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March 2012

Saturday, March 31:

National Outrage over Killing of Trayvon Martin (1 comments)

The New Mandela

Text Book Racism (15 comments)

Health Law Dispute Hinges on Timing

Obama - Big Oil Truths and Elisions

If Big Labor Would But Fight, Millions Would Join Them on the Ramparts (3 comments)

the Size of a Government (8 comments)

Romancing The MEK: America's Love Affair With Terrorists (13 comments)

Recall Election of Wisconsin Gov. Walker Set for June 5

"Obamacare" Not the Only Show to Watch at the Supreme Court (4 comments)

After the Horse Leaves the Barn: Legal Basis for Assassination by Drones (7 comments)

Reflections on Derrick Jensen's A Language Older than Words (4 comments)

Commemorating Palestinian Land Day in Jordan (2 comments)

*Doug Wallace Files Lawsuit Against Mitt Romney to Block his Aspirations (1 comments)

Imagining the Unthinkable (3 comments)

Papering Over Disaster (5 comments)

Friday, March 30:

When Is a Hack a Hack?

What Iran Can Do to Strike Back (2 comments)

Nature of Self-Defeating Convictions (4 comments)

Brainless As Beetles (8 comments)

The Bowles-Simpson Medicine Show Is Back in Town

On The Nature Of Self-Defeating Convictions: A missive to an estranged southern friend (1 comments)

Adrienne Rich's Touch Was Political

The present global crisis is not at its core an economic depression but rather a systemic failure (12 comments)

Jim Hightower: The Truth About the U.S. Postal Service

Poland, Respect for the Rule of Law and its Constitution (1 comments)

And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood From Sea To Shining Sea (1 comments)

The Politics of THE HUNGER GAMES

Challenging Israeli State Terror

The Million Man March on Wall Street

*Photo Trayvon Yes! Photos 9 Afghani Children Massacred No! No Interest - Change Coming (2 comments)

What's Next in Syria?

Terrorizing Palestinians Daily

Thursday, March 29:

Designed To Fail (31 comments)

War porn: The new safe sex (6 comments)

Break Up The Big Banks, Says the Dallas Fed (2 comments)

It's A Gas, Gas, Gas . . . (1 comments)

The Statues in Our Public Spaces Lie (2 comments)

Five Hypocrites and One Bad Plan (1 comments)

Ray Adams is the man in the lastest Murdoch scandal (5 comments)

Why the U.S. Postal Service will Fall (1 comments)

The real reasons for high gasoline prices (6 comments)

A Declaration of Independence

A Judicial War on Democracy

Student Photographer's Arrest: Snapshot of Systemic Abuse (1 comments)

Justice Party, USA: Founding the Justice Party: You can help!

Supreme Court Might Decide Their Second Election (23 comments)

Why We Should Outgrow "Diversity of Tactics" Before Protesting NATO (2 comments)

- -: Affordable care act: an allegorical perspective (1 comments)

SG Verrilli's Horrible Opening Arguments

Complexity Is One Reason Americans Fear Obamacare (2 comments)

Lunacy Wrapped in the Mantle of Sanity (3 comments)

The Laugh is On You: Why Medical Reform is a Joke (6 comments)

Rearranging the Deck Chairs (Again)

Legislating Greater Wall Street Theft (3 comments)

Fragging in Afghanistan? (3 comments)

Wednesday, March 28:

The Republican Budget is for Billionaires (1 comments)

The Court and the Mandate: Let the 'Left' Be Left Again (1 comments)

An End To Authoritarianism and Plutocracy in the United States: It's Up to Us (6 comments)

Will America's Growing Mountain of Private Indebtedness Lead to Another Windfall for Banksters, at Our Expense? (3 comments)

GOP Justices Ignore the Founders

Race is real, Ethnorace is more real (4 comments)

Obama's Burden: The Right-Wing Media Machine (1 comments)

Cover-up in Kandahar (2 comments)

History, Happiness and Colin Quinn

George Zimmerman Is Casey Anthony -- Only Question is will Zimmerman be Convicted? (8 comments)

Ezili Danto: Haiti: A time bomb which must be defused immediately (2 comments)

Tolerance in an Intolerable World (1 comments)

*The Trojan Horse of America (2 comments)

The Language Of Haters: NOM's Viral Memo Exposes Reprehensible Tactics And Comtempt (1 comments)

The Criminal Class in Washington is Bipartisan (4 comments)

Washington Admits Aiding Syrian Opposition

Tuesday, March 27:

GOP Lemmings A-Leaping? 2008 Redux? (1 comments)

Barstool Economics - A Viral Conservative Fable (17 comments)

Partisan Confusion: Outside the Supreme Court While the Health Insurance Mandate is Debated (1 comments)

The Trayvon Effect: Americans as Tragedy Addicts (1 comments)

GOP Justices Clown over Health Care (7 comments)

Demonizing Gets The Robertson Treatment: The Great Senile Spirit Rejuvenates Gay Exorcism! (1 comments)

Terrorizing Palestinian Youths

Empires Then and Now (29 comments)

The Warped and Surreal Sympathy in the U.S. for Sgt Bales (19 comments)

All People's Day Celebrates Diversity

The Syrian Death Toll Rises Daily as the World Watches in Horror (16 comments)

Split the Ticket in 2012 (1 comments)

Toulouse Attacks: The Official Story of the Death of Mohamed Merah is a Lie (2 comments)

14 defining characteristics of fascism: The U.S. in 2012 (100 comments)

Real Thoughts on Fake Lives

"Obama? I Wouldn't Vote For That Socialite." (2 comments)

When the truth is found to be lies ... (5 comments)

*Obama Omits History of US Nuclear Terrorism While Threatening Iran, North Korea (2 comments)

Books Banned in Arizona - Latinos Fighting Thought Control (5 comments)

Stand Your Ground Laws Legalize Murder (3 comments)

Israeli Court Enforces Hana Shalabi Injustice

Monday, March 26:

GOP Lemmings A-Leaping? 2008 Redux? (1 comments)

On Stopping the CMRR-Nuclear Facility, Nuclear Policy, and the Future of New Mexico

The killing of Trayvon Martin (2 comments)

Healthcare Jujitsu (2 comments)

You Might Be A Right Wing Bible Thumper, If...: Foxworthy's New Bible Quiz Show Promises Unintended Laughs (3 comments)

Rally to Save the Home of Germantown Musician

A flat tax porposal that is actually fair (1 comments)

Ryan's Medicare Hot Air (1 comments)

Rocky Anderson: An End to Authoritarianism and Plutocracy: It's up to us (15 comments)

We wear the hood but "hood remains unchanged (3 comments)

Resurrection of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2 comments)

Special Prosecutor in Martin Case Sends Red Flags Sky High (5 comments)

Go Ahead Supreme Court, Make Your Ruling (2 comments)

The Polite Conference Rooms Where Liberties Are Saved and Lost (8 comments)

The "Non" Nuclear Security Summit

The Coming Financial Collapse in Europe? (17 comments)

Is This the Accountability We Were Promised?

My Letter to Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer and His Grateful Response

*America's War on Women (11 comments)

A Corporate Versus a People's City Budget

Challenging Obamacare (1 comments)

Israelis and Iranians Against War

Sunday, March 25:

"The Destination, Not the Arrival Matters" (1 comments)

Real Health Care Advocates Should Support Repeal of the Insurance Mandate (5 comments)

China's riders on the storm

Street Spirit March 2012- A Review (2 comments)

U.S. Corporations are sitting on an all-time-record $3.6 trillion in cash (3 comments)

Are the GOP Justices Political Hacks? (2 comments)

The US Supreme Court Should Kill 'Obamacare'

'Stability' Trumps Democracy in Egypt

*The Left Must Oppose "Obamacare" (4 comments)

Marketing Campaigns Overshadow Deadly Side Effects Of Some Drugs (8 comments)

Smoke and mirrors, Sausage Factory, Lesser Evils and YOU Making a Difference (20 comments)

Energy Mullahs on Rampage in Alaska, Pennsylvania, Ban Doctors from Discussing Fracking Health Risks

Mary Wentworth: US and Israel Prepare for War

Netanyahu's and AIPAC's Iran War-- Is It Really a War Against Obama and Democrats? (5 comments)

Mark Ames: The 1%'s Plan for the Rest of US: Livestock to be milked for "rent" (20 comments)

Gary Brumback: The necessity and possibility of corporate reform: Part 2. Reform strategies (3 comments)

Darkness in the Sunshine State (3 comments)

Afghanistan Crimes: Absolving Higher-Ups (1 comments)

No Letup in Western-Backed Syrian Violence (1 comments)

Saturday, March 24:

petition of Ellen Olenska: *Pass The Due Process Guarantee Act Now

The Ghetto Within (1 comments)

Making Sex a Crime (3 comments)

The Second Murder of Trayvon Martin (1 comments)

What Ever Happened to Gun Control? (48 comments)

Feeding The Homeless BANNED In Major Cities All Over America (10 comments)

The Dumbest 'Bipartisan' Move Since Repealing Glass-Steagall (3 comments)

Perception Management (1 comments)

Why Barack Obama is the More Effective Evil (44 comments)

Bullying Kills Children (2 comments)

Stop Me if You've Heard This One, John Henry (1 comments)

Putin's New Old Foreign Policy (2 comments)

The British Liberal Democratic Party is Heading for Oblivion (3 comments)

The Difference Between NEWS and Not-News (2 comments)

Our corrupt politics is all about money: Reviewing Ezra Klein's NYRB Lessig review (4 comments)

Bully Nation (1 comments)

The Biggest Outrage: Bank "Persons" Preferred Over American Citizens (5 comments)

Heading for Inevitable Disaster (16 comments)

Keeping the Syrian Pot Boiling (6 comments)

Gulag Without End, Amen: Obama's Warm Embrace of Rank Injustice (1 comments)

Friday, March 23:

The Shifting Strategies of Empire (3 comments)

Congress and Ethics Reform, a Complete Contradiction

Tale of Two Bullets in Gaza (3 comments)

Killing Jews, Killing Muslims, Killing Blacks

Wall Street Confidence Trick: The Interest Rate Swaps that Are Bankrupting Local Governments (7 comments)

America's Wars: Creating a Historical Legacy of Shame and Dishonor (48 comments)

Why President Obama Won't Speak Out on the Trayvon Martin Slaying

Stemming the Tides of Protest (4 comments)

Star Bright Starbucks: CEO Tells NOM To Take A (Respectful) Hike At Shareholders Meeting. (1 comments)

Mars: The God of War (1 comments)

Dairy farm abuses hard to swallow (1 comments)

Reversing the Sixties: The 2012 Republican Agenda (1 comments)

Defending, Not Attacking the Constitution (1 comments)

Prof Rodrigue Tremblay: The Corrupt Influence of Money in the American Political System (1 comments)

Worrisome Security Council Presidential Statement on Syria

Gaza Siege Harshness Continues

Did the Founders Hate Government? (2 comments)

Thursday, March 22:

Why Mitt Won't Be Able to Hide From His Primary Self (We're No Longer In An Etch-A-Sketch World) (3 comments)

"Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian cause" (1 comments)

Voters Have Two Candidates, No Choice

Fantasy Land (1 comments)

Up, Up and Away: How Money Power Works Down Under

Who's on Trial with Sergeant Bales? (1 comments)

Republican Chickenhawk's New Plan to send Prez Obama Packing

Freedom or Death

A Personal Thank You from Dennis Kucinich (5 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: How Many Violations of US Arms Laws are Too Many?

Rick Santorum, Christianity and the Heart vs. Mind Question (5 comments)

*No justification for war or sanctions on Iran (1 comments)

Fusion for Peace: A Proposal from US and Iranian Physicists for Ending the Confrontation with Iran (4 comments)

Two for the Price of One: The 60 hour work week (17 comments)

Governor Vaginal Probe or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Stupid Laws (1 comments)

Reading the Bible through the eyes of the Equality Act 2010 - Support for homosexuality and women Bishops (2 comments)

Perils of Attacking Iran

New York Times Promotes War on Syria and Iran (7 comments)

Wednesday, March 21:

Where are the Grownups? (1 comments)

America Afghanistan and American imperialism (15 comments)

Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to Homeless Shelters

Springtime For Romney -- Sneezy Season?

Robots Kill, But the Blood Is on Our Hands (2 comments)

The Republican's Social-Darwinist Budget Plan (1 comments)

Preparing Israel for war

Aggression Begets Aggression (1 comments)

There is Nothing Heroic in Fighting a Morally, Ethically and Illegal War (35 comments)

Birth Control Pills for Priests (1 comments)

Kony's Invisible Christian Fanaticism

Is the Iraq War Really Over?

- -: Media bias: Trayvon Martin and Ramarley Graham (17 comments)

"We Hate Liberals, Buddhists And Muslims, But We Love Everyone!": Santorum Preacher Revises His Own "Get Out!" Diatribe (4 comments)

Stepped-Up Pressure on Assad

Dying for Justice

Tuesday, March 20:

Afghanistan Massacre: The Product of a Criminal War

Would You Stop a Friend from Destroying the Earth? (1 comments)

The Insanity of an Attack on Iran (1 comments)

Secret Surveillance of Muslims Should Concern Us All (1 comments)

Red State Remoras

How the Media Doesn't Give Peace a Chance (1 comments)

Sheila Dean: The Militarized American Experience

The Bradley Manning Prosecution is Incurably Infected by Government Misconduct, Dismissal is the Only Option (3 comments)

US Afghan Detainees Sent to Torture Prisons

You Don't Get to Vote for Liberation (4 comments)

America Needs to Open Up the Debate on Decriminalization (4 comments)

*Can the U.S. Afford Another War? (2 comments)

The Forgotten Struggles of America's Soldiers

Guilty As Charged -- my Personal J'accuse! (1 comments)

Dear Department of Justice: Please Investigate Your Old Boss for Material Support of Terrorism! (2 comments)

Occupying Democracy: A Moral Revolution for Social Justice (1 comments)

Gary Brumback: The necessity and possibility of corporate reform: Part 1. Introduction (5 comments)

*Unwanted Consequences of Keystone Pipeline (2 comments)

America and Israel: Modern Day Spartas

Asking the Wrong Questions About War

Netanyahu's pretext for war - Islamic Jihad missiles

Ezili Danto: Bill Clinton admits UN brought cholera, Haiti raped again (2 comments)

Monday, March 19:

Limbaugh Brays on: Louder, Emptier, Closer to the End (6 comments)

Kate Michelman: Bob Casey versus the Rights of Women (48 comments)

Questioning the Vote (2 comments)

Small Business Owners and Labor: The Backbone of the Nation (1 comments)

Police State Blues: "Our rights do not end where the caprice of authoritarian bullies begins." (2 comments)

No Justice Without Peace (1 comments)

Elections: What Are They Good For? (4 comments)

Nine Years Later: More Shocked, Less Awed

The Future is Ours if We Want It

Murder Is Not an Anomaly in War (2 comments)

Trash Talk?

Rosa Luxemburg: "Occupation of All positions of Power!" (12 comments)

Politics, Reason and the Courage to Confront Dogma (1 comments)

The Last Straw (2 comments)

Is Voting a Solution? (79 comments)

Washington Preparing for More War (2 comments)

Rape and Murder in Afghanistan (1 comments)

Nine Years Out of Government and Pinning Hopes on Those Who Challenge it! (3 comments)

Sunday, March 18:

War, Pipelineistan-style

The Abyss of Tyranny (5 comments)

They Will Never Beg (2 comments)

Romney Makes A Stealth Attack On Elderly Americans While His Money Spies On The Chinese

It's Official: George Clooney is the Perfect Man (2 comments)

Why President Obama Can't Say "I support Gay Marriage"--Yet

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Will the Fed Turn Bank of America Into Banks of America?

Azerbaijan: The High Cost of Protection (2 comments)

Why Wall Street must crash, must hit bottom (15 comments)

Is Growing Ethnic Diversity a bad thing? (7 comments)

*Obama,"Bring Full Weight of the Law to Bear On Anyone (Himself?) Involved!" (1 comments)

The View From Israel/US In 1977 and 2012

Some Governors Are Getting It Right on Taxes (1 comments)

The So-Called "JOBS Act": Crowd-funding Good, Deregulation Bad

Oh the Horror

"Dealing With Iran" Two Opposite Views from the Left. (1 comments)

Scoundrel Media Afghan Massacre Cover-UP (3 comments)

Condemning Israel's Racist Occupation

Saturday, March 17:

If You Took the Greed Out of Wall Street, All You'd Have Left Is Pavement: Why Greg Smith's Critique is Way Too Narrow (1 comments)

The GOP's Warmongering on Iran (1 comments)

Struggling Clear Channel And Rush Limbaugh's $400 Million Payday (38 comments)

The GOP's Death Wish (1 comments)

The "Surge' Myth's Deadly Result (1 comments)

Speak, Memory! (2 comments)

Bigotry is Bigotry is Bigotry (1 comments)

The American Spring: A Time for Occupy To Blossom

T&A Club (3 comments)

Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It

Heading for War with Iran (8 comments)

Body of Evidence: Osama bin Laden, Stratfor, WikiLeaks, and Journalism That Isn't (7 comments)

Friday, March 16:

Corporate Malfeasance -- And Why It Corrupts

Afghanistan: The Wheels Are Coming Off (1 comments)

The Crumbling American Presence in Afganistan

The Language of Lies (1 comments)

*Hillary Clinton Urges Us to Stand Up to Extremists in the U.S. (10 comments)

Why Labor's Rank and File Won't Campaign for Obama (2 comments)

The View from Muppetland (2 comments)

*Afghanistan: $2 Billion a Week for Hatred is Too Much, FBI Says Now It's Coming Here

Republicans Fight Obama's Planned Nuclear Cuts (3 comments)

Nuclear power's green mountain grassroots demise (5 comments)

Sarah Palin and the Republican Identity Crisis (3 comments)

Climate Change Denial is About Maintaining Control of the Wealth (13 comments)

Three Strikes and Wells Fargo Should Be Out -- with America! (1 comments)

A Truly Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Now There is No Room for the Taliban in Tribal Areas (1 comments)

The Most Fascistic Industry (62 comments)

Sheila Dean: The Power to End Real ID and National ID Mandates; Use It or Lose It (4 comments)

A Decade of America Ravaging Afghanistan

Ongoing Israeli State Terror

All Quiet on the Southern Front

Why Republicans Aren't Mentioning the Real Cause of Rising Prices at the Gas Pump (3 comments)

Thursday, March 15:

The Drone Secrecy Farce (3 comments)

WaPo: State Proposes Firing Whistleblower Peter Van Buren for Exercising 1st Amendment Rights (1 comments)

The Job (1 comments)

At Last, Some Decency on Wall Street

*Response To The President's Speech Regarding Gasoline Prices (2 comments)

Intervention Blues: The Dangers of Sipping at Militarism's Cup (3 comments)

Rush Limbaugh and the Live Volcano

Some questions about the Obama - Cameron meeting

Both The Market and Government Are Irrational (11 comments)

Three VFP Leaders Denied Entry onto Jeju Island

Romney running to the right (1 comments)

The Devious Republican Strategy for Winning in November (21 comments)

Guantanamo Prison's True Secret: Jason Leopold in Conversation With Andy Worthington

Buried Alive Cruel and Unusual Punishment (1 comments)

Israeli-Style Ceasefires

Reclaiming The Commons: Human Lessons in the Era of Corporatism and Perpetual War (7 comments)

Wednesday, March 14:

The New World Order: Rush Limbaugh vs. Empowered Women in the 21st Century (3 comments)

They Are Who We Thought They Were! (1 comments)

The GOP is out of touch with Conservatism (2 comments)

Israeli Settlers Eyeing Remainder of Hebron on their "Real Estate Tour" (1 comments)

Obama's Promises Ring Hollow to Families of the 16 Afghans Killed by an American Soldier (5 comments)

Amen, Santorum -- Really?

Gritty Defeats Highlight Romney's Authenticity Deficit

Leah Bolger: We've Worn Out Our Welcome (7 comments)

Freedom Rider: Farewell Congressman Kucinich (1 comments)

Right Wing Religious Fundamentalists Raise The Specter Of An American Theocracy (15 comments)

Religious Authority is Not Enough When Rights Are in Conflict (1 comments)

Israel-US Relations: Blockhead and the Judge? (2 comments)

Gasoline, an Explosive Issue (5 comments)

Welcome To Slaughterhouse 5"Or Bay Medical Center of Panama City if you wish to delude your self" (2 comments)

*McCain's Call "Bomb Iran And Syria" In War Championing US Not Prosecutable? (2 comments)

The Passing of Andrew Breitbart: Know Thine Enemies (4 comments)

Holy Hannity! The Limbaugh Fallout Hits The Righteous One And Some Of His (Lesser) Cronies!! (3 comments)

West Bank Syndrome

National advertisers give Limbaugh the bum's rush; local radio stations next? (1 comments)

What makes Israel worth our blood and tears? (3 comments)

Ex VP Cheney, Persona Non Grata in Canada (7 comments)

America: Play Nice with Russia! (4 comments)

As we talk about regulating the "troubled-teen" industry... (5 comments)

A Political Writer is also a Target (1 comments)

Targeted Killings: US and Israeli Specialties (1 comments)

Israel's Latest Ritual Slaughter (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 13:

Afghanistan's My Lai (1 comments)

The Difference Between Private and Public Morality

Israel will not attack (3 comments)

David Swanson: The President I Want in Office (and that I think you will too) (6 comments)

A million-plus homeowners foreclosed upon illegally in 5 years. Here's how and why. (5 comments)

Why Republicans don't want you to re-fi your home... (4 comments)

Thoughts on the Rush Limbaugh Case (1 comments)

Alleged Photos of "Clean-up" at Iran's Parchin Site Lack Credibility

Bashing Obama's America, Fringe Snatches Victory from Defeat (1 comments)

It's treason. Call it what it is. (50 comments)

Rocky Anderson: Obama Ignores His Own Ban on Lobbyists

The Santorum Strategy (6 comments)

The Great Scam of China (9 comments)

Protecting Psychologists Who Harm: The APA's Latest Wrong Turn (7 comments)

When The Fairy Tale Ends in a Joke (29 comments)

*Not Just Our Soldier but You and I Mr & Mrs US Citizen Murdered Those 17 (3 comments)

Stay focused on the target: a lesson learned from "Shut Down the Corporations" (4 comments)

Fukushima and the Age of Distrust (2 comments)

Israel's Rogue Killing Machine (1 comments)

Washington Plans War on Syria (1 comments)

A clarion call for renewal of democracy (4 comments)

UPDATE: I was First Whistleblower Prosecuted Under the Espionage Act in Recent Government Rampage (1 comments)

Republicans Court the "White Trash" Vote in Alabama and Mississippi (2 comments)

Monday, March 12:

Wendell Potter: How We All Got Stuck Paying the Medical Bills of the Woman Who Sued to Kill Obamacare (3 comments)

A War, By Any Other Name

Israel's bogus case for bombing Gaza obscures political motives (4 comments)

Is Kony 2012 The Right Thing To Do? (2 comments)

Prisoner Transfer to Afghans Likely to Produce More, Not Less, Torture.

Supreme Court Likely to Endorse Obama's War on Whistle-Blowers (39 comments)

Is It Too Late to Descope This? (20 comments)

They're Back: Those Wonderful Wisconsinites Won't Give Up (3 comments)

- -: Healthcare failure: the occupied Palestinian territories (1 comments)

*Debt-Free Money Creation and Dividend To Every Citizen Can Ignite and Revive Hope In the Philippines By Eric V. Encina (2 comments)

Nothing New in the Latest Atrocity by Americans in Afghanistan (2 comments)

America's Afghanistan Legacy

New York Times Wages War on Palestine (1 comments)

The Post Office is not broke -- and it hasn't taken any of our tax money since 1971 (3 comments)

Sunday, March 11:

Fukushima: Protecting the Public from Panic (1 comments)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, War as the President's Private Preserve

The Other Side (4 comments)

Should the US Go to War for Israel?

Sending Americans into Exile

Presidential Candidates Should Talk About the Black Jobless Crisis

NancyT: *Fitzwilliam, NH to Vote on Prohibiting Concealed Vote Counts (1 comments)

What the Insurance Industry Already Knows About Climate Change (4 comments)

The Drivers of Communities

Media Circus Obsession: Obfuscating the Real Deficiencies of U.S. Democracy (3 comments)

What Does Oppression Look Like? (2 comments)

Study of Humanities A Key to U.S. Economic Success (1 comments)

An Attack On Iran's Nuclear Facilities Would Be A Nuclear War (1 comments)

The Empty Suit (2 comments)

The first step to change the world

*Rush Limbaugh, Contraception, and Male Insecurity (2 comments)

Israel Terror Bombs Gaza (2 comments)

Israeli Buffer Zone State Terror (1 comments)

Strategies of Deception (3 comments)

Saturday, March 10:

The Dirty War on WikiLeaks is Now Trial by Media in Sweden (5 comments)

The Strange Sticking Power of Rick Santorum

The Self-Destruction Of Limbaugh, Murdoch and Beck (4 comments)

A Jewish Soul

The Crime of Truth: Obama's Persecution of the Peacemaker (1 comments)

End Game? (1 comments)

Can Russia Save the Day? (5 comments)

*OccupyAIPAC Gives Iran War Lobby Raucous Times

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Iran: Who is Calling the Tune? (2 comments)

NancyT: *Democracy Warriors and Talking Dogs (2 comments)

Tyler Durden: Reverse Robin Hood - Poor Greek farmers just bailed out big-bonus bankers

The Reflective Mind (5 comments)

Bet on More Middle East War (1 comments)

Israel's Ruthless Golani Brigade

The Precarious Jobs Recovery (1 comments)

Friday, March 9:

The Coming Use of Drones in Our "Friendly Skies" (10 comments)

Will Netanyahu Defy Obama on Iran? (2 comments)

If the biotech industry is so proud of GMOs, why don't they tout GMOs on food packaging labels? (1 comments)

The Wisconsin Uprising (2 comments)

David Stockman: More Reasons to Be Pessimistic About the US Economy (8 comments)

Occupy Wall Street exposes judicial double standards (9 comments)

Gouged at the Pump (14 comments)

Evidence of War Lies Public Pre-War This Time (1 comments)

Why Putin is driving Washington nuts (5 comments)

Public Sector Banks: From Black Sheep to Global Leaders (2 comments)

Four Lies About America's Energy "Crisis" (2 comments)

Why Rush Limbaugh went off on Sandra Fluke - and what the hell is up with the GOP? (92 comments)

NancyT: NH citizens to Secretary of State: "How can you hand over the keys to the State House?" (1 comments)

The 270 to Washington

Waging War on Truth

Resisting Israeli Oppression Courageously

What America Lost When Dennis Kucinich Lost (8 comments)

Thursday, March 8:

How the Right's Smear Machine Started (1 comments)

Dennis Kucinich: Conscience of the Congress (5 comments)

U.S. should step back from Iranian precipice (1 comments)

Israel, the Palestinians, and the Single State Solution: Promise and Problems (1 comments)

Beasts Lurking in the Shadows

*Why Our System Won't Produce Sensible Economic Policy (6 comments)

Top 10 Genius Reasons to Keep Troops in Afghanistan

FOIA: Honored in the Breach!

Breitbart's death needs to be investigated for the sake and safety of ALL journalists (9 comments)

*Greed and Death In the Mountains (Part I) (5 comments)

The Iditarod: 1,150 miserable miles (1 comments)

- -: Crisis of democracy: the Virginia hunger strike

Super Tuesday Not Super For Mitt Romney

Is Monsanto's Weedkiller Compromising The Fertility Of The Soil? (2 comments)

Don't Tell Me It's Raining! (1 comments)

America: Land of the Poor (15 comments)

Bahraini Kangaroo Court Trials

Wednesday, March 7:

Julia Gillard's Rise Marks the Triumph of Machine Politics Over Feminism (1 comments)

Republicans losing lady voters. Gee, no one saw that coming! (7 comments)

The Peace Movement Needs Kucinich, With or Without Congress (6 comments)

NATO Intervening in Syria (1 comments)

When Guns Become Godly: The Winning GOP Candidates, The Christian Right and the NRA. (2 comments)

The Two Georges, The Two Irans, And The Two Paths In The Middle East Drama (3 comments)

Eyal Press, Chilling Dissent on Wall Street

- -: Misanthropic healthcare: the U.S. model

From Girls to Grandmas: Unlocking Female Potential

Happiness: Not a warm gun in Ohio (3 comments)

Advertising's High Cost to Society! Read This Now! You'll Like It! (4 comments)

Running Unopposed? (1 comments)

*H.R. 347 The 'Trespass Bill' of 2011 Criminalizes Protest (15 comments)

We Don't Have to Follow Any Stinking Fifth Amendment! (1 comments)

Women Voters and Voter ID (1 comments)

Imperial Rage for War (2 comments)

EU Austerity Madness

Get Your Goddamn Religion Outta My State (26 comments)

Media's Belated "Acknowledgment" of Saudi 9/11 Story (7 comments)

Tuesday, March 6:

Grasping the Syrian Quagmire (3 comments)

Military's Subsidy of Limbaugh Insults Taxpayers (8 comments)

Attorney General Holder defends execution without charges (8 comments)

The Anti-Atzmon Defamation League (ADL

Romney's Made-up History on Iran (1 comments)

*Are Present Gasoline Price Hikes utilized to Finance our Iran Foreign Policy?

Maligning Pvt. Manning

Who is the shadow government? (8 comments)

Poverty in America -- From Riches to Rags (4 comments)

Goebbels Would Stand in Awe: The US Corporate News Media are Rank Propagandists on Iran (1 comments)

Super PACs Control American Politics (5 comments)

Neatnyahu visits Canada for support on Iran. (2 comments)

Beware Market Extremism (1 comments)

Romney and Santorum Envision a Caste System for America (11 comments)

Dissembling Rules the Day Between Obama and Netanyahu (1 comments)

The return of austerity on the Democratic side of the aisle

On March 7th, Will The Rest Of The GOP Candidates Be Raptured? (1 comments)

*A New Focus And Direction For The Occupy Wall Street Movement (14 comments)

The War on Terror: How it is Affecting Our Politics and Society Today (2 comments)

Bill Gates' $27 Million Idiocy: Helping Monsanto Spread Genetically Modified Crops (7 comments)

Rocky Anderson: Message from Rocky Anderson, Justice Party Presidential Nominee

Putin Wins

Hana Shalabi: Day 19 and Counting

Is Bibi the Bully wagging the American dog? (1 comments)

Sloppy Comments on Iran's "Nukes" (1 comments)

Monday, March 5:

Level the Playing Field: Let the Leftwing Pandering Begin (1 comments)

Mitt Romney's "Cut-and-Paste" Fantasy Candidacy

Just a Fluke (2 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: What's Worse Than Being Called the "S" Word?: Why Rush's "Apology" Added Insult to Injury (49 comments)

Nothing "Purist" -- Just Everything Hypocritical About Awarding Nobel "Peace" Prize to Promote Western Militarization

AIPAC Works for the 1 Percent (11 comments)

Is sharing the key to an advanced society? (3 comments)

Angry Over Rising Gas Prices? It's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg (3 comments)

Murder Is Legal, Says Eric Holder (2 comments)

With Estimates That Gas Might Hit $5 a Gallon This Summer, Americans Are Screwed at the Pump (4 comments)

Do We Owe Anything to Those Who Stand Up for Us? (8 comments)

Yes, We Can Have Free College Education--Here's How (4 comments)

Why Does Limbaugh's Buffonery Get The Attention It Does? (7 comments)

Mitt wins, Olympia quits! (1 comments)

*Restructuring a Broken Federal Spending Machine (1 comments)

The Elephant in the Room, Episode Twp (3 comments)

Electoral Politics in America (1 comments)

Palestinian Oppression: Official Israeli Policy

Obama, the "Denier" of Israel's Crimes (17 comments)

America's Islamic blind spots (2 comments)

Sunday, March 4:

How Stupid Is Benjamin Netanyahu?

What Are Iran's Intentions?

Hillary Clinton and Middle East war crimes

Why Limbaugh's Fluke Apology was no Apology

Triage on Uncle Sam (3 comments)

Syria: A Way Out

Losing Constitutional Competition (3 comments)

American LP News Brief March 2, 2012 (1 comments)

Profiting Off Nixon's Vietnam "Treason" (1 comments)

Israel Lobby Beats the Drums For War (1 comments)

Lies, Damn Lies, and Major Media Scoundrel Journalism (1 comments)

Prospects for May Palestinian Elections

Netanyahu Comes To Town To Bolster His Call for War With Iran

Saturday, March 3:

The Laughing Beast (3 comments)

Take A Step Back (2 comments)

Maine: Snowe's Political Fallout -- They're Jumping Like Fleas

Rush Limbaugh: Not the Only One with First Amendment Rights (8 comments)

To Believe or Not To Believe

Grandest of All Ponzi Schemes? Foreign Central Banks Begin Buying US Stocks (4 comments)

Keith Ellison and Walter Jones stand up for diplomatic engagement with Iran (1 comments)

Getting from A to B

LBJ's "X" File on Nixon's "Treason" (5 comments)

Netanyahu and AIPAC, Beating the War Drum to Attack Iran (1 comments)

Claras: It's not Greece. It's Capitalism, stupid! (1 comments)

Targeting Free Expression (1 comments)

New York Times Promoting War on Iran (1 comments)

Friday, March 2:

Andrew Breitbart - On the Death of a Bully (5 comments)

D.C. Dyslexia (1 comments)

Drone Strikes? What's To Feel Bad About? (2 comments)

Rush Limbaugh Owes Democracy an Apology (10 comments)

Free Trade or Democracy, Can't Have Both (17 comments)

On Iran Strike, Israelis Trust Obama Over Bibi (1 comments)

What's the Matter With Norway? (3 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Feminists "Shocked" into Defense? (9 comments)

Reframing Climate Change Now (12 comments)

Bye Bye American Pie: The Challenge of the Productivity Revolution

Why I've Refused to Endorse the Protests of Either the RNC or the DNC

Why Can't americans Have Democracy? (7 comments)

Let's Drop the Big One

Justice on Trial: Lynne Stewart's Appeal

Hana Shalabi: Hunger Striking for Justice

Thursday, March 1:

The NDAA: a clear and present danger to American liberty (8 comments)

Senate Resolution 380: Advise Your Senator Not to Consent

The Myths That Are Killing Us (30 comments)

Confusion Over the First Amendment (1 comments)

Bankers Shouldn't Worry About Drum Circles -- But Some Of 'Em Should Worry About Subpoenas (1 comments)

Unemployment Mumbo-Jumbo and Rank Propaganda (1 comments)

All Life is Precious (5 comments)

The Jeb Scenario: Can You Say "President Bush" Again? (7 comments)

Who's Gonna Snort the Ants? (1 comments)

How Nine Florida Republicans Sandbagged the Private Prison Industry (1 comments)

Hartmann: Imagine life with no America! (5 comments)

How Was It That So Many Members of Our Middle Class Were Financially Crushed? (7 comments)

"Dear Mister Obama" (1 comments)

The Blunt Amendment: When Pigs Fly (7 comments)

US Media Hypes Iran Inspection Flap

Back to School?

The Ayatollah Is Right About One Thing: Nuclear Weapons Are Sinful (1 comments)

"Americans For Prosperity" Co-opts "Occupy" Name (3 comments)

Fannie Mae Slaps The SEC

Economic Recovery Conundrum (4 comments)

The Often Forgotten Downside to Accepting Corporate Contributions (2 comments)

Readying the Greek Corpse for Burial (1 comments)

Daily Israeli State Terror (1 comments)


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