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Paul Craig Roberts On Russia De-dollarization, Psychopaths, Monsanto GMO and more

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I talk for almost two hours with Paul Craig Roberts On Russia, De-dollarization, capitalism, Psychopaths, Ed Snowden and NSA, Monsanto GMO. Corporatization of the FDA and more.

Paul Craig Roberts

He's had careers in scholarship and academia-- Stanford and Georgetown universities. He served in the Congressional Staff and as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. He has been a columnist for The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate

Book: How America Was Lost; From 911 to the Police Welfare State

Very Rough Notes--
incomplete, just to attract you to listen to the audio interview.

I have a lot of topics to get into with you.

Russia and Neocons, Europe and the Dollar

Brezinski and Wolfowitz doctrines

Rob: How is the neocon doctrine an assertion of the Nazi doctrine

Über menschen and unta menschen

Rob: How would you assess American exceptionalism and how does that fit with you assessment of neocons as having a nazi (ubermenschen ) mindset?

Rob: When neocons claim that US is special and chosen, do they cite religious or other sources or authorities?

Paul: book End of History--

Wolfowitz doctrine determines our foreign policy and has since CLinton attacked Serbia


Victoria Neuland

Washington Fifth columns

Democratic government was overthrown by a coup.

Washington is using this crisis to bust up the economic relationship between Russia and Europe. Washington would lose it's hold over its NATO puppet states.

But that demonization (of Russia for European leaders) by US is not really working that well, is it?

Putin is losing both ways

6000 German firms doing business in Russia. 300,000 German workers jobs directly related through Russia.

French have agreed to provide Russia with two aircraft carriers-- Washington wants t block-- problem for employment and jobs.

Rpb: Now there's also the situation of Putin switching from using the dollar to using the Euro and Chinese currency for energy resource transactions/

Nixon took ". Breton Woods system

Rob-- so that's the advantage has (that it can create dollars) that no other country has"

dollar is being diluted and holders are saying "what is the dollar going to be worth?"

BRICs formed up and said that we're going to work it out such that we do our trade with each other in our own currencies.

Paul: When Washington starts threatening Russia with real sanctions". Russia says we don't need to be in that payment system" it just gives us power over us. We can just leave that system. Russia did it with energy deal with China.

As the use of the dollar declines and the demand for dollar will decline and value of dollar will decline and Washington will have a major problem with inflation.

That shows the hubris and arrogance in Washington-- determined to inflict damage on Russia-- did not realize the damage on Washington.

Rob: Do you really think they're stupid?

Rob: But who does benefit? Qui Buono?

If the dollar goes, there also goes the IMF, which the bankers use to loot the other countries.

How do the corporations stand to fare if the dollar currency is shifted to the Euro or the Remnimbe?

It was done to assert power and they did consider the unintended consequences

Rob: How will this change the world?

Since WWII when the US was the only viable economic power there are now many viable economies. " there won't be a reserve currency. And the BRICs say they're going to start their own IMF.

If you lose that you've lost the ability to control central flows. they can't tell Europe or Japan to print up Euros or Yens to because the dollar is under press. It basically decapitates American power.

Rob: it seems like this is eventually happen.

It was going to happen anyhow, but only because washington was making threats-- all of this is illegal-- an exercise of brute power.

Psychopaths and Sociopaths

Rob: I'm going to use your mention of bully, power and domination and the narcissistic sense of superiority of neocons to transition to talking about Psychopaths and

Occupy Wall Street's Cecily McMillan

Paul: If you look at the 21st Century, what has the United States done. It's slaughtered millions " I've heard no remorse.

Paul, So Rob, I agree with you. We have a nation run by sociopaths and psychopaths.

Rob; So what do we do about it?

Third party, like in France"

Eric Kantor defeated in Virginia-- this is the Israel lobby's favorite guy. Who ever heard of the Israeli lobby's candidate going down in defeat?

The question is, will these third party leaders be assassinated or assassinated in the press, like Strauss Kahn.

Once things start going bad they end up in collapse.

Rob: What would that l look like?

riots, all this well-armed paramilitary force that the US created-- the Education Dept, POst office, agriculture department have all bought huge numbers of hollow point bullets, tanks military equipment-- it would be chaos, destruction and people starving to death if the dollar collapses. Right now, other than the major rich they don't have any slack in their budget.

Paul: the whole thing is dangerous and this is why I speak out. It is irresponsible to assume that it is all powerful, will prevail"

Rob: Do you think that some corporations are planning for this (end of dollar as THE world's currency) and even helping to make it happen>

Rob: So this is agains the interest of the big multinational corporations?

Paul: Monsanto: El Salvador-- US govt telling El Salvador to use Monsanto seed instead of indigenous native seeds.

Rob: Big Economic picture-- wealth inequality, globalization, capitalism as we've known it.

unregulated capitalism in which there are not rules-- with fraud, rigging of markets--

When you don't regulate human behavior, everybody can act like a sociopath/psychopath.

Stock exchanges selling access to closer locations for faster processing"

You don't have capitalism when banks are too big to fail. Under capitalism nobody is too big to fail. This is like gangster-state capitalism. All capitalism, like all human arrangements has problems and disadvantages, so you need regulations.

If you take the regulations out ". then the sy stem doesn't work for anyone except for those who are doing the rigging. What you've got to do is put back in the regulations.

Rob: Adding regulations is anathema to Milton Friedman Chicago economics and to libertarians

Chicago said that the regulators end up being captured by the"

Former SEC prosecutor said that all his efforts to prosecute were blocked by higher ups.

Look at what happened to Phil Graham, who led end of Glass Steagel.

This is the problem with the liberal and progressives-- they don't understand-- what is the moral fibre of the population. If you have to have money to be looked up to, then everything is for sale. I say the answer is to go back to regulation.

Who are the Secretaries of the Treasury-- former Goldman Sachs executives-- they appointed Goldman Sachs to run Greece and Italy (economies.)

Rob: What given here is a pretty bleak assessment.

Rob: and it's that kind of thing that makes me think that legislation and elections are not going to change things.

What's your take on Ed Snowden and NSA and the surveillance state and the world.

WIlliam Binnie told us- he designed the system.

Clapper went congress and lied:

PCR: They lie about everything. What have they told the truth about? They do what they want. They have an agenda-- it's a neocon"

Rob: You're saying that Obama is spying on the congress and blackmailing them.

PCR: Bush is a perfect example of someone who should have been impeached a dozen. Pelosi said it was off the table.

Rob: I was down in congress back then and had an in depth conversation with John Conyers, that was caught on video, where he denied that it was keeping it off the table.

Paul: if NY Times reporter James Risen reports a government crime, then nothing happens to the government and then Risen has to identify the whistleblower-- and once they shut down the NY Times they'll shut down the internet.

Rob: So do you think Snowden's bringing all this to light will have a positive effect?

Paul: Brazilians and Russians are asking, why are we using the American internet system?

Paul. They haven't gotten to the internet yet, but they will.

Rob: They've started it-- Obama's Republican corporate FCC guy is ending net neutrality.

Paul: When the supreme court refuses to hear a case involving legal intimidation of a journalist you know that free speech is dead, stone dead. And there are still people who still believe in government.

Rob: What's the alternative to government?

you tie it down with a constitution and you separate into equal branches and rely on the jealousy of each branch" and then you do the same to the population.

They set this up. And we've been dismantling this.

Jefferson said that every 200 years you have to kill everybody in the government and start over"

Something like "the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of tyrants.

I"m not advocating that everyone in Washington should be killed. I'm simply saying this is what they thought.

Rob: What about the right wing terrorists, like the couple in Las Vegas, who killed people then committed suicide, cloaked in a don't tread on me flag?


Rob: What are your thoughts about Monsanto and GMO. You mentioned that in Russia, GMO seeds and farming are being treated as terrorism.

Paul-- impossible to get funding for independent studies of GMOs. But what has been found shows incredible destructive effects of GMOs.


Rob: Some are also saying that Monsanto's herbicides are affecting the bees.

main reason for TPP and transatlantic trade agreements gives American corporations immunity to European and Asian laws-- so if France bans GMO, then Monsanto can bring a lawsuit against them banning GMOs. You can bet that Monsanto is at the bottom of.

Rob: How about you personally. Do you eat GMO foods?

Paul: I'm as careful as I can be, but unfortunately there's no labeling. Monsanto blocks labeling. I eat organic but you don't know then if they are GMO.

This is why the company is called MonSatan

Rob: I must say I am proud to have been personally attacked by Monsanto's head of public relations a number of years ago.

Rob: How has Europe held off GMOs and Monsanto?

Paul: It's not a European company and there's probably more money for research. " These countries are proud of their food cultures.

Rob: And we have fast food.

Rob: It's really (FDA) evangelizing for the corporations.

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