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All about what money does,but nothing about what money is., From FlickrPhotos
"Democratic Network Money: Commons Money that Works for Us, Instead of Us Working for It (6 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Paul Krumm)
  This series brings a functional approach to the definition of money, and the implications of the functional approach in a democratic society. It also seeks to understand how money is used as capital, and how that effects relationships between its users.    
"Some Thoughts on our Collective Predicament - The Recovery of Humanity (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Blair Gelbond)
  A shift in inner values and an expanded consciousness is needed for positive external social change. How this shift can occur remains to be seen, but will need to occur on multiple levels at once. Fortunately, this change is already underway. However, given the stakes and the initial collapse of many systems,it also must occur as soon as possible. This can be seen as an initiation for our entire species into the next level of maturity.  
Oscarina, From ImagesAttr
#MeToo - #TimesUp (25 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
(Marching) Toward a New Freedom: A Call to Writers (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Ramola D)
A call to writers, scholars, artists to write more online, in creative and continuous ways, via op-eds, blog posts, social media posts, to battle the undemocratic invasions of  surveillance and censorship--recalling Helen Keller's words on fighting for our democracy and looking to the Rights of Nature movement and the power of morphic resonance in spreading positive action.  
10 Climate Commandments (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by David Griffin)
These 2 articles deal with 10 ways in which fossil-fuel corporations that cause global warming, along with the governments that have allowed them to do so, are violating the Silver Rule, which says: Do not do to others what you would not want them to   do to you.   
Kennedy & Mr. & Mrs. Shrivers, From ImagesAttr
liar liar pants on fire crotch : magnet,  san francisco (2012), From FlickrPhotos
2016 GOP campaign of clowns (98 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
  The  crazy antics of the liars and bamboozlers that th gOP have set in motion to become our leader!  
Hillary Clinton, From ImagesAttr
2016 election (22 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Bob Gaydos)
  Columns on the campaign for president.   
2020 America in crisis (17 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
  As the pandemic rages, a lawless  president enabled by a corrupt Congress and sycophants have  disabled our  lives.  
Rules Addendum, From FlickrPhotos
2020 campaign (22 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
  Rea l facts & Keeping track of all the hype and paucity real info  
Donald Trump, From FlickrPhotos
2020 Elections (10 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Rob Kall)
  2020 Elections  
LAUSD, From InText
2020 LAUSD Elections (33 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Carl Petersen)
   As noted by the Los Angeles Times, 'the last few months have been a period of 'relative calm'', but that stability may be jeopardized by the upcoming elections. Every one of the seats being contested is held by a public school supporter, meaning that a clean sweep is needed to hold control. Just one loss could mean a return to the chaos of the past. These articles represent my coverage of the race.  
Bernie Sanders supporters, From ImagesAttr
2020 Poll Analyses (7 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Jerry Policoff)
5 Ways to Stay Fit and Active During Quarantine (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by aloyna shevista)
  The   global pandemic and its surrounding issues have made it much harder to get out   of your house and spend time outdoors or at the gym. Many pre-COVID gym goers   no longer have it in their routine to make it to the gym and create time in   their schedule for a successful session of getting their heart rate up and   burning calories, lifting weights, or just walking outdoors. If these gym   fanatics and fitness freaks are having a hard time staying active during this   time, what does that say about those who needed help getting motivated to go to   the gym 8 months ago, before the extra obstacles stood in their way? Well, now   more than ever may be the best time for people to make room for exercise in   their weekly routines. Why you ask? Because finding ways to stay active at home   will make room for fewer excuses- you can't say you don't have time to drive to   the gym or can't leave your house because of the kids. If your workout routine   was centered around getting active at home, what could you make as your excuse?   :)    This   is ultimately what helped me to stay consistently active for the past 3 years.   Once I started working from home, I realized it was up to me to make the most   of my time and create an exercise routine that was as efficient as possible.   Whether you prefer cardio, lifting weights, or HIIT workouts, you can do all of   these things at home.    Below   we detail some of the easiest ways to stay fit and active at home:    1. Go for a walk or run outside: Going outside and getting   fresh air while being active is a different experience as compared to indoors   because it stimulates your mind and body connection, as well as your connection   with nature. Studies have proven that outdoor activities lift your mood and   lower anxiety, not to mention its effects on older folks who feel stuck in   their current health status, and children who are inside and on   tablets/phones/etc. for a majority of the day (especially when they are doing   school at home on a laptop.) The best way to stay consistent with walking or   running outside is to create a plan for the week ahead of time. If you are a   walker, map out a different route to take every day- this will keep it   interesting and easier to stay motivated. If you are a runner, you can set   goals for specific lengths you'd like to reach. Like 10 miles in total for the   week, or a 5k every day, for example. During the coronavirus, make sure you are   following state guidelines of protecting yourself and others while you are in   public. This includes running or walking, too.    2. Bodyweight workouts: You don't need extra weight to get   in a workout when you can use your own bodyweight instead! This is a great   option for people who want to get into lifting weights but don't want to invest   in their own weights before giving it a shot. Some examples of bodyweight exercises   include pushups, leg raises, squats, jumping lunges, burpees, and more. Another   form of bodyweight exercise is called HIIT training. HIIT stands for High   Intensity Interval Training and is a form of cardio because it keeps your heart   rate up during your workout (cardio=cardiovascular exercise, which is basically   any exercise that keeps your heart rate up while you are doing it. This means   that even weight lifting can be a form of 'cardio'.)    a. HIIT workout routine: Here is an example of a routine   you can follow for a beginner's HIIT experience. After this you should feel   your heart rate high and your blood flowing! It will only take a few minutes   which is convenient if you have a busy day.    i. Round 1: Burpees for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds,   jumping jacks for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.    ii. Round   2: Pushups for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, mountain climbers for 20   seconds, rest for 10.    iii. Round 3: Plank for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, high   knees for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.    iv. Round 4: Squat for 20 seconds, jumping squats for 20   seconds, rest for 10 seconds, wall sit for 20 seconds.    3. Follow along to online classes offered by your local gym   or a special gym you might have been wanting to try out. Chances are, any gym   has a great deal going on for their virtual classes- this is a way for them to   get new patrons as well as those willing to eventually be personally trained by   them. Whether you decide to go that route down the line is your choice, but   doing an online class can't hurt. Whether it's spinning, pilates, or yoga that   piques your interest, you can easily find a class by searching for one online.   There are different variations of yoga, pilates, and spinning which usually   correlate to your level of fitness.    In   conclusion, there are tons of ways to stay healthy without access to a gym.   Think about the endless possibilities that aren't even listed above. Something   to remember is everyone is different which means something that works for you   might not work for your sister or friend. So, don't get discouraged if you just   don't feel like doing that Pilates class with your roommate. Find something   that is easy for you to get yourself motivated for and stick with it.   Consistency is more important than variation when you are first creating a routine.   If you're currently not working out at all, try to add in a day or two every   week and see how that goes. There's no need to over-extend yourself when that   leads to burning out. Just like with diets, you can't restrict yourself in   extreme amounts and expect to keep it consistent. Ease yourself into your new   lifestyle so it can be an integral part of your life for years to come. That   may sound miserable now, but getting active does so much for your body and even   more for your mind and mental health.   
9-11 (3 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
9/11 and Global Warming: Are They Both False Conspiracy Theories? (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by David Griffin)
This   essay is addressed to members of the 9/11 Truth Movement, who believe that 9/11   attack was a false-flag operation, orchestrated by the Bush-Cheney   administration so as to appear to be an attack by Muslims. Some members of this   movement believe that, given the way in which people have been deceived by the   official account of 9/11, we should suspect global warming theory is another   false conspiracy theory. I argue that the conclusion that the official account   of 9/11 is false provides no reason to suspect global warming theory to being another   hoax. Written to challenge a view of some members of the 9/11 Truth Movement,   this essay makes no effort to evaluate this movement's beliefs.    
9/11 Search For #truth (78 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Lance Ciepiela)
  The three 9/11 World Trade Center Towers did not come down in a manner compatible with an office fire, crashing plane, or terrorist attack.    All   three towers came down precisely like perfectly timed control demolitions  -  the two Twin Towers in approximately 10 seconds each, approximately 1 hour apart in the AM, and Building 7 in 6.5 seconds at 5:20 PM.    WHO was responsible for the three demolitions has not yet been determined or investigated by our law enforcement officials or our duly elected or appointed representatives.     
A Confederacy of Hegemons: The Project for the New American Caliphate (3 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Greg Maybury)
With   the empire du jour embarking on further 'Groundhog Day' military adventures, in   this sweeping three part essay on the post-9/11 geopolitical milieu, Greg Maybury reflects   on how America arrived at this point, what insights might be gained by looking   back in time, and ponders what might have been and what could be.                                                                      Oh,   and who the real enemy might be after all. Depending on your viewpoint, a brave   and/or foolish undertaking. But, he argues, around 50 years after the fall of Saigon, 25 years after the Fall of the Wall signalling the end of the Cold War, and 100 years after the opening salvos of   the Great War to End all Wars (at   least until the next one arrived), Uncle Sam needs all the help he can   get.   
A Hidden Legal Peril for President Trump (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Dagmar Honigmann)
  This series asks what ever   happened to President Trump's most controversial campaign promise, which we   seem to have forgotten all about. . . and whether it could place the President in   legal peril (and cause great damage to our country) after he leaves office - even   if he did not carry out that promise.  
John Collier, Priestess of Delphi (S. Australia), From CreativeCommonsPhoto
A Journey onto Unfamiliar Ground (3 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Meredith Ramsay)
         This series is inspired by my need to find meaning in the multiple catastrophes that confront us and for which I have felt unprepared. While all of these crises--global warming, economic recession, racism, for example--have been gathering force for a long time, it was always possible to put them out of mind, telling myself that I'm powerless to do anything, but 'they'll find a solution.'  'They' meaning 'the authorities,' the people we've elected to take care of economic and social problems for us. But they blew it, and they blew it badly.     Two recent events have brutally ripped the scales from our eyes, and the terrifying precariousness of all life has now been exposed. The first event was the sudden appearance of the mysterious coronavirus now sweeping the world; and next was the cold blooded murder of an unarmed black man by a white policeman in broad daylight. The whole world watched as the agonizing atrocity  unfolded, thanks to a graphic video widely circulating on social media. The depth of America's racism was finally exposed in all its depravity, and the world reacted with revulsion. Masses of people have taken to the streets in protest, and nobody knows how it will all end.    I needed to find a way to understand why all of this was suddenly coming to a head, and I needed to find meaning in it, so that I could stop being frozen in place and move forward with purpose. In this series I will share the journey I've taken in my search for meaning, and to share what I have found. I hope that my readers will find something of meaning for them too.            
Constitution of the United States, From ImagesAttr
A Revolution (3 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Pal Palsimon)
     A Revolution:  Part I The End Goals, Why and How.    A Revolution: Part II-  Tools at Our   Disposal          A Revolution:  Part III The Devil in Details.        
A Vote For Uber Is A Vote For Trump (6 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Anthony Kalamar)
  Even as Biden is poised to win the state, California's Prop 22 advances the Trumpian agenda.  
Ashlin and Aaron, 2013, From ImagesAttr
Aaron Winborn (2 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Meryl Ann Butler)
From ImagesAttr
abortion/pro-choice (1 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)
Time, Is, Running, Out - Free pictures on Pixabay462 -- 720 - 74k - jpg, From GoogleImages
about THE PARADISE PAPERS:TAX HAVENS FOR THE UBER -RICH (8 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Susan Lee Schwartz)
  Many of the leaked Paradise Papers documents came from Appleby, a white-shoe law firm in Hamilton, Bermuda.Meredith Andrews for The New York Times   Last year, the release of the Panama Papers caused a huge sensation across the globe, exposing a hidden world of wealth held offshore. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists brought together hundreds of reporters from around the world to examine the millions of documents that were leaked to two reporters at the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung. For their work, the I.C.I.J. won the Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting.  
Absolute Uncertainty (0 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Dian Parker)
Thoughts on life, art, love, writing and all the myriad chaos of giving up beliefs.  
bees, our endangered friends, From ImagesAttr
Activism (214 articles.) (# of views) (Created by Joan Brunwasser)

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