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Failure of Center-Right Conservative Values, Principles, Ideology, Philosophy & Polices

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In the face of a great defeat, conservatives have their new talking points. They are trying to make the case that America is really a Center-Right country. See this video from ThinkProgress of how conservatives are trying to make the case.  What they are failing to acknowledge is that Center-Right  Values, Principles, Ideology, Philosophy & Polices have failed and that the country is looking for a new direction. In case they need some help in understanding this,  they can always listen to what people say about Center-Right Conservative values below.

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Center-Right Country Watch: Conservatives Grasping At Straws


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Some insights into Center-Right Conservative Values

Failed Conservative Values - Bill Honigman - Restrictive - Intolerance
Failed Conservative Values: Bill Honigman on Restrictive Intolerance and Porcupines
I interviewed Bill Honigman, who is  the California State Coordinator of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA). He said conservatives are restrictive and intolerant like porcupines. While he doesn't think the values of individual conservatives have failed, he feels the values of the conservative movement have failed. I have to disagree with him there. I feel that individual conservative values have manifest themselves in the conservative movement and individual conservatives need to take 'individual responsibility' for these failures. -

Failed Conservative Values: Markos Moulitsas - Self-Delusion

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Failed Conservative Values: Markos (Kos) Moulitsas on Self-Delusion
interviewed Markos (Kos) Moulitsas, founder of the and asked him about the failure of conservative values. For him, the conservative value of self-delusion was the greatest failure.  He says conservatives value their ideology over actual reality and he pointed out a series of examples of how this ideology  ignores reality.

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Progressives Blast Failed Conservative Values!
I've been asking people about the the failure of conservative values. Here are links to the latest batch of interviews that I just placed on Youtube.  The failed values that come up are quite varied, but those mentioned  most often are fear, hypocrisy, conservative family values, division, rigidity, hyper individualism, self-delusion, etc. I also ask people to create a  metaphor of what the Failed Conservative Values are like. These metaphors are often quite revealing.

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Lipsticked Hydra at Failed Conservative 'Value Voters Summit' 
 This weekend conservatives are holding their annual Conservative Value Voters Summit 2008 in Washington DC.  Last year I wrote an article about the Summit and called for counter rallies to challenge this conference as part of a progressive effort to Take Back the Values Debate.  There didn't seem to be much interest or support of the idea among progressives.   Progressives still miss the point by spending most of their energy attacking Bush, Cheney, McCain, Palin, etc, instead of clearly connecting them to the underlying  Failed Conservative Values  of authoritarianism, fear, greed, secrecy, deception, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, indifference, dogmatism, violence, etc. and offering the progressive alternative values.  
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Failed Conservatives Values: Jim Hightower -- Greed
Failed Conservatives Values: Jim Hightower on Grasping Greed
Every morning I can't get out of bed until I've heard Jim Hightower on my local NPR radio station. It's my inspiration to face another day. So, it was a real treat to meet him at the Netroots Nation Conference in his home town of Austin, Texas. I asked Jim about the failure of  conservative values.  He said the failure is the ethic of greed and the alternative to this are the progressive values of fairness, social justice and equal opportunity for all people.

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Daily Show Coverage:
GOP  RNC Conservatives Failed to Remember Small Town Values
Here's a funny clip from the Daily Show's coverage of the Republican National Convention.  In their various speeches, conservatives made a big point of trying to connect their Failed Conservative Values to Small Town Values.  Yes, they never give up on the values debate and always try to add a new wrinkle to their rhetorical  values debate arsenal.   However, this time the Daily Show's best darn news team on  the planet went out to investigate.   As you'll see,  the problem is that conservatives just can't  remember what those values are.
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DemocracyForAmerica - Opednews  (Poll) -

Sarah Palin and the same old Failed Conservative Values

Like at past Republican National Conventions, there has been a lot of talk about conservative values. Nothing new there, but this time the RNC convention has the feeling of a sinking ship.  The conservatives are doing a lot of  talking about the exact same Failed Conservative Values that they have been talking about for the past 30 years. It's the same Failed Conservative Values of indifference, incompetence, compassionate conservativism and corruption that brought us the disaster of Katrina. It's the same Failed Conservative Values of authoritarianism, secrecy, deception and violence that brought us the failed invasion and occupation of  Iraq. It's the same Failed Conservative Values of selfishness, greed and arrogance that brought us Abramoff and a conservative congress mired in a culture of corruption. 
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Failed Conservative Values: Gavin Newsom on Division & Schizophrenic Tasmanian Devils

The likes of Bill O'Reilly and Newt Gingrich have long railed against 'San Francisco Values' as a cause of Americas ills.   I sat down with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom at the Netroots Nation Conference in Austin, Texas to talk about  conservative values.  Gavin articulated the case for how the conservative value of division leads to weakness and failure. Finally he likened the values to schizophrenic and bipolar Tasmanian Devils. 
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Fatally Flawed Conservative Value of  Hypocrisy
Several people I asked about the failure of conservative values mentioned hypocrisy.   Michelle, Owen and Steve  brought up examples of conservative hypocrisy in;  family values, education,  finance, the economy,  the occupation of Iraq and in human rights. While we all may exhibit varying degrees of hypocrisy in our lives, it seems that the conservative movement has embraced and institutionalized this value.
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Failed Conservative Values: Congresswoman Maxine Waters on Blame, Hate & Lying
I interviewed Congresswoman Maxine Waters and asked her about progressive and conservative values. In this section, Maxine mentions that conservatives have tricked people with the failed conservative values of  blame, hate and lying.   These values are also failing because more people are not following them anymore and in fact,  people are starting to turn toward progressives values. She goes on to talk about how the occupation of Iraq is a metaphor for the failure of conservative values.

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Failed Conservative Values: Gordon Wright - Psychopath
Failed Conservative Values: Gordon Wright on Psychopaths and Fear
Gordon Wright values freedom but was raised by a conservative autocratic, dictatorial and bully of a father. He feels conservatives fear life's changes and it's spontaneity. An example is how all of George Bush's public events are totally choreographed and controlled events.   He also thinks  that the corporate conservatives value of heartlessness and unfettered self-interest, are the same values as a psychopaths.
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The Failed Conservative Values of James Dobson
James Dobson is a major leader of the social conservatives. He is considered one of the more moderate of the 'Value Voters' leaders because he doesn't support spanking any child under the age of 18 months, while other conservative leaders do. Dobson  is now attacking Barrack Obama for "deliberately distorting the Bible" and "dragging biblical understanding through the gutter." Isn't it time for progressives to start unmasking how the values of  the conservative movement have failed? Isn't it time to ask them some questions about their values? How about asking your family,  friends, neighbors, colleges, etc, "Have Conservative Values Failed?"

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Failed Conservative Values: Elaine Charkowski - Patriarchy Family Values
Failed Conservative Values: Elaine Charkowski on Patriarchy Family Values

Elaine Charkowski talked with me about how conservative values have failed. She says, Conservative Family Values is about patriarchy and fear of authority. It’s about not using your own mind and woman are to be subservient to the man. The type of power used is random punishment and reward, which studies show is the best way to drive animals crazy.
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Failed Conservative Values: Louise Specht on Hierarchy Authoritarian Narcissism
I asked Louise Specht about the the failure of conservative values. She addressed the hierarchal and authoritarian nature of conservativism and how this can lead  to narcissism for the people at the top. Steven Colbert does a great job of imitating a conservative on the Colbert Report. I just saw him begin his show lately by saying, "Did I tell you I love me lately?"  He hit's the nail on the head, as does Louise.
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Failed Conservative Values: Dona Ridgeway on Authoritarianism
Donna Ridgeway is a blogger living in the Santa Cruz, California area. She was raised republican and was in the military, but then started questioning.   She says the Failed Conservative Value is authoritarianism, it's a lose lose situation because if the
authoritarian fails, everything fails. However she sees a lot of problems with progressives as well. There's a lot of egos with progressives and herding cats is hard.
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Failed Conservative Values: Arianna Huffington on Family Values Hypocrisy
Arianna Huffington is a well know progressive speaker and activist.  She started the popular Huffington Post website and it seems you can't turn on a progressive TV show  without her popping up on it and taking a swipe at the conservatives. I saw Arianna at our local bookstore where she was promoting her new book, The Right is Wrong. During the Q and A, I asked her how conservative values have failed. She had plenty to say. 

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Failed Conservative Values: They're Not Working - George Lakoff
George Lakoff is a linguistics professor at UC Berkeley and author of numerous books on metaphors, framing and politics. Howard Dean has called him, "one of the most influential political thinkers of the progressive movement." George was at our local bookstore talking about his latest book, The Political Mind. During the question and answer period, I asked him if he personally feels that Conservative Values have Failed and if so, how have they failed?
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Failed Conservative Values: David Sirota on Economic Darwinism
David Sirota came and talked about his new book, 'The Uprising' at the Oakland Democracy for America meet-up on June 11, 2008.  During the Q and A, I asked David how conservative values have failed and he talked about the failure of Conservative Economic Darwinism. The full video of his 70 minute talk and slideshow is now online.
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Failed Conservative Values
Assist us  in systematically building the arguments and telling the stories that reveal how Conservative Values have Failed. Join in our effort to create a documentary and book on the subject by contributing  articles, posts, chapters for the book and video clips. Check our website for more information and a growing outline of tasks that need to be done on this project. 

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