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All about what money does,but nothing about what money is., From FlickrPhotos
"Democratic Network Money: Commons Money that Works for Us, Instead of Us Working for It (6 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Paul Krumm)
  This series brings a functional approach to the definition of money, and the implications of the functional approach in a democratic society. It also seeks to understand how money is used as capital, and how that effects relationships between its users.    
"Some Thoughts on our Collective Predicament - The Recovery of Humanity (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Blair Gelbond)
  A shift in inner values and an expanded consciousness is needed for positive external social change. How this shift can occur remains to be seen, but will need to occur on multiple levels at once. Fortunately, this change is already underway. However, given the stakes and the initial collapse of many systems,it also must occur as soon as possible. This can be seen as an initiation for our entire species into the next level of maturity.  
Oscarina, From ImagesAttr
#MeToo - #TimesUp (25 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
(Marching) Toward a New Freedom: A Call to Writers (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Ramola D)
A call to writers, scholars, artists to write more online, in creative and continuous ways, via op-eds, blog posts, social media posts, to battle the undemocratic invasions of  surveillance and censorship--recalling Helen Keller's words on fighting for our democracy and looking to the Rights of Nature movement and the power of morphic resonance in spreading positive action.  
+ (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by S E Hamilton)
  White Bear ca 1985 (Photo by Henry Denny)History and warnings from Hopi indigenous elder, Oswald 'White Bear' Fredericks who provides an unconventional account of Hopi migrations--completely at odds with modern anthropological and archaeological paradigms.  
10 Climate Commandments (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by David Griffin)
These 2 articles deal with 10 ways in which fossil-fuel corporations that cause global warming, along with the governments that have allowed them to do so, are violating the Silver Rule, which says: Do not do to others what you would not want them to   do to you.   
Kennedy & Mr. & Mrs. Shrivers, From ImagesAttr
liar liar pants on fire crotch : magnet,  san francisco (2012), From FlickrPhotos
2016 GOP campaign of clowns (98 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
  The  crazy antics of the liars and bamboozlers that th gOP have set in motion to become our leader!  
Hillary Clinton, From ImagesAttr
2016 election (22 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Bob Gaydos)
  Columns on the campaign for president.   
2020 campaign (8 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
  Rea l facts & Keeping track of all the hype and paucity real info  
WTC 7 on fire, From ImagesAttr
9-11 (3 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
9/11 and Global Warming: Are They Both False Conspiracy Theories? (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by David Griffin)
This   essay is addressed to members of the 9/11 Truth Movement, who believe that 9/11   attack was a false-flag operation, orchestrated by the Bush-Cheney   administration so as to appear to be an attack by Muslims. Some members of this   movement believe that, given the way in which people have been deceived by the   official account of 9/11, we should suspect global warming theory is another   false conspiracy theory. I argue that the conclusion that the official account   of 9/11 is false provides no reason to suspect global warming theory to being another   hoax. Written to challenge a view of some members of the 9/11 Truth Movement,   this essay makes no effort to evaluate this movement's beliefs.    
9/11 Search For #truth (60 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Lance Ciepiela)
  The three 9/11 World Trade Center Towers did not come down in a manner compatible to an office fire, crashing plane, or terrorist attack.All   three towers came down precisely like perfectly timed control demolitions  - the two Twin Towers in approximately 10 seconds each, approximately 1 hour apart, and Building 7 in 6.5 seconds at 5:20 PM. WHO was responsible for the three demolitions has not yet been determined or investigated by our law enforcement officials or our duly elected or appointed representatives.     
A Confederacy of Hegemons: The Project for the New American Caliphate (3 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Greg Maybury)
With   the empire du jour embarking on further 'Groundhog Day' military adventures, in   this sweeping three part essay on the post-9/11 geopolitical milieu, Greg Maybury reflects   on how America arrived at this point, what insights might be gained by looking   back in time, and ponders what might have been and what could be.                                                                      Oh,   and who the real enemy might be after all. Depending on your viewpoint, a brave   and/or foolish undertaking. But, he argues, around 50 years after the fall of Saigon, 25 years after the Fall of the Wall signalling the end of the Cold War, and 100 years after the opening salvos of   the Great War to End all Wars (at   least until the next one arrived), Uncle Sam needs all the help he can   get.   
A Hidden Legal Peril for President Trump (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Dagmar Honigmann)
  This series asks what ever   happened to President Trump's most controversial campaign promise, which we   seem to have forgotten all about. . . and whether it could place the President in   legal peril (and cause great damage to our country) after he leaves office - even   if he did not carry out that promise.  
Constitution of the United States, From ImagesAttr
A Revolution (3 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Pal Palsimon)
     A Revolution:  Part I The End Goals, Why and How.    A Revolution: Part II-  Tools at Our   Disposal          A Revolution:  Part III The Devil in Details.        
Ashlin and Aaron, 2013, From ImagesAttr
Aaron Winborn (2 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
From ImagesAttr
abortion/pro-choice (1 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
Time, Is, Running, Out - Free pictures on Pixabay462 -- 720 - 74k - jpg, From GoogleImages
about THE PARADISE PAPERS:TAX HAVENS FOR THE UBER -RICH (6 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
  Many of the leaked Paradise Papers documents came from Appleby, a white-shoe law firm in Hamilton, Bermuda.Meredith Andrews for The New York Times   Last year, the release of the Panama Papers caused a huge sensation across the globe, exposing a hidden world of wealth held offshore. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists brought together hundreds of reporters from around the world to examine the millions of documents that were leaked to two reporters at the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung. For their work, the I.C.I.J. won the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting.  
Absolute Uncertainty (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Dian Parker)
Thoughts on life, art, love, writing and all the myriad chaos of giving up beliefs.  
bees, our endangered friends, From ImagesAttr
Activism (197 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
Abraham Lincoln used to be an icon of the GOP., From FlickrPhotos
activism in action (27 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Marta Steele)
Clete Wetli, From ImagesAttr
Addiction (1 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
Adolph Reed, Jr., From ImagesAttr
After the Meltdown (7 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Philip Zack)
This series of short stories explores what life might have been like if the global financial meltdown had destroyed the dollar and the US government had collapsed, leaving the cities and states to fend for themselves. It starts in Los Angeles, where vacated mansions are being turned over to people who need a place to live...
Age of Aquarius (2 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Anne Nordhaus-Bike)
Articles related to our current shift into a new astrological age.  

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