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NYSE and Insider Trading

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NY stock exchange traders floor LC-U9-10548-6., From WikimediaPhotos
NY stock exchange traders floor LC-U9-10548-6.
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Since the NYSE was founded in 1794, none of its chairmen have ever been accused of insider trading, until today. Now, its current chairman, Jeff Sprecher, was named in an insider trading scheme along with his wife, a sitting US Senator from Georgia, Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.). As the NYSE Sprecher,  he sets the ethical model for all the NYSE's listed corporations. The NYSE is also the symbol of American capitalism, so having its chairman involved in an insider trading scheme tarnishes the nation's investing marketplace. Corporate CEOs have been fired for much less. The NYSE board has an obligation to restore the exchange's reputation and force Sprecher to resign.  Other articles in this series support this point.

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1 Article 12/03/2020 NYSE's Reputation Suffers When Its Chairman Is Involved In Insider Trading (View How Many People Read This)
2 Article 12/04/2020 Sprecher Insider Trading Charges Raise the Grasso NYSE Lawsuit Specter (View How Many People Read This)
3 Article 12/04/2020 NYSE Chairman Should Resign After Being Involved in NYSE Insider Trading Scheme (View How Many People Read This)