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April 2011

Saturday, April 30:

States Making It a Crime to Investigate Agribusiness Abuses

WHY I am a Citizen of Conscience for U.S. House of Representative for 2012

Fox Business, The Birther Channel, Still Promoting Falsehoods About Obama's Birth Certificate (1 comments)

Tunnel overlooked before prison break, Afghan official says

The Guardian: Facebook Censors UK Activists

Indiana's GOP Governor Will NOT Get to Appoint a Replacement for GOP SoS Charged With Voter Fraud

Gadhafi's youngest son killed but Libyan leader survives NATO missile strike (2 comments)

GOP hopefuls attack Obama, not each other

P.J. Crowley: Obama's Inconsistency Doctrine on the Arab Spring

Romney Stumbles Over 'Hang Him' Gaffe Aimed At Obama (VIDEO)

Taliban announce beginning of spring offensive

Flashpoints: Will Uganda be the next Egypt or Tunisia?

Pentagon reports "tangible progress" in Afghanistan

Indiana governor plans to sign bill blocking Medicare funding to Planned Parenthood

Breaking news! Presidential Legacies Destroyed, by CIA (2 comments)

Friday, April 29:

Your Pain, Their Gain: How High Gas Prices Impoverish The Many While Enriching The Few

U.S. announces sanctions as Syrian regime cracks down

In Afghan war, 13 US-led soldiers killed

Mississippi River Floods 2011: Deep South Braces For Surge Of Water Not Seen Since 1927

Half of All Americans Breathe Polluted Air

Endeavour launch postponed because of mechanical problems

Documents offer hints of legal strategy in WikiLeaks case

Petraeus Appointment Could Inflame Relations With Pakistan

John Smith: Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows

Did You Fall for It? America's Outrage Over TSA Naked Body Scanners Was Right-Wing PR to Prevent Workers from Unionizing (2 comments)

GOP Targets Fragile Gains of Home-Based Caregivers - Early

Large US banks profited off Federal Reserve - PFB

Thursday, April 28:

John Smith: Russia to build aerospace defence shield, by Lada Korotun (1 comments)

Wisconsin Comes to Arizona? Chained Ethnic Studies Students Take Over School Board in Tucson

Waukesha Again? - Say it isn't so!

Cairo students demonstrate against Israel

Egypt FM: Gaza border crossing to be permanently opened

Irked at Democrats, Firefighters Suspend Federal Contributions (1 comments)

Oklahoma House sends affirmative action ban to voters

Dan Froomkin: Reclaiming Oil Subsidies: Senate Democrats Prepping Bill That Would Recover Billions From Big Firms

GOP pivots on "birther' questions, blames Obama for media attention

Debt ceiling: More Democrats threaten to vote against raising borrowing limit

Palestinian factions in reconciliation bid

Will Obama's Statement That Manning "Broke the Law" Make a Fair Trial or Court Martial Impossible?

Riding the Storms Out On A Frightful Day in Alabama

John Smith: Brussels' Fear of the True Finns, By SPIEGEL Staff.

Fedstock II (video)

Around the World on April 28th: Workers Memorial Day

Nick Turse, How to Arm a Dictator

Petraeus would helm an increasingly militarized CIA

Mass. House votes to limit union bargaining rights

Walker budget cuts target Wisconsin libraries

Vermont Gets Health Care Right

Hundreds of European mercenaries "fighting for Gaddafi' - FITSANAKIS

FBI serves Grand Jury subpoena likely relating to WikiLeaks (1 comments)

Wednesday, April 27:

Scores Die in Storms Across South; Tornado Ravages City

Euro economists expect Greek default - Walker

US OKs oil deals with Libya opposition

Newly empowered Egypt brokers Palestinian peace deal

What to do about Medicare is at heart of budget debate

US: Afghanistan withdrawal to be slow

The European Crisis and the Pain in Spain - Hallinan

Culture of Complicity Tied to Stricken Nuclear Plant - Onishi & Belson

Shut Up & Take It (1 comments)

The "U.S." Chamber Of Commerce Likens Obama To Qaddafi, Threatens White House

Main Street Rage

Dan Froomkin: As Oil Profits Soar, Obama Seeks Political Wedge

TCBH! Exclusive: Document Proves President Obama IS a Democrat!

Putin says NATO after oil in Libya (11 comments)

Strike Updates: SYRIA

John Smith: Financial Heist of the Century: Confiscating Libya's Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF), by Manlio Dinucci

West is at Mercy of Stuxnet, German Analyst Hints

Trump's donation history shows Democratic favoritism (1 comments)

9 Americans dead after Afghan officer opens fire

Largest Banks Likely Profited By Borrowing From Federal Reserve, Lending To Federal Government

Veterans For Peace press release

Guantánamo Bay files: Pakistan's ISI spy service listed as terrorist group - Burke (1 comments)

Tuesday, April 26:

US steps up pressure against Syria

Guantanamo documents reveal US brutality and lawlessness (5 comments)

Recordsetting homelessness in New York City

Ugandan Uprising for Food and Fuel

How the Arab Spring remade Obama's foreign policy, by Ryan Lizza (1 comments)

John Smith: China Proposes To Cut Two Thirds Of Its $3 Trillion In USD Holdings

John Smith: Can BRICS soften dollar crisis? by Alexander SALITZKI

John Smith: Homeless Woman Arrested for Sending Son to School, by Julie Ryan Evans

Odyseus_97: Sex trafficking in the U.S. called "epidemic' By Chuck Neubauer

Press Release: A Day in the Life of Syrians Under their Fascist Regime

'Child sex trafficking rampant in US'

US investigating war contractor con jobs

ElBaradei Blasts Bush Administration Over Iraq War

Linn Washington, Jr.: 3rd Circuit Appeal Ruling Favoring Abu-Jamal Smacks Down US Supreme Court (2 comments)

Arrests in U.S. Anti-Drone Protest

Maine Gov. LePage doesn't know what's in child labor law he supports

The GOP's 2012 Campaign Plan: Disqualify Eligible Voters

Keith Olbermann Announces Details of His New TV Show

Dennis Kucinich Interview Transcript III: GLobalization, Wikileaks and Bradley Manning (3 comments)

Paul Ryan's 'Spinal Tap' Tour

Explaining Barbour's no-go

Taco Bell Might Sue the Law Firm That Sued It

Has Donald Trump Voted In Past Elections? (2 comments)


Sherwood Ross: Obama "Compromise" With Republicans Is "Rotten Deal" For Most Americans (4 comments)

David Corn: White House to Franklin Graham: You're "Preposterous" (1 comments)

Trump: Karl Rove Is a "Loser" Who Should Retire (1 comments)

It's Not Just Medicare: GOP Wants to Privatize Food Stamps, Too

Monday, April 25:

WikiLeaks Revelations: A View Deep Inside Guantanamo

Gabrielle Giffords' doctors, husband share details on her progress

Obama paints Rep. Ryan as the GOP face for 2012 (1 comments)

Dan Froomkin: Maryland To Require Companies To Post Election Spending Online

Brett Arends: IMF bombshell: Age of America nears end

More voters in GOP districts angry over Ryan's Medicare proposal

Rachel Maddow: 'I'm definitely not an autocutie'

Congressional Staff Need Your Help! (1 comments)

Libya: western leaders call for Nato to target Gaddafi

U.S. Boat to Sail to Gaza Despite Israeli Threats (4 comments)

The Right-Wing Network Behind the War on Unions

Haley Barbour 2012 Announcement: 'I Will Not Be A Candidate For President Next Year'

Will Democrats Ever Rise Again in the Deep South?

Donald Trump: Do it or Don't But Decide or your PR Will Be Hurt

Dennis Kucinich Interview Part II; Peace, Power and Social Media (5 comments)

Tomgram: McCoy and Reilly, An Empire of Failed States

April Gallop vs Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers - 9/11 Court Case (10 comments)

Freeway pollution causes brain damage in mice-- Reuters

Sunday, April 24:

Hundreds of Taliban 'escape prison'

WikiLeaks: Secret Guantanamo files show U.S. disarray

Guantanamo Bay: How the White House lost the fight to close it

For conflicted Ryan constituent, budget debate about more than his own future

Pakistan protests halt NATO supplies - Sara (1 comments)

Maliki: No plans to extend US presence

A Crack in Wall Street’s Defenses

GOP Picture for 2012 Remains Blurry (2 comments)

News from Portland, Oregon (1 comments)

Dennis Kucinich Interview Transcript: on Libya and Obama's Impeachability (47 comments)

Interview with Finian Cunningham in Bahrain

Sherwood Ross: Warning: Human's Devouring 40% of All Land and Sea Life (2 comments)

Wall Street Rashomon: The Times vs. Matt Taibbi (1 comments)

Paul Doomm Speaks: Feinberg Runs

BP Still Being Awarded Lucrative Government Contracts

BP's Secret Deepwater Blowout

EFM Takeover Of Detroit Schools: Teen Mothers Arrested, Children taken Into Temporary Custody

USDA moves to let Monsanto perform its own environmental impact studies on GMOs

John Smith: Taxation through the Ages, by Joseph Sobran (1 comments)

John Smith: Sue the FED: The FED Owes YOU Money! (1 comments)

Is Myanmar At A Crossroads?

John Smith: History Was Hijacked By War Criminals And Predatory Banksters

Adm. Mike Mullen Says Iraq Must Decide if U.S. Troops Will Stay

Saturday, April 23:

NATO jets launch fresh attacks on Tripoli

Turkey says yes to Palestine statehood (1 comments)

Who's behind all those school voucher bills? Koch, Scaife, DeVos & other far-right billionaires...

Big blowout at PA gas well, threatening Susquehanna River with fracking chemicals (2 comments)

The People's Budget: Dealing With The Debt & Fixing The Economy - Edger

The vindication of P.J. Crowley

In Hawaii, accessing some Obama birth info is easy

Yemeni president agrees to step down in 30 days

Mubarak Faces Questions on Israel Gas Deal

John Smith: The BRICS Take Over (1 comments)

Israel in a quandary over turmoil in Syria (1 comments)

Lynn Buske: Largest Organic Milk Bottler Accused of Misrepresenting Products (3 comments)

anon hack: Bahraini forces rape, kill female poet (1 comments)

Violence Erupts in Wake of New Election Shenanigans in Haiti

John Smith: Geopolitical Implications of the World Economic Crisis

Strike Updates Christopher Rice

John Smith: The States Must Restrain the Federal Government, By Mac McDowell

Misrata rebels strike back against Gaddafi snipers

Former IAEA head suggests Iraq war crime probe of Bush administration (1 comments)

Friday, April 22:

Press Release: True or False? Libyan Gov't States it Will Pull Army out of Misrata

Finding a Primary Challenger - New Progressive Alliance

Biden deficit task force off to rocky start

Ron Paul's son all but rules out bid for U.S. Senate

Pakistan-U.S. feud boils over CIA drone strikes

Friend or Foe

More Republican Congressmen Face Town Hall Backlash Over Tax Breaks For Wealthy And Medicare Privatization

Libyan ground forces degraded by up to 40 percent: U.S.

Draft Policy Would Disclose Contractors' Political Ties

Maddow: WI GOPers Offered Voters Free Shots of Booze in Exchange for Recall Signatures Puts Controversy Regarding Obama's Birthplace to Rest

Who Owns Congress? A Campaign Cash Seating Chart | Mother Jones

McCain Hails Rebels as 'Heroes' in Libya Visit

John Smith: Finnish election results may spark euro jitters Nationalist party on course for strong showing, casting doubt on Portuga

Would This Video Make You Stop Eating Beef? Futures Traders Think So (4 comments)

New Details on Wisconsin Supreme Court 'Recount', Waukesha County Clerk Investigation

Undoing Medicare: The Real 'Death Tax' - James Fallows - Politics - The Atlantic

'Free Bradley Manning' Protestor Disrupts Obama Remarks - BBC

A New Jail for Bradley Manning, But the Controversy Rages On, by Rupert Cornwell (1 comments)

Thursday, April 21:

Lost your keys: You now have Alzheimer's (2 comments)

The Contango Game: How Koch Industries Manipulates The Oil Market For Profit

Big Brothers: Thought Control at Koch (1 comments)

How the Wall Street Journal Distorts the Truth About Taxes

Maliki: Iraq can handle its own security

Nevada's GOP Sen. Ensign, under ethics cloud, will resign

Gates says Obama has approved use of armed Predator drones in Libya (1 comments)

John Smith: VIDEO: Dr. Caroline Heldman: US in Ungovernable Situation!

FEC Sued By Chris Van Hollen Over Huge Disclosure Loophole

GOP escalates debt-limit demands

As Obama reassures financial markets, public opposition grows to budget cuts

Pepe Escobar: Fear and Loathing in the House of Saud

Ahmadinejad grooms chief-of-staff to take over as Iran's president

Former New Mexico governor to run for president

Law Firm That Sued Taco Bell Has Its Own Issues With Fraud

BP sues partners as Gulf marks year since spill

Clinton: Gadhafi may be using cluster bombs (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Wealthy, Republicans, Declare War on Middle Class (6 comments)

Noam Chomsky, Who Owns the World? (3 comments)

Corporate Coup d’état Coming Soon to a City Near You

The Tea Party Propaganda Factory You Probably Don't Know About

Wednesday, April 20:

URGE YOUR REPS TO CO-SPONSOR HR 1242, Nuclear Power Plant Safety Act of 2011

New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP

VIDEO: Paul Ryan Booed At Town Hall For Defending Tax Breaks For The Wealthy


Israeli public figures to sign document supporting Palestinian state

Bradley Manning arrives at new jail

Congress Rewrites Goldstone's Op-ed

Obama seeks contractor campaign donation disclosure

Was FBI too quick to judge anthrax suspect the killer?

Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops

Press Release: BREAKING: Famed Photojournalist and "Restrepo' Director Tim Hetherington Slain in Misrata (10 comments)

John Smith: André Shepherd: Soldier appeals for political asylum in Germany

Agriculture: The Unlikely Earth Day Hero (1 comments)

Nearly Half of US Households Pay No Income Tax

Seven Different Ways That Sales People Are Compensated

Poll shows Americans oppose entitlement cuts to deal with debt problem

U.S. is losing a savvy leader in Afghan war efforts

Congress: GOP picks Kyl and Cantor

Is Lawsuit Cash Having a Negative Impact on Progressive Politics?

Tuesday, April 19:

A year after BP blowout, Gulf lawmakers say drill

Israel-Palestinian peace: Netanyahu under pressure to offer peace initiative (1 comments)

Respect our efforts if you want to succeed in war on terror: PM tells US - Ahmed

This "Jihadi" is Armed with a Subversive Sense of Humor - Nissenbaum

Plane with Michelle Obama had to abort landing due to mistake

What is it about mid-April and violence in America?

WikiLeaks suspect Manning to leave Quantico

Bipartisan Senators Indict Wall Street, Media Yawns. Six Guys Push Stale Deficit Hype, Media Goes Wild

How much money are you missing? (2 comments)

If you thought the financial crisis was bad, wait till the debt ceiling caves in

US veteran commits suicide at 28

Lawyers Can't Handle the Truth About Their Profession (6 comments)

A Year After Gulf Tragedy, Offshore Oil Companies Still Shielded by Liability Limits

Fracking Chemicals Cited in Congressional Report Stay Underground

How the GOP Is Committing Political Suicide With Ryan's Extremist Budget Plan

Wall Street Journal Attacks Politifacts And Wins Pulitzer (3 comments)

Whats Wrong with Waukesha Wisconsin? More Anomalies in Prosser and Kloppenburg Race (10 comments)

Is There A Scam Behind The Rise In Oil and Food Prices? (4 comments)

Monday, April 18:

Link Between BP et. al. and Invasion of Iraq (1 comments)

Obama ran against Bush, but now governs like him

Tea Party Jesus: Koch's Americans For Prosperity Sidles Up to Religious Right for 2012 Campaign

S&P Delivers Blow for US: Mentally Deranged are Deeply Concerned

An 'Oh Please!' Moment; Is S&P Running Interference for the Right to Help Crush Social Security and Medicare? (9 comments)

Spy vs. Spy: the First Patriots Day

Dan Froomkin: The Top 10 Tax Breaks -- And How They Help The Wealthy The Most

What Chernobyl Can Tell Us About Fukushima (3 comments)

McChrystal cleared in Pentagon inquiry

Sarah Palin: Scott Walker Doing The Right Thing With Unions

Boehner makes surprise trip to Baghdad, meets with Iraqi prime minister

The JFK-UFO Connection: Bogus Documents or Unanswered Questions?

Water wars? Thirsty, energy-short China stirs fear

Michele Bachmann: 'I Have a Spine Made Out of Titanium'

U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by WikiLeaks show - The Washington Post

Robots in Japanese Reactors Detect High Radiation

Congressman Wants Citizens of ALL Religions to Reflect on the Ten Commandments (Redux)

Walker And Prosser Crushed Regulations On Koch Industry’s Phosphorus Pollution In Wisconsin

Outraged Citizens Occupy Bank of America, on Tax Day (4 comments)

Audio Treasure Trove From National Conference For Media Reform in Boston

Sunday, April 17:

Action Map for April 18th - US Uncut

The Denseness of Modern Conservatives Seems to Know No Boundaries (1 comments)

Iran accuses Siemens of helping launch Stuxnet cyber-attack

Ira Chernus, The Great Israeli Security Scam

Oil Scarcity, Growth, and Global Imbalances - IMF

Palin Leads Tea-Party Rally in Madison


Facebook advertising: Facebook prepares to cash in on users' data

Climate Change a Hoax!

14 Years of Hooking Patients, Hiking Premiums and Squeezing Docs: Television Drug Advertising (2 comments)

The Obama Administration: April 1-15, 2011

Aborigines to block uranium mining after Japan disaster (1 comments)

Misrata becomes Libya's Stalingrad

Obama demands regime change in Libya

US House of Representatives votes to abolish Medicare (2 comments)

Saturday, April 16:

Israel thanks US for taxpayer dollars (3 comments)

Unnecessary Austerity, Unnecessary Shutdown

Stop Blacking Out Progressive Protests

Donald Trump's "Celebrity Politician" Show (1 comments)

Ten die in Afghanistan army base bomb

Massachusetts, pioneer of universal health care, now may try new approach to costs

NATO runs short on some munitions in Libya

17 Dead from Storms in Alabama

Dan Froomkin: Big PAC Money Flows To New Republican House Chairmen

Libya Crisis: Gaddafi Using Schoolboy Conscripts on Front Line

Cold Fusion: Alternative Energy Revolution (7 comments)

Zone of Alienation: Chernobyl 25 Years Later (3 comments)

Friday, April 15:

MP set to move ICJ against drone hits - Sikander Shaheen

Channeling Rumsfeld/Bush/Cheney: Now the Gaddafi Regime is Firing Cluster Bombs into Misrata (22 comments)

All Wisconsin Votes Unverified | Truthout

The Hit List, Kidnapping and Murder of Vittorio Arrigoni

John Smith: Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks, by Bill Wilson

They have plans! Do they ever! (1 comments)

Breaking: Prosser 'Wins' WI Supreme Court Election by 7,316 Over Kloppenburg, According to Unverified Results of State C

Libya: Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy vow Gaddafi must go

Dan Froomkin: Senators Want SEC To Explain Delay On Anti-Corruption Rule

Cuccinelli: Some state payments to Va. charities were unconstitutional

Obama: GOP tried to "sneak" agenda into budget

CIA will not halt operations in Pakistan: official

House Passes Paul Ryan's Disastrous Medicare Plan

General Petraeus to CIA? Joint Civil-Military Efforts to Enhance the Kill, Pacify Chain (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: U.S. Woes Today Reflect Failure To Learn From Past Wars

Blog Skewers A Conservative Newspaper And Then Gets Hacked

Uganda's "Kill-The-Gays" Pastor Accused Of Extortion, Perjury and Fraud To Push Bill (1 comments)

Democrats' Disgust with Obama - The Daily Beast (3 comments)

“The Myth of Voter Fraud” (MUST-SEE VIDEO of Lorraine Minnite & MCM!)

Waukesha, WI Follies: 97.63% Turnout in 2004? 20,000 More Votes Than 'Ballots Cast' in 2006?

Thursday, April 14:

Obama's $1 Trillion Tax-Increase Proposal Slams Into Republican Opposition

DeMint demands Constitution be changed to ban federal debt

Rebels Hijack Gadhafi's Phone Network

BP annual meeting sparks angry protests

UN Gaza report co-authors round on Goldstone

Donald Trump's Use Of Own Show For Presidential Announcement Doesn't Raise Legal Issues -- Yet

How 12 Multinational Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes

Santorum announces presidential fundraising effort

Obama's budget speech: Reactions from Congress

Pat Tillman's mother calls for McChrystal's removal from White House post

As Tax Day Approaches, Corporations Paying Less and Less | Progressive States Network

House approves budget deal that averted shutdown

DOJ Gets Court Permission to Attack Botnet

U.S. Says Iran Helps Crackdown in Syria

The Israelis Mount a Diplomatic Offensive to Stop the Gaza Flotilla (3 comments)

Republican Henchmen Get Their Grimy Hands on State Education Dollars (1 comments)

Matt Taiibi: The Real Housewives of Wall Street | Rolling Stone Politics

NOW Press Release (2 comments)

Lynn Buske: Watchdog Claims Organic Valley, Herbruck's Violating Federal Organic Standards (1 comments)

Michael Klare, Avenging Planet (2 comments)


Halliburton Wins Oil Services Contract in Iraq (1 comments)

John Smith: Shatter the Illusions- Patriots Must Reject the Two-Party System, By: Peter Chamberlin (1 comments)

Boehner sees 'hollow targets' in speech; Ryan calls it 'hopelessly inadequate' (1 comments)

Wednesday, April 13:

Bradley Manning needs consular visit, mother tells William Hague

Bush cousin presides over 9/11 suit against Cheney, Rumsfeld, Myers (3 comments)

Private Manning's Humiliation by Bruce Ackerman and Yochai Benkler

Teacher has Kids Oink at Messy Student

88 Thousand Former Obama Supporters Pledge NOT to Help in 2012 if Medicare/Medicaid Are Cut

An Interview With Mother of Codependence Recovery, Melody Beattie (2 comments)

Japan's nuclear crisis comes home as fuel risks get fresh look

Orlando can restrict feeding the homeless, rules 11th Circuit (1 comments)

Faith-based diplomacy: A voice is muffled

Virginia Thomas builds tea party network

The Siegelman Case: Ten Years of Injustice--and Counting

My experience dealing the Department of Defense regarding Pfc. Manning has been Kafkaesque (3 comments)

Kucinich Describes "Kafkaesque" Experience with DoD Over Manning (2 comments)

'US at loss over self-contradictions'

Ongoing Torment for Civilians as Misrata Becomes a Mini-Stalingrad (7 comments)

Tuesday, April 12:

IRS Funding Cut Days Before Report Shows $330 Billion In Uncollected Taxes (2 comments)

Turkey ready to host a Taliban office as part of efforts to end Afghan war - Selcan Hacaoglu

The CIA and Assassinations - Bruce Schneir (1 comments)

GOP Roadmap to Ruin (1 comments)

Oil War: Putting Out Fire with Gasoline in Libya (13 comments)

Freelancer to file class-action suit against HuffPost and AOL over compensation (3 comments)

Poverty in John Boehner's District (1 comments)

Taibbi on a Fed Bailout the Business Press Buried (1 comments)

Romney Founded Business That Utilized Offshore Tax Havens, Costing Taxpayers Billions In Lost Revenue

Born Again Birther Party

Budget deal: Cuts of $38 billion include accounting gimmicks, target Obama priorities

Dead Ahead: America's Ultimate Budget Battle

Governors cut taxes -- and medical aid to the poor

Fight to rescind Goldstone report reaches Congress (3 comments)

Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, Obama Still Hammering Away (1 comments)

Will Offshore Tax-Evasion Case Ensnare Wealthy Americans? (1 comments)

Japan quake's economic impact worse than first feared

Pakistan Tells CIA to Halt Drone Strikes

*Happy Tax Day! Prostitution at Taxpayer Expense (1 comments)

Tear Gas and Arrests: Birth of a Ugandan Civil Rights Movement?

The Daily Bell: Little Iceland Panics Big Banks (6 comments)

Senate Testimony of Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Monday, April 11:

Comparing Public and Private Sector Compensation over 20 Years

Nearly 300 Legal Scholars Sign Letter Protesting Torture of Bradley Manning

Japan raises nuclear alert level to seven - Justin Mccurry

Icelandic people tell UK UP YOURS over banking compensation

Egyptian blogger jailed for three years - Al Jazeera

Dem quoted as saying "numbers jibed" in Waukesha now sets the record straight

John Smith: Origins of Federal Control Over Education, Charlotte A. Twight

News World news Pakistan War in Afghanistan is destabilising Pakistan, says president - Simon Tisdall (1 comments)

Pakistan Tells U.S. It Must Sharply Cut C.I.A. Activities (1 comments)

Reuters: Japan nuclear crisis on par with Chernobyl

Court upholds block on parts of Arizona immigration law

Tomgram: Sheila Johnson, "Chal"

Dan Froomkin: How 'Independent Expenditures' Are Remaking Elections

Mitt Romney forms exploratory committee

Boehner faces next budget test

Gabrielle Giffords's Road to Recovery

Federal Budget and Debt Politics:A Live Web Chat with William Galston - Brookings Institution

Debt Collectors Are Going After Kids' Lunch Money (2 comments)

Government shutdown averted, Obama will lay out plan this week to cut deficit

2012: None of the above

We Will Not Be Intimidated

John Smith: Classic Financial and Corporate Scandals, Linda Davies

John Smith: Top 5 Economics Graphs of the Week

The Drought Is Over (at Least for C.E.O.'s) By DANIEL COSTELLOE

John Smith: What China's 1st Aircraft Carrier Means for the Region , Chosun Ilbo (4 comments)

No-nuke Protests Erupt in Japan (4 comments)

John Smith: Iceland rejects Icesave compensation bill

Sunday, April 10:

FBI releases fresh UFO document (2 comments)

Free health clinic aids hundreds in need - SF Chronicle (1 comments)

S. Africa leader says Libya accepts cease-fire plan

Sherwood Ross: Cuts In Runaway Pentagon Spending Held Possible

NC bill threatens to criminalize naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, midwives, aromatherapists as felons Learn more: h

Cantor admits Social Security and Medicare "aren't going to be there' when he retires (1 comments)

Obama to deliver speech on deficit reduction this week

U.S. Reports Decry Curbs on NGOs, Internet, Minorities

The Shutdown That Wasn't And The Real War Thats On The Way (2 comments)

New Yorkers protest US policies

Death toll rises in deadly Gaza strikes

Saturday, April 9:

Sherwood Ross: U.S. Looting Social Security To Wage Wars (4 comments)

Al Sadr threatens action if US forces remain in Iraq

Petraeus: Al-Qaida not on rise in Afghanistan

Exposure of the Big Three Secret Funders Trashing Democrats

Fact Checker: Rep. Paul Ryan's budget blueprint

Budget fight shows Washington still broken

Betsy Ross: Trials of Globalization: And We All Melt Down

Press Release: African Migrants Kidnapped and Forced to Fight for Gaddafi (7 comments)

Washington Liberals - A community-edited website where progressive voices can be heard

Obama hails deal to impose record cuts in social spending (12 comments)

Why Pay Congress, by Maureen Dowd (4 comments)

Friday, April 8:

Egypt protests dispersed by force

Juveniles Sentenced To Life Denied Path To Pardons Board Hearing - NE

John Smith: Causes of Poverty, by Anup Shah

Latest WikiLeaks cables reveal Israel's fears and alliances

Afghan war: U.S. troops in Afghanistan suffer more catastrophic injuries

Burning Warheads as Fuel for Nuclear Reactors? - TUC radio (2 comments)

Democratic Reps., Steelworkers Oppose Colombia Trade Deal - Michael Whitney

The Koch Brothers' Tangled and Far-Reaching Web

Terror suspects held weeks in secret

CIA's Leon Panetta not eager to swap jobs: agency

Microsoft Sets Mammoth Patch Tuesday, will Fix 64 Flaws

*The Residents of Camp Ashraf attacked by Iraqi forces (3 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Air War Turns Middle East Against U.S. (1 comments)

Responding to the Office of Legal Counsel's Positively Orwellian Rationale for Libyan War (21 comments)

Two Corrupt Judges Get Outed in the Deep South (1 comments)

GoDaddy CEO Elephant Shooting Video Spurs Competitor, Namecheap, To Raise $20,000 For Conservation Group

Saleh rejects GCC mediation, scrambles to maintain control over Yemen

The Revolution Will Not Be Downloaded

Questions Surround Votes Found in Waukesha County - E.D. Kain - American Times - Forbes

Israeli army bulldozes Palestinian homes (8 comments)

Thursday, April 7:

Netanyahu vows more Gaza raids

Muammar Gaddafi's former energy minister flees to Malta

*A Lesson from Nuclear Worst Cases (2 comments)


Press Release: Turkey and Erdogan Working on Roadmap to End Libya War while General Ham Talks Possible Troops

Dan Froomkin: Lobbyists Unperturbed By Government Shutdown Brinkmanship

Scott Walker Struggles To Downplay Wisconsin Election That His Allies Built Up As A Referendum

Daniel Ellsberg on the progression of government leaks

GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment

Top budget negotiators reach deal in principle, but snags remain

Obama to remake national security team

How California can stop nuclear power by Ann Garrison

Lawful Murder in Utah...

Reid says budget talks stymied by GOP policy provisions

Texas company sued for abuse of Iowa workers

sraeli army arrests 100 women in West Bank village

Budget Deadlock: It's NOT About Frugality

Report: Shutdown would hurt military families

DOD names two Baumholder soldiers killed in Afghanistan - Germany - Stripes

Breaking news: Protesters take over WA State Capitol (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 6:

Obama 2012 Reelecion Effort Gets Muammar Gaddafi Endorsement - Michael Scherer

Libyan rebels regain ground near Brega

U.S. committed to ending anti-Israel bias on UN council, envoy says

Texas Cops Ticket Thousands of Schoolchildren to Raise Revenue, Some as Young as 6-Yrs-Old (2 comments)

Obama/Microsoft Illegal Campaign Contributions 2008

Seattle King5 and Covers Simulation Showing Radiation On West Coast - Intel Hub

CBO: Seniors would pay much more for Medicare under Ryan plan

Dan Froomkin: How The Oil Lobby Greases Washington's Wheels

Suspicion mounts as US unlocks Moussa Koussa's foreign assets

Kloppenberg Bags Narrow Victory, But Recount Looms (1 comments)

President Obama Gets His Groove Back By Attacking Africans (5 comments)

State bills are targeting abortion

Epsilon Email Breach

It's All About The Budget - Except

The Obama Administration: March 17-31, 2011

Fact-checking the Ryan budget plan

Glenn Beck to bid farewell to Fox News show

Attention turns to preventing more explosions at tsunami-damaged Japan nuclear plant

The LRA Excuse for Ugandan Troops in Congo---Again

House Republicans Propose $4 Trillion in Cuts Over Decade

Local Media Covered Monday Union Rallies; National Media Not So Much

Tuesday, April 5:

WikiLeaks claims second U.S. ambassador, in Ecuador

GOP Turns To News Corp. To Sell Ryan's Budget Plan

Press Release: It's Getting Worse in Misrata. Where is Solidarity with the Arab Spring Now?

Evangelical Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money - War Room - (2 comments)

Why did Karzai spotlight Terry Jones's Quran burning?

Energy and tech jobs: where job hiring is (finally) happening

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is new DNC chair - The Fix - The Washington Post (5 comments)

Goldstone headed to Israel in July, hosted by Israeli minister criticized in Gaza report for advocating collective punis (2 comments)

Amy Fried, Ph.D.: Nonprofit Pays Bristol Palin Seven Times what it Spends on Teenage Pregnancy Prevention (1 comments)

Senate votes to repeal health-care law's 1099 tax-reporting provision, sending bill to Obama

Will Lawyer Get Away With Making False Statements Under Oath in Divorce Case? (1 comments)

A World Away From the Gulf, Penguins Fight Oil Too (1 comments)

Huge Sewage Spill into Little Pigeon River after Basin Failure (1 comments)

G.O.P. Blueprint Would Remake Medicare and Medicaid (1 comments)

House Republicans to propose $6.2 trillion in spending cuts

House Republicans Maneuver For Budget Cuts As Shutdown Looms

General David Petraeus tipped to take over CIA

Michele Bachmann Lies About Her Own Family History To Sound More Iowan (6 comments)

Monday, April 4:

Sherwood Ross: Song: I Sliced Pastrami For The CIA And Found God (1 comments)

Libya Rebels Reject Transition under Kadhafi Sons

Republicans Would Cut $5.8 Trillion in a Decade

Dahr Jamail: 'No safe levels' of radiation in Japan

Ohio GOP sends a stealth death notice to public college teachers unions

Afghanistan Policeman Shoots Dead Two U.S. Soldiers in Northwest Province

FreedomWorks: 'Fire Jim Rogers'

Analyzing Goldstone's Gaza Retreat (1 comments)

Tomgram: Lewis Lapham, Consuming Labor (1 comments)

Radioactive water from Japanese nuclear plant dumped into sea (VIDEO)

Quran-burning preacher Terry Jones regains spotlight

Donald Rumsfeld: 'Do I Have any Regrets? Of Course I Do'

RNC Ad Attacks Barack Obama After 2012 Campaign Announcement (VIDEO)

Sea Turtle Deaths Mount in the Gulf (2 comments)

Conservative Bomb Thrower Has a Bomb Explode in His Lap (3 comments)

Save the Planet? Not Economically Viable 2011

Petraeus Says Quran Burning Endangers War Effort

Dr.King's Legacy And The Global Economic Crisis (1 comments)

Mass Incarceration Creates Big Mess Across America (4 comments)

Sunday, April 3:

NASA Endeavour Shuttle Launch Delayed Ten Days

Misrata, a Sea of Misery at Gaddafi's Hands (Video Updates) (3 comments)

United States Seeking Negotiated Exit of Yemen's President

Gitmo in the Heartland - Ali Malek

Hamid Karzai calls on US Congress to condemn pastor's Qur'an burning (1 comments)

BP resumes drilling in Gulf of Mexico after deal with US regulators (2 comments)

CeCe and BeBe Winans Rock the Chicago Theatre--Concert Review (1 comments)

Israel to launch campaign urging UN to retract Goldstone report

Florida pastor Terry Jones's Koran burning has far-reaching effect (1 comments)

Sherwood Ross: Behind Those March Unemployment Figures

U.N. Vote on Palestinian State Could Force Israel's Hand (1 comments)

Budget Fight Looming on Medicare and Government's Size

Saturday, April 2:

Obama slams Quran burning, Afghan attacks

UPDATE: Jones Unrepentent, Islam Unforgiving, Christians And Muslims Continue To Suffer ... As Death Toll Mounts (5 comments)

Press Release: School of Hard Knocks Forcing Libyan Rebel Army to Evolve

Gingrich's financial angel -- a casino mogul with legal woes - Politics - Decision 2012 -

Pepe Escobar: Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal (1 comments)

Wisconsin union rights law on hold for 2 months

Times Continues Effort to Demonize Arianna Huffington (2 comments)

Radioactive water from nuclear plant found leaking into sea

Ten dead in Afghan Koran burning protests

Terry Jones Demands Retribution for U.N. Deaths

Taking Green to Extreme in Salt Lake

Bush AG Mukasey Seeks Legalization of Bribery as Paid Stooge for US Chamber

Why is the Fed bailing out Qaddaffi - Matt Taibbi; Rolling Stone Magazine

Chess Games in Libya and London while Rebel Gov't and Army Solidify

Friday, April 1:

President Obama Treats Tax Dodging GE's Immelt Better than Consumer Protecting Elizabeth Warren (8 comments)

Egyptians try to 'save the revolution' as signs of repression return

Democrats: We have the signatures in Kapanke recall effort by Chris Hubbuch (1 comments)

Ten UN workers killed in Afghanistan

Benjamin Netanyahu's heart of darkness (VIDEO)

In Florida, the Unemployed May Face Deep Cuts in Benefits

Bill Moyers Coming Back For New Show? (5 comments)

Olmert says Gaza war inevitable

Wisconsin Union Law Passage To Be Examined By Judge

For federal workers, anxiety over a possible shutdown

Obama Proposes a Wretched Nominee for Controversial U.S. Attorney Post (12 comments)

Six U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan operation near Pakistan border

The "Business" of Drugs: Drug Company Exec Accountability

Bush: Stay in Afghanistan for women's sake

U.S. Is Unlikely to Arm Libyan Rebels, Obama Aides Say (1 comments)

Asking Kidney Patients to Forgo a Free Lifeline


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