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There Are A Number Of People Who Have Allowed Their Beliefs To Be Infuenced By The Church And The Government.

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Author 11987
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Recently I've noticed a few more articles on or relating to the subject of mind control. This is of particular interest to me for a couple of reasons. First, it seems to be the only explanation as to how this current administration has managed to keep enough constituents to maintain such a close margin, close enough to where they can manipulate such a small portion of the vote to effectively win elections. I find it almost impossible to believe that so many people are just naturally stupid. Pardon the vernacular, I'm not really fond of that word but it's the most appropriate I can come up with for middle class people who would vote for Bush.
The other reason is that so many members of my own family seem to have been enthralled by this party which has absolutely nothing to offer them. One article in particular caught my attention because JC Garrett   was having a personal problem so similar to my own. It seems that his mother, whenever she hears any of the much obvious smears against Barrack Obama, believes them. JC doesn't realize how fortunate he is though. His mother E-mails him and asks him to check them out. My mother, on the other hand, just files them in her "this is just too stupid to believe file" which she has labeled as "Truth". If you say "God" to my mother then you must be good. If you're against abortion then you should be the president, even if there's nothing that the president on his own can do about abortion. My mother is a "zombie."  That's not my biggest problem, which is that my mother is a religious fanatic. These people are beyond reach, they're all just one "sign" away from a cup of Cool-Aid.
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No, my main problem is that a good portion of my family has been "taken over" by the same force somehow, though God is not their driving force. Although God plays a part in it, that's only a portion of the "God and Country" cult, as they see themselves. Although they have most of the same fundamental beliefs as I do they somehow see themselves as better  Americans than myself. The reason that they consider themselves "better" is because they have decided that they are right wing conservatives and they consider me a liberal. I italicized that to demonstrate the "stink" that they put on the word.
First of all, I am not a liberal,,, or a dem,, or a left winger or a republican,,, geeez! This is a perfect example of what the government has done to people who have been faithful followers. It has used them and told them that anyone who does not follow their ways is a Liberal, a left winger, a democrat, all words which they have derogatized. They have been conditioned that any members of these groups are stupid, bad, wrong and not worthy of conversation. They should hold their ears and "hoot" loudly whenever one of these people speaks. And it worked. Just try to have an intelligent conversation with one of these people. It's quite frustrating. They'll just call you names and insult you but they will not converse.
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I'm an American gone mad. I'm a frustrated, angry, confused man who believes in the Constitution and his rights, who is watching his Country dragged down to the sewers by a combination of ultra greedy, lying, thieving, money-grubbing politicians and corporate vampires and a faction of people with faith who have left themselves susceptible to so-called mind control techniques so obvious as to be obtuse.
These techniques are not new, not by a long shot. They've been around for centuries. As long as there have been armies and societies, leaders and sellers have used these methods of "brainwashing" to control mobs and to "train" soldiers. It seems though that, for one reason or another, the practice seems to have begun working en masse. A method which, I thought, was so obvious that most average people automatically recognized it and pushed it aside, refusing to be "suckered in" by such obvious, almost elementary tactics. When someone has been successfully programmed, I can just about recognize it in their eyes. It does seen to work best on people who have been in the military or some other "police" type force, or have a firm religious foundation.
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I believe this to be true because the process has already been established to a good degree and it's just a matter of picking up where they left off. Now, that may be the rule but there is an exception. I have an uncle who was a career military man but has the strength of mind to see through what was being done and was as angry as I am that "his " government was being a Traitor to it's people. Needless to say, I am extremely proud of that Uncle and will carry that to my grave, for he is the man who gives me hope when I'm at the verge of losing it all.
I should probably clarify now, that I've delved into this subject so haphazardly as to use the terms "brainwashing" and "mind control"  so loosely and with somewhat disdain, that these terms are just words which we have come to identify with some other persons or entity taking over our minds.
The simple fact of the matter is that every time that you read, or watch a program you are exercising some form of brainwashing or mind control technique. How you absorb or disseminate the information that you observe is totally up to you. Now, your age or your capacity to discern the credible also has much to do with whether you're being taught or are being taken advantage of. If you are a person of average intelligence, common sense and a healthy self image, you should have no problem recognizing bad information no matter the source. Unfortunately, there are sectors of the population who are so susceptible to thought manipulation that it's simply a matter of catch phrases or words to trigger a sense of familiarity with a particular cause or candidate.
There's not much that can be done about the tactics being used to recruit people who will cast common sense and all that they really believe aside and vote for someone who means them harm or to change the minds of people who have already been reached. All we can do is work with what we have. At the moment our first objective is to put Barrack Obama in office, at all costs. That means that every single one of us must vote. Our next obligation is to try to influence everyone who may not want to be bothered with the process to vote. One way to do this is to make everyone aware of the simplicity of absentee voting. You can register online, the ballots will be sent to your home and you simply fill them in.  
It couldn't possibly be less hassle and it's going to make all of the difference in the world. Remember, we never thought that Bush could win in 2004 but the margins were close enough to where they could make some minor manipulations and actually win. We CANNOT let this happen again. If you're really driven you can print up business-like cards with the message to  "Vote Absentee, Vote Obama" with the website "Obama." . This site will register them to vote absentee and that's all there is to it.
There is absolutely no reason not to vote this year, or any other for that matter.
Another thing which is imperative is to teach your children. At a very young age, children are susceptible to learn what anyone teaches them. When you send them off to school you're entrusting their little minds to the agenda and teachings of whoever or whatever may be their charge. Children will trust a teacher's authority and will absorb what comes from their mouths as gospel. This includes "gospel". I don't know about you but I don't want teachers telling my child anything about religion or politics, but these people are shrewd. They inject little snippets here and there about God and Jesus and just enough commentary to instill curiosity and furthermore, actual beliefs, into their minds. Remember, what a child learns up until the age of six is 90% of everything they will ever retain. Those teachings will remain with the child forever. How can you intercede? Talk to your child, every single day. Ask them directly, "what did you learn in school today?", "Did your teacher or anyone else talk to you about God or Jesus?" "Did anyone talk about the president?" These are things which you should have discussions with your child about, not a total stranger. This is how mind control begins.
Our public school system is a breeding ground for dissemination of religious and political rhetoric and this is no accident. If you have a child in this system it is vital that you play an intricate roll in what they are learning. Your child is in a public school, generally, because you can't afford to send them to a private school. The curriculum in the public sector is a basic training for students who, for the most part, are destined to a mind numbing program designed to teach the "Three R's", rudimentary subjects and mechanically structured courses leading up to a series of tests meant to draw out exceptional students who will be introduced to scholarships and programs designed to help them excel as their "average "classmates stumble through a boring, non-stimulating curriculum which does nothing to root out their inner artistic or other scholastic abilities. Some will graduate with no thought of what to do with their lives or how to apply their special abilities. Others will just feel bored and unchallenged and will drop out, only to bounce from one low paying job to the next. These students aren't necessarily ignorant or dumb, nor are they lazy or unmotivated. They were just literally ignored by the system and allowed to "skate" through in order to "fulfill' quotas or meet standards. Along the way though, they have been subjected to the random thoughts and beliefs of certain teachers and curriculum whose agenda is to"create" God fearing, authority respecting, good little Americans. They've already been set up to serve submissively, act without question, believe in the power of religion, whether or not you've brought them to any religion. They haven't actually been taught, it's just been slipped to them for eight or more years and then High School. If you haven't interceded, you probably have a little zombie with which to work. If you think it's great that they've learned to "respect" without question and base their decisions on a religious basis then you should take a strong look at yourself but I doubt that's you or you wouldn't be here but if that's what your child is you now need to do what you should have done years ago.
Now, though, you're job will be very difficult. If you monitor your child's education from the first day in the outside world you'll have them on your side and you can teach them to take advantage of the "good" that they learn and to be able to disseminate the crap. Your children are your responsibility. Accept that and don't trust the world to teach them for you, you must play the largest role of teacher in their life. If you don't the government will, that's the fact.
Another good article pertinent to this discussion is from Anthony Wade
He does an excellent job of describing the core element which has "driven" this nation to thinking without thought. Reading all of these types of article is both refreshing for me (because they substantiate my beliefs and lend credence to what has in the past, sounded so unbelievable) and debilitating at the same time as it confounds by beliefs that we can overcome this subversive action being enacted in our highest levels of government, law enforcement, the media and corporate America. The breadth and the scope of such a conspiracy makes it seemingly almost ridiculous and its' magnitude makes it appear invincible. It is neither.
So, what can we do? Try to get every straight thinking soul that you can to go vote and  vote for Obama. Why, because I love Obama and think that he walks on water? No! Because of common sense. There are only two candidates who have any chance whatsoever of being the president of The United States. One is Barrack Obama, the other is John McCain. Of the two, one is a legitimate contender who has spoken the actual words of what he intends to do. The other is a sidestepping manipulator of conversations who answers every question with a question. A typical and most obvious deceiver.
Now, if you're halfway smart, and I assume you are because you're reading OpEdNews, then you know what we're up against and already realize that whether or not Barrack is your first choice is not the issue. The issue is that John McCain is your absolute last choice and if you pick anyone except Obama, even though your choice would be the best president we ever had,  McCain will be our next president. It's the fact. That's how it happened in 2000 and that's how it happened in 2004. It happened because of what this article is about. Mind control. But, the only thing you need to believe, whether you believe me or not, is that if you don't want McCain for president then you must vote for Barrack Obama.
Nothing will change that fact, not if you don't like his personality, or if you don't like blacks, or you call yourself an independent and don't want to stray from your party. No one's going to hear your statement if we're all gone off to war or broke and bankrupt.
But, no matter what happens this election there is still going to be a very strong issue in mind control. If McCain wins, it's a big problem but it's going to seem like the least of our problems, because it will pull the greedy, power hungry cretins who are on the verge of destroying us up to a level where we won't be able to overpower them in congress or the supreme court. It's obvious what influence they hold over many of our democratic leaders who we depended on to take the Bush administration out of power.
Nancy Pelosi is the first to come to mind and the most notorious. Given four more years they will surely bring us to their Armageddon, whatever they perceive that to be. However, if Obama holds office we'll have a platform on which to build a whole new party. A party of common sense and reasonableness. It will be made up of people like us and others who may have been confused,  and rightfully so, by all of the rhetoric and commentary but most of all by the involvement of their media, their newspapers and favorite news shows who have ignored or passed over any of the actual criminal acts committed by this administration.
It's difficult to fathom that the very people who own these news organizations are the very ones who profit most by keeping this administration in office. You have to have really big balls to stand up and lie so obviously about the actions of an entity which you're supposed to be monitoring and reporting to the masses on. The only possible reason to pass over the greatest news stories in history would be the fact that, first, there was some level of complicity; second, there would be personal financial implications which would alter your own life as it would every other overpaid crook becoming ultra rich at the cost of the entire middle class of America.
The very fact that you're reading this article means that you are a very important person. This you must believe. You get it and that's a gift. You have broken through all of the barriers, ignored all of the frightful lies, taken the unpopular stand, all because you have the power to reason on your own. There are powerful forces at work trying to sway your beliefs. They are quite complex in their design and they are meant to confuse you, draw you away from logic and reason and make you suspect and afraid of your own beliefs. You, though, are able to clearly see through what so many are blind to and because of this you have responsibilities. You are the few who's votes will make the difference. There aren't enough of us to insure that we can take down this power structure and if we cannot do this, at least partly, in this election we are all in grave danger. The continuation of this administration (and that is what McCain in office will be), will mean the eradication of the constitution, the lowering of taxes on the rich, more outsourcing of jobs which means higher unemployment.
You've seen where prices are going just in the past month, think they're high? You ain't seen nothing yet. All of those detention camps   are just waiting to be filled.
There's a lot of extreme rhetoric out there which sometimes blurs the lines between speculation and truth. Unfortunately, it's very difficult, given the circumstances, to find that line. So much of the truth leads to the ability to stand up to  the repercussions and backlash from the right.  This has been our problem from the start. Without numbers we are piss-ants. Even people who know and believe in the truth back away out of fright or fear of ostracism. No one wants to be unpopular. There's no prize except maybe the upcoming "Sheep Awards" and the only prize is that you get "fleeced". 
As far as the rest of the country is concerned, well, you're witnessing the direct result of our educational system. That is, we have the extremely successful, mostly the result of private schools and colleges who are earning the most money. Most of the time the money has been there since birth so it's not difficult to convince them that the far right is on their side. They want the lower taxes, the least government interference into their business, the higher interest rates, it all fits even if the administration may end up hurting them financially as they are not quite in the bracket which the extreme right considers "their own". It's not impossible but it's difficult to get them to change, even if all of a sudden they "get it". They have probably been very vocal "lefty haters" and angrily and vehemently displayed their disgust over lily livered liberals. It's difficult for them to recognize that you don't necessarily have to be a left winger or a liberal to recognize the wrongdoings and evils of the Bush administration and that McCain is just following his footsteps. They may secretly change their minds and vote accordingly but it's not likely that they'll tell anyone or actually campaign against the Republican Party. The best thing to do is leave them alone, they'll do what they believe best, silently.
Then there's the fanatical Religious right. Nothing else matters to them except that they believe with every fabric of their being that God will save them, that the Bible is fact and that abortion is murdering babies. Once a politician says that he wants to kill "Roe vs. Wade," that politician is designated as God's mouthpiece and nothing that anyone else says matters one bit to these people.
I believe that religion is the largest and most effective mind control technique there is. I also believe that the "addiction" is worse than heroin. You will not change the mind of someone who has been "found." The ironic thing with these people is that they will proclaim their "holiness", put their "fish" stickers on their cars, windows, even their business cards and signs in order to solicit business and attract others with the "cause," but will not hesitate to "screw" a customer with an inferior product or service or maybe even money. Somehow they manage to convince themselves that they are Godly and incapable of an unchristian act. There can be several witnesses to the event who all agree that the person is behaving in an improper, even possibly illegal manner. They can be close friends or even family members, but they cannot reach these people. They are righteous, incapable of doing anything ungodly because they have accepted Jesus into their lives. This is the most frightening of all mind control techniques. First because it's so easy to target susceptible people and just as easy to manipulate their minds. Second, its' control is so strong that they can be convinced to do almost anything from vote for a candidate to strap on a bomb and blow up a marketplace. There is nothing you can do to get through to these people and it's very sad when a family member or friend gets caught up in one of these groups. It's almost as though you've lost them. Most of the time you can hardly recognize them for who they are.  It's best to just leave them be. You won't change their beliefs and they will drive you mad.
The bottom line is that there's not much time and there is really only one objective, that is to beat McCain. So, for the moment forget everything else. Vote. Get your friends and family who will vote for Barrack Obama and get them to vote and convince them of the importance of each and every vote for Obama. 
Copy and paste the card below and print out as many as you need. Pass them out as you can. This gives people the web address :   where they can go and easily register to vote absentee. There's not one reason why anyone of voting age who retains the right to vote and wants to vote for Barrack Obama, can't!
Don't Let Them Steal Another Election!


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I was born in 1951. I had the benefit of experiencing the na-vet- of the 50', The Ozzie and Harriet years, when Dad went to work in a suit and tie and Mom stayed home in high heals and an apron. Yea, that was life for me. I lived in a (more...)

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