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Pepe Escobar is an independent geopolitical analyst. He writes for RT, Sputnik and TomDispatch, and is a frequent contributor to websites and radio and TV shows ranging from the US to East Asia. He is the former roving correspondent for Asia Times Online. Born in Brazil, he's been a foreign correspondent since 1985, and has lived in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Washington, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Even before 9/11 he specialized in covering the arc from the Middle East to Central and East Asia, with an emphasis on Big Power geopolitics and energy wars. He is the author of "Globalistan" (2007), "Red Zone Blues" (2007), "Obama does Globalistan" (2009) and "Empire of Chaos" (2014), all published by Nimble Books. His latest book is "2030", also by Nimble Books, out in December 2015.

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Central downtown of Nur-Sultan, capital of Kazakhstan., From InText
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, December 5, 2019
Trials & Tribulations of Central Asia Pepe Escobar reports on the pros and cons of being the "Heartland" in the 21st century.
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, at the annual Astana Club meeting in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, earlier this month., From InText
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Iran's "Only Crime Is We Decided Not to Fold" Pepe Escobar reports on a searing account by Iran's foreign minister of his country's relations with the U.S.
The author greets Lula in prison., From InText
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Released Lula in Greatest Fight of His Life The predicament of the former Brazilian president shows how incendiary Brazil is at the moment, writes Pepe Escobar. And the Western mainstream media will make no effort whatsoever to explain the nasty, convoluted plot for a global audience.
PM Shri Narendra Modi, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, November 7, 2019
Asia's Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP): The RCEP Train Left the Station, and India, Behind Summits come and go. But what just happened in Thailand will remain as another graphic illustration of myriad, concerted moves leading towards progressive, irreversible Asia and Eurasia integration. It's up to Modi to decide when and if to hop on the train.
Trump says Islamic State leader dead after US raid in Syria, From YouTubeVideos
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Caliph Closure: "He Died Like a Dog" Trump's victory-lap movie version buries the embarrassing story of deploying tanks to "protect" Syrian oilfields, writes Pepe Escobar.
2019 Hong Kong protests, From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, October 10, 2019
Tracking foreign interference in Hong Kong Amid so much gloom, there may be a silver lining. And that concerns the Greater Bay Area project. My interlocutors tend to believe that after the storm ends and after carefully studying the situation for some months, Beijing will soon come up with a new plan to tighten Hong Kong's integration to the mainland's economy even more.
Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, October 4, 2019
Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) Must Shelve His Vicious War in Yemen After Abqaiq and Operation Nasrallah, to say that MBS is wallowing in a vicious blowback swamp is an understatement. The relentless bombing of Yemen for over four years during his term as minister of defense is his Frankenstein baby.
Angkor Wat, Cambodia (, From InText
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, September 9, 2019
On the Road to Interview Lula, Into a Brazilian Black Hole From Cambodia to Brazil and Argentina and back to Bangkok gave Pepe Escobar insights into the disastrous course his native land is taking.
Amazon fire satellite image., From WikimediaPhotos
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, September 2, 2019
Amazon Burns Amid Brazil's Incendiary Politics Fires rage in the Amazon as Brazilian President Bolsonaro becomes a target of global indignation, writes Pepe Escobar.
U.S. President Trump (Ph, Russian President Vladamir Putin,  Chinese President Xi Jinping, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani, From InText
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, August 15, 2019
How Tehran Fits into Russia-China Strategy What the past few months have made crystal clear is how Russia-China's magnetic pull is attracting key Eurasia players Iran, Turkey and Pakistan. And make no mistake: As much as Tehran may be extremely proud of its political independence, it is reassuring to know that Iran is, and will continue to be, a definitive red line for Russia-China.
Putin meets Iran's Supreme Leader envoy, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Attack on Iran would be an attack on Russia The inevitable conclusion is that major SCO stakeholders Russia, China, India, Pakistan and, in the near future, Iran and Turkey will be major influencers on regional stability. The Pentagon will not be amused.
Hossein Dehghan, the top military adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei:  U.S. bases would be targeted., From InText
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, July 26, 2019
US and Iran Stuck on Negotiation Ground Zero Donald Trump says he's "okay either way," whether there's war with Iran and Tehran seems to be okay with that too, warns Pepe Escobar.
K-141 Kursk Russian submarine., From WikimediaPhotos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, July 5, 2019
The un-submersible US-Iran stalemate Iran continues to export crude, by all means available, especially to Asia, with the National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) predictably shutting off satellite tracking on its fleet. But, ominously, the deadline set by Tehran for the EU-3 to actively support the sale of Iranian crude expires this coming Sunday. That's a major cliffhanger. After that, the stalemate won't be submersible anymore.
China, Russia and India agree to strengthen trilateral cooperation, From YouTubeVideos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, June 29, 2019
Russia-India-China will be the big G20 hit Putin has excelled as a go-between. He invited Modi to be the guest of honor at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in early September. The thrust of the relationship is to show to Modi the benefits for India to actively join the larger Eurasia integration process instead of playing a supporting role in a Made in USA production.
Moro: Installed as justice minister., From InText
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, June 21, 2019
Brazil-gate is Turning into Russia-gate 2.0 WikiLeaks had already revealed it from the start, when the NSA started spying on energy giant Petrobras and even Rousseff's smart phone. In parallel, countless nations and individuals have learned how the DOJ's self-attributed extra-territoriality allows it to go after anyone, anyhow, anywhere. It has never been about anti-corruption. This is American "justice" interfering in the full geopolitical and geo-economic spheres.
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, June 8, 2019
Why Trump Now Wants Talks With Iran The great Bilderberg secret of 2019 had to do with why, suddenly, the Trump administration has decided that it wants to talk to Iran "with no preconditions." In the case of the Strait of Hormuz being shut down, whatever the reason, Iran has the power to hammer the world financial system, by causing global trade in derivatives to be blown apart.
Battle of the Milvian Bridge, From YouTubeVideos
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, May 21, 2019
"Clash of civilizations" or crisis of civilization? What we're living now is not a clash of civilizations; it's a crisis of civilization. If the paradigm under which most of humanity barely survives is not changed -- and there's precious little evidence it will -- there won't be any civilizations left to clash.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, May 14, 2019
US-China: the hardcore is yet to come The current hysteria over tariffs, the trade offensive, the demonization of BRI, Made in China 2025 and Huawei's 5G dominance, and all manner of disruptive Hybrid War tactics such as repeatedly claiming "freedom of navigation" in the South China Sea to progressive weaponizing of Taiwan.
Dragon bridge, From FlickrPhotos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, May 7, 2019
The Eagle, the Bear and the Dragon The eagle has conveniently forgotten that the original, Ancient Silk Road linked the dragon with the Roman empire for centuries -- with no interlopers outside of Eurasia, muses Pepe Escobar.
Vladimir Putin: .Belt and Road Forum. in Peking, From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Monday, April 29, 2019
The New Silk Roads reach the next level The Belt and Road Forum in Beijing was a graphic demonstration of how tactical adjustments are essential to enhance the appeal of a complex overall strategy. Talk about a turbo-charged 4.0 version of the legendary Deng Xiaoping maxim "crossing the river while feeling the stones."

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