This bill failed the first time thanks to Wendy Davis's filibuster, but Gov. Rick Perry simply called a special legislative session to order to get a do-over. He accused Democrats of "mob rule" in using their voices to defeat the bill, but monarchical rule on his part -- keep having the vote till you get the result you want -- is OK.

"Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican who opposes abortion, called lawmakers back to Austin for a second special session to reconsider the proposal. Most lawmakers in the Republican controlled Senate favor the bill."
Part of the strategy is to blur the line between "fetus" and "baby":
"During the debate on Tuesday, Representative Jason Villalba, a Republican whose wife is expecting a baby boy, spoke passionately in favor of the bill while showing his colleagues a sonogram picture of 'my son.'"
I guess it's safe to say his wife will now be protected from that unwanted, forced abortion.

Women's hard-fought-for rights keep getting chipped away a the state level. And belief trumps research:

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