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Comments on Trump's Madness

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Message c. j. macq

Trump's constant barrage of personal attacks, insults and name-calling are themselves impeachable offenses. He insults not only individual's characters but their looks, their spouses, their spouses' characters and looks and their families! He's been doing this for 5 years NOW and he's still doing it! Trump's impeachment taught him nothing as the GOP claimed it would.

He's still calling people sleazebags and has initiated a campaign of revenge, A GOVERNMENT PURGE, against those who exposed his crimes. Trump's a gutter rat, a total paranoid loony with no humility, sense of decorum, self control or common decency. He constantly SCREAMS victimization while constantly victimizing others. He creates his own enemies and then SCREAMS everyone's against him! And this is the paranoid maniac the GOP has demanded be left in the Whitehouse!

If he's removed from the Whitehouse in November he's facing NUMEROUS criminal and civil suits as a "civilian" and may very well end up in prison or broke and completely humiliated. He'll lose all creditability to everyone except his most fanatical and delusional cult members. If he's allowed to steal another election many of these legal suits will expire due to the statute of limitations. This is one reason why the 2020 election is so important to Trump. I believe he actually ran for president in the first place just to avoid and evade all these court cases piling up against him even before he began his sham campaign.

Trump's mad in both senses of the word! Trump's both mad - as in angry - like a spoiled brat, a Nazi or a gangster when someone demonstrates the courage to stand up to them. And he's mad - as in loony. He's a raving lunatic, insane, drunk with power. Among many other INSANE acts, in just the last few months he's ordered THREE MURDERS of his perceived Muslim enemies! And something tells me he ain't done.

He's got the taste of blood and he's going mad with power. Trump IS UNHINGED! He's totally bonkers and the GOP has stuck us with rule of a NUTJOB! - someone who's lost all touch with reality. And that's mainly the GOP's fault too! They shower him with unearned, unfounded, inexcusable and raving, unwavering and fanatical applause, ovations, admiration and praise everywhere he goes! The GOP is feeding the insane narcissism of this RAVING megalomaniac!

In the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, updated in March 2019, psychiatrist Brandy X. Lee, along with about 36 other psychiatrists and mental health experts, has recognized and detailed Trump's questionable mental health, state and stability. But you don't need to be an expert to recognize insane or delusional or corrupt behavior when its on public display everyday. All you need do is observe the public behavior. We're not talking, here, about a specific diagnosis but a very visible, general pattern of observable behavior on the part of Trump, his cult and the GOP itself! Anyone can recognize a person's insane behavior as its demonstrated on a public street corner. I've seen and have been confronted by it on many occasions over the last few decades.

And when you get an insane person angry, or frightened, or paranoid, they become COMPLETELY erratic and unpredictable. And this describes Trump's behavior his entire life. Its been reported and observed when anyone contradicts Trump he becomes outraged and vindictive. He SCREAMS betrayal as if any opinion that differs from his own is an insult to him personally and an unforgivable threat to his delusional, megalomaniacal infallibility. No one in his life dares tell him "no." His family, lawyers, business partners and now the GOP refuse to tell him 'NO"! Here's a lunatic in desperate need of an intervention, someone to tell him the truth, someone to stop his destructive behavior, someone to simply say to HIS FACE enough is enough and not back down - BUT NO ONE CLOSE TO HIM WILL! No one close to Trump will stop his dissent into delusion and madness - not even for the sake of OUR COUNTRY!

They all act like they fear him. Does this sound familiar? Like anyone else in history? How about Napoleon, Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler? You name the mob boss, the King, the Emperor, the dictator or the CEO and you see the exact same behavior conducted not only by the autocrat but also by all the sycophants throughout history. All the GOP need do is UNITE in their efforts to stop Trump. When they do this he loses his power to control through fear and terror.

Afraid of Trump? - the reality-TV game-show jackass? That's insane in itself! Trump rules through an unexplainable environment of fear, paranoia. He creates and then exploits a total mistrust among people and in the government. And anyone who doesn't demonstrate absolute loyalty to him, not the Constitution, not the rule of law, but to HIM will suffer dire consequences from the wrath of Trump and the fascist, criminal cartel with which he's surrounded himself. This is how fascists grab and hold power. They don't have to put people in prison or excommunicate them. All they have to do is terrorize people into submission or replace anyone who questions their absolute authority with YES-PEOPLE and sycophants. Throw in a lot of name-calling, threats and a little revenge and you've produced the IDEAL environment to establish an authoritarian, fascist state.

All the GOP need do is collectively stand against him and they'd have nothing to fear. Individually, I suppose, there's an argument to be made that they're powerless. But there's power in numbers and unity! In 1950 Margaret Chase Smith, Republican senator of Maine, stood up to Republican Joseph McCarthy. But it wasn't until 3 years later in 1954 that Joseph Welch, special counsel for the U.S. Army, finally ended McCarthy's march against "decency," the Constitution and rule of law. In the early 1970's almost the entire GOP stood up to Nixon and advised him to resign or they'd remove him. Where's the GOP's integrity today? Their UNITY and loyalty is to Trump, not decency, the Constitution or the rule of law. This is an extremely dangerous position they've chosen. All you need do is look at Napoleon, Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler to see just how dangerous this position is.

Congress has ABSOLUTE and COMPLETE OVERSIGHT authority over the executive branch. Its in the CONSTITUTION! And NO court can override that oversight. This prevents the rise of corruption and autocracy. But Trump's mafia-lawyers have yet to present ANY legally defensible argument in any of the DOZENS of counter suits they've illegally filed to deny this oversight. In every case I'm aware of they're main argument is - TRUMP HAS ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY AND POWER! Trump's lawyers need to be disbarred and imprisoned and trump needs to be REMOVED AND IMPRISONED just for making such absurd and obviously false assertions in a court of law!

Who are these traitors who keep publicly applauding and praising trump, the traitor? Put ME in a room with trump. I'M NOT AFRAID OF THAT WEASEL! I'll tell him to his damned smirky face just how much of an incompetent, delusional and corrupt fool he really is! People, INCLUDING THE PRESS, need to start challenging his obnoxiousness, errors, lies and crimes in REAL TIME- to his face! Trump's cult, which now includes his entire cabinet, staff, federal agency department heads and the VAST majority of the GOP, just follow trump's lead. Whatever lies he tells THEY MALICIOUSLY SPREAD THOSE LIES! Whatever crimes he commits THEY FANATICALLY DEFEND THOSE CRIMES! And the media, and those who just happen to find themselves in Trump's company, like during ceremonies or photo-opts, never confront this... this... this power hungry idiot! This delusional, unitelligent buffoon!

The reality is - this is what the GOP has intentionally degenerated into; a party in support of authoritarian rule. This is what they want. I know, like Trump, they hate ethics, the Constitution and the rule of law. These things only impede their authoritarian pursuits. But that doesn't give them the right to LIE whenever they please - LIKE TRUMP DOES! Does the Trump cult have ANY integrity? Do they adhere to ANY ethical standards at all?! There's NO GUTTER LEVEL to which the GOP, Trump, or his cult aren't willing to lower themselves! And I, for one among 10's of MILLIONS, am not only damned sick of it! I FEAR IT and have devoted my life to opposing it and fighting it!

To fight fascism you must CONFRONT it at every opportunity. We must dedicate our lives to the eradication of the fascist disease! Which is the sole intention of equalism; a new and innovative philosophy that I've founded in 2004. WILL YOU JOIN ME? Join the equalism movement and let's finally put an end this 6000 year old mess the elite have made for us.

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founder of the philosophy of equalism. everything I post will be a reflection of equalism. please, my name is to be spelled in lower case only.

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