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Meandering Notes From Afar: Bush, Ashcroft, Astrophysics, Time/Space, The Tachyon, Prophets and Profits...

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Meandering Notes From Afar: Bush, Ashcroft, Astrophysics, Time/Space, The Tachyon, Prophets and Profits...

How the discovery of the mythical Tachyon and the quantum have allowed me to comprehend the physics of prayer. How a number of politicians, and thieves on a painting I made years ago have found their destiny and how one man underwent a moral epiphany, and his seemingly odd belief system strengthened him to take a stand of honor. Further how communication with the unknown needs no ties to organized religion. Whether Metaphysics or cosmic reality, whether all or in part is fact or fiction is for each to decide for his/herself.

The Nature and Efficacy of Prayer, Comey, Gonzales, God, And Jesus
A few days ago, I wrote about John David Ashcroft's moment of heroic immortality. While I have written strongly against some of his actions and ideas, in this case, I applauded his heroic stand and that of his Deputy, James Comey. I had prayed (literally) for the following, with no human involvement, that some, Ashcroft included, would reach a point when honor overtakes loyalty and they repent of their association with the Demoniacs, and either resign, turn state's evidence or are rendered unable to continue in office. I did a painting in which I painted a number of Neo-cons, (see above) and with the (so-far exception of four, the rest have either resigned in shame, been indicted, are under investigation, been fired or dead (which I prophecied two days before after several pleads for conversion to non-corruption.

"The man attacked and labeled by Liberals and Progressives, who saw himself as some sort of David reincarnate, appears to have had qualities and principles we might have wished Nancy Pelosi possessed, one being integrity of heroic proportion. Anyone which GW Bush does not trust enough to allow to read secret documents, he is being ordered to sign on a near deathbed, is a man of a certain kind of honor, which, despite his differences with us, must command our respect, if for nothing else, for standing head, shoulders and waist, above the man who sits, sycophanting his way along, as Attorney General of the once noble mantle of the USA, upon which honor and reputation he and his henchmen have defecated all over.

John David Ashcroft refused to sign-off on the escalation of wiretapping even while seriously ill and not quite able to function. While still dazed and overcome from surgery and the aftermath drugs, assisted by his deputy, James Comey, snuffed out the most unbelievable whoring, slime balling, cowardly action, by what passes in an era of nefarious, and despicable, misbehavior, as by what degrading pestilence, to anyone with an ounce of integrity would agree, is unmatched in American history.

It was said by John the Baptist that he was not worthy to unlatch even Jesus sandals, I will say that regardless of what many may hold against John D. Ashcroft, in this case, at least, he was a man of honor and principles, it is a modest matter to say, and I do not mention his name, not wishing to sully the name of Ashcroft by association in the same line, the current Attorney General is not worthy even to clean the outhouse if only perhaps used once by his predescessor."

For reference see:
Ashcroft's Principles Meets Gonzales Pimp-ciples
August 21, 2007 at 00:25:52

Based upon:
Vice President Blocks AG Appointment Over Wire Taps?
On June 7,

In my admiration for a man, which I had thought an enemy of honor and righteousness, I had to reassess my past judgment. Ashcroft's seeming Fundamentalist religious beliefs, especially in his own, daily self beatification and David inspired oil anointing, had turned me off and his attachment to a vile system, Neo-Conism/fascism, was, for me, enough to oppose him. Then he had this revelation of truth and rebelled against the tyranny encircling him, with courage and righteous anger. Or was I mistaken-partially, did instead he see them for what they were, analyze their treatment of those for which they had no more use, perhaps including him-(they wanted him to sign-off on a document they would neither allow him to read in it's entirety, nor be allowed to have analyzed by other attorneys), perhaps they tried to go around him as they did Comey, Powell and Paul O'Neil?

At any rate for some underlying reason, Ashcroft had an epiphany, and instead of hiding in the weeds or signing-off on the destruction of liberty, as the democrats later did, he had the dignity, integrity and self awareness to attempt to protect the nation form further encroachments upon freedom. In doing that, he lifted himself above all who supported the infringements upon and eradication of liberty, including the Democratic Party, who later signed-off on an even more prohibitive version of the surveillance bill in their rush to re-fund the war. His actions recertified the prayer I have been raising for some time to my God, to either convert or remove those magnetized to the evils of Fascism and their hypocritical stand against one facet of the culture of death, abortion, but an equally hypocritical rejection of once born, the caring for those children not aborted by hypocritically opposing a child healthcare plan which would care for those not aborted, and the embracement of the rest of the platform of Satan, mass murder, the planned depopulation of America, as he planned, in Nero inspired debauchery to depopulate New Orleans, sans a shred of self examination or recrimination. Is that not ample evidence of soulless Demoniac embracement or possession? The possessor? Cheney and his vile group of soulless-mates. Here are a group of men and women condemning abortion, (which I also condemn) but accepting the practice of torture, mass murder, depopulation, assassination, slander, capital punishment, Preemptive war, and breaking of every one of the 10 Commandments (Perhaps excluding adultery, for some of them, but not all of them) and a good many of the rest of the 613 Commandments of Moses, including the now dispatched Bankruptcy Act which was a virtual copy of the one supplied Moses by God, further proof of their inane hypocrisy

This article goes to steps beyond the other two I wrote on this subject, and to a new premise, my own Theo-philosophical, Meta-physical, Theoretical Astro-physics, flight of fancy, explanation of the underlying principles of where, why, how, when and by what means man effects others, himself and events seemingly beyond his control. I speak here of giftedness unknown to others who do not possess it and at times unknown or misunderstood by even those, "unknown prophets" of which our lives have been enriched, without our understanding the nature of their giftedness. (The Jews believe there to be sent them from God, each generation, 36 "unknown Prophets.") Unknown because at times, neither they nor others are aware of the source or veracity of their pronouncements and premonitions, and often they die before the occurrence of the disasters they sometimes predict, or after the resolution of those disasters has been reached because of their actions. They may or may not be aware of their own giftedness or they may be very much aware of it. Some of those I believe to fall into that category are/were, in no particular order: FDR, General George S. Patton, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Edgar Cayce, the other Jesus, who was arrested and flogged in Jerusalem for disturbing the peace by shouting in the night that Jerusalem would be sacked by Romans. He was killed when a catapult accidentally fired a missile over the wall and struck him in the head shortly before the Romans attacked and sacked Jerusalem about 70 AD. Mark Twain, who came and went on the wings of Haley's comet and made a life of aphoristic truths, concealed in humorous wisdom sayings. Zishe Breitbart was reputed to be an "unknown Prophet, but although the film THE INVINCIBLE somewhat fictionalized his life, he was apparently unconsciously aware of the danger facing his people. General Billy Mitchell, USA Air Force.

I could go on naming many, including my Grandfather, whose prophetic giftedness astonished many during and after his lifetime, and my ancestor Duke of Bagnolo, the Leader of the Albigensian Heresy. These were all men who saw the future with what to others were merely scant clues and no clear-cut "evidence." I saw, when I taught, that in a classroom, students all have access to the same information in books, handouts, internet, library and field access, but some easily see the importance of some clues that the rest overlook, miss, or ignore. Some get "A's" and some less and some fail. Some, when confronted with the same information, see it as leading to a great discovery, while others, disregard it or  wave it aside as important thinking those take such trivia seriously are crazy because they lack what the latter call "evidence." Well in the real world of investments, research, and material, and esoteric success, "evidence" is what the dense, and those lacking in foresight need and by the time they get it, the bubble has come and gobne and they are left holding the empty bag. The winners, the "prophets," whether through the intellect or some other means, see what will eventually come to pass. while the rest sit by waiting for "evidence." Once the kind of "evidence" they need is found it is too late to profit from it. Even the stock market guru's have a kind of second-sight that makes them winners and the Johnny-come-lately's, who constantly seek more evidence, losers. Interesting, isn't it that some profit by embracing those they see as "Prophets" while other argue, criticize and prove that their loser mentality is good for one thing only, nay-saying, which they view as their victories (though almost always very short-lived) and others, the vast majority, see as their shortcoming and defeatist mentality.

The nature of the gift of prophecy, has apparently no basis in merit, the physiological basis is beyond my Anthropological education to ascertain. I do know that even an empirical display of incontrovertible, unquestionable, evidence incites wrathful anger in those least gifted and most heavily influenced by the darker side, especially those with a penchant for vociferously negative, illogical and devious defensiveness. This gift, variously described by Jung and Einstein as "Synchronicity" the religious faithful, as prophecy, others inaccurately as Magik, Magic or Magick, is far less the latter as the former. Plato described it in this way (translation my own, loosely adjusted to modern English): "There is in the cosmos, a stream of consciousness within which abides all knowledge, moving in an ellipse about the known universe. Its accessibility is limited to those with varying degrees of unmerited physiological or cosmological giftedness, keyed or adjusted to cosmic realities. These fortunate or unfortunate ones, with or lacking self-knowledge of their gift, go about uncovering, with no more seemingly empirical evidence than the rest of the world, to conclusions which others can neither make nor comprehend, nor guess, to their infinite fury, envious and violent jealousy. Whether or not this ability is a direct gift of the Father's of Justice (the Gods, or one supreme God) is disputable"

When two weeks short of his mother Sarah's 87th birthday, she died, that very day the largest Oak tree on her estate came crashing to the forest floor. While the “true” cause, (bold italics quotation marks, mine) swears author Resa Willis in her book, FDR and Lucy, "was the thin soil over rock base, in Dutchess County, Roosevelt's bodyguard Mike Reilly noted that, "the president was struck, as we all were by the obvious symbolism." This was Jungian Synchronicity at it's finest. "God was letting," the Roosevelt family know, regardless of the soil condition, "that they were not alone," and at the same time as Einstein had realized and said so perceptively, "... remaining anonymous...." The tree could have fallen at any time in its long history, but it fell at a significantly synchronistic time. "... those with eyes had better see, and those with ears had better hear...," Where some see nothing, (incorrectly), others see the future correctly. Where some need, wait and see for some “evidence," others act and profit. Prophecy means profit. Others, the Nay-sayers, could not, are not capable of recognizing signs under any conditions.

Synchronicity, Einstein, IQ, God, Rabbi Yeshua and the efficacy of The NT
In his work after breaking with Freud, and Gross, Carl Gustav Jung conceived of and pondered what others OF less enlightenment called coincidence, as something more. there is no such thing as coincidence. That things do coincide, is evident, that the mathematics say, at one time or another many people experience what others see a synchronisms, but see no psychic significance in them, is short-sighted and reveals a lack of giftedness a kind of subconscious to conscious blindness. That is why few succeed where many fail. The many see only meaningless data and nothing of what they call "evidence," where others see meaningful signs, and don't need to have everything spelled out in what fools call "evidence." It doesn't work that way in classes in graduate school or in communications with the unknown. Discriminating taste and foresight is a rare gift. Everyone would get "A's" if provided, with no work on his or her part, "evidence." Who wouldn't know the certain answers with proof positive. Demanding "evidence" that all can comprehend of the existence of God, is like demanding evidence that all can comprehend for a grade in graduate school, forgetting that rarity is what is sought, not conformity. The Symbolic value of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the Ability to learn and is not "just a number." If it were GW Bush would be as qualified to a Theoretical Astro-physicist as Hawking, Einstein Gödel, Bohr, and others, Anyone could get into the best graduate schools, everyone could become Neuro-surgeons. The difference between higher Intelligence and lower proven endless studies is that those with higher intellects see more alternatives than others do. Three men or women with
Intelligence Quotient's over 150, see, with each contact and discussion with each other, exponentially greater alternatives than 10 or 20 or 100 people with Intelligence Quotient's of 120 would see in endless contact meetings. That is why the vast number of great scientists, doctors, and chess players, Professors of higher education, are people with extraordinarily high intelligence, as measurable by properly prepared and scored, IQ tests. Some people cannot comprehend the significance of such realities, which is EXACTLY the point. For the most part, smarter people create more, make more money and gain greater recognition and respect because of their intellectual giftedness. Except in sports, entertainment, executive positions, and a few other areas in which high cognitive and intelligence is unnecessary, intelligence and sometimes fused with strong creativity factors, are the greatest tools for success. Height in inches for a basket ball player is no less of a criteria than a high Intelligence Quotient is for one whose work requires a giftedness of another sort.

I had an idea in 1987, so while my cousin and I made a small fortune everyone else, including the experts, brokers, economists saw nothing but upswing, my cousin and I saw degeneration of the market coming in 1987, as we do now so in late Winter we sold all our holdings and went 100% cash except for shorting, until after the Fall crash and then between fall and winter bought high flying stocks at bargain basement prices selling those much later after the recovery, some at all time highs (up to that time). Then again in 1994 I had another idea, short and buy down oil stocks to between $8.00-$10.00 a barrel than start buying up and selling at $30.00 a barrel and then buy only technology stocks and sell them before the 2000 elections. It worked and we quadrupled our net worth. Others waited because they needed "evidence." By the time the "evidence" was available it was too late to profit but not too late to jump in and lose their shoes and everything else.

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