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Dave Lindorff, winner of a 2019 "Izzy" Award for Outstanding Independent Journalism from the Park Center for Independent Media in Ithaca, is a founding member of the collectively-owned, journalist-run online newspaper He is a columnist for Counterpunch, is author of several recent books ("This Can't Be Happening! Resisting the Disintegration of American Democracy" and "Killing Time: An Investigation into the Death Penalty Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal"). His latest book, coauthored with Barbara Olshanshky, is "The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office (St. Martin's Press, May 2006).

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Crazy is as crazy does: Two people who seriously need psychiatric counselling (images courtesy of Crisp County, GA Sheriff's Office and the White House), From Uploaded
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, March 22, 2021
Killers on the loose!: Biden's and America's Mental Illness is on Full Display Biden is off to a disastrous start in his foreign relations, lured into calling Vladimir Putin a "killer," right after he killed 22 Iraqis in a bombing raid in Syria, writes TCBH! journalist DAve Lindorff who wonders: Who's crazier, Biden or Atlanta mass masseusse killer Robert Aaron Long? It's a tough call.
America's biggest threat is the Pentagon (UD Dept. of 'Defense' photo), From Uploaded
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, March 12, 2021
Main threat to US security is here at home: Let's Stop Pretending Russia and China are Military Threats Russia and China do not pose military threats to the United State and have no interest in challenging the US militarily, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff. The biggest threat to our security is our own ironically named Dept. of 'Defense'
President Biden Reviews the Readiness of Military Troops in a Pass in Review President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris review the readiness of military troops in a Pass in Review., From YouTubeVideos
(17 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, February 27, 2021
Biden goes to war: It Didn't Take Long for This New President to Play Commander in Chief Joe Biden didn't wait long to pull out the bombs and guns after being inaugurated as the new president and commander in chief. It doesn't bode well for world piece or for any kind of significant progressive change in the US in this administration, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff
'Killing Time' by the author, cover image by Gary Lindorff, From Uploaded
(9 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Saturday, February 27, 2021
Urgent! Mumia has Covid-19: Demand Immediate Release of Him and All Older Prisoners Mumia Abu-Jamal, serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania prison, has reported he has Covid-19. He and all older prisoners must be released form our crowded prisons, and all prisoners must get priority status for vaccinations, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff
The Doomsday Clock, From CreativeCommonsPhoto
(33 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Who's the US to demand Russia free anyone?: Back to Cold War 2.0 with Biden and 'Diplomacy-Favoring' Secretary Blinken Claims that the new Biden administration wants to end the bluster and militarism and turn towards diplomacy to solve issues appear to be overblown, judging by not his neolib appointees, but by what his new Sec. of State is doing, right out of the box, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff
Vote Moderate, From CreativeCommonsPhoto
(8 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Campaign 'donations' are bribes and the 'Free' World ain't so free: Fixing Journalism's Lexicon to to Reflect Reality How can we have intelligent discussion or debate about politics when politicians and the media all claim that so-called moderates" hold the key to solving political issues. What, asks TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff, is a "moderate" or "centrist" anyhow, but an enabler of partisanship?
'Stop the steal' insurrec tionists invading the Capitol may not be punished, From YouTubeVideos
(5 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Hundreds of 2021 Insurrectionists May Get Off while 700 Pentagon Protesters got arrested and jailed in 1967 In a letter published today in the Philly Inquirer, TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff decries word that federal prosecutors may let most Capital thee 800 invaders skate for fear of clogging the courts with cases. LIndorff remembers when he and 700 of the over 100,000 who sat in on the Pentagon mall were arrested, carted off to federal prison and punished for peacefully sitting outside the Pentagon.
Drawing by illustrator Andy Myer and is open source free to use. (visit, From Uploaded
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 21, 2021
Enough of the T***p! End the White House Trumpery! To insure that Trump will not return either as a candidate or even as a politically significant figure or force, let's work to introduce his name into our vernacular as a cussword, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff. We're already half-way there. It meant rubbish in Old English! (and Old French).
Monitoring US media: Seal of the United States Cyber Command.svg., From WikimediaPhotos
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, January 18, 2021
Let the people know, not Trump: Enough with the Goddamned Secrets! Open Up the Government Joe! Biden is getting national security agency advice on whether to follow tradition and allow ex-president Trump access to national secrets. He should instead be re-opening the US government to the US people after decades of mounting secrecy, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff
Image of the homepage of the FBI's Terrorist Screening Center, From Uploaded
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, January 17, 2021
Million names, abject failure: Time to Trash the Terrorist Watch List, a Police-State Frankenstein Gone Off the Rails It's way past time to get rid of the unconstitutional and grossly invasive FBI Terrorist Watch List, which besides including the names of hundreds of thousands of innocent people (including this TCBH! journalist!), has demonstrably failed to spot and prevent terrorists, most recently in the invasion of the Capitol building.
U.S. Capitol locked down as violent pro-Trump mob breach security barriers Protestors objecting to Joe Biden's victory breached the U.S. Capitol security barriers Wednesday as lawmakers tried to count the electoral college results in an ..., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, January 7, 2021
Pence now calling shots when it comes to the Pentagon Has Trump already been Removed as Commander in Chief? The fact that it was Pence and not President/Commander in Chief Trump who authorized activation of DC's National Guard to protect Congress speaks volumes. For the Pentagon, Trump is no longer the Commander in Chief. It's Pence, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff. And that's a good thing.
Mumia Abu-Jamal gets a new chance to try and appeal his conviction (drawing by Gary Lindorff), From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Supreme Court rejects Faulkner Widow's 'Evidence-Free' Bidto Block Mumia Appeal The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a rare King's Bench petition by Maureen Faulkner that for ten months has blocked Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal of his corrupted Post Conviction appeals, which were rejected by the same court while former DA Ron Castille was sitting on it, and refusing to recuse himself.
Go for it Rush! You're onto something..., From YouTubeVideos
(37 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Go for it Republicans! Go! A Red State Secession from the US of A is a Great Idea! A Texas GOP chair and Rush Limbaugh can't be wrong. Red States unhappy with Trump's defeat should leave the union. We'd all be better off in what's left of the USA, though the ones who leave may rue their decision, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff
It's 1-2-3 what are they fighting for?  20 years on, US troops are stuck in Afghanistan (US Army photo), From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, December 6, 2020
For the US media, Pulling Out of the Endless War in Afghanistan is Not an Option President Trump was slow to follow through with his 2016campaign vow to end America's war in Afghanistan, but when he finally, in October, called for all US troops out of the country by Christmas, a media storm boosted every critic in Washington with warnings of disaster, and Trump caved, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff. Now the war will become Biden's.
New book by Charles Vidich, From Uploaded
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Clueless autocrat amid a raging pandemic? It's nothing new: Author if New US Quarantine History Tells What Biden Must Do Charles Vidich, Public Health expert and former head of incident control at the USPS during the Anthrax attacks, has a new book coming out Jan. 21 on the history of quarantines in America. TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff interviews him about why the pandemic is so uniquely terrible in the US, what Trump has done wrong, and what Biden needs to do quickly to fix right things.
Rudy Giuliani, Trump's top lawyer in lawsuits seeking to overturn the election, calls for beheading Democratic leaders (that would include President-Elect Biden) on Fox New's Hannity show. Click on the image or caption to play the clip), From Uploaded
(16 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 20, 2020
'They should be beheaded!': Trump and Giuliani Go Full IS in Attack on Biden and Democrats US "War" on Terror tactics of "decapitation" of enemies, adopted against Taliban and IS, are coming home in the form of Trump's top elections lawyer Rudy Giuliani now calling for the "decapitation" of Dem Party leaders, which would of course include President-Elect Joe Biden, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff.
a late-season baby common snapping turtle next to a quarter, From Uploaded
SHARE More Sharing        Friday, November 13, 2020
As the world gets crazier: Buying Some Time for Nature and America TCBH! journalist Dave Lindoff acted to save four things in the past two weeks: three late born animals whose mothers were parents were clearly confused by climate change, and what remains of US democracy after four years of Donald Trump, which he did by joining 77 million other Americans by voting, nose held, for Joe Biden.
Never again! Nukes are illegal weapons starting Jan. 1, 2021. Ban the bombs! Denuclearize the US!, From CreativeCommonsPhoto
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, October 26, 2020
50th country ratifies UN treaty banning nuclear weapons: Effective January 1, 2021 Nuclear Weapons Will Be Illegal This January 1, a new UN Treaty takes effect declaring nuclear weapons illegal like gas and chemical weapons. Nations that make them, stock them, threaten to use them or use them are criminal nations, and their leaders are war criminals from that date, writes TCBH journalist Dave Lindorff
Joe Biden and Donald Trump's fiery first debate--Here are the highlights President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden got heated during their first chance to challenge each other face to face during the first ..., From YouTubeVideos
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Prediction: Biden is Going to Win the Nov. 3 Election A trip through northeast Pennsylvania's gritty played-out coal towns from Scranton to a corner of New York's Catskill Mountains convinces TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff that 2020 isn't 2016 redux, and that Trump is going to lose this election.
I'm voting no for Rep Dean: not progressive, no guts, no help for a constituent journalist facing FBI retaliation for his work., From InText
(6 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, September 22, 2020
False 'progressive' claim must be challenged: Rep. Madeline Dean Won't Get My Vote for Re-Election Rep Dean has shown a stunning lack of concern and interests in the FBI's unconstitutional million name 'Terrorist' Watch List. TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff, who found himself on the list tried to enlist Dean's help and to intervier her for a Nation article, and she blew him off on both. He explains why he will be blowing her off his ballot, and voting for a write-in candidate instead.

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