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How corrupt, incompetent big bro 43 is!

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Blackwater submitted the initial report on atrocities Blackwater committed and that was all Rice's State Department wanted to have transpire. How can that happen? How does W's team pretend that there isn't a conflict of interests there?

The FBI is called to investigate Blackwater. Who originally was slated to provide security for the FBI? Blackwater! See previous paragraph for the rant!

If you can find at least 1 other source that agrees with you that means you are Not nuts or at least the 2 of you are have the same delusions.

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Oct. 3 - at
states "The first State Department report on the deaths of Iraqi civilians at the hands of Blackwater contractors was written by a Blackwater contractor. Now, news that the FBI agents investigating the deaths of Iraqi civilians at the hands of Blackwater contractors were to be protected in Iraq by Blackwater contractors.
That tonight has been reversed. To paraphrase Joseph Heller's "Catch-22," everybody works for Blackwater."

Then Olbermann talks about Prince get interrogated "At yesterday's Blackwater hearings on Capitol Hill, the Oversight Committee asked by the Justice Department not to question Blackwater Chair Erik Prince about the September 16th killings, a request with which the lawmakers complied.

Republican Darryl Issa of California, citing Blackwater's mission to protect even the members of the Oversight Committee, as reason enough for the congressional investigation to be, well, dismissed.
REP. DARRYL ISSA, CALIFORNIA: Blackwater is just easier to attack directly by members of Congress than would be our men and women in uniform.
UNIDENTIFIED CNN ANCHOR: Let's go back to Blackwater because you and others wrote a letter to the chairman asking him to postpone this hearing.
ISSA: To let the process go forward the way it's supposed to. We are supposed to allow the administration to do its investigation and then we do oversight.
We don't-we are not investigators. If Henry Waxman today wants to go to Iraq and do an investigation, Blackwater will be his support team, his protection team. Do you think he really wants to investigate directly?
OLBERMANN: We'll skip for the moment one member of the California congressional delegation indirectly referencing a threat to the life of a second member of the same congressional delegation."

There are just so many matters that are exactly like this with this crew of crooks.

The article "The Trial meets Alice in Wonderland" at
noted this but it was related to W's illegal NSA eavesdropping on US citizens.

Returning to Blackwater the article "The Man From Blackwater, Shooting From the Lip" at
is drenched with satire as "Like the company he founded, defense contractor Erik Prince doesn't seem to answer to anybody.
His security business, Blackwater, has been involved in at least 195 shootings in Iraq -- but it has operated outside U.S. and Iraqi laws. Similarly, when Prince made a rare public appearance before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee yesterday, he acted as if the lawmakers were wasting his time."

He wouldn't talk about his profits or the 2004 Blackwater plane crash in Afghanistan-in which the pilots were considered to have "acted unprofessionally" or how "a drunken Blackwater worker who shot and killed a security guard to an Iraqi vice president".

His company is lawless as "The lack of prosecution for? "We can't flog him," Prince said."

His men need training to commit these crimes as "The high wages for Blackwater security guards? "They're not showing up at the job naked," Prince reasoned.
What's more, Prince said, "I believe we actedappropriately at all times." It was a bold statement for a man whose company is being probed by the FBI for the killing of 11 Iraqis in Baghdad last month -- but Prince, a former Navy Seal, was a cool performer... as he argued that Blackwater was merely doing in Iraq what the State Department hired it to do -- and if there's a problem with the arrangement, it's a lack of rules governing private contractors."

GOP ghouls were soft on him. Why were they soft on him when they could follow a stain on a blue dress for years? "Republicans, meanwhile, proved content to shill for a major donor. Prince's father helped to bankroll the religious-conservative movement, and his sister, Betsy DeVos, is a big Republican fundraiser who married into the Amway fortune.
Prince himself has given $236,000 to GOP candidates and conservative causes -- typical of a defense contracting industry that, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, gave nearly $1 million to members of the oversight committee since 2003 -- 83 percent of it to Republicans."

The article notes 2 Democrats had small contributions from Prince as "Blackwater will be held accountable today!" vowed Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who has
received only $6,300 from defense contractors over the past 17 years.
"Blackwater appears to have fostered a culture of shoot first . . . and then ask the questions," trumpeted Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), whose career contributions from defense interests tally a mere $1,200", Republicans took a more favorable view of their benefactor.
"We should take care not to prejudge," said Tom Davis of Virginia ($717,829).
"We should not be holding this hearing," protested John Mica of Florida ($145,454). "Therefore, I move that the committee do now adjourn."
Many Republican questions could only loosely be qualified as such. Lynn Westmoreland (Ga.) congratulated Prince for a "very good job," while Chris Shays (Conn.) credited him with a "perfect job."
"How many individuals under your protective service have been injured or killed?" asked Patrick McHenry (N.C.).
McHENRY: Zero?
PRINCE: Zero, sir.
McHENRY: Zero individuals that Blackwater's protected have been killed in a Blackwater transport?
PRINCE: That's correct."

Why does political party come into play when Congress is grilling a guy whose company has committed crimes? It did as 'Democrats were careful not to even mention Prince's politics -- but California Republican Darrell Issa ($131,235 from defense interests) decided to take offense anyway. "Labeling some company as Republican-oriented because of family members is inappropriate, and I would hope that we not do it again," Issa complained.
"Well, the only one who's done it is you," Waxman pointed out, accurately.
Issa stammered and didn't complete his reply.
Though Prince read his opening statement with beads of sweat on his brow and upper lip, he quickly adapted to battle. When Danny Davis (D-Ill.) asked him to
concede that Blackwater had killed innocent civilians, Prince replied: "No, sir.
I disagree with that. . . . There could be ricochets. There are traffic accidents, yes. This is war."
As the hearing stretched through the lunch hour, the witness grew cockier. Paul Hodes (D-N.H.) said no more than "Thank you for being with us" before Prince shot back: "Glad I could come here and correct some facts."
Prince had evidently made enough corrections, for a member of his entourage caught the chairman's eye and made a "timeout" signal. The hearing thus adjourned, the Blackwater chief picked up the "MR. PRINCE" nameplate and, with a sly look, pocketed the souvenir."

It is the same with that big, fat, pain killer addicted, fool Rush. They attack Democrats who come across as wimps. GOP voters like their "Daddy party" heroes on the offensive and they can't apologize, even if, as Rush did, they insult our military by calling them "phony soldiers"!

Look just today we see problems with the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

The Kurds have not been part of Iraq since 1991. They are doing their own deals now as the article "Kurds sign four oil deals" at
states "The Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq has announced four new oil exploration deals with international energy companies.
The news is likely to upset the central government in Baghdad and the US.
Both have been pressing the Kurds to hold off negotiations until national oil and gas laws for opening up Iraq's energy wealth are in place....
Development of Iraq's oil reserves has been held up by disagreements between Sunni, Shia and Kurdish communities.
The Iraqi national oil minister in Baghdad described this deal as illegal.
Meanwhile, the Bush administration sees a national accord on energy policy as central to healing Iraq's wounds and creating the conditions for prosperity.
The Kurdish authorities insist their energy deals comply with the expected terms for national laws."

So the Kurds are their own. What do we have left? The Sunnis and Shiites who have been battling since before the Ottoman Empire and will be continuing their battles no matter what the US does.

The article "Shiite Bloc Condemns U.S. Policy Of Recruiting Sunni Tribesmen" at
states "The largest Shiite political coalition in Iraq demanded Tuesday that the U.S. military abandon its recruitment of Sunni tribesmen into the Iraqi police, saying some are members of "armed terrorist groups" and are engaged in killing, kidnapping and extortion under the guise of fighting the insurgent group al-Qaeda in Iraq.
The statement by the United Iraqi Alliance, the Shiite bloc of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, is the most direct rebuke to a policy that U.S. military officers hold up as one of their most important achievements over the past year.
U.S. forces have given wide support to thousands of Sunni tribesmen across the country who have pledged to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq. U.S. officials describe the effort as promoting grass-roots reconciliation that brings disenfranchised Sunnis into the government and provides protection for their neighborhoods.
U.S. officials acknowledge that many of the recruits have been involved with various Sunni insurgent groups; expressions of antipathy toward the Iraqi security forces and government are common among them.
"We condemn and reject embracing those terrorist elements which committed the most hideous crimes against our people," the United Iraqi Alliance statement said. It also condemned "authorizing the groups to conduct security acts away from the jurisdiction of the government and without its knowledge."
The statement went on: "We demand that the American administration stop this adventure, which is rejected by all the sons of the people and its national political powers."

The article "Bush Meets With Iraqi Prime Minister" at
mentions that "Six Sunni Arab ministers quit al-Maliki's government in August over his failure to meet demands that included the release of security detainees not charged with specific crimes, disbanding militias and wider inclusion in decision making on security issues. Only one has returned, and a major Sunni bloc, the Iraq Accordance Front, still maintains al-Maliki is stonewalling them."

Remember Iyad Alawi parroting Rove's phrases. Now al-Maliki as ""We have succeeded in ridding Iraq of dictatorship. ... Now we have another challenge, which is to rid Iraq of terrorism," he said.
A day earlier, he had said the same group - al-Qaida - was behind the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and three noted incidents in Iraq, Jordan and Algeria. Iraq is the "tip of the bayonet" in the fight against terrorism, he said Monday, addressing a crowd at a leading Shiite charitable foundation in New York."

Maybe the question isn't how corrupt, incompetent big bro 43 is! W and his contractors in Iraq are fleecing the US and innocent people are dying daily. It is hard to determine if W is more inept than slimy, but each are close parts of his personality. His goals always seem aimed at him getting some kick back though--and he lies well, which is an attribute of a cunning person. Maybe it should be how incompetent, corrupt big bro 43 is!


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Winston Smith is an ex-Social Worker. I worked in child welfare, and in medical settings and in homeless settings. In the later our facility was geared as a permanent address for people to apply for welfare. Once they received that we could send (more...)

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