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The OpEd News Quick Link Widget Makes Linking Fast and Easy

What is the OpEd News Quicklink Widget?

The OpEd News Quicklink Widget is a clickable tool you can add to your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar. It makes it really fast and easy to submit a link to an article to OpEd News.

Internet Explorer Bookmarks Bar

What does it do?

The OpEd News Quicklink Widget lets you submit a link to an article on another site (or an article) to OpEd News from the original article page. When you click the Quicklink Widget, it opens up the article widget with the story's title and URL already filled in.

Then, it makes it really easy to grab the image from the article, or we have our Image Gallery tool, which makes it VERY easy to find relevant images.

Note: It will open a new window. If you prefer a new TAB, in Internet Explorer, click Tools -> Internet Options. Click General tab -> Tabs -> Settings.
Choose "When a pop-up is encountered"-> Always open pop up in new tab option. Click OK.

How do I put the OpEd News Quicklink Widget on my browser?

Follow the instructions for Internet Explorer (Windows):

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