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Saturday, September 19:

Winston Churchill - Iron Curtain Speech (The Sinews of Peace) - 5 March 1946, From YouTubeVideos
Article: Strategic Culture Foundation U.S. Foreign Policy is Based on Racism and Fascism
Internet censorship from 9/11 to today Noted Architect Richard Gage AIA, From InText
QuickLink: Lance Ciepiela The Library of Alexandria is on Fire 1 1 Comment Count
faux scene from Planet of the Apes (Trump buried instead of Statue of Liberty), From InText
Article: John Hawkins Goddamn Us All To Hell! 1 1 Comment Count
Freud Deconstructed, From FlickrPhotos
Article: James A. Haught Jekyll and Hyde
Quotation: Ragnar Redbeard Certainty