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October 2010

Sunday, October 31:

An Uneducated Electorate (2 comments)

Legal Marijuana or Bust!!! (2 comments)


Yes, Of Course They're Brownshirts. What The Hell Did You Expect? (3 comments)

*Lovers and Friends Speak to Israel and US! (1 comments)

Beware the Stone-throwers of Kashmir who Have Nothing to Lose

Florida Democrat Kendrick Meek In Deep Trouble!

LA's Sheriff Baca Stirs Halloween Fear Against Marijuana Days Before The Election (3 comments)

Viciously Attacking Israeli Arabs (1 comments)

Farooque Ahmed: Entrapped by an FBI Sting (2 comments)

Saturday, October 30:

Florida HD 87 Race As National Symbol (1 comments)

Cash and Carry: The Business of American Politics and the Politics of Business (2 comments)

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear: Colbert, Stewart,, and Audience Sober Up (5 comments)

Yes, Of Course They're Brownshirts. What The Hell Did You Expect? (34 comments)

*ABC taps Andrew Breitbart for Election Night "analysis" (1 comments)

Time For A New Theory Of Money (11 comments)


New York Times Poll Reveals Voter Schizophrenia (5 comments)

Axelrod Memo to Obama: Election 2012 (15 comments)

Dr. J.'s BF Commentary No. 150: The Rightward Imperative of the GOP

Spirit of 1934. Teabag Distemper. Has Anything Changed? (1 comments)

There May Still Be Hope for the World, but NOT for the USA (2 comments)

Restoring Sanity to Elections: Are We Managers of Democracy or Citizens? (2 comments)

Originate to Distribute Was Ramped Up In 2004: Quigley Prediction Comes True!

By The Numbers (2 comments)

The National Debt is the inverse of the profit/inflation in the private economy.

The Tariq Aziz Sentence: The Audacity, Bestiality and Venality of Victors

Strengthening the Progressive Core (18 comments)

Spirit of 1934. Teabag Distemper. Has Anything Changed? (10 comments)

The True Meaning of the Latest Foiled Terrorist Plot (8 comments)

The Worst of the Worst - Part Five of a Series: Restoring the Nation's Integrity

What Political System Does Ukraine Need? From Presidentialism to Parliamentarianism

Prone Pioneers (2 comments)

Kentucky Democrats unveil BRUTAL ad: The Rand Paul STOMP (1 comments)

Reviewing Project Censored's Top 2009-10 Stories

Friday, October 29:

The Good Corporal: To the Exposers of Power and the Troublers of Dreams

What Obama is Missing (4 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Women of the Tea Party (63 comments)

Does Sanity Matter? (1 comments)

When Criminals Vote (1 comments)

Is Jon Stewart missing the point? (2 comments)

The root cause of suicide terrorism is occupation: New study

Sarah Palin Has a Tough Road to the Presidency (1 comments)

The Republican War on Reality (4 comments)

Miller v. Murkowski v. McAdams: The Tea Party's Marquee Election In Alaska Is An Upset In the Making (1 comments)

Halliburton and the Upcoming Election

The Downhill Run

The Republican War on Reality (2 comments)

U.S. And NATO Drag Asia Into Afghan Quagmire

This New 1994 Could Have Been 1974 (5 comments)

"Waiting for Superman" Conveniently Omits Information, Takes Advantage of Viewers (3 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: There Was A Boy: The Latest Suicide Negates Tony Perkins' Credibility (2 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Demonizing America - Part 3: SPECIAL REPORT - HELL HOUSES - Causing Teen Suicides Or Rescuing Souls? (1 comments)

Michael Moore: A Boot to the Head ...from Michael Moore (12 comments)

Current Comedy, 10/05/10: Just Bully

The Corrosive Cynicism of American Politics (9 comments)

A Voters' Revolt Against Two-Party Rule: Ending the Stranglehold of the Titanic Parties (6 comments)

How Do You Get Off a Sinking Ship When The Lifeboats Are Full of Holes? (1 comments)

Perriello and the President (1 comments)

Video the Vote on Election Day! by John Wellington Ennis

Election 2010: Remembering Weimar (8 comments)

Letter to NEA Leadership & Attorney Michael Simpson (1 comments)

An essay that proposes a Keynes think-tank (2 comments)

Adnan Mirza: Another US War on Terror Victim

Xbox versus WikiLeaks (3 comments)

The 2010 elections, the working class and the Democratic Party (6 comments)

Thursday, October 28:

Part Four in a Series, Restoring the Nation's Integrity: Turning Reality on Its Head

Ezili Danto: Haiti's case against the UN for possibly importing cholera epidemic (3 comments)

Gay Youth Suicide: A Tragic and Unnecessary Epidemic (5 comments)

A Message for Liberal Whiners...and the Democratic Leadership (12 comments)

Never Forget

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: The Tea Party and the Other Temptation (7 comments)

Race To the Top Leaves Children Behind

Now We Know (2 comments)

Don't Ask, Don't Live (1 comments)

WPost's Blinders on Afghan War

THE COMMITTEE TO SAY BAD THINGS - How I Plan To Profit From Made-Up Stuff About Candidates - (1 comments)

Franklin Roosevelt's Second Bill of Rights (1 comments)

*The basic problem our economy faces is a lack of effective demand (2 comments)

America's Happy News Media (5 comments)

The Movement Against Mountaintop Removal

*Controversial Tillman Commander Promoted, 3 Soldiers Allege Ordered Massacres, "360 Rotational Fire" (2 comments)

Why Should I Vote? (32 comments)

Midterms: money changes everything (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 27:

Russ Feingold: The Conscience of the Senate (1 comments)

American Job Loss Is Permanent (12 comments)

Part Three in a Series, Restoring the Nation's Integrity: What Do We Want? (2 comments)

In West Africa, a Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss

Fishermen Report Louisiana Bays Filled With Oil

Ending the Filibuster: Fuhgeddaboudit

R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard: CEO Statement: NCBA Resorts to Outright Lies

God has no place in Politics

*Stop and Reverse Fraudulent Foreclosures (1 comments)

President Obama wins the Midterms if he delivers this Speech.... (1 comments)

Please, Young Folk, Do Vote

BECKWATCH: If You Don't Think This Man Is Dangerous... (11 comments)

My unenthusiastic vote vis-a-vis the upcoming November 2nd Election (1 comments)

America Marches Into Permanent War; a Military Draft Looms on the Horizon (6 comments)

How to Fix a Broken Government (1 comments)

Beware; Elections Ahead: Jon Stewart knows how your vote's being counted! Youtube video (2 comments)

A Perfect Storm Looming for Democrats (12 comments)

Planet Hoover (5 comments)

Ezili Danto: Is Haiti's deadly cholera outbreak an imported disease? (1 comments)

Dear Jon Stewart, Sane People Protest Crazy Wars (12 comments)

Economist Farid Khavari Pushes Bold Ideas in Long-Shot Bid for Governor

America Marches Into Permanent War; a Military Draft Looms on the Horizon (1 comments)

The High Price of Patriotism (3 comments)

Killing Machine: Is the Killing Ever Going to End? (1 comments)

Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

The Making of a $60,000 Political Message for $600 (2 comments)

Trusting Democracy (31 comments)

The Politicians' Bible: Bringing in the Receipts

America's Gulf: Ongoing Coverup and Denial (3 comments)

Say No or Surrender: Progressives Seek to Close "Enthusiasm Gap" for Evil (4 comments)

Tuesday, October 26:

The Living Dead Liberal Class

Bush War Crimes Evidence Mandates Obama Action (20 comments)

Signing off -- The Cause is Lost, Scat is King (3 comments)

Hiding in Plain Sight -- the Abysmal Record of the GOP (1 comments)

A Prognosticated Future Vs. Blind Man's Buff (1 comments)

No Wedding No Womb: Does Focusing on Individual Change Distract from Fighting Structural Racism? (6 comments)

Orwellian Partial Withdrawal from Iraq: Genocide is Success (2 comments)

Sam Hamod: Some Troubling Questions (1 comments)

TARP Special IG Asks What about Main Street? (3 comments)

WPost Downplays Iraq War Crimes (2 comments)

Inside the Secret War Between Wikileaks and the Pentagon

After the Midterms

An Ocean Full of Oil (3 comments)

Should we privatize Medicare? (4 comments)

Is The Rally To Restore Sanity Preventing Change?

Top Reasons I Will Vote In This Election (5 comments)

Part Two in a Series, Restoring the Nation's Integrity: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure (2 comments)

God has no place in Politics (1 comments)

40 years later, and Daniel Ellsberg still scares the hell out of me. (1 comments)

Anti-Defamation League Demagoguery and Islamophobia

Does it Really Matter Which Party Comes Out Ahead Next Tuesday? (1 comments)

Film Review: "Nowhere Boy"

Iraq War Logs Reveal US Chose "El Salvador Option" to Secure Iraq (4 comments)

Who maimed the economy, and how? Was it an "inside job"?

French Lessons for U.S. Workers

Congressional Fleecing the Public Legislation

Everyday is Halloween in Empire: The Zombie Apocalypse Of Duopoly (2 comments)

Monday, October 25:

Jefferson's Eternal Sweatshop (2 comments)

Urging Good Government Groups to Endorse "Rally to Restore Sanity" (2 comments)

Records Cast Doubt on Iraq 'Surge' (2 comments)

Restoring the Nation's Integrity, Part One: To Solve A Problem We Must Know We Have A Problem (13 comments)

California KOs Corporate Takeover - Heathens Hold the Line (2 comments)

America and Obama Hit Bottom: Pressuring Child Soldier to Plead Guilty to Murder Violates International Law and Decency (2 comments)

Angry Leftists 'Man Up' Against Scapegoating - Defying "When in doubt, bash progressives" (2 comments)

Wikileaks' Julian Assange Honored at London Press Conference (2 comments)

The World Liberal Opportunists Made (28 comments)

Arabian Sea: Center Of West's 21st Century War (1 comments)

Jesselyn Radack: Problem With Secrecy is Over-Classification Not Leaks (1 comments)

Sally McMillan: Time to Vote? (19 comments)

Kyiv's Next Image Problem: The rise of a Galician right-radical party will cause further Ukraine fatigue in the West

Rewriting History: Family of Secrets by Russ Baker (5 comments)

Capitalism and Freedom: a Critical Review (2 comments)

Iraq War Logs: Early highlights (4 comments)

The Potential Disastrous End of PBS/NPR is Over-rated (6 comments)

What the Afghans Want (1 comments)

Is Israel on the Verge of a Fascist Takeover? (2 comments)

If Republicans Win (18 comments)

Systemic Washington-Sanctioned Fraud (1 comments)

Atrocity Now: Wikileaks Release Puts Spotlight Back on Continuing War Crime in Iraq

Sunday, October 24:

The House is duty-bound to Bring Articles of Impeachment against Clarence Thomas (27 comments)

Population and Sustainability: Addressing the Taboo (5 comments)

IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? (15 comments)

Mass Surveillance and State Control: The Total Information Awareness Project (3 comments)

Wishing for Obama's assassination won't get you fired from Fox News (3 comments)

UN Wants Probe of Wikileaks Torture Revelations: Iraq War Crimes and Media Response (1 comments)

Have we all gone nuts (4 comments)

Patricia A. Smith: Love (and Haiti) in the Time of Cholera (4 comments)

The Indelible American Stain in Iraq Revealed by "Wikileaks" (3 comments)

Lynne Stewart Given "Fighter for Justice" Award (1 comments)


Another Great Day for Democracy (5 comments)

Don't turn your back on feral cats (2 comments)

Life in Palestinian Refugee Camps (1 comments)


Saturday, October 23:

Suppose Your Actions Swung the Election (5 comments)

Dirty Laundry and the Mainstream Media (3 comments)

Climbing Toward D (Democratic)-Day: One Phone Call at a Time (3 comments)

Think of the Two Decade Embarrassment of Thomas We Would Have Been Spared If We had known about Thomas's Porn Alleged Ob (4 comments)

New school year, old troubles: Education and politics in California (3 comments)

The Bush Lie (9 comments)

Genetically Modified Foods and the Monsanto Initiative (8 comments)

The "Tea Party" Would Make Slaveholders of Us All (3 comments)

A Perjurer on the US Supreme Court (22 comments)

Mystery of American Political Madness (1 comments)

Truth of Hopeless, Deadly Stalemated War Revealed in Iraq War Logs (2 comments)

Raw Story: GOP plan dramatically reduces Social Security benefits, actuary finds (2 comments)

Fox News -" The Spin Stops and the Lying, Distortions, and Insults Begin (2 comments)

The Mammography Controversy: Selling Out Women? (3 comments)

Arm Sale To Pakistan And Saudi Arabia To Further Spoil Peace (3 comments)

The (Shifting) Truth about Charter Schools (6 comments)

Making Peace With Friendly Enemies (3 comments)

UN Peacekeepers Complicit in Sex Trade

Friday, October 22:

Jerry Cope: Undefeated: The Gulf Coast 6 Months After the Blowout (2 comments)

Sam Hamod: Juan Williams: Falling Back on the Race Card? (1 comments)

The Bush Lie (3 comments)

Why The Tea Party Elections On November 2, 2010 Will Ultimately Make No Difference (19 comments)

Judge Denies Guantánamo Prisoner's Habeas Petition, Ignores Torture in Secret CIA Prisons

Selling the "Founding Principles" like a Used Car (1 comments)

Brief, Bilious Discharges (1 comments)

Southeast Asia: West Completes Plans For Asian NATO (3 comments)

Restoration or Revolution? (5 comments)

Jack Blackshear: Tea Party Racists And The Lynching of President Obama (1 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: You're Right, Mr. Obama, It Gets Better - But Not If The Christian Right Has Anything To Say About It!! (2 comments)

The Environment be Dammed! Full Speed (drilling) Ahead! (1 comments)


Ayesha Nariman: A VOTER'S GUIDE TO THE 2010 MID-TERM ELECTIONS. (4 comments)

The Counterrevolutionary Delusion (18 comments)

Immigrants As Scapegoats (4 comments)

Testicle Importation (16 comments)

Election 2010: Choosing the Abuser

The "Legal" Money Laundering Operation Conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (1 comments)

Immanuel Wallerstein's Worldview (2 comments)

Thursday, October 21:

Havi Zayed: The Growing Agitation of Pakistanis Against the USA (2 comments)

Denied! NY vetoes Autism Spectrum care (2 comments)

Our Weird and Wanton Wars (2 comments)

Time to Get Tough on Get-tough-on-crime Politicians (7 comments)

Rich Whitney: Taking the Crazy Out of Illinois Politics (15 comments)

What, Me? Racist?

Kathy Malloy: Booty Call or Boozy Call? (1 comments)

Election Guide for Election Haters (5 comments)

Yanking the teeth from the religious right

The Chinese Finger Puzzle: How Voting Enslaves You (8 comments)

Sally McMillan: End Political Ads (3 comments)

Memo to the media: The Tea Party is coming for you

When Should We Speak? (4 comments)

*Banksters to be forced to repurchase billions of dollars in mortgage-backed securities? What are the implications? (12 comments)

Bill O'Reilly: Juan Williams Died For Your Sins (1 comments)

Strange Brew

Group Applauds USDA Decision to Proceed with GIPSA Rule; Calls NCBA Attack on USDA Deceitful, Irresponsible

Charles M. Young: Vote for Judy Jennings, Not the Spineless Puke

*Two Proofs That Basel 2 Established the Housing Bubble and Foreclosuregate.

NPR Should Have Booted Williams for His Fraudulent Liberalism (58 comments)

*Does the Tea Party Understand The Attack By Basel 3 On Taxpayer Sovereignty?

DON'T BE A DICK: Four Principles of the New Republican Mentality (35 comments)


Tom Brokaw and the Pentagon: Unwitting Partners in Apathy

The Party of Hate: Tea and No Sympathy (1 comments)

Why is the World Rushing Headlong into Environmental Armageddon? (8 comments)

GOP Stampede Would Produce More of the Same

Yanking the teeth from the religious right (1 comments)

SD-38: Scott Vanderhoef's ties to Albany corruption

Pathetic or Insane? (2 comments)

Clarence Thomas: It's Time for YOU to apologize to Anita Hill (4 comments)


The Tea Party Can't Save Us until It Saves Itself First (1 comments)

*The International Community and Mordechai Vanunu's 56th Birthday (1 comments)

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

iDepression 2.0

Jack Blackshear: The Lynching of Barack Hussein Obama (4 comments)

New Insights Into An Old War

Anderson Cooper Demolishes Christine O'Donnell's "Constitutional Scholarship" (2 comments)

Israel Shooting and Electric-Shocking Palestinian Children (2 comments)

America's Tea Party Phenomenon (1 comments)

Who to Vote For? (2 comments)

Extreme Stupidity (1 comments)

Wednesday, October 20:

Thank You, UnitedHealth Group. Your Jaw-Dropping Profit Announcement May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered. (2 comments)

The Miracle Operation That Enabled Me to Become an Anti-war Activist (3 comments)

The Season Of Lunatics

A Clash Over 'Lesser-Evil' Voting (1 comments)


Meg Whitman--A Wolf In Wolf's Clothing

Woe to the Nation Whose Destiny is Shaped by Those with an Insatiable Lust for Wealth and Power: Part II (2 comments)

Obama's Finest Hour: Killing Innocent People For "Made-Up Crap" (4 comments)

Nicholas Popov - edited by Siv O'Neall: Three Ways to the Future - A New Form of Democracy - edited by Siv O'Neall

We the Plutocracy (1 comments)

Obama Hires a Hustler

Democracy and Legitimate Government (2 comments)

The Lying Thomases (28 comments)


A Past/Present Look into Animal Research (3 comments)

Mistaking the symptom for the disease (3 comments)

*No Space for Press Freedom in Burma's Elections

A Word with My Republican Friends (6 comments)

The Trend to Extreme Right in Europe and the USA is Explained by the Fact that the Left and Progressives are Failing (16 comments)

Victims and Offenders are Valuable Resources (2 comments)

"Talks" about "Talking" in Afghanistan

WTF?: A Letter to Appalled, Puzzled European Friends (101 comments)

*Action Alert: Fox's "Progressive Hunt" Has to Stop

Israel's Longstanding Middle East Plan

Does the DC Fiasco Damn Internet Voting? (3 comments)

Election 2010 - After Coming after Women's rights GOP to Attack Latinos Next if Elected (28 comments)

Tuesday, October 19:

Up the Revolution! Arise Ye Homeowners of America, You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Mortgages!

"Likely Voter" samples over-represent the GOP (MUST-READ) (3 comments)

FUBAR: SSA's dysfunctional disability claims process (2 comments)

A Company of One Verses Big Banks and Corporations (3 comments)

Nearly Helpless (2 comments)

How to Kickstart the Economy (1 comments)

A New Case Brought Against Ashcroft as Attorney General

John Lennon's Death Was Faked (3 comments)

What Does Bill Clinton Have that Obama Doesn't? (1 comments)

The Psychopaths Are Trembling (modified version) (2 comments)

Deception and Devastation: The Ignored Dark-Sides of Suffering Joblessness

Thinking outside the box? No! Throw the Box Away! (1 comments)

The Humane Scoreboard (5 comments)

Why a peaceful, people's revolution is the only way to take back our government (33 comments)


Has Bill O'Reilly Practiced Anti-Islamic Bigotry? (2 comments)

Unrestrained Capitalism Can't Solve Our Problems (6 comments)

The worst is yet to come; foreclosure fraud is the banksters' least problem (11 comments)

Prison Drug Treatment Would Reverse Overcrowding and Reduce Crime, Recidivism, Budget

Palestinian Authority Traitors Serving Israel (1 comments)

My Oath To Israel's "Jewish Democracy" and Why My Fingers Will Be Crossed (3 comments)

Monday, October 18:

*Tell John Conyers to begin this crucial inquiry!

Sam Hamod: THE RETURN OF HITLERIAN RHETORIC : Merkel's First Major Salvo Making Immigrants "The Other" (3 comments)


The Perfect Storm (2 comments)

Team Obama: "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Messages" (2 comments)

The Coming War: President Obama Versus The Pentagon and General Patraeus (6 comments)

Is Eric Holder Serious About Enforcing the Marijuana Laws? (12 comments)

Woe to the Nation Whose Destiny is Shaped by Those with an Insatiable Lust for Wealth and Power: Part I (5 comments)

Obama Plays the Race Card, And There's Nothing Wrong with That

Poetry and Politics - Voices From the Past

Protest Activism Nonviolence does not equal complacency (2 comments)

Osama Is Dead, But Now His Body Must Be Found

William Cormier: Obama Administration Is Handing-Over California's Midterm Election To The GOP (5 comments)

Democrats vs. Republicans / Disappointment vs. Disaster (33 comments)

Robin Palmer: Weatherman Yippie Right Wing Rebel Forever

Death Becomes the Poor: (10 comments)

Privacy is Passé, so Broadcast Yourself (to Big Brother)

May 13, 1985 and the Legalization of Murder (featuring a new video interview with Ramona Africa)

*Whether the EVMs in India, in its present form, are reliable and meet the legal requirements ? (1 comments)

What if They Gave a Sale and Nobody Came? (1 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Demonizing America - Part 2: "Kill Them All! God Will Take Care Of His Kind!" (1 comments)

Another Betrayal of America's Elderly (3 comments)

*Hollywood Ending For Tea Party On Election Day? (1 comments)

The number, "33," a President with a heart and a gift from the entrails of the earth. (1 comments)

TV Political Ads: Ditching Democracy 30 Seconds at a Time (5 comments)

Heroes for the Beaten, Foreclosed on, Imprisoned Masses (3 comments)

No-Bid Military Contract Winner Martin Seligman and His Response to Allegations on His Connection to Torture (1 comments)

Lazy Rich People (9 comments)

Electoral Coup d'Etats

Sunday, October 17:

Only If We Let It (25 comments)

Coalition Calls for Investigation of Allegations Concerning Martin Seligman, Denounces APA Inaction

The Way We Forget (4 comments)

Harvey Wasserman: Hemp is the Hidden Key to Legal Marijuana by Harvey Wasserman (4 comments)

Government Waste, Groucho is "Against It" (1 comments)

Iraq is Back in the News (1 comments)

NY 19: Will the real Nan Hayworth please stand up?

Traitors in the Supreme Court Erased Our Most Precious Security (54 comments)

The Independent Voter Myth (6 comments)

Will the Upcoming Election Keep This Country Up? (1 comments)

Tom Clements for Senate "Being Green"

Collective Punishment

Earthquake Stricken Haitians Victimized by World Indifference

Saturday, October 16:

*"Tight little butt." Appropriate basis for endorsement? (1 comments)

Forgotten Nation

The Ricky Ray Rector President (1 comments)

Ellen Brown JD: FORECLOSUREGATE: Time to Break Up the Too-big-to-Fail Banks? (3 comments)

The Illogic of Anger and Extremism (2 comments)

CMN News Team on Escalating U.S. Conflict in Pakistan

5 Videos You Should See This Week (October 16th) (1 comments)

The Sausage Factory (1 comments)

How we trashed an entire continent within 150 years (2 comments)

Changing the Nation's Spending Priorities from War to Peace (1 comments)

My Advice to Brett Favre


"Don't Ask, Don't Tell": There's a Reason Captain America Wears a Mask (2 comments)

You're Proposing Legalizing Drugs in the US? (4 comments)

Will Sanity Be Restored and Fear Be Kept Alive? (5 comments)

New Hearing Set for Sami Al-Arian (1 comments)

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Think (4 comments)

Friday, October 15:

The Ricky Ray Rector President (5 comments)

Silver Lining in Corporate Attack on Democrats

A Rape in Colorado

New War Rumors: U.S. Plans To Seize Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal (5 comments)

The War on Terror (32 comments)

Pentagon Hides Iraq War Death Tally

The 'Teach-the-Dems-a-Lesson' Myth (32 comments)

Palestinians "come second" at Peace Talks

Obama Meets With Black Bloggers But Mostly Invites Gossip Rags (2 comments)

'Will They Get What They're Paying For?' -- the Best Election Flier I've Seen (3 comments)

Forced Off the Edge of Life's Road (4 comments)

Pentagon Hides Iraq War Deaths Tally (2 comments)

Why the Palestinians can do without the Negotiations (6 comments)

Florida's Klein-West Congressional Race: A Referendum On Right Wing Extremism (1 comments)

The Foreclosure Crisis Fiasco (2 comments)

CA Gubernatorial Candidate Arrested at Debate: So Much for Open, Free and Fair Elections (7 comments)

An Enemy of the People: Texas Money vs. Clean Air (1 comments)

Mark Levine's Lie of the Day (1 comments)

"They don't have the paper" Hard Times for Big Banks (4 comments)

The Cuban Five: Victims of US State Terrorism (2 comments)

No Drama Obama just caused a Dramatic Shift in Control of both House and Senate to the Republicans (3 comments)

Thursday, October 14:

"The next, most important step": Right-wing media push Obama impeachment (4 comments)

Israel Raid on Gaza Flotilla: US Failure to Condemn Despite UN Findings (3 comments)

Don't Act, Don't Lead: Obama Stiffs Gays in the Military Yet Again (9 comments)

What Liberalism Needs (19 comments)

13th World RJ Conference, Day Two (2 comments)

Violence, Greed and Corruption: The Treacherous, Deceitful Side of America (3 comments)

The Rise and Fall of the American Republic (1 comments)

What is Our Alternative to the Corporate Controlled Political Parties? (12 comments)

The Bank Can't Foreclose Because It's Already Been Paid (6 comments)

Press claims Chamber of Commerce story's too "convoluted." Like Whitewater wasn't? (8 comments)

Bernanke rolls the dice (2 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Demonizing America - Part I: RECENT UPDATES TELL THE STORY (5 comments)

The Demise of Don't Ask, Don't Tell? (4 comments)

How Many People Have to Die Before Glenn Beck and Fox are Branded For Inciting, Aiding and Fomenting Domestic Terrorism (208 comments)

Marriage Equality to Single Payer - One Governor will deliver

Rule of Law Alive and Well Abroad (3 comments)

*9/11 - A Third Light Beam in Remembrance of World Trade Center Tower 7 (6 comments)

Fair Trade's Narrative

The Israeli Knesset's Anti-Democratic Agenda

Wednesday, October 13:

Time to Get Tough on Crime: Let's Nail the Banksters Who Have Stolen Millions of Homes (2 comments)

Obama/Donilon: Staring down the generals

Is the New York Times shilling for the Republican Party? (4 comments)

*2010 National Drug Control Strategy (2 comments)

"The Traveler" Return to Pakistan (1 comments)

Perriello-Hurt Debate Pathetic (2 comments)

Bleeding in Afghanistan

Sam Hamod: Helen Thomas -- In Defense of Her Honesty and Her First Amendment Rights, Freedom of Speech (1 comments)

13th World RJ Conference, Day One (2 comments)

A ditty about responsibility (1 comments)

Consolidated Capital: (1 comments)

*There Is A War Going On For Your Vote and Your Mind (1 comments)

Oil Addiction Cop Out (4 comments)

The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Poorer, While the Middle Class Gets Decimated (5 comments)

Invasion of the Robot Home Snatchers

Two convicted felons involved with vote by mail

Vote by mail is HIGH RISK (1 comments)

Boston University's Islamophobic Pro-Israeli Conference (2 comments)

Bush Think Tank: How's the Thinking Going? (3 comments)

London Bombings - The Facts Speak For Themselves (2 comments)

Kashmir --" Roots of Problem, Farce of Elections, and Resolution

The Octopus, Promis, and their offspring, molding the future of America (1 comments)

Open Memo To: Nancy Pelosi From Cindy Sheehan (34 comments)

The Appearance of Impropriety (1 comments)

Charles M Young: Rules of Thumb for the Age of Doom (2 comments)

Nobel Politics (7 comments)

Stop the Anonymous Hit Men: Make Shadowy Campaign Money the Issue (11 comments)

Democracy is the USA (8 comments)

Slashing the Dollar -- The Future is Ugly (5 comments)

Condi's Moving Civil Rights Story Can't Trump Her Role in Bush's despicable Iraq folly (2 comments)

Tuesday, October 12:

Open Source: A New Tool for the Sustainability Movement (12 comments)

The New York Times defends assassinations (3 comments)

Don't just buy pink this month--eat green too (2 comments)

Random Thoughts

Kathy Malloy: Change is Gonna Come (8 comments)

The Republican Right's Mad Tea Party (6 comments)

The Struggle for a Workers' Recovery

Who's Good?

Capitalism is Dead - Long Live the Mighty Con (2 comments)

The Stonewalling of America From a Voter's Perspective (1 comments)

The Appearance of Impropriety (2 comments)

Exposure to Dhamma meditation technique: an observational viewpoint (1 comments)

Where do we go from nowhere? (1 comments)

As World Food Day approaches, NGOs warn of increase in land grabs (1 comments)

*Who does the US Chamber work for? (25 comments)

The Myth of the Bad Teacher (8 comments)

Too Late for Democrats or Voters to Do Anything About Corporate Money This Election Cycle (16 comments)

Wrong-Way Barry

Terminal Depletion of the World's Mineral Energy Reserves Looms

The Army of the Lost (6 comments)

Tea Kettle Crowd: So You Want Your Country Back? (5 comments)

A Message From The Horde PAC to Elect W. T. Sock: A Real American Hero

Rev. Dan Vojir: Demonizing Gays And Abusing Puppies: How the Religious Right Is Killing Us One Proposition At A Time (1 comments)

Israel's New Loyalty Oath

Monday, October 11:

Costa Rica Here I Come? And Why Live Here? (3 comments)

A Unitive Justice Systems Theory

*For how much longer will America's infrastructure remain crippled so as to further increase the wealth of the rich? (6 comments)

Catch 22: An Exercise in Powerlessness (3 comments)

Why the Limping Left Gets No Respect: Can't Do Moral Imperative or Holy Wars - Favors Secular Over Eternal Time (2 comments)

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Afghanistan: Global NATO's First Ground War In Its Tenth Year (1 comments)

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How Democracy Dies: Lessons from a Master (37 comments)

"War? Oh yeah, that!" (3 comments)

Fraud in America (3 comments)

Why Democrats Should Not Join In Economic Scapegoating (9 comments)

Sunday, October 10:

Katherine Eban: The Best Science Money can Buy (3 comments)

A Tale of Two Films (1 comments)

Could George Bush beat Obama? (5 comments)

Your Slim Paycheck Keeps Me Fat and Sassy

'Dying to Win': Newt Gingrich's 'Terrorism'

Arianna Huffington Interview Transcript; Discussing Third World America (7 comments)

Avigdor Lieberman: A Profile in Ultranationalist Extremism (8 comments)

Saturday, October 9:

How Do You Take Your Tea? With Heaping Spoonfuls of Irony, Of Course (1 comments)

Choice: Pledge of Allegiance or Jail (11 comments)

Loud Talk, Small Minds (8 comments)

*John Lennon's 70th and the Vanunu Connection (5 comments)

Write About What You Know. Keeping it Real. (1 comments)

*Mounting evidence that BushCo knew well in advance that the 9/11 attack was being planned (98 comments)

Bibi; His Father's Boy

Polidoc: Appalachia Rising Despite Business As Usual (1 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Compassion to Glenn Beck? (1 comments)

Coming Out Should Be A Welcoming In (1 comments)

Crouching Tiger - Hidden Dragon (Republicans and Democrats Respectively) (4 comments)


Repealing the 17th Amendment is a Bad Idea (4 comments)

Joseph Stiglitz: America Has Created Two Economies (5 comments)

China's Nobel Threats Backfire (9 comments)

5 Videos You Should See This Week (October 9th) (4 comments)

The Real Problem With Obama's Religion (11 comments)

American Justice on Trial: Gratuitous Police Violence, False Testimony by Police, and a Rush to Bad Judgment (4 comments)

America's War on Food Not Bombs (1 comments)

Friday, October 8:

Afghanistan: Incubator for green energy

Bringing Up Boehner (4 comments)

Creating a Restorative City (11 comments)

The Secret Big-Money Takeover of America (1 comments)

Thank God for Fred Phelps (2 comments)

Please Vote to Challenge Broadcast Licenses

Pentagon Partners With NATO To Create Global Cyber Warfare System (3 comments)

SINGLE LENDER HOME LOANS - Treasury Direct, No Debt-Money Home Loans (1 comments)

America's Third World Economy (5 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: The Four Conflicts: Bracing for Israel's Next Attack on Lebanon

The Political Cost (to Dems) of Ongoing Wars

The Jobs Crisis: Hard Times and Tough Choices (1 comments)

Obama's Mission Impossible

Foreclosuregate (5 comments)

I screamed at the radio when I heard Todd Akin [R-MO] say... (2 comments)

To The Rank and File (6 comments)

Jobs Take A Hit, Down 95,000 Republicans Should Be Happy (2 comments)

U.S. Economic, Political and Military Expansion in Asia-Pacific Region (2 comments)

Evie Martin: Message From The Horde PAC to Elect W. T. Sock: A Real American Hero (1 comments)

Good Old Hamburger U

The Last Time-A Rock and Roll Epistle (6 comments)

Israel's Persecution of Ameer Makhoul (1 comments)

Tony Blair Staff Testimony: Senator Dodd Wanted Iraq War Because of Past Grudges (1 comments)

Further Proof 9/11 Needs A Real Investigation (147 comments)

Why Does Congress Hate America? (7 comments)

Canada's War on Islam: The Case of Mahboob and Momin Khawaja

A Senseless War Begins Its 10th Year ...Michael Moore Channels President Obama (13 comments)

Obama's Courageous Stand on Foreclosure

Thursday, October 7:

Dems Come Alive! (2 comments)

What Obama Should do in the Next Two Years (6 comments)

The burden that haunts Obama (5 comments)

Lying to Win at the Supreme Court: Obama Administration Continues to Pursue More Secrecy and Less Privacy

Want To Strike Back Against Politicians? Here's How. (2 comments)

Slouching Towards Austerity (1 comments)

A Long History of America's Dark Side (4 comments)

Nine Years On, Afghanistan War Continues as Midterm Elections Loom (2 comments)


Intolerance, Humiliation and Tyler Clementi (2 comments)

*Burma sponsors an abortive election exclusive of key oppositions

Low-Tech Voting Gets "Thumbs Up" (1 comments)

Golden Moms, Sisters of Fallen Heroes (1 comments)

Crimes Are Crimes - No Matter Who Does Them (1 comments)

Freedom of Speech or Right to Privacy: Which is Superior? (7 comments)

Lawless Spying in America to Obstruct First Amendment Freedoms (2 comments)

Obama's cave-in to Israel: letter suggests US not honest broker (6 comments)

Lawless Nation - Congress (36 comments)

Wednesday, October 6:

Corporate Control Over U.S. Lawmakers Evident In Congressional Letter Attacking GIPSA Rule (2 comments)

Gingrich take on Bush and the GOP instead of those receiving food stamps

FairTax: Too Good To Be True? (8 comments)

Dems Come Alive! ...a follow-up from Michael Moore (9 comments)

The bogus National Exit Poll for 2008--and the NYTimes won't discuss it! (6 comments)

Kathy Malloy: Smokin' Joe (1 comments)

Tennis Court Confrontation (1 comments)

Everybody Knows Times Op-Ed Columnists Are Lazy (4 comments)

The Pain and Joy of Playing and Pitching Softball (2 comments)


The GOP is blowing it (2 comments)

The Big Republican Lie on Tax Cuts (1 comments)

Chamber Of Commerce Campaign Fund Bankrolled By Foreign Donors (12 comments)

The reasons for a National Sales Tax NOW! (8 comments)

How To Be A Rich Nation - Ways to eradicate hunger and poverty effectively (1 comments)

U.S. And NATO To Wage War 15-Year War In Afghanistan And Pakistan

Jury Nullification May Be The Only Salvation For The Antiwar Activists (2 comments)

How a TV station distorts the facts and the truth in Georgia! (1 comments)

Rev. Dan Vojir: Emotional Vandalism vs. Freedom Of Speech: Will The Malice That Fred Phelps Embodies Prevail? (2 comments)

America's Secret or Secrets (9 comments)

Kent State: The Death of Innocence & the First Amendment (1 comments)

Video: The Importance of Getting Green Party Candidates on the Ballot

The Plight of the Hummingbird (1 comments)

"Flawed" Foreclosures Run Amok

Chicago Activists Raided by FBI Refuse to Participate in "Fishing Expedition" (8 comments)

*Who Wants In On A Nice Non-Partisan Tax Revolt? (3 comments)

Why civil liberties matter - a letter to the Obama administration (1 comments)

The Big Republican Lie on Tax Cuts (8 comments)

Wrecking the American Dream (5 comments)

On Punishing the Dems (18 comments)

Don't Let the Russ Feingolds Go Down For the Sins of the Blanche Lincolns (9 comments)

Could a Solar Green White House Finally Face the Nukes & Military?

Tuesday, October 5:

How, exactly, did banksters swindle trillions from the middle class? (6 comments)

The Year of the Woman (1 comments)

Are Assisted Living Prisons a Good Investment? (3 comments)

Dissent in the age of Obama (8 comments)

Monopoly Money

The War Addicts: the Pentagon and Military Would Do Almost Anything to Continue Neverending War (1 comments)

Politicians and the Prosperity Gospel

We Need to Break Up the Mega Corporations (3 comments)

Waiting For The Great Pumpkin

BREAKING: Putting Solar on the White House!

The Parties Key, Tea not on Menu: (1 comments)

A fate worse than death (1 comments)

More on Washington's Failed Ecuadorean Coup Attempt (3 comments)

An Ill-Timed, Ill-Advised Provocation Against an Ally; and a Nuclear Power (2 comments)

Richard William Posner: AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY; REVISITED (1 comments)

Election 2010 - Republicans Plan Broad Attack on Women's Rights if Elected (139 comments)

Monday, October 4:

To Christine O'Donnell, you are not like me and millions of Americans (4 comments)

The Parties Key, Tea not on Menu (3 comments)

Video: Interview w/ Medea Benjamin on Pushing Hard to Get Peace Message into "One Nation" Rally (8 comments)

"Obama's Wars": The Real Story Bob Woodward Won't Tell (4 comments)

One Nation Under a Groove (2 comments)

We Need an Alternative to the Democrats and the GOP (19 comments)

Roger Shuler: The Witch Hunt for AL Dems Continues in Obama's DoJ (3 comments)

Inexcusable is, my favorite... so far, Mr. President (2 comments)

Ezili Danto: Haiti: I Can't Stand the Rain (4 comments)

Cheap Air Fares: Just Add Surcharges (3 comments)

Betsy Ross: I Won't Be Fooled Again (5 comments)

U.S. Hypocritical Imposition of Sanctions On 8 Iranian Officials (2 comments)

Homophobia, Religion, and The Collapse of Industrial Civilization (1 comments)

Here We Go Again (2 comments)

*The Imperative of the Chicago Convention (3 comments)

The Vision Thing (6 comments)

FBI Raids [Insert Social Movement Here] Activists (4 comments)

Election 2010: Legalized money-laundering spreads lies with impunity

The Effectiveness of the Democratic Party ... Or Lack Thereof (8 comments)

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS & continuing need for 100% Universal Health Care Coverage Pronto, Sportsfans (6 comments)

What If Hillary Were President? (6 comments)

Lawless Arrests, Detentions and Torture in Iraq (1 comments)

Lawless Nation - the Executive Branch (8 comments)

Economic Inequity, Manufactured Populism, and the Bigot-Whisperers of the Right (1 comments)

Sunday, October 3:

VIDEO: At the Lincoln Memorial: The One Nation Working Together Rally on 10-2-10, Washington DC (7 comments)

Sam Hamod: Michael Vick, George W. Bush and Justice: A View from Mars and America (6 comments)

The Audacity of Blame: the Politics of Put-down (31 comments)

Glen Ford at One Nation: "When We Speak of Antiwar We Can't Be Generalizing" (3 comments)

Hannity's 'Teflonics': No Responsibility, Blame Others for Economic Collapse and War "Hoax"

PHOTO: "One Nation Working Together" Rally - Re-Affirming One's Commitment to Hope and Change (1 comments)


Come Wake Me Up (1 comments)

Harry Belafonte takes President to task over war policy and One Nation should take note (18 comments)

Lessons from the Stanford Prison Experiment (6 comments)

Guatemala: A Test Tube of Repression

Rhetoric, Noise And Anger (2 comments)

Guatemalan Research Horrors and US Hypocrisy: CIA Unethical Research Ignored (4 comments)

Patricia A. Smith: Suicide in Virtual Reality Hell (6 comments)

Progressive "One Nation" Event a Bit Disappointing, We Didn't March (32 comments)

Obama's Hard Line Neo-Con Agenda (14 comments)

The Altars of Fear: Wrong Turns on a Long, Dark Road (4 comments)

Saturday, October 2:

We Have a Dream--"One Nation Working Together" (4 comments)

Iraq Set to Name al-Maliki to 2nd Term as P.M. with Support from Radical Shiite al Sadr

10-2-10 : Report on the Rally (5 comments)

The Israeli threat to global security (3 comments)

A Way Forward (6 comments)

Bucking Up For Barry (8 comments)

Victim of FBI Raid Speaks Out (5 comments)

The Shape of Things to Come (3 comments)

US War Crimes in Fallujah (1 comments)

Punitive Justice Distilled: the Stanford Prison Experiment (7 comments)

Friday, October 1:

Sam Hamod: For Telling the Truth About Zionist Media Influence in America, Rick Sanchez is Fired by CNN (3 comments)

Bucking Up For Barry (8 comments)

Sophistry and the Right (5 comments)

Disturbing STD Experiments on Guatemalans by U.S. Uncovered

Baltic States: Pentagon's Training Grounds For Afghan and Future Wars

Why the US Doesn't Talk to Iran (4 comments)

The Real American Terrorist

Rev. Dan Vojir: The Greatest Story Never Told, Part II: If Eddie Long Is David, Who The Hell's Goliath? (1 comments)

The Devil You Say (3 comments)

What We're Looking For (3 comments)

Those Damn Republican Landmines

*If It Costs 0, It Is Worth ... (2 comments)

Dwight Was Right (2 comments)

Obama Fails the Education Test... By Ignoring Latinos

*The Legends of Quantitative Easing (1 comments)



Ecuador - Another Right Wing Coup in Progress (96 comments)

Fox News and the Dumbing Down of America (38 comments)

Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets (55 comments)

The Rise of Penthouse Punk

One Nation Working Together to Keep Democrats from Losing the Midterms (1 comments)

Bangladesh: U.S. And NATO Forge New Military Partnership In South Asia

NATO Expands Afghan War Into Pakistan

What are the Chances for a Peace Agreement Between The Palestinians and Israel? (2 comments)

RFID to be used to track sheep...and sheeple too (1 comments)

It's a WO-Man's World (6 comments)

The Real ClimateGate, Part 2: Why the IPCC stands stronger than ever

The "Enthusiasm Gap" Reflects a Spiritual Reality (22 comments)

Failed Washington-Sponsored Ecuadorean Coup Attempt (28 comments)

Polarization Politics: So Far, So Good

*White House cover-up and Colonization

Reality and Morality: Standing Up To Repressive Forces While Standing Up For Humanity

No Taxation without Representation (2 comments)

New Internet Censorship Bill Introduced (2 comments)


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