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Britain believes its reduction of troops led to decreased violence!

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As US Democrats have said the mere presence of the hated US occupier has caused the violence in Iraq to increase. Moderate Muslims have no aversion to killing occupiers. Why would they? Back in our fight against the British for our independence we exhibited no moral qualms about killing British troops. Were we terrorists, or independence fighters?

The extremist Islamic jihadists don't have any ethical compunction about killing Islamic people outside of their particular sect, the Shiites are killing other Shiites, and the Sunnis are now being aided by the US in their drive to kill other Sunnis in Al-Qaida in Iraq. Why would they have any reservations about killing US infidels? In fact bin laden has been saying that our "Operation Iraqi Freedom" has been a recruiting and training bonanza for Al-Qaida.

The article "Brown Announces Phased Withdrawal From Iraq, Says Troop Reductions Have Made Basra 'Calmer'" at
states "In a speech to the British Parliament this morning, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that he will cut troop levels in Iraq to 2,500 in early 2008, trimming the force by nearly half. "Britain has around 5,000 troops based mainly at an air base camp on the fringe of the southern city of Basra."
Brown explained that since British forces "handed over our base in Basra City in early September, the present security situation has been calmer." As evidence, he noted, "In the last month, there have been five indirect fire attacks on Basra Air Station compared with 87 in July."
Indeed, Reuters reported last week, "Residents of Iraq's southern city of Basra have begun strolling riverfront streets again after four years of fear, their city much quieter since British troops withdrew from the grand Saddam Hussein-era Basra Palace."

News flash W-you are surging the troops the wrong way. Your one ally, the British, are finding that surging out of Iraq works positively--while your stupid works in the opposite manner-that is "Mission Failure"!

The article "Britain to Cut Troops in Iraq to 2,500 by Spring, Brown Says" at
states "Brown disclosed the troop reductions as hundreds of antiwar protesters marched outside and opposition lawmakers grilled him over Britain's role in the extremely unpopular Iraq war.
"The harsh truth is that Britain's involvement in Iraq has been a catastrophe," said Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell, who said Britain should completely withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible."

Why not-if you look at logically if partially removing troops works partially then for this tactic to work completely you'd have to withdraw completely. Half steps don't work-in for a dime in for a dollar.

The British hates this war as "In his first major parliamentary address on Iraq since he took office in June, Brown rejected calls to set a timetable for a complete withdrawal of troops. He said any further cuts would be based on an assessment by military commanders of conditions in Iraq."

Brown must have studied Rove's tactics of spinning the truth and get the message out in a setting where his chance of acceptance is the greatest as "The Conservatives criticized Brown for his trip last week to Iraq, where he visited with British troops and announced the initial reduction of 1,000 troops by Christmas.
Conservative leader David Cameron denounced that move as political opportunism and said it was designed to steal the limelight during the Conservatives' annual party conference.
In the Commons on Monday, Cameron said Brown should have made his initial announcement in Parliament, not in Iraq. Cameron said it was "not an acceptable way for a prime minister to behave."
"I make no apologies for visiting our troops in Iraq," Brown said to loud jeers from Conservative lawmakers. "If we are to have a responsible politics in this country," he continued, "then ministers who hold responsibility for the safety and security of our armed forces must visit our armed forces, listen to what they say, draw on their advice and then make their decisions -- which is what I am announcing today."

Maybe Brown should have played the part of W and pretend to be an air force leader and rent his "Mission Accomplished" banner, but you can't hide from the truth as "Opposition lawmakers repeatedly attacked Brown, with several saying that as a top cabinet official under his predecessor, Tony Blair, also of the Labor Party, he should have done more to prevent the war. Conservative Party lawmaker Malcolm Rifkind called the Iraq war "the greatest error in British foreign policy in recent times."
Brown repeatedly deflected criticism about the war's origins and stressed Britain's "obligation" to remain in Iraq to achieve security, political reconciliation and economic reconstruction."

What are the facts? The article "Coordinated Iraq suicide attacks kill 19" at
shows how poorly the ploy of enlisting Sunni sheiks to Al-Qaida in Iraq is working as "Two suicide car bombers targeted a local police chief and a prominent Sunni sheik working with U.S. forces against Al-Qaida in Iraq in a northern city on Tuesday, killing at least 19 people, authorities said.
At least 42 people were killed or found dead across Iraq.
The nearly simultaneous attacks in Beiji were the deadliest in a series of bombings in recent days as the terror network apparently steps up its promised Ramadan offensive as the end of the Islamic holy month draws near."

The Iraqis in this incident are doing all of the sacrificing and dying, but the US military ignores their plight as "This is yet another failed attempt to break the will of the Iraqi people who just want to go on with their lives without violence, raise their children, earn a living and coexist together in a peaceful manner," said Lt. Col. Michael O. Donnelly, military spokesman for northern Iraq."

What is Nancy Pelosi saying about this on the Sunday Talk shows "The public is weary of this war. They want it to end and they had expectations that Congress is going to end it. You know we can't without a presidential signature. But that focus on the war has eclipsed all that we have accomplished here."

We've pissed away all so much on Iraq that our country is falling apart and we can't do anything about it.

The GOP, on the Sunday Talk shows decided to go with SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES MICHAEL O. LEAVITT who made up this snappy patter of lies "The president's position on this can be summarized in three words: poor children first. Poor children ought to have health insurance before we begin to focus on adults. They ought to have it before we start focusing on middle-income families. The president just thinks it's wrong that some, under this bill, could receive the public subsidy for health insurance."

The GOP has no pathway to deal with SCHIP, but they hope spinning the words a little and getting enough red staters who are too apathetic to see through the hypocrisy, will work. It won't as their only tactic doesn't compare to the Democrats' position as REP. CHARLES B. RANGEL, D-N.Y. stated "I think the president has a big problem over the fact we're putting a cigarette tax in and president comes in saying no more taxes. But we had to choose between the cigarette tax and protecting 10 million children and giving them health care."

What kind of ogre is 43? Nancy Pelosi said this morning "Forty days in Iraq equals the cost of 10 million children for health care in this coverage each year."

W is burning our resources and youth and because we are so fixated on these situations we can't think straight. With this diversion of our attention he silently is dismantling our civil rights and calling night is day and vice versa as "Democrats to unveil wiretapping bill at Finance" at
states that this vile crew is naming illegal tactics with spiffy names such as RESTORE as "The "Responsible Electronic Surveillance That is Overseen, Reviewed and Effective Act of 2007" or RESTORE Act would clarify that no court orders are required for the government to conduct surveillance on communications outside the United States even when the surveillance is conducted on U.S. soil, provided the target of the eavesdropping is not known to be a U.S. person.
The bill allows the attorney general and the director of national intelligence to request an "umbrella warrant" to conduct surveillance of foreign targets, or groups of targets, for up to one year when there is a possibility that American communications may be intercepted."

Just how hard is it for Democrats to fight typical propaganda attached to every discussion regarding the RESTORE Act? The very name is Orwellian! How do they think of all of these phony names? They spend as much time as is required because they know that red staters barely read the headlines so Rove knows he has to be able to say "A vote against RESTORE is un-American"! It has to be fast and snappy in the mode of "If it doesn't fit they must acquit"!

Look here's another fact about Iraq. The article "Ex-Investigator Details Iraqi Corruption -- He Tells House Panel That Maliki's Government Thwarted Probes" at
makes it clear. The Iraqis had Rove and big bro 43 to advise them on how to be crooks and they've learned as "The Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has thwarted investigations into corruption at the top levels of his administration, including probes of his relatives, while nearly four dozen anti-corruption employees or their family members have been brutally murdered, the former top Iraqi corruption investigator told a House panel yesterday.
Judge Radhi Hamza al-Radhi, the former commissioner of the Iraqi Commission on Public Integrity, has sought asylum in the United States, according to Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Radhi said his investigators had uncovered "rampant" corruption in Iraqi ministries that had cost the country as much as $18 billion, but only 241 cases, out of 3,000 forwarded to the courts, had been adjudicated.
"We have learned the hard way that the corrupt will stop at nothing," Radhi said. "They are so corrupt that they will attack their accusers and their families with guns and meat hooks, as well as countercharges of corruption."

Chairman Waxman asked Larry Butler, a deputy assistant secretary of state and the State Department witness: "Do you believe that the government of Iraq currently has the political will or the capability to root out corruption within its government?"
"Mr., questions which go to the broad nature of our bilateral relationship with Iraq are best answered in a classified setting," Butler responded.
Waxman tried several more times, but Butler calmly insisted that such a discussion could take place only in a classified briefing.
Waxman asked: "Why can you talk about the positive things and not the negative things? Shouldn't we have the whole picture?"
"Mr. Chairman, I would be very pleased to answer those questions in an appropriate setting," Butler responded, eliciting laughter in the hearing room.
"An appropriate setting for positive things is a congressional hearing, but to say anything negative has to be behind closed doors?" Waxman asked.
"This goes to the very heart of diplomatic relations and national security," Butler said. "This is our ability to . . ." Waxman cut Butler off in mid-sentence. "It goes to the heart of propaganda," he said."

It is only propaganda. They lied their way into the Iraq war and now, as a consequence of the original hypocrisies, the lies have to increase at an exponential pace. Now we have the straight out of "1984" Homeland Security Department deciding to release a document. The Homeland Security Department report was an update to the first White House national homeland security strategy issued in July 2002, which was before the US-led invasion of Iraq. Why wait 5 years between these reports? Maybe W is really considering attacking Iran or maybe this ruse is just for the benefit of his illegal NSA eavesdropping on the citizens he has sworn to protect and serve.
We are supposed to believe that Al-Qaida remains the "most serious and dangerous" terrorism threat and is expected to boost attempts to place agents inside the United States. The report, titled "National Strategy for Homeland Security," said has protected its top leadership, replenished operational lieutenants, and "regenerated a safe haven" in Pakistan's tribal areas. Fran Townsend, White House homeland security adviser, asked whether Al-Qaida infiltration efforts were underway, replied: "There's no question. They're not only underway, they're ongoing and have been."

So many lies from W and we must all realize this --Britain believes its reduction of troops led to decreased violence in Iraq! Why isn't this simple fact broadcast all of the time? The 4th estate wants to keep its contacts with 43 intact until he's tried for his crimes. The 4th estate realizes it is culpable for spreading the propaganda.


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