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How to Make a Series of Your Articles

1) Create a series

After logging in to OpEdNews, you'll see that there is a TAB labeled "My Series." Press that, and then the Add a Series button. You'll be able to name your series and add a few lines of descriptive text for your series. We strongly suggest that you use an image in your descriptive text, as that image will appear in the list of Series available for readers.

2) Add articles to the series

After defining your Series, your article list (under the Articles TAB) will now have a new link on each article:  Assign Series . By clicking that link, you can assign your article to the series you have previously defined. You can define as many series as you like, and an article can be put into more than 1 series. Also, on each article page in the series, you'll find a list of  articles in the series, so you can easily navigate to articles in the series.

3) Add to series when publishing

When you publish an article or quicklink, you can easily add it to one of your Series by pressing the Add to Series button that you will see on the Publish page.