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Image created from image crediting Jul 1, 2015         9 
Chris Hedges-- Anatomy of Rebellion and Revolution

I spend just over an hour with Chris Hedges, discussing his new book, Wages of Rebellion. He goes into detail describing the factors that lead to rebellion and revolution. He also answered a half a dozen questions asked by OEN members.

Image created from image crediting Jun 24, 2015         6 
Marjorie Kelly: Ownership Revolution: Transitioning from Extractive to Generative Economics

At the core of capitalism, Ownership is the key problem, leading to extractive economics that doesn't care about people or nature. There are better ways, already operating. Marjorie Kelly, Executive Vice President with The Democracy Collaborative and author of Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution, talks about them.

Zen Honeycutt Jun 17, 2015         2 
Digging Deeper Into Monsanto, GMO and Roundup/Glyphosate; Zen Honeycutt

a dig deep into how GMO's are dangerous-- answering challenges by pro-GMO scientists, with activist Zen Honeycutt-- and a call to activism on July 4th.

Dr. Mari Swingle and her book, iMind Jun 3, 2015
iTech Addiction, Danger and Damage-- Mari Swingle, author iMinds

iTech-- internet, smart phones, iPads-- they're changing the way young people's brains work, leading to internet and tech addiction that profoundly impairs lives. Some are more at risk than others. Dr. Swingle casts light on parts of internet and smart phone, video game use that need to be explored, including effects on toddlers, affects on relationships, re., attachment disorder, autism, bullying, boredom, sex

Image created from image crediting May 27, 2015         2 
Henry A. Giroux; Culture of Cruelty, Neoliberals War on Education,

Henry Giroux is a kick-ass progressive thinker. We cover a lot of ground.

Sam and Gifford Keen May 20, 2015
Healing Conflict With Story; Prodigal Father, Wayward Son: Sam Keen & Gifford Keen

I interview Sam Keen and his son Gifford about their book, Prodigal Father, Wayward Son, the sequel to Keen's classic book that so inspired the men's movement, Fire In The Belly.

Image created from image crediting May 13, 2015         1 
America Is NOT Broke: Interview with Scott Baker

Scott Baker is the author of a new book, America Is Not Broke-- Four Multi-trillion Dollar Paths to a Thriving America. We talk about those options.

Image created from image crediting May 6, 2015         11 
The Mind Boggling Implications of the 3D Printing Bottom-up Revolution: Intvw w. Dr. Future-- Paul Tinari

Why bring 20 million parts on a naval excursion, when you can 3D print them as needed? Want to make a car, no need for a billion dollar factory. Print a car with 3D printing. These are happening already. Paul Tinari tells us about how this bototm-up revolution is unfolding.

Image created from image crediting Apr 29, 2015         1 
Lee Van Ham: Blinded By Progress-- Breaking out of the illusion that holds us

Lee Van Ham is author of the book Blinded by Progress-- breaking out of the Illusion that Holds us, and is a co-founder of Jubilee Economics, a non profit focused on one-earth living, as opposed to living in an unsustainable way that would require multiple earths.

Image created from image crediting Apr 22, 2015
Jeremy Heimans; What New Power Looks Like

Jeremy gave a Ted Talk on What New Power Looks like last year. Over 1.1million people have viewed it. He gave a 15 minute talk. I went into greater depth with him for almost an hour.

Barbara Marx Hubbard Apr 15, 2015         1 
Barbara Marx Hubbard; Conscious Evolution

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard is a prolific educator and author of seven books, including a revised and updated edition of her seminal work Conscious Evolution awakening the power of our social potential. She is an evolutionary thinker who believes that global change happens when we work collectively and selflessly for the greater good.

Image created from image crediting Apr 8, 2015
Connecting to Change the World; harnessing the power of networks

An interview with two experts on harnessing the power of networks for social impact

Mar 4, 2015
Diane Ravitch, Former Secretary of Education

Public educations represents a $500-$700 billion a year opportunity to big business and hedge funds. They're going after it with the help of ALEC, the Koch brothers and Barack Obama. Diane Ravitch brings us up to speed on the details of the threats to public education and democracy from centralized testing, Common Core, charter schools, No Child Left Behind, virtual schools and more.

Leonard Wong Feb 25, 2015         7 
Exclusive: The Military's Culture of Lying- A Top-down Problem? Intvw With Army War College Expert

I interview the first author of the Army War College's report on Lying in the Military, focusing on how the top-down, hierarchical nature of the military is part of the problem

Image created from image crediting Feb 18, 2015         1 
James Bonnet, author Stealing Fire from the Gods: The Complete Guide to Story for Writers and Filmmakers

James Bonnet shares his ideas on story. I love his work.

Feb 11, 2015         1 
Gregg Levoy; Opening the Window to A Science of Passion

Gregg Levoy, author of the bestseller, CALLINGS, one of my favorite books, has a new book, Vital Signs; The Nature and Nurture of Passion, and it's as brilliant, inspiring and hard to put down as Callings. To me, it's a book how to have more, amazing, intense, great experiences. We dive in deep.

Rober MacLean Jan 28, 2015         7 
Interview With Whistle Blower Robert MacLean After His Supreme Court Win

Robert Maclean was an air marshall. He blew the whistle when TSA made a really bad call, so bad, that once congress found out about it, they rectified it right away. But TSA has tried to destroy MacLean. I met him six or seven years ago, when we were working together, talking to members of congress, advocating for improved whistleblower protection laws.

Image created from image crediting Jan 21, 2015
Molly Sauter: The Coming Swarm; DDOS Actions, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience on the Internet

what are Denial of Service actions or attacks? How do they tie in with civil disobedience? What are the legal considerations? That's the conversation in this podcast.

Image created from image crediting Jan 18, 2015         3 
Ross Rosenberg: Narcissism and the Human Magnet Syndrome

Ross helps people who are stuck in relationships with narcissists. He explains how people get to that situation, how to get out, and more about narcissists and narcissism.

Image created from image crediting Jan 14, 2015
How Systems View of Life Affects Sustainability, Health Care, Economics, Energy, Food-- Fritjof Capra Intvw Part 2

This is the second part of my two part interview with Fritjof Capra-- the part that gets into how to apply the ideas of the Systems View of life.

Image created from image crediting Jan 7, 2015         6 
Fritjof Capra-- The Systems View of Life-- Replacing the Mechanistic View

Fritjof Capra's book, The Systems View of Life has influenced my life and thinking more than other book since Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine. It's rocked my thinking on Bottom-up-- for the better and has opened my eyes to understanding another way that conservatives and "the system" are stuck in a mindset that is incompatible with a sustainable future that respects the planet and life itself. This book has me EXCITED!!!

Mike Gravel and Rob Kall Dec 31, 2014         1 
Mike Gravel and 30 Mins W Rob Kall Solo, Closing out the New Year

The first 30 minutes are with Mike Gravel, on how a member of congress should release the full 6000+ page report on torture to the public. The next half hour is me, Rob Kall, solo, doing an

Robert Biswas-Diener and  his book, The Upside of Your Dark Side Dec 3, 2014
Positive Psychologist Robert Biswas-Diener, author, The Upside of Your Dark Side:

Robert Biswas-Diener has co-authored a book that looks at the value of some of the darker aspects of being human. He' also edited a book on Positive Psychology as social change. I've been in the field of positive psychology for over 30 years, and have enjoyed following Biswas Diener's work, so this opportunity to interview him was a real pleasure.

Katie Singer's Electronic Silent Spring Nov 19, 2014         1 
Katie Singer: Electronic Silent Spring

increasing, expanding electrosmog, from phones, wifi, cell-towers, hybrid vehicles, computers-- are all changing the electromagnetic ecosystem. Katie Singer tells us how, including new approaches to dealing with autism.

Marina Sitrin Nov 12, 2014         6 
Marina Sitrin: Hope for Activists: A World of Successful Protest And Change-- NOW-- New Ideas, While Rejecting Democracy

Marina Sitrin is co-author of a new book, They Can't Represent us-- which describes how and why Democracy is not democratic, and then describes many hope inspiring ways that new movements around the world are making changes happen outside the electoral process. if you are depressed or dismayed by the 2014 elections. This could give you newfound hope and i deas.

Roy Poses, M.D. Nov 5, 2014         3 
Dr. Roy Poses-- Our Dysfunctional Health Care System, Including Psychopaths

we talk about problems with the Ebola response, corporate influence on healthcare, corporate insiders in regulatory agencies and Psychopaths in healthcare

Ray McGovern at Police Station, from tweet by Andrew Panda Blake Oct 31, 2014         13 
Exclusive: Ray McGovern-- Arrested Thursday Oct 30th, For Wanting to Ask Gen. Petraeus Questions-- Tells OEN What He Wanted to Say And Ask

as soon as I heard about this, I called Ray.

Helena Norbert-Hodge Oct 29, 2014
Helena Norbert-Hodge-- Answers to Globalization, Destruction of Communities-- Local, local local

I am a huge fan of the work of Helena. Her movie, Economics of Happiness, is incredible. I've watched it at least four times. She gives us concrete approaches and answers to how to deal with globalization, global trade deals-- and she talks about the massive damage they do.

Bill Maher and James Risen Oct 29, 2014         4 
James Risen-- Asked: How Does it Make You Feel, Pissing Off Powerful People? "Good. It's kind of my job. That's when I kind of feel I'm doing my best work."

this was an exciting interview, made even more sweet by the fact that my guest was the opening guest on Bill Maher's show the previous Friday. We went to some very interesting places-- tips on investigative journalism, observations on spy agencies, power, media, to name a few.

Image created from image crediting Oct 22, 2014         2 
Kathryn Joyce-- Covering the Extreme Right Christian World

Kathryn Joyce has written books exploring some of the more extreme patterns of the far Christian right-- Quiverfull--Inside The Christian Patriarchy Movement and The Child Catchers, which is about a horrifying approach to child adoption.

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