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September 2011

Friday, September 30:

Libya: Landmines Planted by Gaddafi Forces Claim Many Lives (2 comments)

CIA Says Global-Warming Intelligence is Classified - Kravets (7 comments)

Obama: Anwar al-Awlaki's death a "major blow" to al Qaeda and affiliates

Democrats Call for Inquiry of Clarence Thomas

Occupy Wall Street: FAQ

Announcing my Candidacy for President of the United States in 2012 (2 comments)

SEC May Hold More People Accountable For Financial Crisis: Report

Obama pushes on jobs bill while Congress goes slow

In Response To A String Of Sexual Assaults, New York Police Tell Women To Cover Up Instead Of Catching The Attacker

Florida Primary Election 2012: Date Of Contest Set For Jan. 31

Mean Old White Man March: Breaking Their Promise To Focus On Job Creation, House GOP Proposes Slashing Job Training Prog

Killing Americans: On uncharted ground in attack

Mayor Bloomberg Claims "Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Are Targeting Bankers Who "Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet' (12 comments)

Boehner's District Suffers From E. Coli Outbreak As House Republicans Try To Gut Food Safety

Schweitzer calls for universal health care

Samir Khan named as second US citizen to die in drone strike in Yemen

Koch brothers spooked by forthcoming story by Bloomberg Media!!

*Occupy Wall Street Day 14 - NYPD Arrest 400 in Brooklyn Bridge Trap (10 comments)

Canada-U.S. border-patrolling aircraft hunt "bad people doing bad things'

With Death of Anwar al-Awlaki, Has U.S. Launched New Era of Killing U.S. Citizens Without Charge?

Defense Department Inspector General says KBR and the military failed to respond quickly to health risks posed to Oregon

Russia: Dmitry Medvedev Defends Decision Not To Run For Presidency

Crowd calls Cheney a war criminal at book event

Wall Street Buys Protection from the NYPD, by Dave Lindorff

U.S. soldier accused of rape released without arrest

Japan's 3/11 Radiation Refugees (2 comments)

Air Force Academy Was Against Chief Of Staff's Religious Neutrality Edict Before It Was For It (1 comments)

CNN poll: Economic gloom hits new high, most still blame George W. Bush - Mackenzie Weinger -

Banks Successfully Lobbied For Weaker Bailout Repayment Rules So They Could Pay Bonuses (1 comments)

Poll: Americans See Republicans As Only Interested In Helping The "Haves'

Pentagon To Allow Military Chaplains To Perform Same-Sex Marriages In Some States

Charles Koch to Friedrich Hayek: Use Social Security! | Shocking Letters Reveal Koch Was 'For It Before He Was A'gin It' (1 comments)

Cruel America (1 comments)

Guide to the Latest on Pakistan's Terror Ties

Occupy Wall Street: Officer faces investigations for pepper-spraying protesters twice as second video emerges

FORBES Picks Up Occupy Wall Street Coverage | Notes Mainstream Media Blackout

*20 Dem Reps Call for DOJ Probe To Investigate Clarence Thomas (7 comments)

Thursday, September 29:

Study: Majority Of Young Evangelicals "Do It" Exposing Flaws With Right-Wing Attacks On Sex Ed

State Department Keystone XL Hearings Run By TransCanada Contractor (1 comments)

Building a Palestinian-free kingdom

Harassment complaints on the rise on Capitol Hill

Undocumented Pregnant Women Forced To Give Birth While Shackled In Front Of Police (1 comments)

Maine Elections Chief Uses GOP List To Intimidate Student Voters And Encourage Them To Re-Register In Another State

Newt Gingrich releases '21st Century Contract with America'

Onion's Twitter Posts Draw Scrutiny, by Jennifer Preston, NY Times (1 comments)

The men who crashed the world - Meltdown

Police to Occupy Chicago: Move It! Chris Bentley

CEO Threatens A Lawsuit Against Progressive Blogger (4 comments)

*Occupy Wall Street Day 13: Top Cop - It's OK Occupation Can Stay (14 comments)

Abu Ghraib on the Allegheny? Prison Scandal Rocks

Americans Dislike the Tea Party More Than Ever Before (7 comments)

Sex and the Single Drone: The Latest in Guarding the Empire (6 comments)


Rick Perry's Intelligence Overreach

NPR Ombudsman: Newsworthy? Determining the Importance of Protests on Wall Street (1 comments)

Wednesday, September 28:

A Pipeline Divides Along Old Lines - Jobs Versus the Environment

Border bill would expand Homeland Security powers

Adm. Mullen's words on Pakistan come under scrutiny

Watchdogs Ask IRS To Probe Non-Profits Affiliated With Karl Rove And Obama Aides

Super Committee Dems Avoid Trap That Skewed Debt Limit Fight

GOP's Solyndra Witch-Hunt Halts Project to Employ Veterans Putting Solar Panels on Military Housing

Dan Froomkin: Political Groups Are Flouting IRS Rules To Keep Donors Secret (1 comments)

Key Ex-NOTW Reporter Tries For Whistleblower Status In Wrongful Termination Suit

Sheila Dean: Mandatory E-Verify bill looks headed for House passage

Judge Receives Over 17 Year Sentence For Role In "Cash For Kids' Private Prisons Scandal (2 comments)

Economists: Obama's Jobs Plan Would Help Prevent A Double-Dip Recession

Osama Bin Laden Photos Must Stay Secret, Obama Administration Contends In Court Documents

The GOP Strategy Of Barely Functioning Government

Israel defends settlement expansion

Net Neutrality Under Attack AGAIN | "Resolution of Disapproval" Introduced

Study: End Of Life Counseling Does Not Actually End Life

Did Hardball Tactics in a Divorce Case Lead to the Murder of an Alabama Lawyer? (1 comments)

Linn Washington, Jr.: Pick-Pocket: Ignored Costs of Death Penalty (1 comments)

Lawrence O'Donnell on Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street | Video (1 comments)

Privatised mail: a second-class delivery | Be careful what you ask for US

Corporate Media and Larry Summers Team Up to Gut Public Education: Beyond Education for Illiteracy, Vulgarity and a Cult

BREAKING: Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control - 2012 Elections (28 comments)

New Plymouth Water Fluoridation Tribunal

Please sir can I have, um, just some? Scotland on the breadline, its getting closer to all of us! - Crichton

Tuesday, September 27:

Deaths in US listeria outbreak

Taking a Bush Secret to the Grave (3 comments)

Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control

U.S. condemns Israeli plan for new construction beyond Green Line

Libya to abolish state security court

Occupy Wall Street: Day 11 -- Susan Sarandon Joins the Protest (7 comments)

Petition to Get All Money Out of Federal Elections (9 comments)

Small Fixes: Brewing Up Double-Edged Delicacies for Mosquitoes

Do CEOs Tend to be Out of Touch With Reality? (2 comments)

Troy Davis, Clarence Thomas -- and Georgia on Our Minds (6 comments)

Turkish Paper Names Israelis It Says Were in Flotilla Raid

Obama's 'stop grumbling' speech prompts some grumbling

Coming to an insurance plan near you: the $32,000 premium

Benjamin Netanyahu: 'No Settlement Freeze'

Super Lie for Super Committee: Cuts Are NOT Automatic

Occupy Wall Street: 'Pepper-spray' officer named in Bush protest claim

U.S. to lower the size of mortgage it will guarantee

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, WikiLeaked at the State Department

Frank Gaffney Losing His MoJo -- No takers on anti-Sharia pledge

Romney's Raised Millions From Wall Street Bankers, More Than Twice As Much As President Obama (1 comments)

Corporations Couldn't Wait to "Check the Box' on Huge Tax Break

Rick Perry blows hot air around the states; perhaps he should tend his own garden.

Hell Yes! Your First Amendment Rights

Utah Undie Run: Come Out Wherever You Are!

Urban planting: Turning blight into bounty in the inner city

Monday, September 26:

Bar Dick Cheney from Canada? (7 comments)

Distinctive Mission for Muslims’ Conference: Remembering the Holocaust

The OMG File: U.S. Private Prison Population Grew 37% Between 2002-2009 As Industry Lobbying Dollars Grew 165% (1 comments)

If Unionization Rates Were 10 Percent Higher, The Typical Middle Class Household Would Earn $1,479 More Every Year

$1 Million Dollar Offer: Have you had a gay or straight sexual encounter with Governor Rick Perry?

Mourning, outrage, disbelief over woman's mutilation in Syria (2 comments)

Washington Monument closed indefinitely, elevator damaged, inspection via rope to begin (2 comments)

Army to cut nearly 50,000 soldiers over 5 years

Trader Alessio Rastani To BBC: 'Governments Don't Rule The World, Goldman Sachs Rules The World'

Lobbyists object to Obama proposal that would tighten rules for federal workers

Freed U.S. Hiker Shane Bauer: Iranian Guards Cited Guantánamo, CIA Prisons to Justify Mistreatment

Tomatoes of Wrath

The Nation's Unemployment Landscape - Graphic

IRS, U.S. Banks at Odds Over $1 Billion in Tax Credits From Barclays Deals

*Minority Groups To Hold "FILIBUSTER FOR JUSTICE" at USDA: The Last Plantation (1 comments)

The vanishing passengers By Natalie Clarke

John Smith: Sticky situation in Af/Pak, by Mostaque Ali

John Smith: Biography of Jose Padilla

Occupy Wall Street: Day 10 - Legal Cloud Over Occupation Remains (8 comments)

Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, Will Asia Save Global Capitalism? (1 comments)

GALLOP: Americans Express Historic Negativity Toward U.S. Government (1 comments)

The Huge Iraq Give-Away: US Hands Over Billions in Bases and Equipment

Chris Hedges: Occupy Wall Street = Hope of America

GOOGLE Goes RED! Pours $$ into GOPTea Party Lobbying Firms & Think Tanks like AEI, Heritage; Partners with FOX (1 comments)

Julian Assange, in a Gilded British Cage

Sunday, September 25:

US senator threatens Pakistan with war

Human rights group urges Ottawa to investigate Cheney over torture

Can the World Finally Find Consensus on Cluster Bombs?

Obama, Jobs, and the G.O.P.

Associated Press (3 comments)

Why Egypt is angry over $65 million in US democracy grants - Chick (2 comments)

The Koch Brothers: Very Rich Job Killers (1 comments)

Ford May Make Electric Cars in China

Neocons Still Itching for Another ME War: John Bolton Rejects Proposal For Hot Line With Tehran (2 comments)

Obama Tells Blacks to 'Stop Complainin' and Fight

Death of a Syrian doctor

Media Arrested at Wall Street Protest! (9 comments)

Cain upsets Perry as winner of Florida straw poll, by CNN's Peter Hamby (4 comments)

NY police arrest 80 Wall St. protesters

*Occupy Wall Street: Day 9 - 200+ Arrested - MSM Finally Wake-up (30 comments)

Saturday, September 24:

Tony Blair's SIX (so far) secret visits to Gaddafi (1 comments)

Pakistan warns US against hot pursuit on its soil

ABC News: Occupy Wall Street Movement Reports 80 Arrested Today in Protests (1 comments)

Abbas: 'Talks must be based on pre-67 borders'

Laura Leigh and Marilyn Wargo, with Dave Lindorff: They Torture Horses (Too) Don't They?: Graphic Expos of How the BLM is "Managing" America's Wild Horse Herds (6 comments)

Siegelman's Re-Sentence Delayed As DOJ Hides Data (20 comments)

Live Coverage: Occupy Wall Street

Wisconsin Legislature Confronts Its Most Pressing Issue: "Butter or Margarine?" (2 comments)

Michael Moore urges boycott of Georgia over Troy Davis execution (1 comments)

Elizabeth Warren video stirs up "class warfare" in Massachusetts

As Palestinians submit statehood bid, new peace talks are proposed (1 comments)

Legal Schnauzer: Voting Rights Act Withstands a Challenge in the Deep South

The Dutch CA goes into bankruptcy following the significant hacks claimed by ComodoHacker. By Tom Brewster

Georgia Parole Board's Decisions on Troy Davis vs. Samuel Crowe | Cases In Black and White

Putin's return as Russia's president appears set

One million more U.S. children living in poverty since 2009, new census data shows (1 comments)

Occupy Wall Street Day 8: 100+ Arrested for Peaceful, Legal Protest; Nets & Pepper Spray Used. (9 comments)

Medical Identity Theft a Growing Problem, by Emily P. Walker (1 comments)

Pro-Palestine Demonstration by Jews in Tel Aviv

Fear of Repression Spurs Scholars and Activists to Build Alternate Internets

National Nurses United: 23,000 RN's Strike at 34 California Hospitals - PR Newswire

Friday, September 23:

Pentagon Can't Follow Its Own Money, Report Finds (1 comments)

Sen. Landrieu Reads Darrell Issa's Letters Begging For Taxpayer Clean Energy Loans On The Senate Floor

Paul Ryan To Head Presidential Trust (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Is Today's American Literature Worth Reading? (1 comments)

Mississippi Democrats Won't Stand Up Against Radical "Personhood' Measure That Could Criminalize Birth Control (1 comments)

Yemeni president's shock return throws country into confusion

Wall Street Occupied! Live Video Feed! (1 comments)

Federal Government Pays Dead Workers $120 Million A Year: Report

Phone hacking: Top 9-11 lawyers team with Milly Dowler solicitor exploring News Corp class action

The Hidden Hands in Redistricting: Corporations and Other Powerful Interests (1 comments)

What Happens If The Government Shuts Down? (1 comments)

Obama Rolls Back Bush's No Child Left Behind Law (9 comments)

*Occupy Wall Street Day 7: One More Arrest - Three Unions Locals Join (2 comments)

Istanbut #3: Journalism Demands Know Who As Well As Know How

House approves spending measure opposed by Senate; shutdown possible

Thursday, September 22:

Barack Obama UN speech: Arab fury over Palestinian statehood speech

In Rush to Assist Solyndra, U.S. Missed Warning Signs -

Bill To Put 7 Million Americans Back to Work, Rebuild Infrastructure (4 comments)

Lawsuit: Saudi Gov't Sponsored 9/11 (2 comments)

Anthrax letters tied to 9/11 - Guns and Butter

Obama pushes jobs bill on GOP rivals' turf

U.S. taxpayer funding stimulus -- in Afghanistan

Birth of a Movement (7 comments)

Court allows challenge of U.S. surveillance law

Stopgap bill to keep government running fails in House; shutdown looms

The Media Blackout of the Wall Street Occupation

Women in War and Peace

Voting Rights Act Withstands a Challenge in the Deep South

Bank of America, Countrywide Silenced Whistleblowers

CIA Keeps its Climate Work Under Wraps

Obama Rebuffed as Palestinians Pursue U.N. Seat (3 comments)

Obama fails to persuade Palestinians to abandon quest for U.N. membership

*Clarence Thomas' Lover Reflects On DC Life, Love, Law (7 comments)

Europeans Incensed Over Execution of Troy Davis (1 comments)

Tomgram: Sandy Tolan, The Occupation That Time Forgot

Uygur and "The Young Turks" to Join Current TV (11 comments)

Justice Dept. Is Accused of Misleading Public on Patriot Act (2 comments)

How The Super-Rich Soaked Up All The Gains To Be Had In One Chart

Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs Overall? Not So Much

The Great $16 Muffin Myth

We Are Ohio: Pushing Back Against Their State's Anti-Union Law (2 comments)

Failure of India's Anti-Maoist War - Shaukat

Wednesday, September 21:

Ga. executes Davis, who drew legions of supporters but found no court to throw out conviction

Troy Davis pronounced dead at 11:08

Breaking: SCOTUS Denies Stay of Execution for Troy Davis

Troy Davis' life in US Supreme Court's hands - Temporary stay issued (1 comments)

House GOP bill would roll back basic air-pollution rules

Al Jazeera director resigns amidst 'US intelligence links' row - Fitsanakis

*Occupy Wall Street - Day 6: Revolution is Tweet (4 comments)

Petition to break up Goldman Sachs (2 comments)

US calls for UN sanctions against Syria

House kills stopgap spending bill containing $3.7 billion for disaster aid

Georgia Supreme Court rejects plea to stop Troy Davis execution

Former OEN Managing Editor Files Lawsuit Against Philly Police, City. Charge: Constitutional Violations in Her Arrest (19 comments)

Troy Davis Supporters Make and Lose More Last Minute Appeals

Best Answer to "Let Him Die!"

Troy Davis Case: Attorneys To Issue Late Appeal Before Georgia Execution

Congress: House Disaster Vote Sets Up Showdown With Senate

Fed Launches $400 Billion Stimulus To Boost Labor Market, Confidence

Fed Moves to Push Down Long-Term Rates

Moody's Downgrades BofA, Well Fargo, Citigroup On Fears U.S. Wouldn't Aid Banks [UPDATE] (1 comments)


Rick Perry Takes Aggressive Pro-Israel Stance

Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Named Solyndra "Top Clean Tech Company" in 2010, Now Mocks 2009 DOE Loan

Hillary Clinton Promotes Women's Rights Treaty That U.S. Has Not Yet Joined

Euro Bank Run Shifts To Insurance Companies As Lloyd's Of London Pulls Cash From European Banks

House G.O.P. Finds a Growing Bond With Netanyahu

The GOP 'Disaster' Budget Disaster: Relief Plan Destroys $500 Million Of Taxpayer Money

VIDEO: Bill Clinton On American Climate Denial: "We Look Like A Joke'

Sherwood Ross: Obama's Re-Election Chances Fading (1 comments)

Once Strongly Opposed To DADT Repeal, Marines Now Try To Prove They're Best At Recruiting Gays

Darrell Issa to probe government loan programs after Solyndra collapse

By the Numbers: Cutting Taxes on Millionaires Does NOT Create Jobs

Former OEN Managing Editor Files Suit Against Philadelphia, Charging Constitutional Violations in Her Arrest

Dateline Istanbul Pt 2. Symbolic Politics And Internet Freedom (2 comments)

Happy Birthday, Paul Erdos

Tony Blair's gushing letter to Colonel Gaddafi - By Daily Mail

Japan's Largest Defense Contractor Hit by Cyber Attack By Mike Lennon

Balcony Collapse Raises Questions About the Private Construction of Student Housing (7 comments)

GOP Leaders To Bernanke: Don't Try And Improve The Economy Again

Our Sputtering Economy by the Numbers: Poverty Edition

*Occupy Wall Street: Day 5 - Two More Violent Arrests (4 comments)

Obama Administration Insists on Guantanamo Closure (1 comments)

Yahoo Admits to Blocking Wall Street Protest Emails

Tuesday, September 20:

Palestinian statehood bid: Tony Blair 'like an Israeli diplomat'

DOJ Reportedly Asking News Corp For Info Related To Police Bribery Probe (1 comments)

Whistleblower Win: Scotland Yard Drops Bid To Force The Guardian To Reveal Phone Hacking Sources

U.S. building secret drone bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula, officials say

House won't pass Reid's version of funding bill, GOP leaders say - 2chambers - The Washington Post

Website Seeks to Help Public Hire Lobbyists

Georgia Dems Call Strike in Execution of Troy Davis (3 comments)

Wall Street protesters: over-educated, under-employed and angry

Obama throws 'class warfare' charge back in GOP's face

Newt Gingrich promises new Contract With America

Lamar Alexander quitting leadership post in Senate

Joe Walsh To Palestinians: Stop Statehood Bid Or Israel Will Annex West Bank

Troy Davis Is Denied Clemency in Georgia (5 comments)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Dearest President and Professor Barack Obama (2 comments)

*Occupy Wall Street: Day 4 - NYPD 2 Step: Stomp Ankle & Hop (9 comments)

Breitbart: Has Guns, Lacks Brains (1 comments)

Sheila Dean: Troy Davis' life in Georgia Parole board's hands

Siemens' Abandoning Nuclear Power (10 comments)

Monday, September 19:

Whistleblowers Compare Reprisals from Bush, Obama (1 comments)

Nebraska GOP Backs Mini-Electorial College Rigging Plan | Will Deny Support To Any Who Oppose

Charlie AWESOME: Rangel Crashes Secret Rick Perry Event In New York (4 comments)

Corporations Advocating For Trade Deals Outsourced 18,600 Jobs Since 2001

What If The Tea Party Wins? (1 comments)

Democrats' control of Senate could hinge on Warren campaign (1 comments)

Charles M. Young: Some Resonance Please

Tomgram: Nick Turse, How Washington Creates Global Instability

Why Barack Obama Is the Best Thing Israel Has Going for It Right Now

Murdoch Makes No Retreat From Scandals With Attack on Australia Government

Yemeni Regime Massacring Protestors with Saudi Supplied Israel-Made Weapons

Lloyd's insurance syndicate sues Saudi Arabia for 'funding 9/11 attacks' using Wikileaks Cable Docs (11 comments)

Bush's Toronto appearance cancelled (1 comments)

Bill Still: Ireland & Iceland

*Occupy Wall Street - Day Three: 8 confirmed arrests (16 comments)

Predators and Robots at War

The Truth About Haiti's Cholera Epidemic: Interview of Dr. Renaud Piarroux by Dady Chery (avec traduction francaise)

Media Roots Original -- Standardizing Education is Not the Answer (1 comments)

John Smith: Europe Debt Crisis Could Lead to War, By Forrest Jones

Turkey And Israel Friends No More: New Tensions Surface Among Former Allies (2 comments)

Sunday, September 18:

Obama's new debt-reduction plan to draw contrasts with Republican vision

Occupy Wall Street - Day Two (2 comments)

Behind the poverty numbers: real lives, real pain

Frank Rich and Adam Moss: Obama's Economic Quagmire: Ron Suskind's Revealing New Book About the White House

Protest: Wall Street Impoverished More Than 60 Million People

Silvio Berlusconi wiretaps reveal boast of spending night with eight women

PM: I'm convinced US veto will halt Palestinian state bid

White House pushes back against Suskind book's depiction of Obama and his staff

Locations of National Fusion Centers Throughout The US

Bachmann addresses CA GOP convention

Eye Spy: Debbie's Pain by CBS (SF)

Occupy Wall Street - Day One (2 comments)

Ed Rendell: If America Stops Investing In Infrastructure, "We Are Destined To Become A Second-Rate Power' | ThinkProgres

Justice Department boosts activity to police the police

Hacktivists Begin Operation Occupy Wall Street

Sherwood Ross: For True Security, Dismantle The Security Apparatus (3 comments)

Exposed after eight years: a private eye's dirty work for Fleet Street

Franklin P. Lamb: 29 Years After the Massacre at Sabra Shatila

Occupy Wall Street Blocked from Wall Street (7 comments)

John Smith: U.S. Prepares to Talk to Taliban It Wanted to "Destroy', By Spencer Ackerman

The Obama Administration: September 1-15, 2011 (1 comments)

Saturday, September 17:

Eleanor Mondale Dies: Daughter Of Former Vice President Walter Mondale Dies At 51

Libya: Tony Blair and Col Gaddafi's Secret Meetings

Global protests held in Troy Davis execution case

Obama Tax Plan Would Ask More of Millionaires

Ron Ridenour: Denmark's Election: The Left Wins, but Denmark's Militarism Continues Unabated

FBI Raid Involving Walker Campaign Records May Foretell Bigger Threat (8 comments)

Looking for the Unique Stocking Stuffer? WikiLeaks Using eBay Auction to Raise Money (1 comments)

Ted Kennedy's daughter, Kara, dies at 51

GOP: Bureaucracy is choking businesses

Scarlett Johansson alleges hacking; FBI confirms celeb-focused probe

Phone hacking: UK Police Use Official Secrets Act to Demand Guardian Reveals sources

Think Again: CNN: America's Easiest 'Ref?' (Just Ask the Tea Party)

Bush Scrubbed Reports by FBI, Sarasota Police Linking al Qaeda to Saudi Financiers (3 comments)

Familiar Hawks Press Obama on Iraq Withdrawal

G.M. Reaches Tentative Deal With Workers

Book portrays dysfunction in Obama White House

Friday, September 16:

Obama to deliver jobs message in Boehner's backyard

How bad is poverty in Rick Perry's Texas?

Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn't create more jobs (1 comments)

Doctors reveal hospital horrors under Gaddafi

Boehner says new taxes aren't option for debt panel


John Smith: Mark Zuckerberg is an American CIA Agent (3 comments)

John Smith: Why a Working-Class Revolt Might Not Be Unthinkable, By MARK THOMA, The Fiscal Times (2 comments)

John Smith: Soaring Poverty Casts Spotlight on 'Lost Decade'

California Legislature Passes Bill to Study State-owned Bank (7 comments)

That Islamophobic FBI Training Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg | PNAC Is Back!! (5 comments)

Thursday, September 15:

FBI seizes items at home of former top aide to Gov. Walker (1 comments)

Pat Robertson infuriates Christian faithful with Alzheimer's comments

$11,000 for Proof of Bachmann's Vaccine Claims (1 comments)

Leaked Documents Reveal Major Speculators Behind 2008 Oil Price Shock: Hedge Funds, Koch, Big Banks, Oil Companies

Boehner: No Tax hikes for Super Committee

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Texas Man to be Executed Today Despite Testimony at Trial that He's More Likely to be Violent Because He is Black

America: The land of poverty

Issa: We Won't Investigate News Corp's Alleged Hacking Of 9/11 Victims Because We Don't Want To Pick On The Media

Some Democrats Are Balking at Obama's Jobs Bill

Tomgram: Michael Klare, Is Washington Out of Gas? (1 comments)

Grassroots Groups Offer Plan For $1 Trillion In Deficit Reduction To Supercommittee

cerNLRB Boeing Case: House GOP Passes "Out-Sourcer's Bill of Rights" By Gutting Natl. Labor Bd

Netanyahu to address UN on day Palestinians submit statehood bid

Have Democrats Become a Hopeless Cause in Alabama--and Elsewhere? (1 comments)

In Libya, Islamists' Growing Sway Raises Questions

Reprint from 7/08: Libertarian Legacy? Ron Paul's Campaign Manager, 49, Dies Uninsured, Of Pneumonia, Leaving family $40 (5 comments)

Reprint from 7/08: Libertarian Legacy? Ron Paul's Campaign Manager, 49, Dies Uninsured, Of Pneumonia, Leaving family $40 (26 comments)

Michele Bachmann Courts Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sherwood Ross: More Balanced Picture of Puritan Founders Emerging (4 comments)

WI citizens arrested, cuffed and hauled away for trying to video an open session in their Capitol (2 comments)

How to Not Be An Islamophobe: First, Be A Combat Vet (1 comments)

Chevron confirms Gulf of Mexico oil leak

Brilliant Strategist Behind Ron Paul's Online Tactics Died Broke And Uninsured, Friends Couldn't Raise Enough Donations

House Republicans Consider Reneging On Budget Deal To Force Even Deeper Cuts

GOP Leader Mitch McConnell Slammed For Opposing Infrastructure Investment That Closes Major Bridge 13 Miles From His KY (3 comments)

FBI Teaches Agents: "Mainstream' Muslims Are "Violent, Radical' (5 comments)

POLL: Everybody Hates Everybody Else

Direct Action Makes Chase Bank Pay - SeaSol

Wednesday, September 14:

Why the GOP's electoral college scheme is probably doomed

Bad Business: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Hiring Contractors (1 comments)

NASA Announces Plan for 'Monster' SLS Rocket

Report: BP ultimately responsible in Gulf spill

Lost, Abused and Neglected for a Profit

The GOP's Genius Plan to Beat Obama in 2012

GOP Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Proposes Rigging The Electoral College For Republicans

Was Perry Wrong to Push HPV Vaccine?

Siegelman: What Happened to President Obama's Moral Compass? (3 comments)

Israel warns PA of harsh consequences

US steps up pressure on Palestinians to drop UN statehood bid

News Corp shareholders, major banks accuse Murdoch and News Corp of misconduct far beyond UK (1 comments)

Murdoch Phone Hacking Inquiry: the full list of core participants

Sherwood Ross: Pentagon Budget Cuts Held "Illusory"

John Smith: Taliban attack on central Kabul targets US embassy and Nato HQ

John Smith: Taliban Attack NATO HQ, Mount Assault on Kabul, by Naharnet Newsdesk

Nearly one in six in poverty in the U.S.; children hit hard, Census says (1 comments)

Navigating the Global Rumor Mill, Phil Davis of Phil' Stock World

CIA Blocks Journalists Release of Investigative Podcast About 9-11 Alec Station Head, Richard Blee

Soufan Book Adds to Charges CIA Kept 9/11 Terrorist Info from FBI

Covert war in Somalia involves CIA, European mercenaries (1 comments)

Tuesday, September 13:

The War Industry: Bad Job Creators, Bad Bosses, Bad Stewards of Tax Dollars

Republican Bob Turner wins New York special election

UN experts: Gaza blockade illegal

Citizens United Demand Judicial Reform Now! Judges have gone wild against Whistleblowers

Ground Zero 911, Blueprint For Terror, Part Two - Guns and Butter

The Ominous Parallels: Top 9/11 Studies - Truax (1 comments)

Study shows revolving door of employment between Congress, lobbying firms

Turkey: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Visits Egypt

Phone hacking: James Murdoch recalled by MPs

Elizabeth Warren running against Scott Brown for Senate

Militants Attack U.S. Embassy in Kabul

The Perry Trap - Gov. Rick Perry (1 comments)

'EU splitting amid financial crisis'

Is Private Enterprise More Efficient Than The Public Sector When It Comes to Student Housing? (1 comments)

Obama proposes higher taxes for wealthy to fund jobs bill

Iran president: US hikers to be freed "in days"

Fact checking the CNN and Tea Party Express debate in Tampa

Erdogan slams Obama for silence on Israel's Gaza flotilla raid (3 comments)

John Smith: Banana Republic USA: Meet the 25 CEOs Who Make More Than Their Companies Pay In Taxes, by David Degraw (1 comments)

John Smith: Bank of America Confirms 30,000 Layoffs, by SUSANNA KIM

NATO: Iraq Mission to Continue Through End of 2013, by Jason Ditz of AntiWar.Com

How Obama Became the Curator of the Bush Legacy (1 comments)

Counter Narratives Challenge The Official 911 Story (11 comments)

Monday, September 12:

Media Whitewash on Cheney War Crimes Palpable as Whistleblowers Cry Foul (1 comments)

Al Gore to Host 24-hour Climate Change Marathon

Obama would raise taxes on rich to pay for jobs plan

On-Air Giffords Interview Not a Done Deal

Victory for Rank and File: Vets For Peace Votes to Impeach Obama for War Crimes (1 comments)

Keeping Teachers on Payroll Unnecessary (7 comments)

Fighting Fracking in New Zealand (5 comments)

American Ripoff | Student Loan Default Rates Are Higher Than They Appear

New Reality? In Detroit, Two Wage Levels Are the New Way of Work -

Enrollment In Medicare Advantage Increases, Defies GOP's Doomsday Predictions Of Mass Coverage Loss

White House Regulation Shift Is a Political Bet - (1 comments)

Tim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney for GOP nomination

Scores Dead in Kenyan Pipeline Fire

Fears From 9/11 Provide Cover for the Real Threats to Our Democracy (3 comments)

France Nuclear Plant Rocked By Blast

Videos and Pictures of Oil and Corexit on the Beaches after Hurricane Lee

Jamie Dimon Wants U.S. Out Of Basel On Theory That What's Good For JP Morgan Is Good For America

Is This Heaven? No, It's The Fighting Bob Fest

Huge NEW LIBYA Rally in Martyrs Square (formerly Green Sqaure)

Sunday, September 11:

Bush and Obama - Side by Side at Ground Zero

Colin Powell regrets Iraq war intelligence (7 comments)

Ingabire on Trial, Kagame in France, Obama for Kagame Immunity in the U.S.

Audio Tapes Released From 9/11 Archives, Majority of Records Still Sealed - Corbett

Seventh Annual Unity Walk, Washington, DC

Tomgram: Fraser and Freeman, Taps for the Unemployed (1 comments)

New Documents Suggest DoD Watchdog Covered Up Intelligence Unit's Work Tracking 9/11 Terrorists - Kaye and Leopold

Democrats Fret Aloud Over Obama's Chances (7 comments)

Nearly 80 NATO troops wounded in attack in Afghanistan

Tony Blair, not only Bush's but Gaddafi's Poodle: Deals in the Desert

Sherwood Ross: *Was President Bush Complicit in 9/11? (7 comments)

Saturday, September 10:

PTSD at Joint Base Lewis-McChord: Suicides, Murders, and Soldiers Waterboarding Their Kids

Oscar Winner Cliff Robertson Dies in N.Y. at 88 (1 comments)

While Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Opposes Infrastructure Investment, Major Louisville, KY Bridge Shuts Down Over Safety (1 comments)

The Truth about the American Economy : 1947-2010

In Rick Perry's Texas, Firefighters Forced To Pay For Gear, Engine Fuel

Banks Have Hissy Fit, Cancel Meeting With Attorneys General Due to FHFA Mortgage Litigation

Children's pictures from Gaza are banned in Bay Area (1 comments)

Boehner's Republican Jobs Proposal Gets Law Wrong, Tries To Change Leglislation That Doesn't Exist

Here Gaddafi's men imprisoned their prey -- then threw in the grenades

Hearing Rumors of a Plot, Cities Make Security Presence Known (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Are Libya's Palestinians ready for the post-Gaddafi era? (1 comments)

Between Cairo and Ankara Netanyahu's Leadership Failure Is Exposed

The Politics of Ozone Regulation

Two Decades of Spills - Graphic -

Murdoch's Hit Rag 'NY Post' Fabricates Statistic to Vilify Green Jobs

Mall of America visitors unknowingly end up in counterterrorism reports

Banks Took $6B in Reinsurance Kickbacks, Investigators Say (1 comments)

Taiwan Animators Make Gross Rick Perry Video About Male Strippers

*The Outrage Begins: Wall Street - September 17th (3 comments)

Teachers union president says Mayor Emanuel "exploded' at her (1 comments)

Obama in tizzy over embassy takeover

9/11: Another excuse to ignore seriously mentally ill (5 comments)

Friday, September 9:

Algeria sends the West a message by taking in Gaddafi's brood - Fisk

Pass This Jobs Bill Now

Dan Froomkin: 9/11 Attacks Led To Half-Trillion-Dollar Homeland Security Spending Binge

Jacqueline Kennedy Reveals JFK Feared an LBJ Presidency

Haley Barbour to join "super PAC' for 2012 fundraising

Erdoğan's misinterpreted remarks on escorting aid vessels touch raw nerves (1 comments)

AIPAC Congressional Lobbying Junkets to Israel Illegal Charges IRS and DOJ Filing

Sen. Durbin Floor Speech on IPS CEO Pay Report [VIDEO]

International Policy: Its Relationship to the Domestic Economy (15 comments)

Obama's Jobs Speech in 35 Seconds

The 2012 US Electoral Map

Chemtrails: Do you Have Heavy Metals Poisoning? |

"First of her kind" F-16 pilot was ready to give her life on Sept. 11 (1 comments)

Business Anti-Corruption Portal

Palestinian state long overdue: UN chief (2 comments)

Al Jazeera English maps out 9/11 coverage (2 comments)

Thursday, September 8:

Obama unveils American Jobs Act

Erdogan: Turkish forces to escort aid to Gaza (5 comments)

FACT CHECK: Obama's jobs plan paid for? Seems not

Specific but unconfirmed threat received targeting New York or Washington (5 comments)

Illegalz-Hating New Mexico Governor Is Offspring of Illegalz, Obviously

U.N. Palestinian Statehood Drive Is 'Moment Of Truth,' Leaders Say

US soldier 'mistakenly' killed BBC reporter

GOP Debate in 45 Seconds

Christian School Kicks Student Out For Being A Lesbian

New Docs Detail How Feds Downplayed Ground Zero Health Risks

Supercommittee Members' Campaign Cash Connections

Psychopaths Amongst Us (1 comments)

Link to 9/11 hijackers found in Sarasota (1 comments)

Texas Senator Demands That Air Force Answer to Him on Pulling of "Jesus Loves Nukes" Training

BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Majority Votes To Uphold The Affordable Care Act

Hunger Rate Spikes In Rick Perry's Texas, Even As National Rate Holds Steady

Are Blacks More Likely Than Whites to Face Stiff Penalties in Child-Support Cases? (1 comments)

Gaddafi denies reports he fled to Niger

Chris Christie: "Take on teachers' unions once and for all'" (6 comments)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Tear Down the Freedom Tower

Wednesday, September 7:

Donald Rumsfeld: President Obama has accepted Bush Doctrine (2 comments)

*Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes (116 comments)

Carson City: Mental Illness Compromises National Security

After 9/11, 'Boss Hawg' Perry's Texas Wasted Homeland Security Money On Sports Cars, Neckties, And A Hog Catcher

Obama Advisors Feared a Coup if the Administration Prosecuted War Crimes (6 comments)

Warped politics: Robert Gates says Israel is "ungrateful,' but Obama will still veto Palestine UN bid

Can 'super committee' play fair as it tries to control national debt? (3 comments)

Thomas Kean Runs Away From 911 Cover Up - VIDEO

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Wisc. Official to DMV: Don't Offer Free Voter-ID Unless They Ask

NASA launches Web tool to explore the solar system

The incredible shrinking Obama

Sherwood Ross: "I Want Another Adventure," Retiring Judge Nancy Gertner Says (1 comments)

'Winking Jesus' App Banned in UK

As wildfires rage across Texas, feds take control and scuttle volunteer firefighters

BREAKING: India high court blast in Delhi injures many

Giving Levity to 9-11 Tragedy Anniversary, John 'Chickenhawk' Bolton: "I've Decided Not To Run For President'

Tuesday, September 6:

John Smith: Former jihadist at the heart of Libya's revolution, By Nic Robertson, CNN Senior International Correspondent (2 comments)

Divesting from Israel's Occupation (1 comments)

Islamophobic Frank Gaffney Seeks To Impose Sharia Litmus Test On 2012 GOP Presidential Field

GOP wants jobs summit before Obama speech to Congress

2011-09-06 WikiLeaks Notes: Latest News on #Cablegate Releases (2 comments)

Press Release: Gaddafi Used Torture Squads in Bid to Preserve Rule

Poll Shows Elizabeth Warren Within Striking Distance of Scott Brown

Turkey suspends Israel defence and trade ties (1 comments)

Did A Top GOP Staffer For Sen. Grassley Cover Up Evidence Of News Corp Hacking In The U.S.?

Congress Returns, Prepares To Fight Over Jobs, Tax Cuts, Patent Reform, Trade Deals, FAA Funding And More

Super PAC backing Perry to spend $55 million

Republican Governors "Lead" the Nation's Worst Economies (6 comments)

Many members of debt "supercommittee" have ties to lobbyists

Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades

Europeans Talk of Sharp Change in Fiscal Affairs

Iceland Constitutional Council: The Constitutional Council hands over the bill for a new constitution (2 comments)

Living with 9/11: the anti-terror chief

Charles Koch New Racist Tirade: Refers To Obama As "Saddam Hussein' To Be Defeated In "Mother of All Wars" (2 comments)

The AMISOM, Sharif's government or the Clan Militia: Who is in Charge in Mogadishu? (1 comments)

West Virginia learns Finland's 'most honorable profession': Teacher

John Smith: Fight the war, not the drugs, by John Paul Rathbone

The Racial Ways of Barack Obama

Tomgram: Noam Chomsky, The Imperial Mentality and 9/11 (11 comments)

Textile workers to go on strike in Egypt's largest factory - Ali (2 comments)

Stung by the President on Air Quality, Environmentalists Weigh Their Options

Monday, September 5:

Come Learn about Restorative Circles: A Community Response to Conflict and Injustice (1 comments)

US students back Palestinian state

Hackers Steal SSL Certificates for CIA, M16 and Mossad - Keizer (3 comments)

Obama rallies union supporters on Labor Day (1 comments)

Bachmann: Why is there a Department of Education? (1 comments)

Obama says GOP must back US first, create jobs (2 comments)

In E-Mail Age, Postal Service Struggles to Avoid a Default (4 comments)

Israel Protests: 450,000 Hit The Streets In Country's Largest Demonstrations (PHOTOS) (3 comments)

Tony Blair Is Godfather To Rupert Murdoch's Daughter (VIDEO)

Remembering Attica, 40 years Later, by B.A.R.'s Bruce Dixon

UN ready to assist Libya elections: envoy

Libya rendition claims: David Cameron calls for inquiry

Wikileaks Releases Entire 65 Gigabyte Uncensored Cablegate Archive (With Or Without Bank Of America Disclosure)

Chart of the Day: Student Loans Have Grown 511% Since 1999

Sunday, September 4:

2 Mexicans deny terrorism, face 30 years for tweet (1 comments)

Rochester Police To Undergo Training After Retaliatory Incidents

U.S. Is Appealing to Palestinians to Stall U.N. Vote

The Thing About Slutwalks...and a World Without Rape (5 comments)

Fukushima Blows Lid Off Exploited Labour

Next Bailout: Few insurers planning for climate change - report

Sarah Palin, in Iowa, attacks Obama and "crony capitalism'

Author Naomi Klein arrested in oilsands protest

Saturday, September 3:

Obama backs down on smog standards

Fortune Magazine's Colin Barr Suggest Goldman Sachs May Break Up (2 comments)

Nothing to Celebrate: This Labor Day, Don't Party, Organize and Raise Hell! (1 comments)

The Fight Against Fluoride: One We Can Win (20 comments)

Uncertain political payoff for Obama's smog policy gamble

MI5 former chief decries 'war on terror'

U.S. Awash in Oil and Lies, Report Charges

Turkey vows to take legal action against Israelis involved in Gaza flotilla raid (4 comments)

Rick Perry's Execution Record Includes The Deaths Of Juveniles And The Mentally Disabled (1 comments)

Cause of shutdown at North Anna nuclear plant sought - Richmond Times-Dispatch (1 comments)

Moussa Koussa's secret letters betray Britain's Libyan connection


GOP "Jobs Agenda' Revives Ineffective Business Tax Giveaway

Case Study: How One New Yorker Got Texas And Other States To Push Anti-Sharia Legislation

Man Dies Of Toothache, Couldn't Afford Medicine (1 comments)

Ohio Anti-Health Reform Initiative Could Threaten School Immunizations And University Insurance Coverage

ALEC Releases Anti-Health Reform Playbook For GOP State Legislators (2 comments)

Nooses, Coons, And Busing Circa 2011

Thom Hartmann: Hartmann: Raed Jarrar - Wikileaks war crime was reported in Iraq - not the US (3 comments)

Hartmann: Government is good...Rick Perry's Texas miracle? (1 comments)

"Top Secret America': A look at the military's Joint Special Operations Command

State paid sex offenders as baby sitters

House freshmen push bills that benefit big donors

Rich Lifestyles of the GOP's Starve-the-Poor Presidential Candidates

The Obama Administration: August 17-31, 2011 (1 comments)

Nurses' Imaginative Tactics Breathe Life into Progressives: Make Wall Street Pay for the Crisis It Created

Files Note Close C.I.A. Ties to Qaddafi Spy Unit

Friday, September 2:

U.S. sues major banks over Fannie, Freddie losses

Experts Question Ratings After S&P Gives Subprime Bonds Higher Rating Than U.S. Debt

WikiLeaks makes all its U.S. diplomatic cables public

DoD Official Admits Own Talking Points Pushing Back On Military Cuts Are "Not Accurate'

New Combination Laser-Machine Gun Successfully Took Out A Fleet Of 'Pirates'

Interview with Amnesty International Spokesperson: Gaddafi Prisoners 'Left To Die In Desert'

Michigan Republicans: Let's Privatize Public School Teaching | Mother Jones

Federal Reserve Asks Bank Of America For Its Plan If Conditions Worsen: Report

National Energy Policy: The Cheney Law Massacre

DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar

After Gaza Flotilla, Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador And Cuts Ties With Nation (1 comments)

G.O.P. vs. Obama - Disrespect or Just Politics? (1 comments)

Obama Administration Abandons Plan to Tighten Air-Quality Rules

WikiLeaks Revelation Damages U.S.-Iraq Talks On Keeping American Troops Past 2011

U.N. Report Finds Israeli Blockade Legal but Raid Flawed

Five nations still outlaw homosexuality and carry out executions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people

Regulations, taxes aren't killing small business, owners say

CIA shifts focus to killing targets

Protesters sit in to take stand on pipeline (1 comments)

Thom Hartmann on the REAL story behind the Boston Tea Party (1 comments)

Evangelical Christians vet Texas Gov. Rick Perry at retreat

Quake risk to reactors far higher than realized (1 comments)

State Is Broke But Still Raising Pheasants for Cheney-style Hunting (4 comments)

Who Are America's Top 10 Gas Drillers?

Losing Alicia--A Father's Journey After 9/11 (3 comments)

Earthquake caused massive nuclear storage casks to move

Thursday, September 1:

Press Release: Federal Reserve announces formal enforcement action against the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and Goldman Sachs Bank USA (20 comments)

Rolling Stone Details Latest Fronts (& Successes) in 'The GOP War on Voting'

U.S. Said to Be Ready to Sue Banks Over Mortgages

N.H. GOP Chairman (a Tea Party member) forced to quit

Qaddafi issues threats: 'Let Libya burn'

Eric Cantor's Disaster Debacle (1 comments)

Russia, in swift about-face, recognizes Libyan rebels

Pakistan, US Struggle to Define Their Relationship

How Many People Have to Die Before We Get Serious About Distracted Driving? (3 comments)

George Magnus: Crisis Convergence

Son Denies Rebels' Claim That Qaddafi Is Cornered

Petraeus Retires, With a Warning (1 comments)

WikiLeaks: Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says

Top firms pay CEOs more than they do in US taxes

Candidates Increasingly Connected to Supposedly Independent PACs - ProPublica

What Nestlé's Water Win Means

Do Ask, I'll Tell: Gay Parents and Back to School Time

Unredacted WikiLeaks Cables Published

The GMMR Project: Libya's achievement and NATO as war criminal party-pooper... (2 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Pentagon's New Slavery System Triggers Riots in Occupied States (8 comments)

Advancing U.S.-Canada Economic, Energy and Security Integration


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