re national victims' advocate case "exist but could not be located" per DA of Orange County CA re priests

Vi Ransel: Black Pearls

Jim Freeman: So NOW What the Hell are We Doing Here? (1 comments)

Mary Shaw: Darfur: Why Should We Care?

Scott Ritter: The Big Lie: "˜Iran Is a Threat' (1 comments)

Thom Hartmann: Columbus Day - As Rape Rules Africa and American Churches Embrace Violent "˜Christian' Video Games (7 comments)

Jim Freeman: Bush Shoots Down Antique Planes (1 comments)

Ed Martin: We're dealing with the bloody entrails instead of the bomber. (1 comments)

Lindsay Miglicco: Gun Control: Does the Debate Ever End? (7 comments)

Scott Malensek: *Democratic Party Risks Losing Its Base (7 comments)

Cenk Uygur: How the New Media Works (5 comments)

Aref Assaf: Another Peace Conference? (1 comments)

Sandy Sand: When Appliances Attack or Why I Kicked the Dishwasher (13 comments)

Kathy Guillermo: Alex's legacy: Listen to animals (2 comments)

Danny Schecter: Can We Trust The New Jobs Report That Has Led to Rosy Forecasts? (3 comments)

Michael Collins: The Money Party (2) - A Contract FOR America (10 comments)

Linda Milazzo: American Mob: Bush's Guns, Goons and GHOULiani In The Wings (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Gossip Girl in Kuwait: Is IRAQ going to be Bush's next Ground Zero? (2 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: Americans No Longer Question Authority (5 comments)

Sunday, October 7:

Angry Peasant: *The Pentagon's Pied Piper (5 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Another Poster Child for the NRA (28 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: The Battle goes on and on (2 comments)

steve young: Why Does President Bush Continue To Fail Our Veterans: The Answer is in the Cards.

Joan Brunwasser: The Dixie Chicks, "Shut Up and Sing" and the Cost of Dissent (21 comments)

Jim Freeman: Free Speech Becoming Too Expensive (6 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Will species extinction be the scientific effect of elitist greed? (13 comments)

winston: It is only propaganda--

Kent Welton: MEDICAL PRICES – Force Their Posting

Brian Wolf: Tap, Tap, Tap

Bacchus: *America the next Great Banana Republic (4 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The US was NEVER intended to be Christian. Herein is the Documented Truth. (5 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: President Musharraf Makes It Again

Steve Osborn: Nuremberg, Once the Hope of the World (5 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Women and children in the Congo are literally being wiped off the face of the map (5 comments)

Heather Wokusch: Pope vs. President

Dennis Diehl: All Candidates...Please Step Through The Mental Detector (6 comments)

thepen: The New TV GAME Show: Worldwide Preemptive War

Saturday, October 6:

Mark Adams JD/MBA: MSM Misinformation, Injustice, and a Great Song by John Cougar Mellencamp (1 comments)

David Swanson: Constitution, Flag, and Leaving Iraq (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): We are at war! (6 comments)

Mike Kuykendall: The Death of a Political Party (4 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: The Revolution on Leadership Fraud in America Begins Today! (2 comments)

winston: Maybe when 43 was a kid he didn't get medical attention. (1 comments)

Scott O'Reilly: Onward Christian Soldiers: Blackwater Blues

Roy Eidelson: Congress Needs A Shot In The Arm (1 comments)

Michael Chavers: Ok Mr. Bush, time to pay up for your war. (3 comments)

Mary Shaw: Is Human Decency Unconstitutional? (2 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Inconsistency In Policies Main Reason For Failure In War On Terror (1 comments)

Ed Martin: Willful ignorance of the obvious.

Mike Mejia: Why The Antiwar Left Should Support Republican Ron Paul in '08 (39 comments)

Joe Rathbun: Blackwater or Bloodwater? The New World Order's New World Military. (6 comments)

Mark Harris: What Does It Mean to 'Support The Troops?' (11 comments)

Bernard I. Finel: What We've Lost Since Tora Bora (2 comments)

Anthony Barnes: Blackwater in the Quagmire: Does USA's Most Powerful Private Militia Fuel Iraq's Insurgency? (5 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The SCHIP Veto The TRUTH Revealed -- At Last (3 comments)

Richard Kanegis: Mumia, Move and my saga living nearby (5 comments)

Project Vote: Mail-In Ballots - No Cure-All for Voting Ills (3 comments)

Mike Kuykendall: Condoleezza Orders Review of Her Own Failures (2 comments)

Dan Fejes: A Tipping Point? (5 comments)

Philip Farruggio: Humpty Dumpty Americans (6 comments)

Friday, October 5:

Stephen Crockett: No Fun Being A Republican (11 comments)

Jeff Cohen: Pundit Elite Enraptured by Hillary's "Flawless Campaign" (1 comments)

Steven Leser: Yankees Robbed of Win in Game 2 of ALDS by Bugs and Inept Umpiring (74 comments)

Sandy Sand: Parents Are the Solution to Kids Dying at the Hands of China, Feds, Toy Companies (6 comments)

Steve Bhaerman: FROM FASCISM TO FREEDOM: Stirring the Winds of Political Climate Change (2 comments)

Anthony Wade: Freedom Doesn't Need Watching, The Merchants of Death Do (4 comments)

Robert Parry: Bush's Global "Dirty War"

Dave Lindorff: Bush: Torturing Truth (2 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Biology (or Is It?) of Political Orientation (2 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Born In The U.S.A. (8 comments)

Rob Kall: Save the Date October 27 for A Major AntiWar Event, Possibly in Your Backyard

Frosty Wooldridge: Importing Constant Competition Against Our Own Citizens (3 comments)

Mike Kuykendall: Domenici Cites Disease as Reason for Retirement

mgreenwell: Duck Right Off

Rob Kall: Wake Up Time for the "Stupid White Man" (15 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Pakistan Likely To Face More Trouble In Future (3 comments)

Bill Cain: Ron Paul - "Refreshing and Thought-Provoking" (4 comments)

Sheila Jackson: The Republican Party is Imploding (15 comments)

Kevin Sysyn: Pseudo-Bill O'Reilly, Bloviator Extraordinaire (1 comments)

Carol Wolman: *God is on OUR side (6 comments)

winston: How corrupt, incompetent big bro 43 is!

Rainbow Law: Larry Craig: Still Stalling (2 comments)

Brian Narelle: A PREEMPTIVE CARTOON (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Mike Gravel: I love my country, and I love the human race (5 comments)

Mary Shaw: Tell Congress to Choose Children Over Bush (1 comments)

steve young: When The Iraqis Can Do Standup, Then We Can Stand Down: Confessions of A Mercenary Comedy Writer (2 comments)

Michael Roberts: The Columbus Myth (5 comments)

Mark Drolette: For Iran, No Nukes Is Not Good News

Stephen Pizzo: Worst Clinton Contributor Ever (2 comments)

Dean Powers: Fox News Smothers Google News with Pro-Limbaugh Headlines (4 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Joe T, they've gone and cancelled POPCORN!!!

Thursday, October 4:

Rowan Wolf: Burma: The Back Story (2 comments)

David Michael Green: Murdering Butter With Guns

Cindy Sheehan: Imagine Peace (4 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Who needs approval ratings when you have lifetime immunity? (3 comments)

DinahMason: United States soon to be Second-class Power (2 comments)

Vi Ransel: ATAVISM (1 comments)

Bob Koehler: The American Id (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Why Bishop Tutu would be an excellent resource to help Israeli neo-cons get out of a tight corner

Frank J. Ranelli: The Fading of America: Failing our children, funding a president's war (3 comments)

Mickey Z.: The Topic of Cancer (7 comments)

TimA: Timor Leste: Challenges for the Xanana Alliance

William Cormier: Several States Are Discussing Secession From The United States (18 comments)

Michael Chavers: Rush Limbaugh really is a big fat idiot!! (3 comments)

Dana Gabriel: Dead in the Water – Law of the Sea Treaty Resurfaces (2 comments)

Rachel Neuwirth: What Went Wrong in Iraq? (8 comments)

Mary MacElveen: AIPAC, Israel, and the United States, oh my (10 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Masses In Pakistan Losing Hope

Bob Burnett: The Politics of Healthcare (4 comments)

Randy LoBasso: Hillary Rodham Nixon (3 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Meet the New Shills on Iran, Same as the old Shills on Iraq (4 comments)

Stephen Lendman: "Capitalism and Freedom" Unmasked (5 comments)

Mary Shaw: Bush Chooses War and Tobacco Company Profits Over Children's Health Care

Mark W. Bradley: Tom Friedman Puts on Dark Glasses and Discovers the Sun

Dean Powers: Republicans Seek to Honor Limbaugh for Suicide Bomber Comparison (9 comments)

Wednesday, October 3:

Kenneth Briggs: Bush Made Good On Promise to Veto

David Swanson: Senate Intel Committee Reverses, Nobody Notices (3 comments)

Timothy V. Gatto: America is Under Attack from Within! (5 comments)

Lucia Bill: So Now Bush Wants to Fight Global Warming? Right . . .

Curt Day: An Open Letter To Canada Asking For A Place To Stay (2 comments)

Elizabeth Ferrari: A Spell from San Francisco: Impeach. Reason: Treason (7 comments)

Debbie Lewis: Police State Tactics for a Police State

Jeffrey: I Can Not Write (3 comments)

Kent Welton: POPULATION TAKINGS - The Costs Of Belief And Per-Capita Ruin (1 comments)

Jim Freeman: Smithsonian--'Nations Attic'--Leaking Badly

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Betrayal of the Disabled NFL Veterans (5 comments)

Bev Harris: Pork Spending of Help America Vote Act Funds

Bruce K. Gagnon: HEARD ABOUT STRATCOM? (2 comments)

Ernest Partridge: Dissent: What's in it for You? (3 comments)

Anthony Wade: Whatever Happened to Discernment? (14 comments)

David Swanson: *Is Marie Cocco Coocoo?

Randolph T. Holhut: Bush Fiddles While The Planet Burns

Mary MacElveen: To end the war in Iraq; whatever happened to Senate Rule 22? (4 comments)

Karen Fish: George Bush Immunized Himself from Nuremberg Prior to Iraq Iran (5 comments)

Constance Lavender: Blackwater, Bush and a State of Denial about the War

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Pass the Federal Shield Law (5 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Making Iraq into Vietnam

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Bush Blows Big Bonanza In BagnoloPoll and Others! (9 comments)

Adam Engel: VOICE of The Nation

winston: The hatred chokes away any attempts at reason. (3 comments)

amazin: The bug's legs.

Peter Michaelson: Can Hillary Can Her Cacophonous Cackle? (7 comments)


Brian Narelle: DATLEXIA

Larken Rose: Too Monstrous (7 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Confusion At Official Level Strengthening Terrorism (2 comments)

Charles Sullivan: Loaded Language and Loaded Guns: The Meaning of Opposites (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Shut Limbaugh Down In Iraq, for his sibilance at the end of soldier (32 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: What You Cannot Enforce, Do Not Command

Mary Shaw: Are Heterosexuals Really the Best Parents? (1 comments)

Hannes Artens: No wind of change but a calm of feebleness

Dean Powers: Right Wing Media Circles Wagons; Unprecedented! (8 comments)

Tuesday, October 2:

Mary Lyon: *Rush to Judgment (I Hope)

Georgianne Nienaber: Sun News: Virungas of Eastern Congo: Population and World Heritage in Peril

RLAnchors: Vets Lawsuit against the VA and Mandatory Funding

Walter C. Uhler: Journalistic Weeds Blighting America's Political Landscape

Kay Ebeling: Giuliani hired the man who crafted Church defense of pedophile priests, a New York pedophile priest/lawyer himself

Kevin Gosztola: "Cookie" Krongard's Nefariousness: From 9/11 to Iraq Reconstruction (Part 1 of 4)

Eric Baerren: Rush Limbaugh and the Poor, Deluded Dopes Who Take Him Seriously (1 comments)

Paul Sheldon Foote: *Tancredo's Armenian Genocide Denial (1 comments)

Robert Fiddaman Dip.Couns MOC & MSFTR: Seroxat - The Main Culprits

John R Moffett: Blackwater CEO Says His People Couldn't get a Fair Trial in Iraq (4 comments)

David Schultz: The Fraud of Voter Fraud

Eric Marshall: New York Times on Disenfranchising Voter ID

Alan Hurwitz: Can We Handle the Lesson of Ahmedinejad's U.S. Visit? (2 comments)

Jerry West: Are Mercenaries Suitable For Democracy? (1 comments)

Michael Chavers: Freedoms Watch – The new Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (2 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: US Administration Wasting People's Money

Michael Roberts: Leave All Children Behind


David Swanson: Bush Meets With Man 3 Days After He Beats Up Gold Star Father (3 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Another Soldier's View of Peter Pace (2 comments)

David Swanson: Leading Americans Ask U.S. Military to Refuse to Attack Iran (3 comments)

Aref Assaf: Are There Too Many Muslims in America? (4 comments)

Carol Wolman: *Resisiting PSYOPS (4 comments)

Kathlyn Stone: Today's AP coverage exposes collusion with Blackwater (10 comments)

Bob Burnett: "In the Valley of Elah"

Timothy V. Gatto: Use Economic Sanctions Against Our Own Government (3 comments)

Phil Rockstroh: A Q and A For The People Of A Forsaken Republic: Addressing the origins of the Who's-Your-Daddy Nation (2 comments)

Rob Kall: How Website Owners Can Share the Wealth with Currently Unpaid Writers (35 comments)

Frank J. Ranelli: Congressman Duncan Hunter's Message to Universities, "Be Patriotic, or Else!" (6 comments)

Mary Shaw: A Very Expensive Quagmire (1 comments)

Monday, October 1:

Candace Talmadge: AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo! and the Practice of Corporate Censorship (3 comments)

Richard Kanegis: News coverage is bad news locally, but exceptions stand out (7 comments)

Barbara Peterson: It's a Worldwide 'Loose Happening'

David Swanson: *Exactly How the Good Guys Finally Won (1 comments)

Paul Lehto: Election machines are no friend of democracy

Ian Lynch: The Politics of Fear (3 comments)

Sandy Sand: Do Unto Others: Thank You Mr. Anonymous, a Man With Christian Values (12 comments)

Elizabeth Ferrari: Is Freedom's Watch PNAC in Populist Drag? (3 comments)

William Cormier: An Open Letter To Jenna Bush: Are You Aware of The Impending Disaster (1 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Duplomacy (3 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Rush Limbaugh Exposes the Weakness of the Democratic Leadership (3 comments)

David Swanson: *The Lie That Keeps the Occupation of Iraq Going (4 comments)

Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo: Daniel Ellsberg, Johnson, Bush, Loyalty vs. Betrayal (8 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Exploring the Spirit(s) of Our Times (5 comments)

the web: Defend the Constitution! Be part of Congressional leadership switchboard shutdown

Mary Shaw: Update: Bono's Torture Comments Now Available On Video

David Weiner: Reading Howard Zinn

Mary MacElveen: America needs a president who does not apply fear wastefully (4 comments)


Soraya: The New Warfront (7 comments)

Eileen Fleming: *At the Crossroads in the Middle East: Will the Prophets Prevail? (5 comments)

Dan DeWalt: Congressman Welch Scores a Hat Trick (2 comments)

Mark Drolette: Or we could always just tow it out to sea, sink it, and it'd make a great artificial reef (2 comments)

Steve Fournier: Majority Rule Scatters Dems

Rand Clifford: King Hemp IV: Rope and Dope (2 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Fall Of Frontline In War On Terror Will Be Tragic

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Time to Boycott Voting (21 comments)

Pablo Ouziel: Forgetting Gandhi on International Non-Violence Day

Graham Wilmer: Breaking my silence

Ed Martin: Contempt of Congress. (2 comments)

Sheila Jackson: The Freedom's Watch crudely orchestrated pro unending war ads (4 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Greenspan's Dark Legacy Unmasked (4 comments)

Mary Shaw: The Red Mass vs. the U.S. Constitution (23 comments)


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