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October 2008

Friday, October 31:

John Wilson: 1,117 Lies and Smears About Obama, Refuted (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): A Dictatorship of the Rich is a symptom, not the master, of an inactivist electorate.

David Michael Green: Thirty Years Too Late: The Implosion of John McCain and the Demise of the Regressive Right (3 comments)

Rabbi: Name calling, Obama, and Socialism???

Gary Vance: Is Barack Obama a Muslim, a Socialist, or the Antichrist? (5 comments)

Adam Bessie: Will my college students vote? (4 comments)

Paul Kruger: *Dear Congress. Where is OUR Bail out? (3 comments)

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl: Nightmare on Election Street (2 comments)

Ed Tubbs: GREAT!!! News from Nevada that I've just got to share!

Ed Tubbs: Burned out over being burned up . . . almost, but not quite. (2 comments)

Janet Loughrey: The Great American Myth (2 comments)

Joe Bechtold: Problems with Free Market Ideology (2 comments)

John Atlas: Acorn and the GOP Blame Game

Axin Arbili: Turkish fascism in action and the "international community"

Sam Rhodes: Alaska Goblins and Witches

kgongre: What If Hope Wins? (18 comments)

Gene Messick: Why hasn't anyone been arrested? (16 comments)

Lani Massey Brown: Election Conspiracy at the Moosylvania Gazette (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Homeless Veterans and Future Homeless Vererans Being Ignored (2 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Like the American Revolution, Venezuela's in the name of Liberator Simon Bolivar is NOT going to be a walk-over! (1 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Will America Form a Social Movement Behind It's Community-Organizer President? (2 comments)

Peter Harbage, Karen Davenport, Ellen-Marie Whelan: *McCain will cut Medicare/Medicaid to pay for Health Plan

P. A. Triot: Obama will have a mandate only if he meets expectations (1 comments)

Sherman Yellen: Scattered Gunshot: Shooting Voters From A Helicopter

Roland Michel Tremblay: Presidential elections: planning for the worse (5 comments)

Royce Penstinger: Pro Life Sarah Palin Embraces Nuclear Abortion Machines in Toledo, Ohio

elliot cohen: Hell to Pay (2 comments)

RevBlake: Question for Barack Obama: Do You Feel the Noose Tightening? (1 comments)

Mad Jayhawk: Senator Obama's Citizenship Lawsuits (32 comments)

John Little: President George Bush - the Perfect Man for the Perfect Job

Jon Faulkner: Deregulate The Republican Party (2 comments)

Michael Collins: Exit Poll Mess - 2008 The Past is Prologue

Deena Stryker: A Race Between Cuba and the U.S. (2 comments)

E. Nelson: Could Republican John McCain Lose His Home State of Arizona? (4 comments)

David Swanson: How and Why I Just Voted (5 comments)

Nida Khan: The Other Nominees (6 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Sarah Palin tries to sell a scary message of Barack Obama on this Halloween Day (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Getting ready to hold Obama's feet to the fire. (29 comments)

Rowan Wolf: McCain - Desparate and Dangerous Khalidi Accusation (2 comments)

Philip Wood: The Greatest Story Ever Told 2 (6 comments)

Patrick Henningsen: It's Official: Georgia's War Crimes (4 comments)

dotmafia: Eyes Wide Shut - Arrogance, Ignorance & Ultra-Patriotism (6 comments)

Kathy Dopp: Provisional & Absentee Ballot Increases May Mean Close State Contests Cannot be Called on Election Night

Richmond Gardner: After the election? (3 comments)

Richard Wise: ONLY A MAVERICK (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Conservatism vs. Profligacy (9 comments)

Richard Clark: *Are US tax payers being scammed by Hank Paulson, the US Congress and America's biggest banks? (12 comments)

Stephen Lendman: The End of Prosperity (3 comments)

steve young: The Character Assassination of Al Franken...And His Characters (1 comments)

Michael Fox: A Suicide Note* (6 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: A Progressive Interview with Matt Gonzalez (13 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Hey, McCain...Why not ask Joe the Plumber about a rumored bin Laden tape (4 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Irony: Europeans trusted Bush and he spit in their soup (5 comments)

Thursday, October 30:

Jim Miles: States of mind

William Blum: Obama, McCain, Weatherman, the CIA, and Socialism in the USA (2 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: *When Bad Things Happen to Good Voters - A Tale of Two Students (2 comments)

Ralph Lopez: Potential Bush Prosecutor AG Candidate in Vermont Lays-Out Jurisdiction (3 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: Why Race Won't Hurt Obama on November 4th

Ed Robison: A Special Kind of Leader

Paul Donovan: Is Barack Obama a Socialist. or simply a centrist with integrity? (2 comments)

John Little: Hu's Your Daddy, Bush?? (2 comments)

John Kusumi: Political Roundup 2008 (1 comments)

Mike Malloy: Flop Sweat

Betsy L. Angert: Common Sense Taxation (12 comments)

Richard Girard: Socialist Graces (2 comments)

HR: Will The 7 Year Old Running McCain's Campaign Please Own Up? Enough Already.

R. Queisser: Stevens Makes Term Limits Look Good Again (2 comments)

Clyde Novitz: *Trillion dollars for bankers could be ten-trillion for us


Kellia Ramares: OBAMA: CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN--NOT!, Part 3 (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: The End is at Hand (to Leftist Conspiracy Theories) (26 comments)

WJ Hammond: Understanding The Southern White Voter (4 comments)

GLloyd Rowsey: Questions And Answers re Early Voting in San Antonio

Kathryn Smith: *Please Ask the Public to Check the Congressional Voting Record

Anthony Wade: Why, As a born again Christian, I cannot morally vote for John McCain (13 comments)

Mary MacElveen: To Joe the Plumber, Barack Obama does support Israel (1 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "Hey, Sarah, Chill, Baby, Chill!"

Kay Ebeling: Pedophile priest rape survivor publishes book on his assautls, finds 30 more victims of same perpetrator, Syracuse area (1 comments)

Bob Koehler: The Time Has Come (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: We must ask of McCain and Palin: How long these wars? (1 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: Obama the Stalker (6 comments)

E. Nelson: Besieged Al Franken Stays Close Despite Continued Attacks by Republican Norm Coleman

Rob Kall: After Waking Up to the Threat to Liberty, What Do You Do? (19 comments)

Bacchus: *How to Regain Control of Our Government (3 comments)

David Spangenburg: Open letter to the American Middleclass! (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road; A liberal's perspective (22 comments)

Mary Mancini: Undervotes - The Scary Canary (2 comments)

Kate Noelle: Scientologists Violently Attacking Protesters (4 comments)

Ed Martin: Did you know that Jonah Goldberg's and Obama's skin color are different? (1 comments)

Larry Snider: A Little Political Reality

Darren Wolfe: An Open letter to CBS (3 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain funded Rashid Khalidi and now criticizes Obama for meeting with him (21 comments)

Mary Lyon: I Helped Pay for That, Too, Senator McCain (6 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Is Howard Zinn a Parasite? (21 comments)

Dave Berman: Telling No Lies and Still Not Telling the Truth (2 comments)

Wednesday, October 29:

Mary MacElveen: Let us bank on hope instead of fear and elect Barack Obama our next president (2 comments)

John Basel: The CRA and ACORN are NOT at the Heart of This Financial Crisis (2 comments)

Ismael Hossein-zadeh: Misrepresenting the Financial Crisis: It Is Not Lack of Liquidity; It Is Insolvency and Lack of Trust (2 comments)

John Henry Egan: Sarah Palin and the Dinosaurs (16 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: 1960 Revisited? (2 comments)

Marta Jorgensen: The Myth That Republicans Are Better for the Economy (1 comments)

David Sirota: The Sign I've Been Waiting For

Mike Kuykendall: The Anti-Bradley Effect

paul roberts: The World Tires of Dollar Hegemony (2 comments)

Michael Adkins: Forgeting one's prior reasoning

Frank Schaeffer: The Anatomy Of Republican Cataclysm and Democratic Victory (4 comments)

scott creighton: Racist Rally Videos: Who Do They Really Help? You Might Be Surprised

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Deadbeat Dad: I'll stop eating if you put me in jail (6 comments)

Richard Hirschhorn: Ready, Willing, ...? (9 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "A Statue, a Promise, a Wink, and a Prayer.

Clyde Novitz: *NASA/NOAA: Does climate change follow rush hour traffic patterns?

Brasch: McGhosts and Ogoblins

Joe Bechtold: The Case for Government Supplied Health Insurance (9 comments)

Bob Patterson: Don't Do As I Do . . . (7 comments)

Mark Adams JD/MBA: Have American Elections Really Been Stolen? Part 1 in the "Democracy" in America Series – The Proof (6 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Barack Obama's address to the nation tonight is his summation to we the people (1 comments)

Diane Perlman: Political Hysteria: Call for Immediate Pre-Election Calming (3 comments)

Amee Chew: Support Obama, and Vote McKinney? Not a contradiction. (2 comments)

Joshua Frank: Note to Progressives for Obama: What Happens After Election Day? (6 comments)

David Swanson: The Attorney General Candidate Who Promises to Prosecute Bush (11 comments)

Paddy Shaffer: Voter Fraud Gets a Thumbs Up in Morgan County by Brunner (3 comments)

Rev. Bill McGinnis: John McCain: "Looks Like An Angry Dog Barking At The Postman" (1 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Political Bigotry (Or, Why Would You Ever Vote Third Party?) (18 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Goldwater, Eisenhower, Buckley and Powell for Obama (5 comments)

Zin Linn: *Will civil strife recur in Burma?

Polidoc: WV Environmental Party Gubernatorial Candidate Breaks Through White Noise

Clyde Novitz: *Obama blindly supports anhydrous ethanol (3 comments)

Kay Ebeling: 30 more victims of one pedophile priest come forward when book published, probably just the tip of the iceberg (2 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Targeting Dissent - The San Francisco Eight (3 comments)

Ernest Partridge: Election 2008: Who Decides? -- The People or the Programmers? (7 comments)

Bernard Weiner: This Election Could Transform the Country, the GOP, and Capitalism (4 comments)

Tuesday, October 28:

Lawrence Nelson: It Is Not UnChristian To Vote Democratic (12 comments)

Deena Stryker: The Paradoxical Generosity of Americans

Matt Jocks: McCain-Roosevelt connection: All bull, no bully (2 comments)

Gayle Brandeis: Sarah, Put Down Your Gun (1 comments)

Jill Jackson: Give credit where credit is due (1 comments)

Edip Yuksel: Incubating an Imperial Monster

Mark Green: HealthCare is becoming a Numbers Game (2 comments)

Ann Kramer: Atlas Farted (18 comments)

Tommy News: Sarah Palin palled around with convicted Alaska felon Senator Ted Stevens, her mentor! (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Centralized Planning of Society is Often Biblical, Not Necessarily Socialist

Betsy L. Angert: The vet who did not vet

Len Hart: The Biggest Heist in History

Kellia Ramares: OBAMA: CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN--NOT!, Part 2 (7 comments)

Jason Miller: 'Sticking it to the Man,' 21st Century style.....

Press Release: $125 Million Settlement in Authors Guild v. Google (2 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Fun Thoughts: Messin' With Republicans (2 comments)

Uri Avnery: King of the Planet (2 comments)

Steve Beckow: *What War on Terror? (3 comments)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Drinking the ACORN Kool-Aid: How cries of voter fraud cover up GOP elections theft (7 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Palin's Racist Assassins (4 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Triage 101

Mary MacElveen: John McCain asks Ted Stevens to resign...But is mute of the racial hate coming his campaign

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Socialism for Some (2 comments)


Gustav Wynn: White House Blackmails Iraq Ahead of Dec. Expiration of UN Mandate

Cindy Sheehan: The Party's Over? (18 comments)

paul roberts: American Hegemony Bites The Dust (9 comments)

Jai Daemion: While We're Not Talking About Race... (12 comments)

Amee Chew: Support Obama, and Vote McKinney? Not a contradiction. (21 comments)

Paul Rogat Loeb: Antidotes To Complacency: Four reasons NOT to take the election for granted

Monday, October 27:

earl ofari hutchinson: Five Things President Obama Can do to Keep the Fox Guys Off Him (3 comments)

David Swanson: Frank Breaks Taboo on Military Spending (8 comments)

Robert Parry: Bush's Looming Defeat in Iraq

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Limits on Free Speech Are Needed (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Opportunities the Ted Stevens Conviction Offer the Democrats

Mark Crispin Miller: 50,000 voters purged in Georgia

Kitty Antonik Wakfer: Just a Charismatic Presidential Candidate? (2 comments)

Deb Della Piana: Why George Bush is the worst president in American history (16 comments)

Philosopher Jay: McCain and Palin Attack Obama for Being a Christian. (3 comments)

Chris Lugo: In Support of a Negotiated Peace

saint peter II: Greenspan The Shock Heard Around The World

Robert Arend: Conspiracies To Assassinate Obama: Colorado vs Tennessee (1 comments)

Mickey Z.: American Priorities (1 comments)

Paula Sayles: Canvassing For Change in Suburban Kansas (3 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: Lady Liberty's Nation (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Redistributing Wealth, Centralized Planning Has Biblical Roots (5 comments)

chris rice: Action Alert: IMPEACHMENT needs YOU (5 comments)

chris rice: No More Bailouts, Rate Cuts or Tax Rebates

Doug Rogers: The Progressive Mandate (16 comments)

Frosty Wooldridge: What World Religions and Leaders Won't Talk About (1 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *The Failed Presidency of George W. Bush: A Dismal Legacy-Part II (2 comments)

Amy Bernstein: Say It Like This, Mean It Like That (2 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Republican Rant; "Democrats Deregulate"

Mark Crispin Miller: AP and McCain foresee a victory (1 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "McCain Like Bush: A Sidekick Who Slides Slick"

Paul J. Landis: Bush Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) have been found: In Iraq; In the USA; In the UK!

Kamala Sarup: A true story of a disappearance in Nepal (2 comments)

Dennis Kucinich: Dennis Kucinich: Timing of Attack In Syria So Close To Election Questioned (25 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: McCain and the GOP Drag Each Other Down (1 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: In the Meantime, Syria Was Attacked by the U.S. (2 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Messy Elections: Can They Be Trusted?

Curt Day: Random Thoughts On A Vague Election

Lawrence Velvel: For A Speedy Recovery, Eliminate Certain Capital Gains Taxes (1 comments)

Steph Fauxco: Angry Grandpa is going to let his insolate granddaughter have it tonight!

Richmond Shreve: Look at the Base (1 comments)

Jay Janson: *Obama/Buffett Plan to Make Rich Pay SS Tax Like Everyone Else is NOT a 'Tax Hike'

Charles L. Riccillo: "Nowhere To Go But Up!"

ruth: Pollwatcher Toolkit

adeeba folami: The Coming International Crisis: What Do They Know, When Did They Find It Out (7 comments)

Rachel Maddow, with Jill McDonough: Citation Violation (6 comments)

Milton Lee Norris: It was already said; Americans are Angry

Cenerentola: Canvassing by Phone and Other Hang-ups

Dan Fejes: Staying the Course in Guant-namo (1 comments)

sometimes blinded: Guant-namo Prosecutors Question Conduct and Torture (2 comments)

steve young: 2008's Biggest Winner: Satire

steve young: Poll Shocker: Obama To Target McCain Family Vote

the web: The Vet Who Did Not Vet (McCain's pick of Sarah P.)

Roy S. Carson: Chavez Frias talks of plurality in Venezuelan politics ... but is it just another canard (Duck for non-francophones)!

Stephen Lendman: Public Enemy Number One (1 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain continues Failed Bush Logic on Taxes & Economy

Linda Milazzo: If You Vote Third Party and Elect McCain/Palin, This Is Who You Empower!! DON'T DO IT!! (181 comments)

Polidoc: WV Gore Representative Urges Coal-Energy Producers to Look Elsewhere for Power

Min. Paul Scott: Why Some Blacks Don't Vote (2 comments)

Sunday, October 26:

Mary MacElveen: Is the attack within Syria President Bush's October surprise and parting gift to Sen. McCain? (1 comments)

Jason Leopold: STAY OUT of Ohio, lawmakers tell DoJ! (4 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Real Threats Facing America

Christopher Wright: *Democracy Denied - Your choice is no choice!

Carolyn Baker: STOLEN ELECTIONS AND MEDIA BLACKOUTS: An Exclusive Interview With Mark Crispin Miller (1 comments)


William John Cox: Abortion: Government's Choice? (9 comments)


Rob Kall: For Undecideds Who Don't Like McCain or Obama (12 comments)


Jayne Lyn Stahl: "Top Cover"

Mary MacElveen: Shut your doors as Sarah Palin gallops on her horse that the Democrats are coming

Richard Volaar: The Sheer Volume of the Criminality

Mary Pipher: Obama one of those rare leaders who arrive at just the right time

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Barracuda Bites the Hand that Fed Her (1 comments)

Sandy Sand: California Must be Building Its Schools Out of Gold With Our Silver (1 comments)

Frish: *Defining Marriage - which sex are you? (8 comments)

virginius "gin" arnold: If you are undecided, it is time to step up (6 comments)

Jim Harris: Confronting the Neocons in Chicago. A protest of AIPAC. (3 comments)

Mary Shaw: Is Palin the New Bush? (9 comments)

Joan Brunwasser: *Antidote to Election Theft: "Steal Back Your Vote" (5 comments)

Ed Tubbs: McCain, Palin, and their Republican supporters: the most un-American of Hearts of Darkness.

Frosty Wooldridge: What if America Opened Its Borders to Unlimited Immigration? (11 comments)

Mathew Maavak: Laying Palin's Wardrobe Bare (4 comments)

Saturday, October 25:

Rady Ananda: Does the US electoral system HAVA brain? (13 comments)

Ellen Brown: The not-so-invisible hand: How the plunge protection team killed the free market (8 comments)

Steven Freeman and Joel Bleifuss: A Way to Restore Confidence in Elections (5 comments)

Mary MacElveen: I need a President Obama for medical reasons...I may die if McCain is elected (5 comments)

David Michael Green: Remind Me Again - Who Won The Cold War? (1 comments)

Ann Kramer: The banking system is not the economy: Painting a new picture (6 comments)

Jordan Thornton: *The Crash: The Plot Thickens (7 comments)

winston: It hasn't changed. (2 comments)

Timothy Cavanaugh: *Wards of the Prison State: Pawns of the Corporate Elite (4 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): HORROR is the only word to describe these last eight years and we must never minimize or repress this truth. (18 comments)

Timothy Cavanaugh: *Yes, But Does He Deserve It? (1 comments)

Jay Janson: *"BEYOND ELECTIONS" a Film/Check Out the U-Tube Trailer "What is Democracy?"

Eileen Fleming: November 9, November 9, November 9

Roy S. Carson: Once upon a time... Yeah, yeah! Has Andres Izarra only just woken up from a state of Rip Van Winkle comatose?

Kelly Bowling: Obama Wins NC by 500,00 votes- you heard it here first (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: PARDON ME--HCAN is not single-payer (6 comments)

Former Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Milos Alcalay: Diplomatic Witchhunt: Portugal's MEP warns Europe NOT to drop its pants for Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias!

Vince Williams: REPUBLICAN DNA stands for Destroy National Ascendancy

Ed Martin: We've met the enemy and he is a Republican (1 comments)

Lynn Morris: Tomorrow I will cast my vote but, it is fun to dream! (2 comments)

Ed Tubbs: This may be your last chance. (5 comments)

Victoria Ashley: *Scholars for 9-11 Truth & Justice Misrepresented in Draft Bill Sent to 8 House Members (7 comments)

VHeadline commentarist and money market expert Fred Cederholm: The United States did NOT get into this abyss accidentally because of random honest mistakes and bungling! (2 comments)

Brent Budowsky: Limbaugh, Palin, Bachmann: Three Musketeers of McCarthyism

David Heleniak: Mock the Vote (3 comments)

Brasch: America's Buddy-Buddy Campaign Press Corps (2 comments)

John R Moffett: The Attack on ACORN is but One Prelude to Delegitimizing an Obama Presidency. (6 comments)

Bob Patterson: Joe Sixpack Speaks Out (2 comments)

Mark N: Democracy, not Football (1 comments)

Tom Dennen: *JIHAD? (6 comments)

William Cormier: Electronic Voting Machines And How To Help Save This Election (5 comments)

Adnihilo: What happens if GOP increased their Vote Tampering Margin for 2008 beyond that of 2000 and 2004? (4 comments)

Stephen Bassett: Open Letter to Barack Obama and John McCain (1 comments)

Sandy Sand: What Part of Middle Class Tax Cuts Don't the McCain Airheads Understand? (2 comments)

Edip Yuksel: Joe the Democrat Decides to Vote for McCain. Here is Why: (36 comments)

Jos Tirado: Deficit Attention Disorder: Or, how it´s up to us to make a President Obama face the larger deficits we suffer

Cheryl Biren-Wright: Washington Think-Tank Cultivating 'Last Resort' Against Iran and Priming Next President (26 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Just Another Candidate for Governor or a Real Maverick?

Friday, October 24:

Dave Berman: How To Disarm Weapons of Mass Deception (1 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Conservatives for Change (10 comments)

QuietBear: A Note to my Spiritual BrotherRex...


W. Christopher Epler (Bill): One brief idea, not mine, but I absolutely have to pass it on!

James Murtagh and Rob Kall: *Will Greed lead to Meltdown of the Health System? (13 comments)

Timothy Cavanaugh: *Rebuilding our Democracy in Three Difficult Steps

Betsy L. Angert: What Pulls Us Apart (1 comments)

Steve Bhaerman: THE McCAIN MUTINY: Why Republicans Are Jumping Ship (3 comments)

Bob King: *A Mirror For Ms. Bachman

Tony Elliott: Required Immunizations Bad Idea (4 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Palin "Saturday Night Live;" Powell "Meet the Press" (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: What's "truth" got to do with it? (1 comments)

Steven Roach: Palin's daughter is preggers

Barbara Bellows-TerraNova: Questions for The Diane Rehm Show, News Roundup, October 24, 2008

Tom Dennen: The End of Capitalism (7 comments)

Steve Bass: What's a Republican Troll To Do? (4 comments)

Allen Heart: Hockey Mom Sarah in Armani Not a Problem! Trust Me!

chris rice: Strike Called: LET THE REVOLUTION BEGIN (3 comments)

saint peter II: Dollar Rises Against Corn Flakes

Deepak Tripathi: Post-Bush Scenarios

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Bitter, sadistic old men frequently compensate for sexual losses by sending virile young men into slaughterhouse wars. (9 comments)

HR: The Audacity Of Hope V The Ignobility Of Fear

Sankara Saranam: What the H Really Stands For (3 comments)

chris rice: Support Italy's General Strike (1 comments)

David Model: The Market System: Even Greenspan sees the Light (4 comments)

Dave Lindorff: I'm Calling the Race for Obama (3 comments)

Jack Clark: Obama's America vs. McCain's America: Ten Reasons Undecideds Should Choose Obama (4 comments)

Mr. Moderate: End Social Security – Republicans (6 comments)

Paul J. Landis: Vermont Citizens Vote to Indict Bush and Cheney as Criminals! (5 comments)

chris rice: You can Stop the War (4 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "The Torch is Being Passed"

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Death Threats Against Italian Author

Bob Koehler: Redesigning Democracy (6 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Human Rights are Subjective (1 comments)

Rob Kall: A Lipstick on a Pig Campaign Metaphor; McCain's Biggest Staff Budget-- Make-up Artist (3 comments)

David Swanson: Not Only McCain Palled Around With Pinochet

Rowan Wolf: The "Good War" Is Becoming A Lost War (4 comments)

Kitty Antonik Wakfer: Laissez Faire Capitalism and the Current World Financial Mess (7 comments)

Arthur Lukas: November 4, 2008, Will Be A Day Of Reckoning (2 comments)

ACLU: *Will You Be Able to Vote on November 4th? (2 comments)

Mark Adams JD/MBA: How to Stop Election Theft and How Not to Stop Election Theft? (4 comments)

David Swanson: See the Warrior

Muhammad Khurshid: Al-Qaeda Being Given The Chance To Remain Intact (2 comments)

Frish: *For humanity to survive, corporations can no longer be persons under the law (16 comments)

Jerry Lobdill: "Small is Beautiful-Economics as if People Mattered" (8 comments)

Michael Collins: Setup for a Stolen Election (18 comments)

Mickey Z.: Chomsky, Zinn, and Obama (33 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Seyed Mousavi - Guilty of Being Muslim in Police State America

Kevin Gosztola: What the McCain-Obama "Debates" Should Have Been Like (3 comments)

Sharon Martinson: Wresting the Pro-life mantra from the GOP (7 comments)

Project Vote: New Voters Under Siege: Ohio Exemplifies National Voting Rights Issues (1 comments)

Thursday, October 23:

Rebecca Abrahams: White House eMails: The missing link? (4 comments)

Mick Youther: Liars Figure, But Figures Don't Lie (or Why You Should Vote Democratic) (2 comments)

Timothy Cavanaugh: *Conservatism vs. Progressivism (1 comments)

Daniel Patrick Welch: Voter Intimidation in Odd Places: Even in Safe States (2 comments)

Jack Lindblad: Payola politics between developers and politicians casts a blight on grassroots community development (1 comments)

Bob Patterson: McCain and the "Phantom Punch" (2 comments)

Edip Yuksel: Militarist Evangelists vs. Taliban: Look-alike Holy Rivals (8 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: Prepare Now for Post-Election Strategy (9 comments)

Richmond Shreve: It's About Trust (An open letter to my granddaughter.)

earl ofari hutchinson: Why Obama Can't Shake McCain (6 comments)

chuck hillestad: A FEW QUESTIONS FOR THE UNDECIDED (2 comments)

Allen Heart: Australian Injustice, Court Jesters, and Constitutional Crisis

Wondimu Asamnew: Ancient Fossil Lucy Showcases Ethiopia's Remarkable Past and Promising Future (1 comments)

Tommy News: A Good New Morning, A Good New President; "On The Pulse of The Morning" (2 comments)

Mark Crispin Miller: My Interview on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman (1 comments)

Mike Malloy: Remember, Remember, the 5th of November... (7 comments)

Steven Leser: BREAKING: Campaign Watchdog Files Complaint Against McCain Campaign Re: Palin Clothes

Lani Massey Brown: Conspiracy, coincidence, or skullduggery? (4 comments)

Richard Hirschhorn: "Gettin It Wholesale"

David Swanson: Pardon Me, Congress? (1 comments)

Lorelei Kelly: National Security: Women Must Define the Priorities Debate

William John Cox: A Dream Ballot for 2008

David Swanson: McCain and Hate Mongering DVDs in Virginia (1 comments)

Carol Wolman: We need Greens in Congress (4 comments)

codyco: Mission America and Linda Harvey's Shameful Message

Richard C. Cook: They Did It on Purpose: The Housing Bubble and Its Crash (4 comments)

David Glenn Cox: Letting The Market Place Work

Kay Ebeling: Catholics ask Taxpayers to fund research on pedophile priests

Arthur Lukas: Throw The Lackeys Out

Rob Kall: Beware the Deadly Palinflower (18 comments)

John R Moffett: Why Republicans Can't Win Elections Fairly (1 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Whatever Happened to Pride?

Brent Budowsky: Why Adoring Pundits Missed the Collapse of John McCain (1 comments)

John Bruhns: The Obama Challenges (1 comments)

G.E. Nordell: Your Future Is Foreclosed (6 comments)

William Fisher: The Right: Muddying Up The Waters! (1 comments)


Devlin Buckley: Dissecting Watson's Nonsense on Climate Change (1 comments)

Steph Fauxco: Bob Barr will come into play... (3 comments)

Lawless One: "I WANT A DIVORCE" (2 comments)

the web: Chocolate News on the proper care of our voting machines (1 comments)

Andrew Bacevich: Petraeus Opts Out of Politics -- or Does He? (2 comments)

Kamala Sarup: When Mother Teresa Touched My Hand

Katie Hickox: Here's an outstanding article on massive voter purges going on (2 comments)

VHeadline guest c Todd MacSween: Once the Government of Venezuela takes the bull by the horns

Robert Jensen: Taking politics seriously: Looking beyond the election and beyond elections (1 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: Republican Machine: "The Little Engine that Couldn't!" (1 comments)

Steven Leser: Desperate McCain Campaign to Accuse Obama of being Jack the Ripper and a Martian (11 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain Campaign Violated McCain-Feingold law with Palin Clothing Purchases (36 comments)

Dave Berman: Peter B. Collins, Dave Berman to Discuss Unprovable Federal Election Results - 10/23 5pm PT

Wednesday, October 22:

Anthony Wade: Preparing the Cover Story for the Theft of the Election (48 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Subject: Take Action to Stop Vote Flipping in West Virginia (1 comments)

kellie bean: On the Campaign Trail with "Needless Markups": Why Palin's New Clothes Matter (5 comments)

adeeba folami: McCain & Obama's Ancestors Owned Slaves (6 comments)

Jerry West: Elections North and South

Daniel Kurtzman: The Liberal and Conservative Manifestos (2 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Standing Under an Avalanche (8 comments)

Min Sung Lee: Oil depletion, not a future matter (8 comments)

Steven Leser: Palin Responds to the $150000 Clothes Controversy

michael payne: As panic and desperation set in, they try to energize the dark side of America (2 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "Going the Distance"

Lynne Glasner: Keeping the Faith Extends to Prescription Drugs: Drugs, Sex But No Rock 'n Roll (1 comments)

Brad Friedman: Take Them Out of Service NOW (2 comments)

Val Strange: The Fraternization of John McCain

Timothy Cavanaugh: *Isn't Healthcare as Important as Education?

seawolf369: Joe the plumber-meet Chris the carpenter (1 comments)

Michael Quinlin: Irish-Americans and Catholics Rally for Obama/Biden

Steve Beckow: *Canada: From 9/11 Horror to Hemispheric Military Co-operation (3 comments)

Robert McElvaine: McCain's "Hruskaism:" The Mediocre People of America Deserve Representation! (1 comments)

Tommy News: *Early Voting Advice: Machines Switch Votes from Obama to McCain (2 comments)

Deena Stryker: Time to Get Fascism Out of the Closet (4 comments)

David Swanson: Nonviolence Now (2 comments)

mike ferner: It's Our Turn Now: Resistance as if it Really Mattered (4 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Health Care for America Now Says, "Get Your Congressmen and Senators on Board" NOW! (7 comments)

Richmond Shreve: Follow the Money (1 comments)

Walter Uhler: Screwing Philadelphia's Poor While Stroking Wall Street's Elite (1 comments)

Timothy Cavanaugh: *The Land of the Lazy and Home of the Sucker (1 comments)

Timothy Cavanaugh: *In Awe of 9/11 (3 comments)

CasaZaza: 9/11 Truth Is "Splitting the Sky" (15 comments)

Mary MacElveen: McCain and the GOP message: Making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it (2 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Reform: Often Spoken About, Never Happens

Sandy Sand: They Can't Answer a Simple Question: What the Hell's it to Them if Gays Marry? (6 comments)

Michael Fox: Sarita - The Musical

Bernie Sanders: Now is the Time (15 comments)

Chris Hedges: The Idiots Who Rule America (3 comments)

Steve Windisch (jibbguy): Socialism: It's What's For Dinner (18 comments)

Allen Heart: Fraudulent Banking in Australia Offers a Peek at Global Bank Fraud

Amy de Miceli: Biden Brings His Prophecy to the Emerald City (3 comments)

Keith Pope: "Whatever it takes" (2 comments)

Axin Arbili: TO THE ANTI-KURDISH WORLD (22 comments)

Michael Collins: Right & Left Wing Election Models Agree on Winner (5 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Halloween is nigh! Spooks round every corner, where none exist ,,, perhaps Chavez should shed a tear or two too!

steve young: A Public Apology To The Entire City of West Hollywood And All Sarah Palin Drag Queens (1 comments)

Stephen Lendman: This Time Is Different (3 comments)

E. Nelson: Prominent Minnesota Columnist Calls Al Franken Anti-Christian (7 comments)

Constance Lavender: On Muslim Boys and American Caesars: Powell Moved by New Jersey Soldier's Death

Bernard Weiner: A 10-Point Primer for Wavering Voters (1 comments)

Ernest Partridge: "Country First?" – The Question of Loyalty (5 comments)

Tuesday, October 21:

By Daniel Pipes, For The Bulletin: Obama Would Fail Security Clearance

Leonce Gaiter: Black Blindness on Proposition 8 (2 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Evil is always defeated by ordinary people; not heroes, or saints – least of all, politicians. (21 comments)


Sandy Shanks: Obama and McCain's foreign policy (2 comments)

P. A. Triot: G.O.P. collapse signals change in political fault lines (1 comments)

Jack Lindblad: Financial meltdown offers green economy growth (1 comments)

David Model: Where is Democracy in this Picture? (1 comments)

By David Sirota: Memo to Fox News & the GOP: America Has the Second-Lowest Business Taxes In the World

Jon Faulkner: You've Got To Hate ... Forget The Issues! (4 comments)

Tex Pitfield: *Time For Change, And Neither McCain or Obama Are It. (3 comments)

Deena Stryker: Different Streets, Same Solution (2 comments)

M. Davis: Breaking ranks in Bushland-insiders bailing out on Lame Duck, Inc (1 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Human Right Groups Must Take Note Of Civilian Deaths (2 comments)

William Fisher: Seven Years and Counting!

Lynne Glasner: Gotcha on Taxes and Other Campaign Labels

Jay Janson: *Media Suppression of MLKjr's Condemnation of Vietnam War as an Atrocity Helps McCain (2 comments)

David Swanson: *Do Not Remove U.S. Uniform When Raping or Murdering (1 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Is Adult Supervision Socialism? (1 comments)

Kelly Bowling: A New Deal For America (3 comments)

Lawless One: "I'M CONFUSED"

Yvonne: God Help the Women, Should McCain Win (1 comments)

Martin Zehr: Kurds, Ottomans and Persians (2 comments)

Richard Girard: Taxing the System

Robert Wexler: Steal the Election Once Shame on Me, Steal it Twice . . . (4 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Feeling Robbed? Wall Street Since the Bailout Shows No Signs of Changing and Washington is Not Forcing a Change (3 comments)

John Pagoda: Who is the real John McCain? (2 comments)

Janis Kay: Positive campaign, reflects a lot of positive energy from his supporters.

Jane Stillwater: It's easier to tour Iran than to tour the White House: My report from Iran # 5

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Bubbles, Booms and Busts

Richmond Shreve: Who's Really Presidential?

Washington DC-based commentarist Chris Herz: North Americans deserve what they're getting ... pity a poor nation caught between a McCain and an Obama! (1 comments)

Greg Mitchell: Why Obama's Shocking Landslide in Newspaper Endorsements Really Matters (9 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Why does Sarah Palin hate rape victims who become pregnant? (7 comments)


M. Davis: Breaking ranks in Bushland-officials publically disagreeing on policy

steve young: West Hollywood Considers Ban On Sarah Palin Drag Queens: McCain Campaign Calls Ban Anti-American Attempt to Squash Vote (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Is Biden's Prediction A Gaffe (13 comments)

Rob Kall: There's Something in the Air (38 comments)

JC Garrett: The Joe Biden Gaffe Prevention System (10 comments)

James Murtagh: *Whistleblowers Seek to Reform ACORN (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: As an Irish lass, I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my kin, Barack Obama (14 comments)

Monday, October 20:

Gustav Wynn: 60 Minutes Goes "Imbedded" in Afghanistan (2 comments)

David Glenn Cox: The Great Divide (1 comments)

Roland Michel Tremblay: Explosive news: George W. Bush is right!

John Kelley: The Politics of Class Warfare (8 comments)

Bob Patterson: Impeachment Movement Gains Momentum (4 comments)

Antonio Otsenre: Indian Peasants in Colombia Denounce Continuing Govt & Paramilitary

David Swanson: A McCain "Win" Will Be Theft, Resistance Is Planned (21 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Ralph Nader Earns Mainstream Media Attention

Joan Brunwasser: *Snopes confirms danger of Straight Ticket Voting (STV) (5 comments)

David Swanson: *Powell Not Qualified for Government Work

Joe Bechtold: America's Hidden Shame (4 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Pot, Meet Kettle

Steve Beckow: A Canadian Responds to the NAU (14 comments)


Jeremy R. Hammond: How Should You Vote? (4 comments)

Armando Olivas: "A Weekend Mouthy Rant" (1 comments)

Bill Samuel: Why I'm Voting for Joe (2 comments)

Gary Vance: The Reeking Rot of Racism

Jim Awlstrom: "Barack Obama's Stealth Socialism" (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Perfora Cario, Perfora! (3 comments)

David Swanson: Sweeping Astroturf (5 comments)

Allen Heart: Choosing Evil - Are Elections the Great American Illusion? (2 comments)

Patrick Mattimore: Baylor Shoots at USN&WR Rankings...And Then Backs Down

Jeff McCallum: All the News That's S*** to Print (2 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Paperless Electronic Voting Machines Flipping Votes from Obama to McCain in West Virginia (16 comments)

Sheri Myers: *Check out "Turdblossom Two: Hacking the Machine"

Jane Stillwater: From Afghanistan to Ethiopia, Xerxes over-extended his empire: My report from Iran # 4

Mary Shaw: Powell's Endorsement: Redemption, Race, or Revenge? (25 comments)

steve young: Oh What a Tangled Web He Weaves, When First O'Reilly Practices to Deceive (10 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Hard Times (6 comments)

Sunday, October 19:

Mary MacElveen: Colin Powell put country first in his endorsement of Barack Obama (10 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "A Race to the Finish" (2 comments)

Deena Stryker: From Freedom Fries to French Crow (4 comments)

paul roberts: Where Inflation Came From (6 comments)

Brent Budowsky: McCain Lies; Powell Endorses; 3 Million Obama Donors Rally (1 comments)

Olga Bonfiglio: Will Catholics Move On or Will They Cave to Same-O, Same-O? (3 comments)

richard power: Election Security Update: How Bitter can the Irony Get? (1 comments)

David Sirota: Here Comes the Onslaught (3 comments)

Ed Tubbs: An American Story about a genuine American (3 comments)

Jennifer Hathaway: Anti American (6 comments)

sameh abdelaziz: Thoughts on the economic aftershocks

oekoman: The European Financial Solution vs. the US Bailout (10 comments)

Sheri Myers: *Turdblossom Two: Hacking the Machines

Hargrove: Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Lewis Lafontaine: The Advent of President Obama: And they were Astonished with Great Astonishment

M Anderson: How We're Supporting The Obama-Biden Ticket in SW-FLA

Carol Jensen: Face it ladies--John McCain hates women (4 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Behind the Swift Armor of Our Democracy

Roy S. Carson: I think Izarra was referring to UK Channel 4's Sandra Jordan ... although it could quite as easily have Corina Machado!

Deepak Tripathi: Understanding Terror (1 comments)

Rob Kall: Explaining How Stolen Elections Keep Obama From Being a Sure Win to a Friend in Tribal Area Pakistan (12 comments)

Robert Weitzel: Nader and McKinney: "Wasting" a Vote for Lincoln's "Radical" Ideal (13 comments)

David Model: Let Them Eat Cake: The Forgotten Class (3 comments)

Rob Kall: OpEdNews: News Site, Blog Site, Hybrid Site or New Media? (19 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: If McCain Wins, Obama's Policies Get Implemented (12 comments)

Rob Kall: Colin Powell Endorses Obama (33 comments)

Robert McElvaine: The Demeanor of Da Meaner Guy

Linda Milazzo: How Spreading the Wealth Rescued a Mother- Thanks to CODEPINK and ANP (4 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain and Republican Lies about Acorn are attempts to hide GOP Election Fraud (6 comments)

Brasch: Conservative Group Is Right: Free Speech Is Not a Political Issue (4 comments)

Steve Bass: Does America Really Want To Know? (9 comments)

David A. Love: The Failure of McPalin Lynch Mob Politics - You Betcha! (6 comments)

Saturday, October 18:

Bob Patterson: "I'm Sorry, Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That."

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Let's Talk Money... (3 comments)

sharon kayser: The Last Debt Orgy (2 comments)

Tony Forest: The Russians Are Coming! (1 comments)

Jared Bernstein: Risk Manager in Chief (2 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *The Failed Presidency of George W. Bush: A Dismal Legacy-Part I (1 comments)

John Wilson: Liddy the Plumber: Why Is John McCain Defending an Unrepentant Terrorist? (6 comments)

Roland Michel Tremblay: Is money the root to all evil? (1 comments)

Frank Staheli: Greed and Potato Chips: The Fed's Role in the Current Credit Crisis

Bob Patterson: Three Questions (1 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The perversity of the GOP: What it thinks is funny, and that you're stupid enough to believe the lies. (2 comments)

Brian Normoyle: A Fool's Bet and the Presumption of Ignorance

David Swanson: Stoning Dubya (3 comments)

Ed Encho: Main Core, PROMIS and the Shadow Government (Pt.2) (1 comments)

Doug Rogers: Progressives Are Now Free to Vote Their Consciences

Ralph Morocco: Why I am Voting for Barack Obama (7 comments)

Philip Wood: What is "known" about ACORN (2 comments)

Grant Lawrence: Peace is a Terrorist Weapon (3 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "A Disease Transmitted Orally"

Steve Bass: Change for the Sake of Change? (3 comments)

Jon Faulkner: Why Hasn't Rupert Murdoch Been Deported? (5 comments)

chuck hillestad: ANOTHER MICKEY MOUSE THEORY (4 comments)

Jay Janson: *U.S. Nuremberg Trials Prosecutor Would Have Proudly Prosecuted McCain As a War Criminal (1 comments)

Mumia Abu-Jamal: 'Good War?' -- or War for Narcocracy? (3 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Will Americans even ALLOW another (third!) stolen Presidential Election? (15 comments)

Stephen Unger: Forward to the Past: Junk the Machines, Count Votes Manually (2 comments)

Steve Early: A Plea to the Candidates: Stop, in the Name of Joe! (2 comments)

Steve Beckow: *I Accuse (17 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Obama Assuming Status Of Hero In Pakistan (2 comments)

Danny.Roman: "An Open Letter To Mr. Bush" (3 comments)

William Falzett III: Big Government, The American Taxpayer and The Giving Tree (6 comments)

Royce Penstinger: What Will Happen if Obama Has Presidency Stolen From Him? (11 comments)

Liz ODonnell: What Was That, Senator? (12 comments)

Kamala Sarup: Seeking Peace (2 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: "A Nation to Heal" (2 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: Who You Callin' Un-American? (21 comments)

David Swanson: *Ending the War Without End (4 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: LOYAC, Kuwait for Kenya (K4K), and Nutri Viva Speak at AWARE Center-Is there hope for Kuwait and the Gulf Nations to Pic (2 comments)

Brian Normoyle: Conservative Defections Undermine Liberal Media Myth (25 comments)

mikel weisser: Current Comedy, 10/15/08: In His Most Ferocious Performance Yet, McCain Eats Self (1 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Branded a renegade by rampant Chavez radicals, former UN Ambassador Milos Alcalay remains a man of principle! (2 comments)

Chris Graham: McCain locks up GOP vote (1 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Roy S. Carson: I've been torn off a strip by my good friend Patrick J. O'Donoghue (1 comments)

Richard Hirschhorn: Pick a Card, Any Card (1 comments)

Ray McGovern: Attack on Iran Off the Table? (6 comments)

M. Wizard: James Sinclair Says "Bank Holiday" Now Likely

Peter Barus: Obama is too "eloquent" for McCain

Washington Post Editorial Board: Washington Post Endorses Obama! Most insightful! (3 comments)

Cathie Bird: Poisoning Headwaters Is Not "An Act of God" (1 comments)

Robert Jensen: The cruel boredom of pornography (7 comments)

Abdus Sattar Ghazali: Playing Al-Anbar roulette in FATA (2 comments)

Friday, October 17:

John Boettner: Are WDNR Commissioner Candidates Accountable?

P. A. Triot: Government right to intervene in economic matters (3 comments)

David Michael Green: Payback's A Bitch (9 comments)

Barbara Bellows-TerraNova: Questions for The Diane Rehm Show, News Roundup, October 17, 2008

Allen Heart: Brave New World 2008 - Loving Your Servitude (6 comments)

Paul Lehto: US Sup. Ct. Rules on Ohio 2008: Wants to See Vote Counts before Final Ruling (5 comments)

Rob Kall: McCain's Snivelling On Letterman The Last Straw? (25 comments)

Steve Beckow: To Muslims of America, I Apologize (Reissue) (3 comments)

David Spangenburg: Send in the plumber! (4 comments)

Peter Michaelson: Will Racist Voters Repent in Time? (7 comments)

David Glenn Cox: You Think I'm Rich, Don't You? (3 comments)

David Smith: Universal Health Care (4 comments)

Michael Collins: Voter Fraud - The Dog that Didn't Bark (10 comments)

David Swanson: *How You Can Help Prosecute Bush in Two Minutes (5 comments)

paul roberts: Unanswered Bailout Questions (6 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: McCain's Blunder (4 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: The Spores of Evil (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: John McCain air quotes showed contempt for women's health issues

Kevin Zeese: Now the Cost of War Really Matters (5 comments)

Steve Heller: *Neutralize the Lies! (2 comments)

Bill Falzett, PhD: Madness 101: Fooling (with) the middle class (2 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Obama Wins Hearts Of Terrorism Victims (3 comments)

Dave Berman: John Nichols: 2000, 2004 Elections "Inconclusive"; Humboldt Dems to Show "Uncounted" This Sat (1 comments)

Stephen Fox: Obama's Editorial Endorsements: including Washington Post, Fidel Castro, Richard Lugar, Chuck Hagel, & more! (15 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Colin Powell and other prominent African-American Republicans should stand up for Barack Obama (6 comments)

Thursday, October 16:

Bev Harris: New results middleman spotted - FL, KS, IL, CA, CO, NC, SC, NY, NM, TX

Chris Graham: Who's the real plumber here? Not so fast ... (1 comments)

Tim Hjersted: 9/11 in 33 Minutes: Determining the Official Story Cannot Be True (1 comments)

William Cormier: CNN Is Presenting A "Fox Style" Assessment Of The Obama/McCain Race (6 comments)

Tim Buchholz: A (Slight) Win for the Good Guys?

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Behind the Money Crash

sherry clark: Guess Who's Going to Pay for It?

T. Anthony Michael: Eight Predictions in the "Wake" of FIN/ECO 911

Richard Spisak: Unasked Questions in the Four Debates (8 comments)

Michael Shaw: Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack...Will the Real Joe Please stand up!

Lance Ciepiela: *Fascism-The Price of Silence (3 comments)

Sarika Tripathi is a Correspondent of Citizen News Service (CNS) and also a post: India should strengthen its public distribution system to reduce food scarcity

Susan Benjamin: Companies: Out of the Closet and into the Ads

Bill Falzett, PhD: Madness 101: Fooling (with) the middle class. (1 comments)

Allen Heart: National Emergency = Martial Law = Dictatorship

M. Wizard: Note from Nicaragua: Reflections on History, Power and the Nature of Real Change (1 comments)

salah obeid: Pardoning Pittman (3 comments)

Tom Driscoll: The choice in choosing

Matoska: We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old

Chris Graham: What Will Warner Do?

Keith Pope: Motes removed while you wait.

Cheryl Biren-Wright: Meet the Protester Who 'May Have Received a Minor Injury' at the Hofstra Debate (25 comments)

Antonia Juhasz: California's tale for Colorado's Amendment 58 supporters

earl ofari hutchinson: Why McCain Did Not Go For Obama's Racial Jugular

Lakota Denton: Theater of the Absurd (6 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Not in my backyard

Bob Koehler: Our National Juncture (1 comments)

Brian Normoyle: The Presumption of Ignorance (1 comments)

P. A. Triot: Republican Party flirting with third-party status (1 comments)

Allen Heart: The Bailout of the Banks: Subversion, Titles of Nobility and Treason (2 comments)

kellie bean: Women's Health in Quotes (2 comments)

Mary Lyon: It's Going to Take a Lot More than Joe the Plumber (2 comments)

John Bruhns: Prosecuting U.S. Troops Under Iraqi Law .. ? (1 comments)

Dave Johnson: Call Out For Election Protection Wiki Help

Mary Pitt: Worm's-Eye View of the Debate

steve young: Say It Ain't So, Joe. Wurzelbacher Not A Real $250K Plumber? (2 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Iraq War Veterans Arrested at Final Debate (10 comments)

Rob Kall: Joe the Plumber-- the Parasitic Leech (97 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: Education Plans (2 comments)

Kellie Hahn: McCain Strategy to Focus on People Named Joe Probably a Mistake in Hindsight (13 comments)

Patrick Mattimore: No More Teachers Dirty Looks

Washington DC-based Chris Herz: Honest Graft! Perfectly legal. Its called free enterprise... (2 comments)

Nikki Alexander: What Do You See? (25 comments)

Chattanooga Times Editorial Page: McCain - Palin: Unethical conduct and lies (3 comments)

David Swanson: *Trump Should Be Fired as a Citizen (10 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain vs Obama Final Debate Deconstructed (16 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Reviewing Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of US Power (18 comments) *Peril of corporations issuing public money (3 comments)

Bob Patterson: What? Me Worry About Martial Law? (6 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Which road, the high road, or the low road? (2 comments)

Wednesday, October 15:

Adam Bessie: Joe the Plumber for President (3 comments)

Jay Janson: *Stop Celebrating Columbus, the Enslaver and Murderer of Americans? (2 comments)

Anthony Wade: Cutting Through the Lies – There is no More Debate (2 comments)

Eliot Gould: An Election Challenge Part III

Lance Ciepiela: *Anatomy of the American Financial Crisis: How it is Turning into a Worldwide Crisis (2 comments)

Special Needs Mom: *Governor Palin: What's Your Plan? (4 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Joe the Plumber Is Focus of Third Debate (1 comments)

**********: Republican Moochers And The Coming Obama Landslide (3 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Radical social change? You can't get there from here. (2 comments)

Marlene Winell, Ph.D.: An open letter to Sarah Palin, from Marlene Winell, Ph.D. (21 comments)

J. Nayer Hardin: *Hemp Can Help Us Solve Our Problems Now (3 comments)

Jared Bernstein: Again With the Trickle Down!?! (1 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Andres Izarra's true intent to STARVE(?) the opposition media into submission to his edict?

Betsy L. Angert: My Hair; His Energy Policy


Paul Rogat Loeb: Volunteer Energy and Political Tipping Points -- What We Can Do

Kelly Bowling: McCain and Palin Stoke Racism (3 comments)

M. Davis: I guess we're going to bend over for the corn cob, because our "leaders" are too busy hurling insults, playing politics (1 comments)

Patrick Mattimore: A Psychologically-Inspired Economic Recovery (1 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Dear Mr. Geoffrey, get off the griddle before you burn a hole in the rear end of your blue jeans!


Nikki Alexander: *6 Steps to Permanent Economic Recovery (4 comments)

andi novick: There's No Place Like Home: Plan L for NY Elections

Joel Thorson: Osama's Doomsday Machine (4 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Why I'm Voting for Barack Obama on November 4 (26 comments)

Muhammad Khurshid: Pakistan Has Almost Been Taken Over By Terrorists (9 comments)

David Swanson: Nadir

Rob Kall: Big Bankers Blink; Paulson's Unprecedented Power; Shock and Awe Hints at the Good and Evil We May Soon Face (30 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Final presidential debate: The historical significance in choosing Hempstead, NY (2 comments)

Caroline Myss: In Times Like These (1 comments)

Edip Yuksel: NineTeen Proposals for Obama and Biden

David Swanson: What If God Loses the Election? (34 comments)

Brock Novak: Tonight's Debate Theme: "It's No Longer OK To Be OK; It's Unacceptable Not To Be Great" (3 comments)

winston: We're all fearful, but we need hope!

Robert McElvaine: McCain & the Missiles of October

Roy S. Carson: Molina says President Hugo Chavez is a political coward (1 comments)

Patrick Mattimore: Reframing Our Economic Recovery (1 comments)

Matoska: The Approaching 401(k) Tsunami Following the Stock Quake (2 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *McCain Gets Developer Big Returns

Jim Stinson: Come Down off Olympos

Riane Eisler: Peaceful Revolution: Real Economic Change That's Logical, Not Pathological (9 comments)

Stephen Crockett: Biden Helping A Working Family: An Untold Story (1 comments)

Eileen Fay: About Moose, Palin, and Insecurity (10 comments)

Ernest Partridge: The Road to Catastrophe (4 comments)

Bernard Weiner: Foundational Dry-Rot the Work of Greedy GOP Termites (1 comments)

Adam Bessie: The Savage Nation Party? (4 comments)

Tuesday, October 14:

Jim Goodman: McCain and Obama Need to Talk Real Farm Policy (1 comments)

Mr. Moderate: Cindy McCain's Keating Profits (2 comments)

Steph Fauxco: Family Tradition PC-13?

Amy de Miceli: British NGO Forecasts Five Brave New World Scenarios Set In 2030 (1 comments)

Aref Assaf: McCain's new Lexicon

Gustav Wynn: HUH? Hannity Claims Obama Will Be Cutting Checks For The Poor? (2 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: By Their Fruits: How Can We Know What's Right to Do? (1 comments)

Gustav Wynn: NC, Ohio Dates Added To Beasties' Pre-Election Stadium Tour

Chris Graham: The Obama Effect (1 comments)

David Barboza: Work or Die

Andrew Kishner: Sermon for the downtrodden activist (3 comments)

Cenerentola: Oktoberfest without Beer, in the United States

Paul Kruger: *My Fax to John McCain. Stop engaging hate fans !

BigStrongMan: *Causes of and solutions for one heck of a financial Molotov cocktail

Joe Bechtold: Why Republicans Want Us Poorer

Chris Graham: Bogus registration claims a 'smokescreen' for GOP suppression efforts (3 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: An Open Letter to Barack Obama on the Eve of the Last Presidential Debate (2 comments)

earl ofari hutchinson: The Fear of a President Obama

Michael Collins: SNAP! "White Shift" for Obama in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida (2 comments)

Mary Lyon: The Hate-Talk Express - Is This Really the Way You Want to Go Out, Senator McCain? (1 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: My Hair; His Energy Policy (5 comments)

Joy Rose: Rosie Gives Birth: 21st Century Motherhood Movement

Dave Lindorff: Egad! Is the Government Going Socialist? (4 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: When the Federal Government Fails the People (1 comments)

Min. Paul Scott: Rappin' for the Republicans (2 comments)

Vivian Berryhill: Obama/McCain: The Devil We Do Know vs The Devil We Don't Know (2 comments)

Ignacio Fresas: Show Some Love to Dick Cheney (2 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Brown shirts are simply exchanged for red - in Venezuela (2 comments)

Keith Pope: Just Get This! (16 comments)

Lynn Buske: Collateral Damage: Organic Farmers Being Squeezed Out

~Mark E. Smith: OpEd: Stolen Votes and Stolen Elections (6 comments)

Melissa Wade: Registering "Gutter scum" gets a mouse head in meal for Democratic Chair (5 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain - Which John McCain will we see at Tomorrow's Debate? (2 comments)

Dean Powers: Read My Lips; George Bush Ends Career Nationalizing BANKS!!!! (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Industrial self-sufficiency & Gucci: My report from Iran # 2 (2 comments)

Michael McCoy: Election deja vu, all over again (26 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Support Third Party Candidates (24 comments)

Mary MacElveen: How are the McCain and Palin children dealing with this hateful bigotry? (1 comments)

Monday, October 13:

Kellie Hahn: McCain's Dog Whistling to the Religious Extremists (3 comments)

Roy Eidelson: How To Sell An Indefensible Status Quo (1 comments)

Royce Penstinger: Palin Spreads Venom and Hate in St. Clairsville, Ohio (4 comments)

Ed Tubbs: Johnstown, PA McCain-Palin rally, view it and weep for America (3 comments)

michael payne: Greed is overwhelming honesty and ethics in America (4 comments)

Edip Yuksel: Forty Plus Grumpy Old Men and My Son (6 comments)

Allen Heart: Bailout Bank Fraud, Subversion and Treason (2 comments)

Kenneth Briggs: (6 comments)

John F Howes CPA: Can't afford a home? Here is $7500

Lawless One: "WHO'D YA SAY WAS A TERRORIST???" (1 comments)

paul roberts: Bailout Fraud: Does the bailout pass the smell test? (12 comments)

David Swanson: New Book: The 35 Articles of Impeachment and the Case for Prosecuting George W. Bush (5 comments)

Robert Naiman: Pentagon Challenge: Ask Iraqis How Many Have Died (3 comments)

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl: Obama McCain: A Man For This Season (4 comments)

DAnne Burley: *Keating Five and Wall Street Crisis Match and Why? (1 comments)

Cenerentola: The Most Endangered Species of Them All

Lance Ciepiela: *Cheney-A Shadow Behind The Curtain (1 comments)

Charles L. Riccillo: Breaking the Code

Judy Swindler: Did McCain Involvement in Ft. Ord Real Estate Deal Cost Taxpayers Several Hundred Million Dollars? (1 comments)

Dayna Navaro: A Response to 8 Years of George W. Bush's Simulucrum on Real Humans (4 comments)

Rory OConnor: McCain Sowing Seeds of Hatred (1 comments)

Robyn Crane: Resignation letter from the McCain Palin Campaign (4 comments)

William Fisher: Facts: Campaign Collateral Damage

Ross McNamara: Health Care for Americans: A Right or a Responsibility? (5 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: How Do Republicans Plan to "Win"? (2 comments)

David Schultz: Marx, Globalization, and the Death of Neo-Liberalism (14 comments)

Liz ODonnell: Where Can I Get a Lockbox? (5 comments)

richard bushway: Cost of Outrage

miles mathis: What you should know about Barack Obama (30 comments)

Glenda Moore: What Goats? (3 comments)

Howlin' Sandy: Operation "Right Off" - A Plausible Martial Law Scenario (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: In canvassing a neighborhood in Ohio, Barack Obama was practicing retail-politics

Bill Wetzel: Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize. GOP accuses facts of having "librul bias." (20 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Fires are Harder To Put Out Than They Are To Start (3 comments)

Mary Shaw: Is John McCain Still Trapped in Vietnam? (1 comments)

Stephen Lendman: The October Surprise - Global Panic

E. Nelson: Al Franken Wins Second Debate over Republican Incumbent Norm Coleman and Dean Barkley

Dean Powers: Obama Should Apologize for Congressman Lewis? (5 comments)

David Swanson: Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls (4 comments)

Joe Eichler: T. Boone Pickens Green Energy Plan - Natural Gas The Modern Day Trojan Horse (5 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The Reno Gazette Journal goes white, very white.

Sunday, October 12:


Shobha Shukla: World food scarcity and the challenges of climate change and bio energy (1 comments)

Roland Michel Tremblay: World seeking new generation of thinkers and achievers

Kenneth Anderson: The False Narrative of "Voter Fraud" (18 comments)

Dan Fejes: The Inconvenient Existence of Abdel al Ghizzawi

Roy S. Carson: A certain degree of schadenfreude in news of Chavez' announced budget cuts and bureaucratic austerity plans...

Jay Janson: *Capitalism Condemned in Scriptures; Let's Dump It (7 comments)

Brent Budowsky: John McCains Campaign of Hate

Allen Heart: 9/11 Bailout: They hate us for our freedoms! (9 comments)

Frank Murphy: Martial Law in the U.S.: Conspiracy theory or reasonable to discuss? (1 comments)

Betsy L. Angert: Who is he? (12 comments)

Robert Weitzel: America Must Plumb Olmert's "Depths of Reality" (2 comments)

Linh Dinh: Death, with Compound Interest

Richard C. Cook: How to Save the U.S. Economy (1 comments)

DAnne Burley: *Wall Street Collapsed a planned operation going back to Enron, Oklahoma City, Sept 11th 2001 - Follow the Money

DAnne Burley: *American Health Care The D'Anne Burley Show

William Helbig: Colin Powell - Time to Fade Away

Roy S. Carson: Chavez was elected in 1998 to fulfill Venezuela's dreams ... why has his administration become such a nightmare?

Mike Shelby: *Avaritia mala est - Greed is bad

Linh Dinh: Numbered

Grant Lawrence: Republican Propaganda

Mike Ghouse: Republicans, please put America first. (1 comments)

Steven Roach: I guarantee you that our government (2 comments)

Raff Ellis: The Day After Tomorrow (4 comments)

Edward Smallwood: My Thoughts on California Proposition 8 (1 comments)

DC Rapier: *Phony Debates and Rightful Entitlements

Rainbow Law: Prophecy or Paranoia? (3 comments)

Robert Naiman: Gates Says Talks with Taliban "Conceivable" - Let's Get Started (1 comments)

Rob Kall: The Mailer That Put the Final Nail in the McCain Campaign Coffin (76 comments)

Stephen Soldz: Public at Last: Guantanamo SERE Standard Operating Procedures (1 comments)

Bill Falzett, PhD: *Simple Economics: Supply, demand and a bailout for the worker (3 comments)

Rowan Wolf: The Broad Umbrella of "Terrorist" (9 comments)

Guy Razer: Our Situation: Focus on the Issues Immediately at Hand (2 comments)

Tnut: Enter The Sunlight (2 comments)

Royce Penstinger: Open Message To Senator's Obama and McCain's Supporters (2 comments)

Frank Barat: Interview with Norman Finkelstein-Sept 2007-by Frank Barat (1 comments)

Kevin Gosztola: Six Years Since What? (1 comments)

Jos Tirado: Meltdown in Iceland: Free-Falling From the Top of the World (2 comments)

Geoffrey of Bordentown: The Tax-Fraud Fraud in Venezuela (3 comments)

waronyou: World markets plunge again

Sally Liuzzo-Prado: Race in the 2008 Election (26 comments)

Steven Leser: Palin Supporter Proudly Displays Racism - Stuffed Monkey Called Obama (10 comments)

David Glenn Cox: Gone with the Wind (3 comments)

Paul Glenn: A Relatively Simple Solution

William Fisher: Let's Cut W. a Little Slack! (8 comments)

steve young: Politics Most Stupid Move Becomes The Most Booed: Palin Curse Hits Philly (5 comments)

martinweiss: *The True Cost of Living

Mark Harris: Where Are the Slander Merchants Taking Us? (5 comments)

Dr. Dennis Loo: On Naomi Wolf's Sounding the Alarm (14 comments)

Saturday, October 11:

David Swanson: Media Criticism of Hate Speech Is Long Overdue (1 comments)

Mark Sashine: Ignorance in Heart Rocks? (1 comments)

Matoska: Hoover's RFC 2.0

HR: Something Is Rotten In The State of Palin (3 comments)

amazin: Surely, rather than disaster, this is our opportunity. (2 comments)

Frank Murphy: The "Martial Law" Hypothesis: A Closer Look and Some Skepticism (1 comments)

Chris Floyd: Without a Trace: The Smokeless Gun of Flagrant Election Fixing (2 comments)

Walter F. Wouk: Massachusetts District Attorneys: Facts: we don't need no stinking facts.

Doug Rogers: Get Ready America, for President Ralph Nader (3 comments)

David Swanson: That's Religulous (2 comments)

Lynne Glasner: McCain's Base: From Race Card to Mob Card

Tom Degan: Crazy White People (15 comments)

alan k: A nation of faith

Abdus Sattar Ghazali: Bigotry trickles down to local elections

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Restoring Good Order to a Disturbed Land: Erosion as a Natural Tendency

M. Wizard: Acorn Sets the Record Straight

Bob Fitrakis: GOP Attacks on American Voters Turn Desperate, Ugly and Dangerous (1 comments)

Dana Gabriel: Chapter 11 of NAFTA Remains a Threat to National Sovereignty (2 comments)

William Cormier: FEMA Official States Bush Is Planning To Implement Martial Law (9 comments)

Stephen Pizzo: It Takes a Village -- The Whole Village..

Grant Lawrence: Move Past the Deception (7 comments)

Mick Youther: The Rottenness of John McCain

Patrick Mattimore: Education Gap Widens and No One Cares


Stuart Steinberg: Cindy McCain Blames Vets for PTSD (5 comments)

David Swanson: ACORN's Response to McCain's Lies (1 comments)

William Fisher: Immigration: Have the Inmates Taken Over the Asylum?

Kevin Gosztola: The October 11 National Day of Antiwar Action

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Panel Findings

Steven Leser: McCain Backing off from Hate Rallies - is it too late?

Rob Kall: Name This Economic Disaster (39 comments)

William John Cox: Economic Chaos and Political Survival (2 comments)

David Swanson: Chicago ACORN Is Braver and Better Than McCain (5 comments)

Richard Wise: "WE THE (FRINGE) PEOPLE ..." (8 comments)

David Swanson: When the Corporate Media Apologizes (3 comments)

Peter J. Burns: McCain Already Scheming to Play Bush-Style Politics

Mary MacElveen: Is John McCain's quest for the presidency effectively over? (13 comments)

Friday, October 10:

Rip Rense: PECK, PECK... SQUAWK! (12 comments)

James Nimmo: Noted Homo-Hater Named Honorary Gay/Lesbian Person (2 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *McCain Has a Record - His Votes Against Veterans (1 comments)

Don Williams: On Obama and the Fears We Dare Not Name, Revisited (2 comments)

David Michael Green: This Just In: Greed Is Not Good (2 comments)

Rev. Bill McGinnis: Sarah Palin Broke The Ethics Law In Alaska, And Can Be Impeached (29 comments)

Steven Saw: And For Other Purposes

Suzana Megles: Another Look at Palin (2 comments)

Ken Meyercord: Zero Interest

Allen Heart: A Peek into the Mind of a Tory

Deb Della Piana: What was that biblical saying about casting the first stone? (2 comments)

Robert McElvaine: Going Beyond the Pale-in: (Character) Assassination (11 comments)

David Waldman: It won't stop. This is how they do things. (7 comments)

Mark Drolette: You can cry for us, Argentina

Medea Benjamin: Should Henry 'The Fox' Paulson Guard the Henhouse? (2 comments)

E. Nelson: Is Republican Norm Coleman Just an Empty Suit? (1 comments)

Jet Graphics: The Bane of Health Insurance (5 comments)

Project Vote: Victory for Voting Rights: Mont. GOP Backs Off Plans to Challenge Mont. Voters (1 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Chavez' government mismanaged? Well, yes, it is but what about the mite in USA's own eye?

mikel weisser: Current Comedy, 10/7/08: Gotcha Soundbite Journalism (1 comments)


Joe Parko: The Real Cause of the Financial Crisis (2 comments)

Matoska: The Times They Are AChangin'

Mark Rudd: Obama's Second Term (1 comments)

Stephen Soldz: Fabulous new film showing on Public Television: Torturing Democracy

John Wilson: John McCain's Terrorist Connections (4 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *The Threat of Fascism in America (5 comments)

alan k: The REAL Crisis...

Gustav Wynn: Yes! Let's Immediately Investigate Voter Fraud!

Matoska: The Market and the Media

Bob Patterson: The Full Catastrophe

Patrick Mattimore: Cheer Up America, You Could be In France or Switzerland

David Swanson: It's the War Crimes, Mickey

Ed Tubbs: We have seen the bowels of hell, and before them stand John McCain and Sarah Palin

Allen Heart: Had Enough Corruption Yet? Take Back Your Power!

Marc McDonald: Fearmongering Finally Blows Up in GOP's Face

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Out of the box there aren't any elites. (4 comments)

Ross McNamara: Norm Coleman's Back-scratching Yes Vote to the Bailout Should Not Surprise Anyone in Minnesota (2 comments)

Kevin Geary: The Reason for McCain's "That One" (3 comments)

Steph Fauxco: *I was one of the "risky" people that got a home loan

chris rice: I Remember Feeling As If I Had Let Everyone Down- Strike Updates (2 comments)

Bruce K. Gagnon: DIVIDE AND CONQUER (1 comments)

David Swanson: Does Justin Rood Hate Bloggers?

Lawrence Velvel: Re: Creating And Sustaining The Unsustainable. (1 comments)

Kevin Zeese: Time to Create the Economy We Want (4 comments)

Robert Naiman: General Petraeus: Talks with the Taliban are Kosher (2 comments)

Patrick Mattimore: It's Education, Stupid (3 comments)

Rob Kall: Worldwide, Stock Prices Plummet, Assets Crumble in Days. (19 comments)

steve young: The Stupidest Political (And Sports) Move in History: Palin To Drop Puck At Philadelphia Flyers Opener (4 comments)

Sherman Yellen: The dangerous McCain/Palin character assassination of Obama (9 comments)

paul roberts: A Solution? (22 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Another Israeli West Bank Land Grab Scheme

Steven Leser: Palin Guilty - Troopergate Witnesses & McCain Campaign Obstructed Justice (28 comments)

Dean Powers: Forget my 401K, Tell the William Ayers Story for the 572nd Time (1 comments)

David Swanson: ACORN Is Not the Nut Here (9 comments)

Thursday, October 9:

talha mujaddidi: From Musharraf to Zardari

Roy S. Carson: Do Venezuelans really want a Fox News copycat with unmitigated bias to pathetic bootlicking? (1 comments)

Mary MacElveen: It is time for America to get pissed off at John McCain (6 comments)

Tnut: Vermin Takeover (1 comments)

Martha Moffett: Cindy McCain onstage (6 comments)

Matthis Chiroux: IVAW Update: Oct. 15th Presidential Debate Protest (1 comments)

Allen Heart: Origins of Violence: Climate Change in the Sahara 7,000 Years Ago (13 comments)

Roland Michel Tremblay: Truth is incompatible with politics

David Swanson: ABC Is Lying About NSA

Mark Adams JD/MBA: Martin Dyckman on "A Most Disorderly Court"

Bruce Allen Morris: Friends with Reagan; Pals With Terrorist?

Project Vote: Changing the Game: Voter Registration Drives Reshape the American Electorate

Grant Lawrence: "My Fellow Prisoners"

Patrick Mattimore: Media Mangles Education News... Again

robert wolff: Money

virginius "gin" arnold: In what do we trust (3 comments)

Carol Jensen: McCain uses women to do his dirty work (2 comments)

ACT UP Philadelphia: Greet Palin in Style Sat 10/11 in Philly (1 comments)

Bob Koehler: Brace Yourself

P. Orin Zack: End the Charade (2 comments)

John Bruhns: Cindy is a fighter (7 comments)

HR: McCain: The Great Pretender

Kellia Ramares: OBAMA: CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN--NOT, Part One, The Economy (8 comments)

Blaine Kinsey: FEAR-MONGERING ABOUT MARTIAL LAW (4 comments)

Rafe Pilgrim: Monsters vs. Yowsahs -- The Latest (Not Very Scientific) Poll (2 comments)

Sherman Yellen: SOS: McCain to bin Laden -- Where is that Video You Promised Me?


Steven Roach: taking a break (2 comments)

Angellight: McCain Hides Palin's Pentecostal Ties from Evangelicals!

DAnne Burley: *Letter to Chief Judge Evan's about Foreclosures in Cook County Illinois (1 comments)

PrMaine: Illegal? So What? (2 comments)

David Swanson: After Hope (1 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: Profit Over Solutions

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Restoring Good Order to a Disturbed Land: Introductory Thoughts (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: In the throes of desperation, McCain launches yet another negative Barack Obama ad

William Fisher: Palin: Sancho Pander (2 comments)

David Swanson: AP Exclusive: Documents Say Candidate Near Insanity (1 comments)

Dave Lindorff: Beyond Boondoggles

Lawrence Velvel: The Questions At The So-Called Debates Should Reflect The Answers, Since The Answers Will Not Reflect The Questions

steve young: BREAKING! McCain Linked To Jackson Five

Michael Collins: 2008: The Difficulty Stealing it this Time (4 comments)

Mary Shaw: Maryland State Police Put Nonviolent Activists on Terror Lists (3 comments)

Rob Kall: CBS's Spoiled Poodle Dean Reynolds Bites Obama-- Reports his Plane Smells (18 comments)

Bruce Cain: Don't Vote for Obama or McCain (9 comments)

Roger C. S. Lin: Taiwan is not a state, it's a Proxy Occupation (1 comments)

Deb Della Piana: How low can Palin go? (4 comments)

Eric Malone: Debate and Switch (6 comments)

Eliot Gould: Election Challenge Continued: Part II

R. A. Louis: Crash & Collapse: This is more than a depression. (6 comments)

Shirley Bianchi: Onward, Christian Soldiers (Redux) (6 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Economically, Barack Obama is correct in using diplomacy when it comes to Iran

Wednesday, October 8:

David Model: The Second Debate: What's Wrong with this Picture

amazin: No, really, who can know such mysteries? (1 comments)

Lord Stirling: The Quickening ~ Economic Crisis (4 comments)

Mumia Abu-Jamal: The Fall of the House of Capital (2 comments)

Nicholas Smith: Republican: Obama LOST The Election Over Debate Performance (1 comments)

Lydia Kopere Patterson: *Obama, the inclusive Leader with Character and Judgment (2 comments)

kato krause: Open Letter to a Soldier (1 comments)

Yvonne: McShame! Buying Bad Mortgages

Lance Ciepiela: *McCain-The Real Senator Hothead (1 comments)

John R Moffett: DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA! (41 comments)

Bob Patterson: Big Darkness Soon Come

Kevin Gosztola: The Second Debate: What They Don't Know and How They Plan to Find It Out (1 comments)

George Washington: Bailout Has Already Been Proven Worthless (Can We Cancel It Now?) (1 comments)

Philip Wood: Breaking the racial ceiling (1 comments)

Press Release: *John McCain's Rage is a National Security Concern - Short Video (2 comments)

Lynn Morris: Dear People of WV Let's Make A Difference! (2 comments)

Roy S. Carson: Honor? Really? Well that's a subject of another editorial...

Grant Lawrence: Tent Cities Are Good (3 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *How Wall Street Titans Collapsed Like a House of Cards

Mickey Z.: Attack of the Attackers (2 comments)

DrTruth: Just Say NO! We will NOT pay for this bailout!

Carol Wolman: *Atonement time

Jane Stillwater: John's Anatomy: What would Dr. McDreamy say about the state of McCain's health? (3 comments)

Lynne Glasner: The Bush Reign of Terror

Will Roberts: *campaign 2008 blow by blow!

Tom Degan: Character and Distractions (3 comments)

David Glenn Cox: The Shot Heard Round the World (4 comments)

waronyou: The missing SNL bailout skit - and the Soros connection (1 comments)

you tube: Naomi Wolf Must Watch Video: A Coup Took Place on October 1, 2008 (93 comments)

Kimberly Wilder: Living the Skit: I am Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (1 comments)

Mary Pitt: The Debate From the Great Fly-Over

Roy Murtishaw: Some Serious Out-of-Whackness Going On

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Domestic Terrorism or Dissent? (4 comments)

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: The Price of Arrogance (3 comments)

David Swanson: Warming to Palin (5 comments)

Tnut: The Debate, My Take(3) (2 comments)

Tim Hjersted: It's Time Anti-War Activists Go Back to School (2 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Sarah Palin in engaging in tinderbox-politics is a danger to our national security (5 comments)

David Swanson: Bugliosi on Radio and on tour (2 comments)

Stephen Lendman: Justice for Yemeni Sheik (2 comments)

Dean Powers: McCain: "I think you can work on all three at once, Tom" (5 comments)

Ernest Partridge: Can the GOP Steal The Election Again? You Betcha! (15 comments)

Mary Lyon: The Subliminal Slam-Dunk (2 comments)

Bernard Weiner: Peeks Into the Diaries of the Candidates and Hank Paulson

Tuesday, October 7:

Rob Kall: Debate Redux: Crushed McCain (5 comments)

Don Williams: At Last, Talking Heads Acknowledge Obama Won (3 comments)

Anthony Wade: Team McFailin – Desperation and Mud

Mark Crispin Miller: Where's Rachel (Maddow)?

Allen Heart: Christopher Columbus, Marrano and Mariner

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Palin/McCain have gone beyond swift boating. They are engineering Obama's assassination. (8 comments)

Steph Fauxco: *Did we just hear Sarah Palin evoke a Witch Hunt? (2 comments)

Steve Elliott: Attorney General Rob McKenna Is Not Cool

Jonathan Leigh Solomon: Tonight's Debate: Obama Can Use Humor to Connect with Voters and Corner McCain

kellie bean: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful (2 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Good luck, America -- but if luck fails you, there's always St Louis!

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: The Decline of America (1 comments)

Rabbi Michael Lerner: The "hate" people are back--will it work again? against Jews, against Muslims, and against Obama?

Ann Wright: My Daughter's Dream Became a Nightmare (5 comments)

Michael Chavers: Spotlight on McCain-Palin Associations

adeeba folami: McCain/Palin Continue to Spread Misinformation on Ahmadinejad (6 comments)

kato krause: Thanksgiving

Ed Tubbs: McCain, Palin don't care: One-third of America's homeless are veterans

Michael Morris: The Total Collapse of America (2 comments)

Peter Barus: Sorry. We're toast. A failed experiment. Have fun, people. (5 comments)

Paul Rye: Shark Poop Causes 2008 Financial Crisis (2 comments)

Dwight Black: Raising Taxes vs. Reducing Wealth

Lance Ciepiela: *The U.S. Financial System, the Debt Bubble, and the Cancer of Excessive DEREGULATION (2 comments)

David Spangenburg: Dragons and Ogres

ncvoter: Florida's No Match-No Vote Law Violates Equal Protection

Dana Brown: *The True Story Still Not Told (2 comments)

Joel S. Hirschhorn: McCain Considering Conceding Election Soon (9 comments)

David Swanson: They Lived to Tell: Winter Soldier (3 comments)

steve young: McCain Campaign Going Double Negative

Mary MacElveen: Sarah Palin and a Republican led government are the domestic terrorists (3 comments)

Dean Powers: McCain Strategy: Pretend to be Ted Kennedy

John Bruhns: Obama's Edge Over McCain on Iraq (2 comments)

Lawrence Velvel: Alan Dershowitz on Whether to Prosecute Executive Branch Criminals (10 comments)

Brent Budowsky: John McCain: The Mount Vesuvius of Mud (1 comments)

Cynthia McKinney: *Where's Kenny Rogers When You Need Him? The Big Boys Got Their Bailout (1 comments)

Rowan Wolf: Economic Globalization and Speculation Coming Home to Roost (17 comments)

David Swanson: Cindy, Charlotte, and Our Constitution (1 comments)

Pablo Ouziel: Academic Exile and Freedom to Learn

A Bonifield: Dallas' Double-Dose of Palin

Janis Kay: Tampa's WFLA "exclusive interview" with Sarah Palin feeds the propaganda (2 comments)

Patrick Henningsen: *SO SAY THE BANKERS: Learn to Love the 'AMERO' (15 comments)

Ignacio Fresas: America: Superpower or Super Stupid?

Rob Kall: Lying Traitors vs Economic Cowards (43 comments)

Jos� Tirado: Feral Christian

BRANDON DEAN: 700 Billion Dollar Number Legitimizes Multi-Trillion Dollar Extortion (1 comments)

Tom Driscoll: "They pull me back in" (1 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain vs. Obama - Debate Preview (11 comments)

martinweiss: *Poverty Amidst Plenty (1 comments)

Linda Milazzo: What I Learned At The Sarah Palin Rally Before They Threw Me Out! (56 comments)

Mary MacElveen: In attacking Barack Obama, McCain and Palin have done nothing to soothe a frightened nation

Ralph Lopez: *Senator William Blount Was Impeached, Impeach Pelosi for Complicity in War Crimes (5 comments)

Monday, October 6:

By Anthony J. Hall, Founding Coordinator and Professor of Globalization Studies: Hate Speech as Political Rhetoric: Stephen Harper and 911 in the Canadian Election of 2008 (1 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *Keating Economics-McCain To The Rescue

Jill Jackson: A recipe for the future from the past: Pan Metron Ariston (2 comments)

Scott McLarty: Open the Debates! Why antiwar and anti-bailout voters should demand an invitation for Cynthia McKinney

jcalderjr: McCain and Bill O'Reilly on "The White Male Power Structure"?

Ignacio Fresas: America: Superpower or Super Stupid? (2 comments)

LEIGHTON SMITH: Immigration Reform

Doc "Old Codger" McCoy: On the Record: Joe Sixpack (1 comments)

Jayne Lyn Stahl: Martial Law? (4 comments)

Emily Levy: I Just Prevented Thousands of Californians from Having to Vote on Provisional Ballots! (9 comments)

Harvey Wasserman: Because we fought for them, my daughters have cast paper ballots (1 comments)

Rob Kall: An Interview with David Korten, Author of When Corporations Rule the World (2 comments)


Ed Tubbs: My professional relationship with Lincoln S&L

chris rice: The Overthrow of America (1 comments)

Mark Adams JD/MBA: If I were a Terrorist, I'd Throw Millions Out of Their Homes and Devalue the Dollar!!! (1 comments)

Richard Hirschhorn: "Stampede"

David Klassen: Incomprehensible! (2 comments)

Carol Jensen: John McCain's age really does matter (2 comments)

Leisha Camden: This Is Our Obama! (8 comments)

sherry clark: Tiberi Just Says NO! Then Says YES!

Min. Paul Scott: Stumped on Jay -Z Stumpin' for Prez: The Politics of Hip Hop

Ed Martin: When trickle down became bailout became flood up

dondonato: Home of the Brave or Shelter for the Cowering?

Press Release: KUCINICH: MARKET FALLS AGAIN (8 comments)


Dave Lindorff: The Markets Have Just Given a Big Raspberry to Paulson, Bernanke, Bush and Congress (2 comments)

Deena Stryker: Palin's Roman Circus

Kevin Gosztola: How Do You Reconcile With Obama's Record and Ultimately Vote for Him on Election Day? (9 comments)

David Swanson: Why a City Should Oppose Attacking Iran

Mary MacElveen: Red States and blue states must band together by turning away from McCain and Palin

Michael Bonanno: Only the Privileged Need Apply

paul roberts: The End of American Hegemony (18 comments)

Michael Fox: Living in the New Depression (8 comments)

Allen Heart: Income Taxes are a Cartoon of the Law

John K. Wilson: 30 Lies Refuted about Ayers and Obama (19 comments)

the web: *Don Siegelman, Rove Target, Urges Support for Rep. Robert Wexler

Dave Lindorff: Presidential Campaign Enters the Silly Season (2 comments)

Rob Kall: Those Who Call Obama A Muslim (37 comments)

Stephen Lendman: The Fleecing of America (3 comments)

Sunday, October 5:

David Michael Green: The Reality-Based Community Returns To Life (8 comments)

Evon Peter: Alaska 101 for Presidential Candidates (1 comments)

waronyou: "Wall Street Socialists"

dondonato: "There May Be Troubles Ahead"

GreenMan: The John McStrange & Winky Show

Deb Della Piana: The McCain Meltdown (5 comments)

Ed Tubbs: The Sunday Funnies: I admit it -- I just don't get it. (1 comments)

Lance Ciepiela: *Bailout Christmas Tree Bill (1 comments)

Kevin Anthony Stoda: I Called it Right! I Called it Wrong (2 comments)

Constance Lavender: Alaskan Voices Disapproval of Palin (6 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Look, I don't mean to sound like a dufus, but how much of the bail out can be undone if Obama is President? (36 comments)

San Francisco Chronicle/Kathryn Smith: *San Francisco's Farmland

David Glenn Cox: The Terminator Cries Uncle

Donna Roepenack: McCain's Pro-Veteran Rhetoric Exposed!

Rafe Pilgrim: Dems Campaign for Their Own Betrayers (6 comments)

Rand Clifford: Corporate Media: The Missing Headlines (2 comments)

Philip Wood: Health Care and our President to be (whichever) (1 comments)

harmony hackney: History: And being doomed to repeat it, Depression II (4 comments)

Steven Roach: dyslexia (4 comments)

Robert McElvaine: SSM (Sewage Stream Media) Intimidate MSM on Palin (1 comments)

Ron Fullwood: Deface the Banner of the Nation for an Idle Rag

Mary MacElveen: Shame on Palin for Swift-boating, Senator Barack Obama (6 comments)

Bob Patterson: Is There Only One Bush Fan in San Francisco? (3 comments)

Eliot Gould: Part One of Election Code Challenge (5 comments)

John Wilson: Barack Obama and the Myth of Inexperience (2 comments)

PeterJ: *I Think We're Turning Chinese, I Really Think So. (8 comments)

the web: *Voting Rights Flyer for NY Voters, especially Minority Community

Ed Tubbs: On the utter ignorance and criminal stupidity, voting for McCain/Palin. (5 comments)

Steven Leser: McCain - Coming are his Desperate Attacks (3 comments)

Mickey Z.: The Struggle for Single-Payer (7 comments)

Steven Leser: Palin Debate Performance Deconstructed (12 comments)

Rob Kall: Topsy Turvy Week Shows Need For Fixing a Broken System (15 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): All that's missing are the uniforms! (42 comments)

Saturday, October 4:

Kevin Gosztola: To Pre-Empt or Not to Pre-Empt

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Yemen as Tourist Site--Yemen as Site of Culture Wars (2 comments)

Stephen Fox: Tell Karl, John, Dick, and Sarah in a Letter to the Editor that this Ayers Tactic Just Won't Work! (16 comments)

Lee Patton: President McCain's Whacked Appointments

Grant Lawrence: WWJD (2 comments)

Tnut: BAILING OUT (2 comments)

Mike Colpitts: Throw the Bums out

waronyou: Zeitgeist Addendum - Watch Now! (4 comments)

Barbara Bellows-TerraNova: Palin: My, Wasn't She a Fast Talker (1 comments)

Bill Falzett, PhD: The CRA, Low Income People, and the Bailout: Results vs. Intentions (1 comments)

Flak Stopper: It takes only one or two

Thaddeus Kaczor Jr: The 'Bailout' Abomination (1 comments)

Jane Stillwater: Joe Lieberman wears makeup & other things I learned at the Biden-Palin debate (4 comments)

Bob Patterson: Bush-bashing Addicts Face "Cold Turkey" Cure

Andrew Kishner: DOE saying it's protecting us is a hard pill to swallow

Mary MacElveen: In confronting racism, Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO is awarded my 'Founding Fathers Award' (1 comments)

Andrew Bard Schmookler: Searching for Bedrock: What Makes Something Good? (1 comments)


Janet Loughrey: Democracy Lost (4 comments)

waronyou: AIG subsidiary parties in style in OC, two weeks after bailout (3 comments)

Brasch: Sarah Palin Wins Debate--By Darn (19 comments)

Mary MacElveen: Kathleen Parker's column praising Sarah Palin is not putting country first (12 comments)

David Swanson: Vote Like Mike (1 comments)

Friday, October 3:

Richard Power: Russia Now, the USA Sooner than Later? (1 comments)

Mary Pitt: Where is Justice? (6 comments)

Rowan Wolf: There May Be Truth in the McCain-Palin "Maverick" Claim (2 comments)

Peter J. Burns: Was Palin Flirting With Every Man in the U.S., or Just Me? (3 comments)

virginius "gin" arnold: Could Ronald Reagan Win?

Anthony Michael: The PRE-PLANNED Financial/Economic 911 of 2008 (14 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Oh, oh, Palin leaked it out during the debate that she wants to be EVEN MORE POWERFUL than Dick Cheney!

Garland Favorito: What you need to know about the $700 billion 2008 bail out (2 comments)

Dan Fejes: A Wonderful Failure (3 comments)

Tony Elliott: A Sensible Economic Package

John Q. Camarillo: Eulogy for a Nation: The Bailout Passes; Democracy Passes on... (6 comments)

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Thursday, October 2:

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Wednesday, October 1:

John F. Miglio: Didn't John McCain or Sarah Palin Learn Anything from The Vietnam Experience? (1 comments)

Vivian Berryhill: Maverick McCain's Future Hangs in Balance With Bailout Bill

Leon: our Financial Crisis (1 comments)

W. Christopher Epler (Bill): Sarah Palin would be the last nail in the coffin of the Republican murder of the Earth.

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Project Vote: TIMELINE: Mich. Vote Caging Scheme Exemplifies Mounting Dirty Tricks Operations

Charles L. Riccillo: "In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash"

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