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Greg Palast, Investigative Journalist Par Extraordinaire Exposes The 1% Vultures

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His new book, Vulture's picnic was a real surprise to me, after his two previous non-fiction books. This is also a non-fiction book, but it reads like an action thriller. Don't get me wrong. There is a huge amount of factual information there to, like previous Palast pennings, which will piss you off. 

The thing is, this book is also very inspiring and a bit scary. 

Why scary, because there's no warning "Do not attempt to try this at home." Seriously, what he does, to investigate stories and people is un effing believable-- going in canoes paddled by indigenous locals up the Amazon? Eating whale meat while iside the carcass of a whale? 

You can't make this stuff up. 

If you like thrillers, why read fake stuff when the real stories Palast tells are even more amazing, way out and riveting. And the results of the stories are muckraking and exposes that will knock your socks off. 

Enjoy my interview with him. Remember. The interview notes are very, extremely rough. 

Very Rought Interview:
You can't do investigative reporting in America anymore-- it's like, against patriot act three or something.

I can't get any of these
Paul the Vulture singer, number one donor to the republican party.
mitt romney asked me to change Vulture's Picnic to job Creators Picnic.

95% of newspaper stories are from press releases or news conferences.

BP had a blowout identical to Deepwater Horizon. They knew in advance that they were using methods that were unsafe. That means it was homicide.

Goes to Baku, capitol of Azerbajian.
First thing they do when you're arrested is say, give us your film. But they didn't know that I had a camera pen.

Anderson cooper can't fly into Baku. He can't take his makeup man with him.

PBS says they do a story-- on deepwater horizon, what I call "investigation by Google."

They say BP culture of lack of safety, not like Chevron. (remember Chevron had a well blow out in Brazil.   Greg points out Chevron has been sponsor of PBS.

BBC sends me to Amazon-- an indigenous in a carved up barc comes to pick me up.

What we have in America is television and newspapers owned by the one percent.

Go to or, and download the first chapter to download for free.

Each chapter has videos that go with the book-- included on the e-Version.

To get the information I show up, like at this indian village in the middle of the Amazon, and this chief shows up wearing warpaint, saying that chevron has poisoned his village.

King's son swims in oil covered water hole, comes up vomiting and dies. His other son dies of leukemia.
I show an exec how there's an epidemic of childhood leukemia.
He grins, and says, "even if it is oil there, you'd have to prove it is our oil.
Then I pull out a piece of paper-- it's in the book-- that's written by the presidente de la junta-- head of Texaco section of Chevron-- ordering destroying of documents.

The real Goldfinger-- makes the James Bond villain look like Santa Claus.

Goldfinger is an American Billionaire financier, paid $3 million to president of Zambia, to sign off that he still owes $30 million to Romania. He goes off to put it in his bank in Geneva Switzerland. On his way to his bank, he goes on a little shopping spree, except he spends a million cash buying 200 pairs of elevator shoes and a diamond studded tie.

How do they get proof.
They tell store that they are there as a reality show,

Zambian president is in jail.
John Conyers gets this info from Palast, goes right into George Bush's office-- goes, Mr, President, one of your donors has basically siphoned off the aids money we've given to Zambia. Bush contacts the FBI, they don't do anything.

These aren't minor players.
The top vulture, paul the vulture singer, worth $4 billion and now Mitt Romney's key economic advisor. Get their names, go see their trophy wives.

Hamsa-- open hand with evil eye-- this hamsa has seized control of the economy of Liberia.
No money can go in or out of that nation without this guy...

nuclear industry:
Fukushima melts down. The 9.0 earthquake was 90 miles out at seat. At the plant, it was like a level 1.

They faked the earthquake testing. I happen to have the notebooks from the company that did the earthquake testing. Notes said there was no way the plant could withstand an earthquake.

Someone listening to this is going to have documents for me. Go to and contact me.

Until recently it was not illegal for british citizens to bribe a foreign power.

They do a lot to cover this up.

"corruption is how we win." a guy named Giffin paid at least 84 mllion to the president of Kazakstan to make an oil deal for an American oil company.
They arrested him at JFK airport. The judge, I'm in the court room, says, mister Giffin, I must apologize, you are a great patriot, securing oil for the United states.

Then I hear that BP is involved, from a former CIA agent who's become a billionaire.

I ask, how do they get these propositions.
He answers, "They bribe."

Proof of bribe: They invoiced him for his share of the bribe.

The system is totally broken, but there is some accountability. That's why we occupy.
Bobby Kennedy said the book is defense of the 99%.

PBS Petroleum Broadcast Station.
I was on NPR today. I call it National Petroleum Radio

BP has given a half Billion dollars to buy up all the biologists in the US.

Are there any places in the world where nations hold criminal corporations accountable--
Yes-- Iceland and Zambia. In Zambia, they arrested the president when they found he was corrupted.

I meet with the president of Ecuador. When he saw the poisoning of the people, he took back the oil fields from Texaco and Chevron. Justice is happening in some places on this planet.

In Greece and Italy-- banker's coup de' etat.

It is valuable that people are rising up and saying "enough of this crap."

PIGs (Pipeline Inspection Gauge)-- go through oil pipes to detect problems. Software was dialled down so it doesn't "beep and boop" so they don't have to spend millions on pipe repair. Software developers told Greg. A guy stepped forward to tell true story of San Bruno explosion.

I think it's great that they're using pepper spray, trying to shut down (the occupy sites.)
What I've seen is that we're  having an effect.

Goldman Sachs went complete bananas nuts, trying to threaten this little tiny community bank. They're very worried.

They're concerned about the political power of three quarters of a million dissatisfied bank customers.

We will get there when people get the information and angry enough.

You can throw my books away, but you can't throw away the information.

They can sweep away the occupation, but you can't sweep away the concept behind it, which is that people are fed up.

Know why you occupy. Here's how they have grabbed the s ystem and shaken.
Vultures make money when other things die. They want our economy to die so they can pick its carcass.

These guys set the fires at Greece and now the arsonists are at the fire sale.

Obama, Holder?
They're doing their job, which is to work for the 1%.
Obama appointed the guys who put together the deregulation of the economic system.
Geithner and Summers threatened to destroy economies of other nations if they didn't allow derivatives.

are the guys that we elect to enforce the law, enforcing the law? Not for us, for the one percent.
Eric holder is not enforcing the law.

I have never seen this in my career. It's gotten so bad.

I think of a bit of Hunter THompson in the book.
I think more of Charles Bukowski, who was a friend. 

If I can give you a plug. Opednews guys. You're going to get the real stuff. How else does Greg Palast get his stuff through the electronic Berlin Wall and get into America. And I want to thank you, Rob for these years of letting these stories get into my homeland. It's really been a vital treasure for me and I hope people understand that tremendous resource you give there.

If you want the no-BS, if you want the news raw, not pre-fabricated, pre-chewed, purchased and bought, Opednews. There's really no substitute for news, naked, in the raw. That's what you get with Opednews. 
Opednews-- It's really been a vital treasure for me and I hope people understand that treasure. 

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