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August 2012

Friday, August 31:

Russian press rips Romney and his promise of "Republican hell" (1 comments)

Mitt Romney's Tax Mysteries: A Reading Guide

Crushed Cop Cars Touch Nerves

Fact checking Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the GOP convention

Apple blocks 'objectionable' app that reports deaths from US drone strikes

NY Priest Slammed For Defending Sandusky, Sex-Abusing Priests

Green Jobs on the Rise (1 comments)

Time is Melting Away - Greenpeace

Holder Rules Out Prosecutions in C.I.A. Interrogations

Thursday, August 30:

When backward is the way forward...

GREECE: Will the Worsening Humanitarian Catastrophe Lead to Social Rebellion? (2 comments)

Do Candidates Need to Hunt to Get Elected? Ask Huckabee. (2 comments)

Republican Lies About Welfare and Obama (1 comments)

The Social Good Summit, NYC Sept 22-24

Secret Warning Military Strike on Syria Issued

Carter Center Calls for Accountability After Corrie Verdict (3 comments)

Word Police Strike Vermont

Romney's Mormonism in Convention Spotlight (1 comments)

Spain Hit by Epidemic of Despair

Wednesday, August 29:

Romney's Shoddy Politicization of the Syria Conflict (2 comments)

A CASE FOR MORTGAGE DEBT FORGIVENESS: Norway Writes Down 90% Of Populations Mortgage Debt

U.S. elections: You could die laughing, By David Brooks

Nearly Half of Americans Die with Less Than $10,000

Poor in India Starve as Politicians Steal $14.5 Billion of Food

Police Report Acquits Police (3 comments)

Desertification of the Soul Equals Desertification of the Earth (10 comments)

Tuesday, August 28:

Roger Pion Becomes a Folk Hero in Jail

Lawyers ask for emails about Army private accused of sending classified info to WikiLeaks

Ohio Democratic officials fired for attempt to extend early voting

Troops deployed as Hurricane Isaac targets New Orleans

Unilever sees "return to poverty" in Europe

U.S. Troops Face Administrative Punishments Over Koran Burning, Urination Video

Arlen Specter seriously ill, hospitalized for cancer

Penn. Resists Voter Suppression

Kafkaesque Parole Practices Ruin Lives

Prosecutors: U.S. soldiers plotted to kill President Obama

The "Most Dangerous City" in America Scraps Police Department to Go Non-Union (1 comments)

Court clears Israeli army over death of U.S. activist

*Homeowners are paying on a debt/obligation they don't owe! (2 comments)

Monday, August 27:

Senate Candidate Tom Smith Compares Rape To His Daughter's Out-Of-Wedlock Impregnation

Georgia Murder Case Uncovers Terror Plot

Republican convention protesters set up camp in rag-tag "Romneyville"

Texas counties consider going it alone on Medicaid expansion

Israel stops activists from entering West Bank

US "Fifty Wealthiest Lawmakers" list: A Congress of the rich (2 comments)

Tom Engelhardt: Losing It in Washington

U.S. Foreign Arms Sales Are Most of Global Market

Japan Fukushima Nuclear Fallout News by Helen Caldecott

Afghan security forces kill 2 U.S. troops, 10 Afghan soldiers in 2 attacks

Can The War Israel Wants With Iran Be Averted? (9 comments)

Rocky Anderson Speaks to New Yorkers at Yippee Cafe' (1 comments)

Ron Paul Rallies His Supporters in Tampa

Sunday, August 26:

Sherwood Ross: U.S. Policies Contributed to Latin Poverty (1 comments)

A Shift in the Zeitgeist? Hitchhiker Finds Drivers Suddenly More Willing to Give a Lift (4 comments)

Hurricane Isaac: tropical storm likely to turn into huricane before hitting Florida

Sherwood Ross: *Godfather Obama Institutionalizes Criminal Practices (1 comments)

Shas spiritual leader calls on Jews to pray for annihilation of Iran (1 comments)

OWS protesters to march on Republican National Convention

Egypt president to visit Bushehr nuclear plant

Sex as Natural Process: A Primary Step to Healing Alienation? (15 comments)

Dangerous Levels of Radium at Corne Bayou Sinkhole (2 comments)

Saturday, August 25:

Australia "preparing" for Assange extradition to US

Hurricane Isaac delays start of RNC in Tampa (1 comments)

Was Romney's Bain Capital Built on Blood Money?

Republicans cancel Monday convention events (1 comments)

Neil Armstrong, First Man on Moon, Dies at 82

Life Insurance: The Media Gets It Wrong - AGAIN (1 comments)

Astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82 (2 comments)

GOP Federal Election Commissioners: Corporations Can Compel Employees To Campaign For Political Candidates

Pentagon Contractor CEO Compensation is Second to None (2 comments)

Texas Democrats: Judge who said Obama could trigger civil war should quit

Assasination nation, by Manuel E. Yepe

"Legitimate Rape Rap" by The Renegade Raging Grannies - Video

The 5 countries the GOP would model U.S. abortion law on with its new anti-abortion platform - Hint: All 3rd World

Friday, August 24:

Julian Assange arrest plan revealed accidentally (1 comments)

Israeli protesters warn against war as government appears to prep Iran strikes

Penn. Voter Suppression Is Working (1 comments)

U.S. drone strikes kill 18 in Pakistan

OAS urges diplomatic solution to impasse on WikiLeaks founder Assange's asylum (1 comments)

Colleges Ship Freshmen to Paris to Boost Tuition Coffers

Mitt Romney team of "Mad Men" creates ads to sell nation on candidate

Restoration of Ku Klux Klan Leader's Monument Riles Up Debate

7 Birthers Speaking At The Republican Convention (2 comments)

Whereabouts of journalist Austin Tice, McClatchy contributor, unknown in Syria

Romney May Be Nominated Early

Healing the Earth: Healing the Self: Lifestyles and Principles of Permacutture (1 comments)

Navy SEAL who wrote book on Bin Laden raid could face probe

The Future is Present by Yiannis Makridakis (1 comments)

Secret Scheme To Sabotage Abu-Jamal's Appeal Rights

Judge orders release of US Marine detained for Facebook posts (1 comments)

Navy commander removed after sexual harassment claims

Thursday, August 23:

The public -- and private -- reasons the US isn't arming Syrian rebels

Pe' Sla Sale on Hold but Sacred Land Still at Risk (2 comments)

Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard

Mitt Romney Campaign Attacks Military Cuts Paul Ryan Supported

Study: Romney Floundering with Women Voters

Blockade Busters -- Activists and Ships Attempting to Break the Israeli Blockade of Gaza (1 comments)

One Of Romney's Investment Advisers Warns Against The Tea Party

No Tax Returns for You, Dark Money Groups Say

Wanted: Negotiating Text of Trans-Pacific Partnership. Reward Offered.

Fixing the Mortgage Mess: The Game-changing Implications of Bain v. MERS (7 comments)

The Bain Files: Inside Mitt Romney's Tax-Dodging Cayman Schemes

Gawker publishes audits of Mitt Romney's offshore financial accounts (1 comments)

Tax Forms Hold Key: Millionaire Mitt's Gotta Admit If He's a Tax Fraud or a Vulture Capitalist

Greg Muttitt: Whatever Happened to Iraqi Oil?

Paul Ryan's Top 10 Falsehoods & Outrages... from Week One on the Campaign Trail

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader (2 comments)

We're Eating WHAT? McDonald's-Linked Slaughterhouse Shut Down (2 comments)

War on women and the self-destruction of the GOP

Wednesday, August 22:

Minutes of Fed meeting signal officials may unveil new bond buying program soon to aid economy - The Washington Post

Banks to push for account fees in the wave of Libor scandal

Akin's Faith Is Central to His Politics

Sister Rice's Church: 82-year-old nun and companions bypass Oak Ridge security (2 comments)

Fiscal Conservatism Is What?

More Costs of War: Suicides and Mental Trauma of Military Family Members (2 comments)

Survey - How Americans view wealth and inequality

'US not our daddy to punish us' - Ecuador FM Patino to RT

Appeals court allows Georgia to enforce show-me-your-papers law |

Significant recession imminent if Congress doesn't act on fiscal cliff: CBO report

War and Propaganda, by Dr M. D. Magee

Activist Wiretaps in Response to Ademo's Conviction!

Greece: Residents Revolt Against Financial Police (2 comments)

Afghan Militants Hit U.S. Military Chief's Plane

Tuesday, August 21:

Farmers Fight Monsanto's Threats and Intimidation

No Abortion. No Exceptions.

Gold Buyers Prosper in Crisis-Hit Italy

War in Afghanistan Claims 2,000th American Life

GLOBAL ELITES THROWN OUT OF ICELAND: Iceland Dismantles Corrupt Gov't Then Arrests Bankers

Todd Akin Piers Morgan Interview Fail: Embattled Senate Candidate Bails On CNN Host

The International Libertarian: Lemonade and Raw Milk Rebels (Video)

Do You Really Need That Statin? This Expert Says No (5 comments)

Hedges and Sacco: A Twenty-First Century American Sacrifice Zone

For-Profit Colleges Take The Money and Run

Marine arrested as terrorist for Facebook posts on 911 conspiracy (4 comments)

Monday, August 20:

Is Mitt Romney Trying to Avoid Having to Admit to Massive Tax Fraud? (1 comments)

Letter From A Rape Survivor -- Eve Ensler: Dear Mr. Akin, I Want You to Imagine...

Viva Assange! Latin American groups rally around Ecuador's asylum decision

Report: carbon emissions lowest in 20 years! | CalWatchDog (1 comments)

Investigation: How Nonprofits Spend Millions on Elections and Call it Public Welfare

Vermont Protests Are Widespread

Rahm Emanuel, Tim Kaine, among convention speakers

FBI probed GOP trip with drinking, nudity in Israel

Print Man who armed Black Panthers in 60's was FBI informant, records show - The Bay Citizen

Remember Phila's racist swim club? Here's how the story ends. (1 comments)

Peaceful Action Urged on Iran Crisis (1 comments)

Greece: The Troika Even Sets the Sales-Tax Rate for Restaurant Meals

Iran again choosing local

Executive Excess 2012: The CEO Hands in Uncle Sam's Pocket - How Our Tax $$ Subsidize CEOs Pay

Rebecca Solnit: The Archipelago of Arrogance

Pussy Riot Closing Statements to the Russian Court

David Barton Tells Glenn Beck a More Obvious Lie to Refute the Refutation of a Less Obvious Lie (1 comments)

Sunday, August 19:

Israeli president fears prospect of a unilateral attack on Iran

China Defers Death Sentence for Disgraced Official's Wife

The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class (12 comments)

When Regulators Use Financial Extortion for Political Reasons (1 comments)

Full Video and Full Transcript of Julian Assange August 19th 2012 Speech Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy (18 comments)

Abdirahman (Sharaf) : Somalia lacks good leadership

Stored Butane to be Relocated Away from Bayou Sinkhole Site (1 comments)

Beware of "snitch tickets"- fake red-light camera tickets in California

Netanyahu's Plan to Bomb Iran Allegedly Leaked in Protest (5 comments)

Saturday, August 18:

US in pursuit of Assange, cables reveal

Dan Froomkin: Republican Voter Suppression Campaign Rolls Back Early Voting

Nearly Half the Teachers in New York City Are Denied Tenure in 2012

Moody's: More Calif. cities at risk of bankruptcy

Air France begs passengers for gas money landing in Damascus

Fake followers cause of Romney's Twitter spike, tech firm says

"Friends" can share your Facebook profile with the government, court rules

Keystone XL pipeline crosses political boundaries in Nebraska and beyond

GOP convention's focus: Romney the professional

Friday, August 17:

Pipeline Construction Begins, with Protests, in Texas (4 comments)

Rick Scott Strikes Out Again: Federal Court Blocks Florida Attack On Early Voting

Middle-Class Economic Security Declines as Wealth Concentration Increases

Afghanistan police officer kills 2 U.S. troops in latest "green-on-blue" attack

Fareed Zakaria To Remain At Time, CNN Following Suspension For Plagiarism (1 comments)

*CIA Executive's Son: Agency Murdered JFK & Lover (12 comments)

Pussy Riot Convicted, Sentenced-- With Updates (44 comments)

WA Supreme Court: MERS Cannot Foreclose (1 comments)

Andrew Kreig: Rove Suspected In Swedish-U.S. Political Prosecution of WikiLeaks (2 comments)

The Cornucopia Institute: Agribusinesses Owning Natural/Organic Brands Betray Customers: Fund Attack on GMO Labeling Proposal in California (2 comments)

Does Sudden Sinkhole Portend a Nuclear-sized Explosion? (32 comments)

Thursday, August 16:

Ecuador grants Assange asylum; UK vows to "carry out' extradition anyway

Cost of College Degree in U.S. Soars 12 Fold: Chart of the Day (2 comments)

Demise Of The Coal Industry Is Just Natural Progression (3 comments)

Reading Time: The New New Deal

Former special forces officers slam Obama over leaks on bin Laden killing -

NATO Helicopter Crash Kills 11 In Afghanistan

Romney: I've paid at least 13 percent tax rate in each of past 10 years

National Weather Service Orders Forty-Six Thousand Rounds Of Ammo (2 comments)

We Don't Need No Bloody Treaties: Britain Blows a Fuse over Ecuador's Asylum Grant to Wikileaks' Assange (2 comments)

Recession 101: How Goldman Got Away with Murder (1 comments)

Big Brother Takes the Wheel, by David Sirota at Salon

Ron Paul Campaign Condemns Romney Critics (2 comments)

Pa Judge's Ruling Revives 'Taxation Without Representation' (3 comments)

Confirmed: Ecuador grants Julian Assange asylum. UK Threatens to Raid Embassy (1 comments)

Peter Van Buren: Imperial Reconstruction and Its Discontents

Ecuador says YES to Assange (1 comments)

The Meaning of Life Embraces All: Like It or Not (2 comments)

Julian Assange: Ecuador grants Wikileaks founder asylum

Revealed: Romney Campaign's Attempts to Deny Paul Ryan's Insider Trading Don't Add Up

Wednesday, August 15:

Families of assassinated Iranian scientists' sue Israel, US, UK (1 comments)

Leader calls for massive turnout on International Quds Day

Julian Assange: UK issues 'threat' to arrest Wikileaks founder

Israel sees month-long war after Iran strike

Special ops group attacks Obama over bin Laden bragging, leaks

Ryan Travels to Las Vegas to Meet G.O.P. Donor Adelson

Ann Romney: No More Tax Returns Will Be Released

Paul Ryan, Sheldon Adelson greeted by hundreds of protesters in Las Vegas

The war on chalk (3 comments)

How the Muslim Brotherhood Fits Into the Empire

Nuclear Power Plant Permits & Extensions Halted by U.S. Gov't (4 comments)

Peace Grannies Moms, and Vets Diss NBC's New Reality Rah Rah War Show,"Stars Earn Stripes" (6 comments)

Tuesday, August 14:

California Rep. Dennis Cardoza resigns, citing family issues (1 comments)

Pe' Sla Sacred Grounds on Development Auction Block (20 comments)

GOP pros fret over Paul Ryan

Medicare Cuts 101

George Zimmerman: Attorneys will use self-defense argument, rather than "stand your ground" statute, in pretrial hearing (1 comments)

Romney-Ryan Plan Would Repeal Reagan's Spousal Safety Net - Death Of Passionate Conservatism?

Absentee Ballot Fraud Suspected in Massachusetts - AND It's a Republican Accused!! (1 comments)

McCain, Ayotte, and Graham Anti-Sequestration Tour Funded by Defense PAC

Obama announces $170M in federal aid for drought-ravaged agriculture industry

NBC, Palin Family, and Gen. Wes Clark create 'competitive' reality show based on "star" re-enacted military missions

Alfred McCoy: Perfecting Illegality

Al-qaeda flags fly over rebel-held Syria

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange's Fate Hangs in a Balance; Ecuador Delays Asylum Decision for a Week

Military sexual assault is focus of YouTube series

The Entire Eurozone Financial Sector Is Now Smaller Than Australia's

Monday, August 13:

Dan Froomkin: GOP Voter ID Campaign Based On Bunk, Data Shows

Jury Deems Ademo GUILTY of Wiretapping for Seeking Accountability

Gunman, officer, bystander dead in shooting near Texas A-M

Media coverage of Syrian violence partial and untrue, says nun (1 comments)

Saving the Post Office: Letter Carriers Consider Bringing Back Banking Services (11 comments)

House files suit against Holder over gov't records

Why 'temporary' tax cuts never die: Payroll tax and 3 other examples - Payroll tax 'holiday'

Romney tax plan 'conceptually' close to Simpson-Bowles? Absurd!

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states as Big Government claims ownership over our water, by Mike Adams

FBI Monitored Dotcom Raid Via Live Video Link, Secret Govt Group Involved, by Torrentfreak

Banks are Told to Plan for Collapse (1 comments)

With promotion, U.S. Army welcomes first openly gay general (3 comments)

Fact Check: Questionable claims when Mitt Romney introduces running mate

Residents Describe Terror of Iran Quake, 250 Dead

Sunday, August 12:

Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent in SE Louisiana possible (10 comments)

Democrat Is Biggest Threat to Democrat

Huge Rally Demands A Second Bill of Rights For Americans (2 comments)

Paul Ryan Only Passed 2 Bills Into Law In More Than A Decade - Renamed Post Office and Taxed Bow & Arrow

Meet Paul Ryan: Climate Denier, Conspiracy Theorist, Koch Acolyte

Egypt's Morsi replaces military chiefs in bid to consolidate power

Rescue operations end after Iran quakes kill 250

Did Mormons Benefit From The IRS Scientology Deal ?

Egypt's Morsi orders retirement of defense minister, chief of staff, names VP

Are You Ready for the New Diet Drugs?

Taking It Out on the Kids (Again): US Sanctions on Iran are Hurting the Young and the Sick

Tim Pawlenty Gave 'A Bunch Of Tax Returns' To Romney Campaign For Vice Presidential Vetting

USS Porter Collides With Oil Tanker in Persian Gulf

TrapWire: International Surveillance Coordination Network (with images) (2 comments)

Occupier charged with terroristic felony for protesting in front of bank (14 comments)

Defining Good Rebels vs. Bad Rebels in Congo (1 comments)

Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls Globally

Fire threats in the East County (3 comments)

Saturday, August 11:

The real unemployment rate in the U.S. (6 comments)

Greece: Hospitals are running out of medicines, wildfires rage" but the "danger" is Alexis Tsipras (3 comments)

VIDEO -- Goldman Sachs: Off the hook?

Pro-labor rally draws tens of thousands

Bradley Manning treatment in 'flagrant violation' of military code -- lawyer (1 comments)

Six US soldiers killed by Afghans

Nuns to Vatican: No compromise on mission integrity

Mitt Romney Gaffe Causes Bump In Paul Ryan VP Introduction (VIDEO)

Hate Map: How Many Hate Groups are In YOUR State? (5 comments)

Political Media Scores Even Lower Than Congress in "Daily Kos" Poll (1 comments)

The Cornucopia Institute: Corporations Sneak Synthetic Preservatives into Organic Food (1 comments)

Turning a Blind Eye to the Massacre of Burmese Muslims (5 comments)

TrapWire: Welcome to the Police State, Where You Must Fear Your Freedoms

'I'm sick to my stomach': anger builds in Illinois at Bain's latest outsourcing plan (7 comments)

NDAA on trial: White House refuses to abide with ban against indefinite detention of Americans

Friday, August 10:

Romney to name veep pick in Norfolk Saturday

Cablegate Exposed U.S. Aim To Dominate Latin America (1 comments)

U.S. Public Brainwashed To Hate Iran (1 comments)

Seeking asylum, WikiLeaks founder makes controversial choice: Ecuador

EXCLUSIVE-U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse

Saudi Arabia Won't Let Israel Cross Airspace To Attack Iran

DUMP ROMinee? Conservative Group Says A Romney Nomination Is Obama's Re-election

Ben Swann of Fox News: CIA supports Al Qaeda (2 comments)

Palasthenics: Greg Palast's Billionaires and Ballot Busters: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps (2 comments)

Waste Issue Halts U.S. Nuclear Reactor Licensing

Martin Fleischmann died last Friday (6 comments)

Greece: In a major European capital, people are starving and in despair (1 comments)

The Case Against Kim Dotcom Is Looking Like A Complete Disaster, by Michael Kelley

Florida Ex-GOP Chair: Voter suppression strategies go beyond voter ID laws - MUST SEE VIDEO (3 comments)

Meet Some Right-Wing Attack Groups

The Tea Party's Plan to Cripple Congress (11 comments)

Three U.S. soldiers killed by Afghan police in Helmand

Were the Sikh Temple Killings Preventable?

Small Business Owners Take "Papa" John to Task on ObamaCare (2 comments)

The Great Looming Job Crisis That Libertarians Have No Clue How to Solve (and Challenges Progressives As Well) (3 comments)

S.E.C. and Justice Dept. End Mortgage Investigations Into Goldman Sachs

Thursday, August 9:

Zimmerman Seeks "Stand Your Ground" Hearing

Sen. Sherrod Brown targeted by U.S. Chamber, outside conservative groups

Mitt Romney: "Son of Boss" - Newest Obama Ad Hits Bain Hard AGAIN!

Reefer Madness in Vermont (3 comments)

Timeline: Mitt Romney's Worst Month Ever

Rough Polling Day for Romney

Man Orders TV Through Amazon, Receives Assault Rifle Instead

Watchdogs Call on IRS to Ignore Partisan Pressure From GOP Senators and Proceed to Consider New Eligibility for 501(c)4s

Tea Party takes over Alabama Public TV setting a national precedent: "This is how they're going to do it."

Another Chamber of Commerce Member Is Caught Bribing Foreign Governments (3 comments)

Nick Turse: Tomorrow's Blowback Today? (1 comments)

Anthony Bologna, NYPD Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Occupy Protesters, Will Get No Help From City In Lawsuit (3 comments)

Insurance Company Sues Trayvon Martin's Mother over Liability (1 comments)

Religiosity Plummets In Ireland And Declines Worldwide; Atheism On The Rise (2 comments)

US Leadership Increasingly Just Serves Big Corporate Donors (2 comments)

Transcript: 70 Minute Interview with Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate (16 comments)

Wednesday, August 8:

Artists Fight State of Vermont for Mountaintop Studio/Home (1 comments)

Bill Clinton calls Romney's welfare claims "not true"

Could Louisiana Governor's writing on exorcisms hurt VP chances? (1 comments)

Nuns Challenge Romney To Spend A Day With Them To Learn About Plight Of America's Poor

Republicans Encourage Defense Contractors to Issue Layoff Notices Before the Election

Jesse Jackson Jr. "Responding" to Treatment (1 comments)

Thank you, NRA!

OMG! Back to the Bush future! Romney's economic plan was Bush's first

Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads

WATCH: Romney Sinks To New Low With Blatantly False Ad

Tuesday, August 7:

George P. Bush takes a leading role in Texas GOP

Why Afghanistan Can't Wait

Church of England sells News Corp shares in phone-hacking protest

Murfreesboro TN Mosque (Finally) Opening On Friday After Justice Dept. Lawsuit

FBI Investigating Suspicious Fire That Destroyed Missouri Mosque

Expert Explains In Horrifying Detail How The Next Shock Will Shatter The Global Economy (2 comments)

America's 10 Largest Corporations Paid 9 Percent Average Tax Rate Last Year

Thousands Evacuated In Philippines Floods

14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools

As Libor Fault-Finding Grows, It Is Now Every Bank for Itself

Watching White Supremacists React to the Sikh Temple Shooting

Fish Frying in the Midwest: Get Real Folks (13 comments)

Justice for Sale, By Lincoln Caplan (1 comments)

Michael Klare: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Becomes Everyday Reality (3 comments)

NRA Sought Donations in Days After Colorado Shootings (1 comments)

Rick Perry Factors Into State Budget Obamacare Funds He Had Pledged To Reject (1 comments)

Chart Of The Day - Marijuana Usage By Age

Keep Chuckin' Those Facts!

Aurora CO Shooter's Psychiatrist Contacted University Police Weeks Before Movie-Theater Massacre (1 comments)

Boston Federal Reserve president Eric Rosengren issues unusual plea for Fed, Bernanke to take more action on economy

House Passes Bill Eliminating Senate Approval of Presidential Appointments

Monday, August 6:

GE executive to be paid $89,000 a month for not working

Obama Win: Federal Judge Allow Military Groups Participation In Obama's Ohio Early Voting Lawsuit

GOP 2012 convention speakers announced

Pat Robertson: Sikh temple massacre because "atheists hate God' (4 comments)

Billionaire Financed Wingnuttia Under The Radar

Empowered Communities and the Diminished Power of Megalithic Corporations Such As Monsanto (3 comments)

Sikh temple shooter was Army veteran, white supremacist

Romneys, caught in housing bust, got property tax cut in La Jolla

Romney Persona Non Grata in Italy for Bain's Deal Skirting Taxes

Riyad Hijab, Syrian Prime Minister, Defects To Anti-Assad Opposition: Spokesman

US Says Iran Violates "International Obligations." What Are They? (1 comments)

Conservative English Officials Ignore Lessons of 2011 Riots

New Document Shows FBI Interrogation Advice Draws on CIA Torture Manuals (2 comments)

NASA's Curiosity rover lands on Mars (4 comments)

Sunday, August 5:

Supreme Corruption: Mega-Expansion of Citizens United (2 comments)

Jared Lee Loughner to plead guilty in Arizona shooting

Republican chairman calls Harry Reid "a dirty liar" on Romney tax issue

7 killed, including gunman, in shooting at Wisconsin Sikh temple (1 comments)

Koch Brothers, GOP Mega Donors, Help Bankroll Religious Conservative's 2012 Efforts (2 comments)

BREAKING: Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wis. (5 comments)

Hell on Earth (23 comments)

Saturday, August 4:

Accounts of Syria rebels executing prisoners raise new human rights concerns

20 Years Dealt to Air Force Instructor for Sexual Assault

Vermont Tractor Trasher Trashed (1 comments)

Fox's Evening News Show Lies About Military Voting In Ohio | Blog | Media Matters for America (1 comments)

How to legally bring a gun to the Republican National Convention

Sanctions: Diplomacy's Weapon of Mass Murder

Friday, August 3:

A new way to visualize the global arms trade

Too-Big-to-Fail Prevention Is Tested in Post-Crisis Iceland

Half of US counties now considered disaster areas (1 comments)

Former Governor Don Siegelman Sentenced To 78 Months (12 comments)

Cass Sunstein, top Obama adviser on regulations, to leave administration (1 comments)

Spain inches towards a full EU bailout

Vt. farmer crushed cop cars with tractor as revenge for drug arrest

US: Doctor shortage may worsen following the health care law

Kochs Take Tip From Soros Investing in Voter Registration

Russia Sends Warships to Syria, Officials Say

Nuns On The Bus: Reflecting Back, Looking Ahead, Working For Justice (3 comments)

*Escalating the Resistance to Mountain-top Removal Coal Mining (2 comments)

DuPont's Contamination Of Drinking Water Linked To Diseases (1 comments)

Thursday, August 2:

Siegelman lawyer asks for leniency in new sentence

U.S. and Israel Intensify Talks on Iran Options

United Nations Aids Congolese Army as Civilians are Bombed (3 comments)

FCC Political Ad Database is Online Now -- Sort of (1 comments)

The Fate of Julian Assange (2 comments)

Kofi Annan resigns as Syria envoy

New York Times openly admits mainstream media stories are scripted by the White House, by: J. D. Heyes

Obama authorizes secret support for Syrian rebels

House Republicans Vote to Keep Bush Tax Cuts for the Richest 2%

Subhankar Banerjee: Shell Game in the Arctic

Cyber bill shouldn't gut private contracts - but it does

*Rally for a Nuclear Free Future Sept 20-22 Wash DC (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 1:

Panetta meets Israeli leaders amid reports of splits on striking Iran

Occupy: U.C. Davis "Pepper Spray Cop" leaves campus police force

The Libor Scandal Could Cost Leading Global Banks Billions

'End of capitalism': Bolivia to expel Coca-Cola in wake of 2012 Mayan "apocalypse"

Wave of Volatile Trading Unsettles U.S. Markets

A Persian Gulf "Hot Line' Proposed

Moderate GOP Rep. LaTourette announces retirement

Harry Reid: Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years

Urban Ebola: Why the Latest Outbreak in Uganda Raises Worries | Healthland |

Gore Vidal dies; imperious gadfly and prolific, graceful writer was 86 (1 comments)


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