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"Unfit for Office

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Bush must be stopped from attacking Iran. If not by impeachment, then a case must be made that he’s mentally unfit, and hasn’t the ability to act in the interests of the nation. This, of course, will never happen. Though the democrats are the majority party in theory, the republicans remain the majority in practice. Network News reports that Bush is increasingly impatient with Iran - that he doesn’t believe the Iranian leadership and thinks that a military solution is the only way to destroy Iran’s capacity for producing weapons grade plutonium. The president of the International Atomic Energy Agency says, “Iran does not constitute a certain and immediate threat for the international community.” Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin concurred saying, “Moscow has no information that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb.”

This is all very familiar. Prior to attacking Iraq, Hans Blix, the U.N. weapons inspector said there was no evidence of WMD in Iraq. It’s astonishing that the U.S. Congress is buying into the “war presidents” lies again. Voltaire, the great French satirist said, “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit atrocities.” Bush has destabilized the Middle East with his attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, and he’s enabled Iran to emerge as a regional power. It’s a collective, American insanity that allows Bush to continue destroying U.S. interests around the world. If he’s allowed to attack Iran, and there’s doesn’t appear to be anyone to stop him, the U.S. will suffer far reaching, catastrophic consequences.

But Bush and Cheney won’t be the ones who suffer from their actions. During the length of Junior’s presidency he’s never been called to account for his dismantling of the U.S. Constitution, nor has he been held responsible for his reckless, insane war on Iraq. What will it take for Americans to realize he’s destroying their nation? It appears that nothing short of nuclear Armageddon will convince them, and even that may not be enough for some. Democrats, as usual, are as quiet as little church mice. The best way for Nancy Pelosi to serve her country would be to go back to San Francisco and stay there. She has demonstrated over and over again her helplessness as House Speaker. Her latest surrender to House Republicans took yet another Fourth Amendment right away from Americans when she let the republicans jam FISA down her throat.

Leading the nation to war on a pack of lies, and for his personal amusement, is the act of a very sick mind. His planned use of tactical nuclear weapons on Iran is just short of full blown gibbering. Congress shouldn’t have to see him foaming at the mouth to conclude he’s a lunatic without a brain, but Congress doesn’t seem collectively sane either. Joe Lieberman recently introduced an amendment asking the Senate to condemn Iran and designate its Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. It passed, 76/23. Senator John Edwards wondered why, after the lies and stupidity that got the U.S. involved in Iraq, would anyone in their right mind vote to give Bush and Cheney another excuse to attack a sovereign, Middle- Eastern State. Key words? “Right mind.” Broadening the catastrophe of Iraq to include Iran, and potentially the entire Middle East isn’t sane. Bush and Cheney are destroying the U.S. from within. The second U.S. president, John Adams said, "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." Bush and Cheney are living proof of this.

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Bush wants to try out one “a dem tackticle nooklar” weapons. The damn fool sees himself as some squinty eyed, fast drawin’ sheriff, who’s gonna kick ass and take names. Is he bright enough to understand the implications of using nuclear weapons against a Third World nation? Robert W. Nelson, a physicist at Princeton University says, a "one kiloton earth-penetrating 'mini-nuke' used in a typical third-world urban environment would spread a lethal dose of radioactive fallout over several square kilometers, resulting in tens of thousands civilian casualties." Do Americans really want another mass murder committed in their names? Junior has already turned the U.S. into a world class pariah with his war on Iraq. That one unbalanced man could risk the planet to nuclear holocaust is an excellent reason why the Office of the U.S. Presidency is no longer a useful, or desirable branch of government. Someone of Junior’s limited intellect and obvious mental instability was bound to eventually get elected. It was inevitable, given the vast ignorance that pervades the south, and many of the mid-western, and western states. In a world armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, Bush and Cheney couldn’t possibly be more unsuited for high office.

The U.S. is no longer considered an honest and law abiding nation. If Bush bombs Iran, Americans should brace themselves for an unhappy future. The U.S. may also find its economic interests compromised with its trading partners. China, which objects strongly to a U.S. attack on Iran, has lent the U.S. over $900 billion. These factors and others should impress Bush - should serve to warn him that bombing Iran is not the brightest move he could make. Americans seem to forget, or perhaps they never believed, that Bush has failed at every business he’s ever tried, but in spite of his numerous failures he’s always come out on top. Dad’s position as Vice President, then President has seen to that. Americans don’t need another catastrophic war so Shrub can pretend he’s a bad-ass. Bush says he sleeps very well, thank you, in spite of his direct responsibility for the mass murder of over a million Iraqis. Psychiatrists say that people like Bush have sociopathic personalities. He’s unable to feel any sense of remorse for his crimes against humanity. Attacking Iran will insure that many more U.S. military personnel will be killed - and for what? So Junior can play cowboy with American lives.

Peter Symonds is a respected analyst and frequent contributor to the Global Research Centre. He writes, “In his typically incoherent fashion, President Bush yesterday blurted out the preoccupations being discussed privately in the upper echelons of government around the globe.” Bush, issuing forth his usual threats outdid himself saying, “If you are interested in avoiding World War III.” This comment is reckless and stupid beyond belief. The International Atomic Energy Agencies Director, and the 2005, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mohamed ElBaradei, had this to say regarding Bush’s saber rattling. “This is the first time Iran is ready to discuss all outstanding issues which triggered the crisis in confidence. It’s a significant step. There are clear guidelines, so it’s not, as some people are saying, an open-ended invitation to dallying with the agency or a ruse to prolong negotiations and avoid sanctions.” He added, “I have no brief other than to make sure we don’t go into another war or that we go crazy into killing each other. You do not want to give an additional argument to the new crazies who say ‘let’s go and bomb Iran’.

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Attacking Iran will very likely spell the end of NATO. Gas prices will rise to ten dollars a gallon within days, then gas will no longer be available. There will be violent protests against Americans and their interests all over the world. U.S. citizens won’t be safe anywhere. Islamic Fundamentalists will over run the Musharraf government in Pakistan, and get their hands on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Iran possesses the Russian made Sunburn, and its big brother, the Yakhont. These anti-ship weapons fly faster than a rifle bullet and have “violent end maneuvers” making them impossible to defend against. When Iran uses them against U.S. warships, Bush will retaliate with nuclear weapons. Iran will deny all maritime traffic coming and going from the Persian Gulf, effectively cutting the world off from its oil. It’s unclear how the nations downwind from Iran will react when the fallout from the nuclear blasts reach them. Russia has hundreds of its scientists and technicians in Iran. What will be their response? Iran will arm its long and intermediate range missiles with biological and chemical weapons and target Israel, as well as U.S. military bases and the Green Zone in Iraq. Once the cat’s out of the bag, and nuclear weapons are used, Iran will respond with the closest thing they’ve got to nuclear - chemical and biological weapons. The tens of thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq may find themselves cut off and facing the distinct possibility of being over run by Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian fighters. Muslims from all over the world will find their way to Iraq to help in the slaughter of American military personnel. Hugo Chavez will cut off all oil exports to the U.S. from Venezuela. Martial law will be declared and Bush, with his traitorous neocons, will be the supreme rulers of America, though there won’t be much left to rule over. The U.S. will be an outcast, akin to a leper, among civilized nations.

This will be Bush’s gift to the American people. Far too many of them supported Bush, and now their arrogance and colossal ignorance have brought them to the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The price for their stupidity has already come due in Iraq. If he’s allowed to attack Iran, and it certainly won’t be the utterly worthless Congress that stops him, the price Americans will pay will be incalculable. The Americans who know an a**hole when they see one will suffer right along with the morons who helped put him in power. It’s a shame that the red states can’t be isolated from the blue states. Let those dummies suffer their mistakes, and leave the blue states out of it. There exists a scant possibility that enough high ranking officials will stop Bush from exercising his brand of insanity in Iran. But don’t hold your breath.



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Jon Faulkner is a licensed Master Mariner. He has long considered the conservative republican mindset a form of mental illness. He lives in northern Maine.
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