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August 2011

Wednesday, August 31:

U.S., Europe rules out key postwar role in Libya

Allan Lichtman: Never-Wrong Pundit Predicts 2012 Win for Obama (1 comments)

Elizabeth Warren not set to announce Senate run, but she's ready for a fight (1 comments)

Your Tab, Sir (or Mam): From the CIA

Former Qaddafi Mercenaries Describe Fighting in Libyan War

Obama jobs speech request in limbo after Boehner pushback (1 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: BREAKING: Boehner Rejects Obama's Requested Speech Time

Ron Paul wants to abolish FEMA

A Venn Diagram for Rick Perry: Social Security Is Not a Ponzi Scheme

The Sketchy Fundraising Apparatus of Rick Perry's Go-To Bundler

Eric Cantor Voted Against Bill To Offset Disaster Relief In 2004

Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting reveals subpar dam safety regulations

Where Pay for Chief Executives Tops the Company Tax Burden

Obama requests joint session of Congress for Sept. 7 jobs speech (1 comments)

How Should a Progressive Blogger React to a Possible Death Threat? (3 comments)

Former Powell Chief of Staff Col. Larry Wilkerson: Cheney "Fears Being Tried as a War Criminal"

Top NASA climate scientist arrested at White House

Nevada Wallops Bank of America With Sweeping Suit; Nationwide Foreclosure Settlement in Peril (1 comments)

$42 Million From Seven Foundations Helped Fuel the Rise of Islamophobia in America - Shakir

Wildfires burning homes in Texas, Oklahoma

Tuesday, August 30:

Ny AG Schneiderman Finds Support Fighting Next "Bank Bailout" (7 comments)

Town Hall Turmoil Continues for the GOP

America's Secret Libya War: U.S. Spent $1 Billion on Covert Ops Helping NATO

Deadliest month yet for U.S. in Afghanistan

How Western Tech Firms Helped Libyan Regime Spy on Citizens

Space Station Crew Could Be Forced to Leave

Pursuing The Rating Agencies: A Roadmap Through Three Big Falsehoods

Mitt Romney: U.S. near "profound economic misery' (1 comments)

After Irene, FEMA facing a disaster of its own -- funding (1 comments)

Bamming Bam--Oh, The Pain of The Believer: Barack's Betrayals And Our Naivte (7 comments)

Shocking new details of US STD experiments in Guatemala (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: Ma'a as-salaamah Mohammad".. May Allah protect you! (1 comments)

Decision Pending on Mass Firing of New Orleans Public School Teachers after Hurricane Katrina, by Andrew Vanacore of the (1 comments)

Monday, August 29:

Va. soldier sought in 4 deaths found dead in Pa. (1 comments)

Tripoli massacre: entombed in tiny cells, all they could hear was the screaming (1 comments)

First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals Trillions in Secret Bailouts (1 comments)

Michele Bachmann jokes that God sent hurricane, earthquake

The Decade's Biggest Scam

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients? Why Stop There? (5 comments)

Health Law Puts Governors in Pickle

Afghans scuttle US-Taliban talks

Taiwanese Animators Give Up, "Review' Cheney Book By Dressing Him In "Hot Dog On A Stick' Uniform

Tea Party Unfavorability Jumps In New AP Poll | TPMDC

Press Release: Human Rights Watch: Gaddafi Forces Suspected Of Executing Detainees

Republican Politicians Banned From Labor Day Parade In Wisconsin (2 comments)

"These are real jobs And real people are losing them"

U.S. Tactics in Libya May Be Model for Use of Force (4 comments)

Education Department Backs Away From Fix to Help Disabled Student Borrowers

Dan DeWalt: Vermonters Build a Direct Action Anti-Nuke Movement They Hope Will Go National (2 comments)

What tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline mean for climate change (12 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: The Hunt for Gaddafi

'Gaza convoy foils Israeli blockade'

Sunday, August 28:

Powell Says Cheney Book Full of 'Cheap Shots' (2 comments)

Come September: The UN, Palestine, Israel, Vanunu and a Syrian Connection

Perry calls Social Security 'monstrous lie'

Smackdown: New York Times Smacks Down Rep. Darrell Issa's Demand For A Retraction (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Obama Widens War In Somalia

The Economy Needs Women as Badly as Women Need Workplace Parity

BP can be sued for punitive Gulf spill damages (1 comments)

Gov. Perry Bills Feds For Housing Undocumented Immigrants

Rick Perry is Al Capone? (1 comments)

Georgia Professors Offer Courses To Undocumented Students Barred From Public Universities

Libya rebels reject regime offer to talk

John Dean on Dick Cheney's memoir 'In My Time' (1 comments)

Redistricting scorecard: With parties neck-and-neck, Florida could be the key

Boehner Rakes in Donations, the Redistricting Battle Continues

Witnessing Tools In The Culture War

Ron Ridenour: Cynthia McKinney's Anti-War Tour Comes to Philadelphia (2 comments)

Please help! Truth-telling independent journalists in danger in Libya - WAMM

Iran sanctions and the nuclear apartheid (2 comments)

Saturday, August 27:

East Africa Now Facing Drought Induced Famine

C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight - Shane

C.I.A. Fights Memoir of 9/11 by F.B.I. Agent in Terror Fight

5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution -- 'Cuddly' Libertarian Has Some Very Dark Politics (2 comments)

Invoking PATRIOT Act, DHS demands info on Assange from WikiLeaks' domain registrar (1 comments)

WikiLeaks Cables: How Various Countries Manage Their Terror Watch Lists

Deadly dawn crackdown on Mosque in Damascus

Religious Multi-Millionaire 'Sugar-Daddy' of the Far, Far Right Has 'Serviced' TX Gov. Perry Throughout His Career (1 comments)

Morgan Stanley Speculating to Brink of Collapse Got $107 Billion From Fed

U.S. aid implicated in abuses of power in Colombia

John Boehner and Eric Cantor Won't Commit To Hurricane Relief Without Budget Cuts (3 comments)

Bob Vander Plaats Violated His Own Marriage Fidelity Pledge, Accepted Millions In Federal Funds

A Victory for Recording in Public!

Friday, August 26:

US diplomat threatens to cut PA funds

Palestinians barred from al-Aqsa Mosque

Libya: Hana Gaddafi 'alive and well'?

How US Citizens are Suing Donald Rumsfeld for Torture - Szydloski

State Dept. signs off on controversial oil sands pipeline

Family Research Counsil Continues Pro-Bullying Campaign, Seeking To Overturn FAIR Education Act And Erase Same-Sex Famil

'Death Panel' Rick Perry Conspired With Multinational Bank To Raise Revenues Off The Deaths Of Texas Teachers

GOP Congressmen Put Constituents Who Asked Tough Questions On A "Watch List'

Eric Cantor: We'll Pay For Post-Quake Relief -- If We Can Find The Cuts (VIDEO)

UN headquarters car bombing in Nigeria kills 18

Stagflation Is Knocking On The Door - Forbes

Bernanke proposes no new steps to boost economy but hints Congress should help

Bloomberg: 9/11 Ceremony Won't Include Religious Leaders

Fukushima caesium leaks 'equal 168 Hiroshimas'

WikiLeaks publishes tens of thousands more cables

Fracking: Report for Obama Questions Effectiveness of Gas Drilling Regulations

Billions Meant for Struggling Homeowners May Pay Down Deficit Instead

BP: Macondo well is not leaking oil, new inspection confirms

ConAgra Sued Over GMO '100% Natural' Cooking Oils

Buffett to Invest $5 Billion in Shaky Bank of America

DOJ Investigating Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. for Alleged 9/11 Phone Hacking

Fukushima Area to Be Declared Uninhabitable

Strengthen Social Security (7 comments)

Allegation: Children 'among 180 slaughtered' by Gaddafi Forces in Tripoli

Thursday, August 25:

Video: NATO massacre in Zlitan Libya - WAMM

Do the Koch Brothers Want A Toxic Disaster? (2 comments)

Gaddafi's Desperate Bid to Save Regime: Contacts with Kucinich, Letter to Obama (2 comments)

Fight "the rats,' Gaddafi urges as Freedom Fighters push on

Karl Rove: Not a Palin fan

Erika Fry: Money Talks

Rick Perry Helps Legal Wonks Bring Down the Flotilla

NYAG Eric Schneiderman Pushes Back After Being Kicked Off Mortgage Abuse Investigation

University of Miami Sports Scandal Reaches Into Other States (1 comments)

Citizens Challenge Police to Prevent Construction of a Naval Base on Jeju Island, South Korea

Ohio Congressman Has Cops Confiscate Cameras At Town Hall Meeting (3 comments)

Tomgram: Bill McKibben, Jailed Over Big Oil's Attempt to Wreck the Planet

Who Are These Old People at My Class Reunion? (2 comments)

Matt Taibbi on the Explosive Investigation Revealing the SEC's Cover-Up of Wall Street's Crimes (3 comments)

Why Are Armed Groups Storming Foreign Embassies in Tripoli - Fitsanakis

Wednesday, August 24:

Libya: Ex-Gaddafi Mercenaries Describe Collapse of Regime

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

Russian Spacecraft Crashes After Failing to Reach Orbit

Anonymous Leaks Nude Pics of BART Spokesman Responsible for Cell Phone Service Shut-Down Showing Johnson's uh, Johnson (2 comments)

US espionage investigation against WikiLeaks: PATRIOT Act order unsealed (1 comments)

TCBH! Staff Tell the Philadelphia Inquirer to Start Acting Like a Real Newspaper

Locked Up Abroad -- for the FBI

Gays Cause Earthquakes!

McCain & Gaddafi: A Love Story Revealed

Could Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein Face Prison

Making US whining wealthy made to look unpatriotic as France's rich keen to pay more tax as PM Fillon announces 'rigour

Sherwood Ross: Calls for Boycott of Abercrombie & Fitch (5 comments)

Earthquake with Magnitude 7.0 Hits Northern Peru

Rick Perry Compared Homosexuality To Alcoholism, Condemned "Radical Gays' For Promoting "Gay Lifestyle'

Call for inquiry into News International payments to Andy Coulson as 'political payments'

Fukushima and the Doomsday Clock

Andy Coulson 'broke' Commons pass rules by failing to declare NI payments

New York Attorney General Kicked Off Government Group Leading Foreclosure Probe

Town Hall Crowd Jeers Rep. Chabot (R-OH) For Voting To Strip Planned Parenthood Funding (2 comments)

Do Investors Care About Anything Other Than Money?

Leaked Cable: McCain Promised Qaddafi To Help Secure Military Equipment From U.S.

Franklin P. Lamb: Tripoli Port Notes (2 comments)

Visitors moved by first look at MLK Jr. memorial, by Melanie Eversley of USA Today

New Hospital Community Benefit Requirements: Who Will They Benefit?

Tuesday, August 23:

New York Attorney General Removed From Group Working on Foreclosure Deal (1 comments)

White House issues new rules to cut bureaucratic red tape

The Kochs are scared, and they've bought the web domains to prove it

Revealed: Former Goldman Sachs VP Turned Issa Staffer Supervised Scheduling Of Elizabeth Warren Incident | How Politicia

Did Fracking Cause the Virginia Earthquake? (31 comments)

PBS Couldn't Make Time for Bill Moyers' New Show

Libya Rebels Take Control of Gadhafi Compound

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is free after NY courts let prosecutors drop sex-assault case

The Scramble for Access to Libya's Oil Wealth Begins

Palin Pushes Back Against Rove's Labor Day Prediction

Evidence undermines gov't's claim that terrorists were Gazans

Huntsman tells CNN's Piers Morgan he'd be open to being Bachmann's VP

More Trouble for Cameron & Murdoch: Andy Coulson Received Payment From News Corp., After Taking Downing Street Job

Death of a Bush-Era Prosecutor Prompts Deep Thoughts On the Hereafter (13 comments)

Goldman CEO hires prominent defense lawyer

Rep. Chabot Bans Cameras At Town Hall As Constituents Chant "Where Are The Jobs?'

Spitzer sued for libel over his Slate column

Rebels Breach Gaddafi Compound

S&P replaces president with Citibank exec after U.S. downgrade

Clint Curtis blew the whistle on Republican election in Florida (and no one listened--or is listening now) (MUST-SEE) (1 comments)

Libya and Beyond: How Did We Get There and What Happens Next? (4 comments)

At Town Hall, GOP Rep. Hultgren Can't Explain How Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs...Because They Didn't

Most Lawmakers Not Holding Town Hall Meetings

Tomgram: Andy Kroll, Political Crossroads in Wisconsin?

Gay Bashing Leads To Death In Michele Bachmann's Hometown (1 comments)

Rick Perry's views on the Constitution get closer scrutiny (1 comments)

Global News: Australia Passes Carbon Credit Law, CO2 Price is Next; Solar Could Match Coal's Price by 2015 in China

Bush/Perry Legacy: Low Wages And No Health Insurance In Texas

An Oil Slick Runs Through It | Montana Ranchers Reel at ExxonMobile's Yellowstone River Spill

CBS' Mark Knoller Whitewashes Bush From 2009 Deficit (1 comments)

Wil. E. Coyote, the American People, and Where Things Are At Now (3 comments)

Standard & Poor's president steps down after historic US debt downgrade; faces inquiry


The military children left behind: Decrepit schools, broken promises | iWatch News

4 Desperate Ways the Hardest Hit Are Coping with Economic Crisis - Khalek

Monday, August 22:

Bernanke Caught: Half a Trillion $$ Stolen from American Citizens (1 comments)

Environmental law violations found at scores of tribal schools run by Interior Department

Police arrest dozens protesting oil pipeline at White House

The Miscreants' Global Bust-Out : How a Small Gang of Organized Criminals Wrecked the World | Deep Capture

Human Rights activist Franklin Lamb shot in Tripoli

Gadhafi son reported arrested by rebels is free

Who are the libyan 'rebels'?

*Feeling Friendly This Week? Beware (8 comments)

New Leaks Reveal Insider Tips on S&P's U.S. Credit Downgrade to Killer-Drone Firm

Goldman Sachs Stock Drops After CEO Hires Defense Attorney -- Stock Price Dives 5.9% Before Close

Layoffs sweep Wall Street, along with low morale

Justice for Some (3 comments)

Democracy Now on the Battle for Tripoli and the Collapse of the Gaddafi Regime

Global Reactions to Libyan Rebels' Gains in Tripoli

FDIC Sues Ex-Silverton Board, Officers for $71 Million in Georgia's Largest Bank's Collapse

In Ohio and Wisconsin, G.O.P. Reaching Out to Angry Democrats

The Fed's Secret Liquidity Lifeline - Interactive Chart: Who Got What, When, How Much...? (1 comments)

Obama Jobs Plan Meets Early Resistance From Republicans

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed | 3x the 2008 Budget Deficit (1 comments)

FCC Ends Last Remaining Fairness Doctrine Broadcast Requirements

Assange Battle Escalates: Ex-Wikileaks Spokesman Destroyed Unpublished Files (1 comments)

The Seattle Declaration; A Call for a New Civic Activism (2 comments)


Will Rick Perry Be Targeted for a Federal Prosecution? (2 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: The Battle for Tripoli may not be over (1 comments)

The Thomases vs. Obama's Health-Care Plan

Monetizing Politics: Networks Are There To Sell, Not Tell

*A Brave and Determined Man and His Fight to Expose Wall Street Crimes (1 comments)

Jubilant Rebels Control Much of Tripoli

NY Attorney General Schneiderman Is Said to Face Pressure to Back Bank Deal

Sunday, August 21:

Hunt on for Gadhafi as rebels take control of capital (1 comments)

Neighboring Tunisia recognizes Libyan rebels

Report: Prosecutor to drop Strauss-Kahn case (2 comments)

Obama Statement: Gadhafi's regime 'has reached a tipping point'

Press Release: Shouts of Freedom and Joy Ring out in Liberated Tripoli (2 comments)

Tomgram: Karen J. Greenberg, Taking the Justice Out of the Justice System (2 comments)

Campaigner tells banks: 'If I owe you money, prove it' - Cork News (3 comments)

BREAKING: Rebels Close To Toppling Gadhafi (23 comments)

Get ready for more stupid Mideast violence, by Stephen M. Walt (1 comments)

Rick Perry's Donors Reap Benefits From Texas State Aid

Libyan Rebels Enter Tripoli Without Resistance: Gaddafi Tripoli Brigade Sides with Rebels

Gadhafi near collapse with capture of son, surrender of guard

Rebels Claim to Have Captured Three Gadaffi Sons - Saif, Saadi, and Mohammed

Libyan Rebels Enter Tropoli; Gaddafi's Son Captured

BREAKING: Rebels Allegedly Capture Gaddafi Son Saif Al-Islam - NTC

Researchers To Present Exclusive, "Disturbing" Interviews With 9/11 Pentagon Witnesses in Toronto on Anniversary (7 comments)

Huntsman gets more aggressive with opponents, Obama

Activist files suit against Netanyahu supporters who attacked her in Capitol

Rick Perry Clueless On Use Of Executive Presidential Powers To Kill Obamacare

Bachmann blames gaffes on busy speaking schedule

The Christian right's "dominionist" strategy (3 comments)

The US Government Won't be Charged With Perjury Even When It's Caught in a Lie (1 comments)

Romney To Quadruple Size Of $12 Million 'Inadequate' California Home After Complaining He Was "Also Unemployed "

Koch Responds To Buffet: "My Business And Non-Profit Investments Are Much More Beneficial To Society' (1 comments)

More Trouble for Murdoch: Milly Dowler phone hackers 'used more than one voicemail'

Tensions rise as Latinos feel under siege in America's deep south

Diplomatic woes pile up for isolated Israel

Press Release: First Skirmishes in the Battle for Tripoli

Saturday, August 20:

Egypt says Israel's regret is not enough

U.S. oil speculative data released by Senator, sparking ire

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

Verizon Workers End Strike, Though Without New Contract

Iran sentences 2 American men to 8 years in jail

Major Israeli Screw-up - Israel 'regrets' deaths in Egypt and promises inquiry

Moody's Analyst Breaks Silence: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts (2 comments)

Taibbi on Olbermann: SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes (1 comments)

The Obama Administration: August 1-17, 2011 (1 comments)

Rats Fleeing Sinking Ship? Oil minister does not return to Libya

HYPOCRITES: Family Research Council Affiliates Took $6 Million In Government Funds While Decrying Washington Spending (1 comments)

The Myopic Madness of the GOP

Libya: Rebels Seize Strategic Brega

Friday, August 19:

Major Gift to Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign - Sierra Club

Libya: Former Prime Minister Jalloud Defects to Rebels

Arrest of LA correspondent takes hacking scandal into new territory (1 comments)

Goldman Sachs VP Changed His Name, Now Advances Goldman Lobbying Interests As Top Staffer To Darrell Issa

Right Wing "Intelligence"; Video Worth Watching (1 comments)

Data Show More Children Are Growing Up Poor. Now What? - MomsRising Blog (1 comments)

Israel responds to terrorist attacks (1 comments)

Russ Feingold 2012: Former senator says he won't run for public office of any kind in 2012

Tripoli facing three-sided advance by Libyan rebels

News Corp. Buries a Whistleblower

How Much Money Could the Department of Defense Save if it Stopped Trying to Save Souls? (9 comments)

The Gandhian Spirit is Alive in India--Sort Of (4 comments)

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 - (2 comments)

Geeky Science -The Ultimate Spy tool (1 comments)

Syria Said to Fire on Protests in Defiance of Global Rebuke

Must-Reads: The Late, Great Molly Ivins on Rick Perry (2 comments)

Glenn Mulcaire ordered to reveal who told him to hack phones

US attacks Iraq despite mission's end - Press TV

Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations (1 comments)

Thursday, August 18:

Chile recognises 9,800 more victims of Pinochet's rule

Repressed News of what Happened to Thousands of Dissidents in Tripoli Starting to Surface Now

GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry Challenged By Agitated Town Hall Crowd On Failure To Create Jobs, End The Wars

RAM Comes to Chicago to Provide Free Health Care to Under- and Uninsured

Chavez Orders $11 Billion of Gold Home; Venezuela Is World's 15th Largest Holder of Gold

David Letterman earns jihadist death threat: What did Letterman do?

Candidate TX Gov. Rick Perry's Surgery Included Experimental Stem Cell Therapy -- Rick Perry | The Texas Tribune

Los Angeles Will Stop Paying Standard and Poor's to Rate Its Investments

Propublica: Our Handy Guide to the Best Coverage on Gov. Rick Perry and His Record

Dan Froomkin: As Defense Industry Lobbies Against Cuts, Rhetoric Overshoots Reality

Israel Strikes Gaza After Eilat Attack

Foreign Students in Work Visa Program Stage Walkout at Plant

Police Arrest News Of The World's Hollywood Reporter Over Phone Hacking

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Coburn: Obama promotes dependency because of his race (2 comments)

Christine O'Donnell Walks Out on CNN's Piers Morgan (1 comments)

Libyan Rebels Gain Control of Oil Refinery as Qaddafi Forces Flee (1 comments)

Huge Afghan blast kills 27 US soldiers

Pakistan Demands Veto on Drone Strikes (1 comments)

Obama: Syrian President Assad must step down

Tomgram: David Bromwich, George W. Obama?

Syria's Assad calls a halt to military crackdown

A Bachmann Staffer's Dominionist Worldview, Gun-Running Charges, and Ties To Ugandan "Kill-The-Gays" Pastor (1 comments)

Nine Wisconsin Recalls: A True Vote Analysis

Exclusive: Goldman Sachs VP Changed His Name, Now Advances Goldman Lobbying Interests As Top Staffer To Darrell Issa



Freedom Rider: Look! Over There! It's President Michelle Bachmann! - by BAR's Margaret Kimberley (1 comments)

Report: Child poverty rate hits 20 percent in US as families struggle -

Huge blast hits US base in Afghanistan

Wednesday, August 17:

U.S. Inquiry Said to Focus on S.&P. Ratings

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Rick Perry Porn Monger for President?, Lisa Derrick (12 comments)

U.S. Aides Believe China Examined Stealth Copter - Mazzetti

"Armadillo armored car coming to St. Louis, by Robert Patrick (1 comments)

Libyan Rebel Forces Push South From Misrata to Cut Key Highway to Tripoli

Fitch Downgrades New Jersey's Credit Rating To AA- | Chris Christie Choses Bad Day To Test 2012 Presidential Waters

Rise In Homeless Female Vets Tied To Military Sexual Abuse

CHART OF THE DAY: *Government* Jobs Led To Perry's Economic Boom | TPMDC

Poll: Tea Party Less Popular Than Muslims, Atheists, 21 Other Groups | ThinkProgress

LOL: Mitt Romney Attacks Obama For Going To Martha's Vineyard -- On The Same Day He Will Be There

Paul Ryan Charging Town Hall Attendees $15 To Yell At Him (1 comments)

$360M lost to insurgents, criminals in Afghanistan

U.S. Senator seeks to cut aid to elite IDF units operating in West Bank and Gaza

Phone hacking: James Murdoch admits 'hush money' payout

Why Did Someone Gun Down This Lawyer?

Obama to lay out new jobs plan in Sept. speech (1 comments)

Drones Direct Hit upon Rule of Law (2 comments)

66 Years of USA Nuclear Insanity (2 comments)

Tuesday, August 16:

Sheila Dean: Search of GPS for wanted suspect would violate privacy, federal judge says

Talk to Paul Ryan? It'll cost you (1 comments)

London Riots -- A Stiff Dose Of Truth You Won't Hear From The Government Censored Corporate Media - Higgins

Stephen Hayes: Ryan for President?

Karl Rove Slams Perry For Fed "Treason" Comments

Damning New Evidence in the News Corp. Hacking Scandal (1 comments)

CODEPINK calls for investigation into "AIPAC loophole" for Israel junkets

*Big Banks, Illegal Foreclosures & the Wealth Gap (2 comments)

Letter: Hacking 'Widely Discussed' at UK Tabloid

Obama DOJ Wants a Second Dose of Humiliation in Alabama Bingo Trial (6 comments)

GOP Primary Election Race Undergoes Dramatic Shift Ahead Of 2012

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: David Gregory Compares Calls for Succession with Healthcare Legislation!

As The Economy Crumbles, Media Focuses On Politicians (3 comments)

Tomgram: Chris Hellman, The Pentagon's Spending Spree

Phone hacking: News of the World reporter's letter reveals cover-up

Phone hacking: MPs may recall James Murdoch

Press Release: Channeling Pinochet: Human Carnage going from Bad to Worse in Syria

Monday, August 15:

Turkey Warns Syria to Stop Crackdown Immediately

D*ckheads: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fights Regulations On Penis-Deforming Chemicals

Why Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured people in the U.S. - 6.3 million

Criminalizing poverty: During economic crisis, new laws crack down on America's poor, homeless

Battle of Az Zawiyah Still Raging

Year's Deadliest Attacks Rock Iraq

Dominionism: Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry's Dangerous Religious Bond (2 comments)

Verdict in Federal Bingo Trial Shines New Light on the Don Siegelman Case

Ezra Klein -- Rick Perry: a Ron Paulite on entitlements

Panic In DC As Starbucks' Schultz Calls For CEO Boycott Of Campaign Donations, Urges Americans To Go On Strike Against T (1 comments)

Coburn's cuts: Taking on Medicare and Medicaid

Rick Perry Is Big Oil's $11 Million Man | Exxon Mobil and Koch Bros. Lead The Pack

Medicare Spending Decelerates

Afghanistan's former spy chief: 'Never trust the Taliban'

Want to see how the Kochs are ending public education? (3 comments)

Rick Perry's First Stop In New Hampshire Is Funded By Big Oil

Franklin P. Lamb: NATO'S Massacre at Majer, Libya (5 comments)

No Food, No Drinks, No Strollers, No Change: No Wonder US Retail is Tanking (7 comments)

Dear Soledad: Appalachians Respond to CNN's Blair Mountain Special on Mountaintop Removal - SpeakEasy

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN): I "Can't Think Of A Major Piece' Of Legislation That Bachmann has Worked On

*The Lesson of Mike Connell: Cutting Through Vote Fraud Claims, Hypocrisy (6 comments)

Former Counterterrorism Czar Accuses Tenet, Other CIA Officials of Cover-Up

U.S. Aides Believe China Examined Stealth Copter

Sunday, August 14:

How to Create an Economic Downfall (3 comments)

Is Your Printer Spying On You?

Defense cuts loom large for 'super committee'

Hannity, Fox, CNN, CPAC Caught Suppressing Their Own Polls Showing Ron Paul On Top (3 comments)

Pawlenty quits 2012 presidential race

Revolutionaries Closer to Tripoli as Zawiyah Falls, Street by Street

Syrian Navy Shelling Syrian Port of Latakia

Video - Romney: Corporations Are People, My Friend - tpmtv

News Corp.’s Soft Power in the U.S.

Alliance for a Better Wisconsin: Steitz alleges mudslinging, willfully ignores the actions of his extreme and dangerous

MIT's new drug could cure nearly any viral infection (1 comments)

Indianapolis News, Saturday Night Storm at Sugarland Concert

More large demos held in Israel (1 comments)

Dems waste no time casting Bachmann, Paul as extreme, beholden to Tea Party (1 comments)

Sanders says he doesn't know who would step up to primary Obama (6 comments)

Saturday, August 13:

Dem spokesman accuses GOP of dirty tricks in Waukesha vote count

Bachmann Wins Iowa Straw Poll; Pawlenty Distant Third

Michele Bachmann Barely Scrapes Past Ron Paul to Win Ames Straw Poll (24 comments)

The Pentagon's new China war plan

Israel's Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi to Glenn Beck: "G-d will bless you for what you did' (1 comments)

Study -- Stuff white people...especially mean old white men like: denying climate change

Rick Perry announces he will join 2012 presidential field to challenge President Obama

The Video Congress Does NOT Want You To See!

Rebel Fighters Take Libyan Town Used to Rocket Misrata

Should It Even Be Called "News" ? | Israel Backs 1,600 New Settler Houses (1 comments)

US postal workers face massive job losses (4 comments)

Voices Faulting G.O.P. Economic Policies Growing Louder

Syria's Ramadan offensive stutters during 'no kneeling' protests

Friday, August 12:

Rick Perry: Social Security and Medicare Are Unconstitutional

The 'Super Congress' Is a Scam Designed to Force Cuts To Popular Programs And Keep Taxes On The Rich Low

SEC Investigating S&P Over Whether They Leaked News About Downgrade to Investors

Roots of the Riots: Don't Ignore the Causes, Londoners Plead, by Linn Washington, Jr.

GOP Hypocrisy Central: Anti-Gay Marriage State Rep. Rep. Phillip Hinkle's (IN-R) Accused Of Offering Young Male Money '

Recent Developments in the Fosamax Lawsuit against Merck

Sherwood Ross: Outlook For Peace Dim Should Perry Get Elected (4 comments)

Banks in Asia review credit to French lenders

Lynn Buske: USDA and Corporate Agribusiness Continue to Push Animal ID Scheme

MercsRUs-U.S. Hires Shady Mercenary for Somali Proxy War

Bingo Jury Gives Obama Justice Department a Kick in the Crotch (2 comments)

Health Care Law Individual Mandate Ruled Unconstitutional By Appeals Court

Israel's new settlement plans irk US and EU

FLASHBACK: In 1990 Campaign Ad, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)Said "I Think Everyone Should Pay Their Fair

Makers Of Military Drone Aircraft Gearing Up For Major Public Relations Offensive, Including Outreach To Kids

Israelis demand end to staggering wealth gap -

Republican Debate Fact Check

Thursday, August 11:

The Verizon Strike as the Next Wisconsin

Secret peace talks between US and Taliban collapse over leaks - Telegraph

Democrats Voted On Wednesday: Only Two Seats Flip in WI Recall (2 comments)

Israel approves 1,600 settler homes in East Jerusalem

Sam Stein: Huffington Ost: Elizabeth Warren Gearing Up For Senate Run, Announcement To Come Post Labor Day

Rick Perry on running for president: "This is what I'm supposed to be doing' (1 comments)

Treating Children Like Horses: Christian Right "Historian" David Barton Gets Violent (4 comments)

September 11th Anniversary: Richard Clarke's Explosive CIA Cover-up Charge

Bomb kills five US troops in southern Afghanistan

Was There a CIA 9/11 Cover-up? : Richard Clarke's Explosive CIA Cover-up Charge (6 comments)

US Congressman: Economic woes won't affect Israel aid (3 comments)

What's a "Significant Error'? Standard & Poor's Says Leave It To Us

Poverty Tour Meets Poor-Bashing CNN Host (1 comments)

Sarah Palin to visit Iowa State Fair this week on "One Nation' bus tour

Food safety false flag? USDA waited for people to die before recalling ground turkey it knew was contaminated (1 comments)

War Budget Cuts Possible If We Counter Contractors' Multimillion-Dollar Campaign Spending (2 comments)

Nervous Democrats say President Obama must be bolder on economy (1 comments)

The Role of The Irrational In The Market Failures (1 comments)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Pentagon's Fake Jihadists

Alternative Media, Then and Now and Tomorrow: Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of One Paper and 14 Months of Another

CNN Poll: Time to clean house in Congress? Bad news for GOP

America's 14 Most Ready to Riot Cities (72 comments)

Clay Claiborne: Propaganda Battle Raging: Did NATO kill 85 Libyan Villagers?

Wednesday, August 10:

Court Pleadings Charge U.S. Complicity in Mexico's Drug War - Godoy & D'Almeida (2 comments)

6 Republicans who've vowed no tax hikes named to debt panel

Call From Gaza: Open The Rafah Crossing Permanently And Unconditionally - petition

Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5 - Hamburger

Former Classification Czar: Information Drake Accused of Retaining Never Should Have Been Classified (1 comments)

Sheila Dean: DHS Creating Database of Secret Watchlists

Rumsfeld torture lawsuit moves forward

Boehner Claims S&P Downgrade Happened Because Democrats Blocked The GOP's Attempt To Eliminate Medicare

EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America: Over 1 Million Deaths Annually, 62 Million People With Zero Net W

U.S. Supreme Court less likely to hear cases from poor people, study shows (1 comments)

Protests have tarnished Netanyahu's reputation, and will likely push his government to hold early elections

Wis. Dems: The Recalls Were A Win For Us!

GOP Leaders Pick Conservative Members To Serve On Deficit Super Committee - All Signed Norquist's Pledge

Sherwood Ross: When Considering Hiring a Lawyer, Think of Yourself First

A Bad-News Developer Invades College Towns

*[Updated]* MSNBC "Recalls" Maddow, Live Anchors as Results Delayed (1 comments)

Tuesday, August 9:

Help stop forced confessions and wrongful convictions - ColorOfChange (1 comments)

*U.S. Needs Fearless, Fighting MSM Reporters (1 comments)

The debt supercommittee timeline (1 comments)

Recall FAQ: Everything you need to know about Tuesday's elections

Frozen by Uncertainty, Economic Action Stalls

Kucinich Challenges S&P's Parent Corp over Possible Conflict of Interest (15 comments)

Anonymous on the Net: Not!

Franklin P. Lamb: Where have Libya's children gone? Long time missing" (1 comments)

London Riots: 450 Arrested, 44 Police Officers Injured, Man Shot And Emergency Services Attacked (1 comments)

House GOP Plans To Exploit Jobs Crisis To Permanently Shut Down The Federal Government's Ability To Regulate (1 comments)

Education Secretary Slams No Child Left Behind

Obama Fails to Battle Back Against Bullies (6 comments)

Tomgram: Barbara Ehrenreich, On Americans (Not) Getting By (Again) (1 comments)

One in Five Congressmen Going to Israel This Summer | Sunshine State News (2 comments)

S&P downgrades Fannie and Freddie, US-backed debt

Monday, August 8:

Longtime Employee of Koch's 'Americans for Prosperity' Created Mysterious WI 'Gun Group', Coordinated on Misleading Abse

Anti-Government Spending Crusader Rick Perry Accepted More Than $80,000 In Farm Subsidies

Riot Tweeters 'face arrest' - Sun News

Ames straw poll will test strength of 2012 candidates

S&P Downgrades Debt-Linked Agencies Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

The African American Vote in 2012 and Beyond

President Obama Prohibits International Violators Of LGBT Rights From U.S. Entry

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Tea Party Cheers Downgrade

Geithner Rips S&P for 'Really Terrible' Move on US Downgrade

Financial crisis: full force of US downgrade is felt around the world

John Smith: Big Pharma's massive falsifications of clinical trials, by FDA (2 comments)

The Ongoing Costs of the Iraq War, by Fatima Al-Zeheri (1 comments)

News Corp. Is Still Paying Rebekah Brooks A Salary, Murdoch Tells Her To "Travel The World On Him For A Year'

PHOTOS: Anti-LGBT Literature Widely Distributed At Right-Wing ALEC Conference | ThinkProgress

Is Our Country Rotting From the Inside Out? (1 comments)

Top Companies Claim To Fight Global Warming, But Sponsor ALEC's Climate Denial

Issa Subpoenas Gov't Documents in Boeing Case

AntiSec Hackers Dump Data after Hacking Police Websites

Building Community and Transforming Our Helping Systems

McCain Says Afghanistan War Only Really Got Started In 2009 | ThinkProgress (1 comments)

Conservative Tea Party Lt. Gov Peter Kinder (R-MI) Parties "Pantless" and Blows $54,000

Military Hazardous Waste Sickens Land and People (1 comments)

Armed Federal Agents Raid a Health Food Club, Drag Volunteer to Jail

The Secret War in 120 Countries

Geithner tells Obama he will remain as Treasury secretary

CHINA: "America Needs To Accept The Painful Fact That The Good Old Days Are Over" (2 comments)

The Obama Administration: July 18-31, 2011 (3 comments)

Mark. O. Hatfield, Liberal G.O.P. Senator, Dies at 89 (3 comments)

A.I.G. to Sue Bank of America Over Mortgage Bonds

'NATO planning military attack on Iran' - PressTV (1 comments)

Sunday, August 7:

Press Release: Official Syrian Ministry of Defense Website Hacked by Anonymous (1 comments)

Israelis plan million-strong march as protesters call for social justice (1 comments)

Live by Murder, Die by Murder (1 comments)

China: Dollar to Be 'Discarded' by World (3 comments)

Austin Protesters Rally Against Perry

EXECUTION OF BIN LADEN: "That's Not Osama": Neighbor. "It's all a fake, nothing happened" (1 comments)

Hiroshima Day Protest 2011 King of Prussia, PA (video)

Riot blaze: North London in flames - By Daily Mail

Transition Cheltenham and We The People of Cheltenham join together to offer a unique class in Democracy

Calls Mount to Investigate Bush Era Officials for Torture | Common Dreams

Anonymous hack FBI data base (10gb data dump) including agent provateurs FBI on max alert

Netanyahu downplays reports of 300,000 protesters across Israel

Saturday, August 6:

16 NATO tankers go up in flames (3 comments)

Dems predicted to win in Wisconsin, IF there's no election fraud (1 comments)

Dirty Tricks in WI: Deceptive Absentee Ballot Mailers Appear to be Coordinated Hoaxes

Dirty Tricks in WI: Deceptive Absentee Ballot Mailers Appear to be Coordinated Hoaxes (1 comments)

Global leaders race to stem panic over US credit rating downgrade

Pakistan rejects US bid for consulate in Balochistan - Pakistan today (1 comments)

Israel Rocked by the Largest Protest in the Country's History (1 comments)

Amid Criticism on Downgrade, S&P Fires Back

SEALs who caught Osama among those killed in Afghan helicopter crash

National upheaval: 300,000 Israeli protestors hit streets

NASA spacecraft begins 5-year trip to Jupiter

US Chamber of Commerce Anti-Regulation Snake Oil Tour

NATO Crash: 38 Killed Including 25 Navy SEALs in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

Abu Ghraib abuse ringleader released

Obama U.S. Attorney Nominee David Barlow Is Tea Party Senator's General Counsel (2 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Rich Get More In Tax Breaks Than Poor On Welfare (3 comments)

S&P Blames Republicans, Mainstream Media Fails to Report It (27 comments)

31 American Troops Killed In NATO Helicopter Crash In Afghanistan (3 comments)

World Governments Comment On US Credit Downgrade, Predict Monday Market Turmoil

China calls for "new, stable and secured global reserve currency" following downgrade (3 comments)

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal US Strategy for Regime Change in Syria as Protesters Are Massacred (3 comments)

Friday, August 5:

DeMint: Geithner must go (1 comments)

New Orleans officers convicted over Katrina shootings, by BBC News

S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time (8 comments)

Spain's "Indignados' at the Vanguard of a Global Nonviolent Revolt (1 comments)

Special Panel of the State Bar of California Exonerates Howard Rice Managing Partner Douglas Winthrop and Senior Partner

Debt Deal: Lobbyists Flood Congressional Supercommittee

A Renewed Focus on the Fed's Role - BINYAMIN APPELBAUM and CATHERINE RAMPELL

Israel Privatizing its National Parks to Sustain E. Jlem Settlement Project

5 Convicted In Case Tied To Post-Katrina Shooting For Civil Rights Violations - Not Murder

US internet service providers (ISPs) hijacking users' search queries

EXPOSED: The Corporations Funding The Annual Meeting Of The Powerful Right-Wing Front Group ALEC (1 comments)

Fancy Fighter Jets Costing Nation Zillions of Dollars Do Not Work

Hannity Blasts Insurance Coverage For Birth Control, Defends Viagra: "That Is A Medical Problem!' (2 comments)

VIDEO: Security Guards At Tea Party 'ALEC' Conference Physically Attack ThinkProgress Reporters (1 comments)

Faber: Brace for a Global 'Reboot' and a War

Gulf Coast Activists Arrested in Front of BP Headquarters in New Orleans

July jobs data could heighten Wall Street jitters

Thursday, August 4:

Retreating Gadhafi Forces Leave behind Deadly Mines (5 comments)

Our Probability of Being Chosen in a Nation of Suspects - Edmonds

Reid Says Deal Has Been Reached to Reopen F.A.A. (1 comments)

Protest of Right Wing Canadian 'Attack Journalist' Overwhelms Authorities (2 comments)

Iowa's GOP Governor Vetoes Tax Break For The Poor Because It Didn't Lower Corporate Taxes (1 comments)

Four US-led forces killed in Afghanistan

Polling the Debt Ceiling Deal | Only 33% of Independents Approve

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Uncovering the Military's Secret Military (3 comments)

Nobody Wants To Attend Rick Perry's Dumb Extremist Rally

Judge Rules That American Tortured In Iraq Can Sue Donald Rumsfeld | ThinkProgress

US contractor can sue Donald Rumsfeld for alleged Iraq torture, judge rules

John Smith: Direct Democracy Petition

Wednesday, August 3:

Press Release: UN Security Council Finally Condemns Syrian State for Violent Repression

While on Summer Recess, Congress Blocks Recess Appointments

The Tea Party, the debt ceiling, and white Southern extremism

Joe Lieberman Calls For Cutting Social Security To Fund MORE War (1 comments)

Foreign press play catch up on Israeli protests

Keith on Debt Boondoogle: "You've got to get mad!"

Muslims, Atheists Most Likely to Reject Violence

Israeli protesters reject new housing bill

Romney Advisor Robert Bork: Civil Rights Act Is "Unsurpassed Ugliness,' But Contraception And Porn Bans Are Fine | Think

Mubarak trial: Toppled dictator denies all charges

PROFILE: The Outlandish Beliefs Of Rick Perry's Prayer Rally Endorsers | ThinkProgress

Sherwood Ross: Economist Warns of "Balanced Budget" Amendment (2 comments)

Senate, House recess for five weeks, leaving FAA in limbo

Imperial Psychosis: Trillions into Empire while Squashing Americans (1 comments)

Franklin P. Lamb: End Game for Benghazi Rebels as Libyan Tribes Prepare to Weigh In?

Farmers Fighting for South Central Again

And Now, A Solar-Powered Space Probe to Jupiter

John Smith: The US-Al Qaeda Alliance: Bosnia, Kosovo and Now Libya. Washington's On-Going Collusion with Terrorists, by Prof. Peter

Handling of Drake Leak Case was "Unconscionable," Court Said - Aftergood

Homeless man jumps fence at White House (1 comments)

'We killed Iranian scientist' claims Israel intel source - Fitsanakis

Tuesday, August 2:

Lawyer: Norway Attacker Makes 'Unrealistic' Demands

Iraq, U.S. to negotiate extended troop stay (1 comments)

Koch Group Mails Suspicious Absentee Ballot Letters In Wisconsin

Out of New Diseases and Blank Checks from Insurers, Pharma Targets Alcoholics (5 comments)

The top 1%

'Israel ups Palestinian home demolitions'

Clinton meets Syrian activists as pressure mounts (1 comments)

Israel 'sees border talks if PA drops UN bid'

NATO reaches 'dead end' in Libya

Andy Kroll: Welcome to the United States of Austerity

Telling the Truth Costs A Lawyer Her License (2 comments)

Mitch McConnell Vows To Hold Debt Ceiling Hostage In The Future: "We'll Be Doing It All Over' (1 comments)

Pentagon Lands $50 Billion from Debt Deal

Putin says U.S. is parasite on global economy | Threatens US dollar as dominant currency

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Two-Faced Washington

John Smith: Propaganda and the War on Truth. Independent media strikes back, by Global Research

John Smith: Berlusconi Ally Praises Norwegian Terrorist Breivik, by Sarah Rappaport

Pakistan Imposes Travel Ban On US Diplomats - BBC

Monday, August 1:

Syria crisis: Fresh Hama shelling at start of Ramadan

Fire destroys Democratic recall group's headquarters in La Crosse, WI (1 comments)

Disease, Brutality, and Forced Labor in Uganda's Packed Prisons

David Koch's Americans for Prosperity Plays Dirty Trick In WI: Mails Absentee Ballots To Dems With Wrong Election Date | (1 comments)

Obama's Weakness on Debt-Ceiling Deal Should Not Be A Surprise (1 comments)

U.S. weighs new sanctions against Syria

Top UN envoy urges restraint after two Palestinians killed in Israeli operation

League of Women Voters of CA Endorses AB 1148, the California DISCLOSE Act (1 comments)

John Smith: China and the Afghan Endgame, by Zhu Feng

Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, Hope for the Hell of It (1 comments)

2012 G.O.P. Candidates React to Debt Deal


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