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Trump Removal/ Impeachment

Series Created By Rob Kall (5 articles.)

From Donald Trump

Trump will be removed by the Republican leadership either by ultimatum to Trump or by their voting for impeachment in the Senate, probably by ultimatum.

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 09/25/2019 Impeachment Chess Part 2: Forget About the Senate Role in Impeachment (View How Many People Read This) 89 89 Comment Count
2 Article 09/27/2019 Who Will Replace Trump as the 2020 GOP Presidential Candidate (View How Many People Read This) 60 60 Comment Count
3 Article 10/07/2019 Republicans Are Going to Remove Trump Soon (View How Many People Read This) 49 49 Comment Count
4 Article 10/19/2019 Trump Will Not Be On the 2020 Ballot: Considerations for Stakeholders (View How Many People Read This) 87 87 Comment Count
5 Article 10/24/2019 Trump Will be Out by January 1. Here's Why (View How Many People Read This) 115 115 Comment Count