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Was Pat Tillman Killed By Friendly Fire Or Assassinated Because of His Changed Views On The War?

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Was Pat Tillman Killed By Friendly Fire Or Assassinated Because of His Changed Views On The War?

And, If So, How Will We Ever Find Out? In his column, "The Mysterious Death of Pat Tillman," Sunday 06 November 2005, By Frank Rich The New York Times, Rich quotes Pat Fitzgerald as saying, of the narrative Scooter Libby used to allegedly mislead investigators in the Valerie Wilson leak case: "It would be a compelling story, if only it were true."

Rich then goes on to say, "The medium is the message. This administration just loves to beguile us with a rollicking good story, truth be damned. The propagandistic fable exposed by the leak case - the apocalyptic imminence of Saddam's mushroom clouds - was only the first of its genre. Given that potboiler's huge success at selling the war, its authors couldn't resist providing sequels once we were in Iraq." Rich also discusses the "tragic example of Pat Tillman..." that according to army view of the battle, he, "personally provided suppressive fire with an M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon machine gun..." and that, " The records show that Tillman fought bravely and honorably until his last breath," 'That too would be a compelling story, if only it were true.' That Tillman's superior's stretched/burnished the truth, would be an understatement, at best. What is worse, they appear now to have been suppressing details and covering a much "darker" reality. Steve Coll wrote in The Post in December 2004. "They also show that his superiors exaggerated his actions and invented details as they burnished his legend in public, at the same time suppressing details that might tarnish Tillman's commanders." Less than two months later, the army, without fanfare, blurted out that Tillman, may have been killed by friendly fire. Both of Tillman's parents, divorced, reluctantly came forward because of conflicting reports, concerning three separate army investigations of the incident, which were strongly censored. They say that Tillman's uniform and gear were destroyed almost immediately after Tillman's death, destroying imperative evidence. The following quotes from Patrick Tillman, have been published everywhere and are now well known, "The administration clearly was using this case for its own political reasons," and, "This cover-up started within minutes of Pat's death, and it started at high levels." "They blew up their poster boy," Patrick Tillman said to The Post; he was convinced that "all the people in positions of authority went out of their way to script" the false tale "outright lies." Although General J, Abizaid, the chief American officer in Iraq at the time, knew a day before the army released its bogus report about the "real truth," the family; his brother Kevin, who was also serving in Iraq and Senator John McCain, speaking at Tillman's Memorial, did not hear until weeks later Patrick Tillman went on the attack, saying that all of those in positions of authority lied, and his son was, even in death, being heavily exploited. Even the president wanted to share the false by taping a tribute to him for a Cardinal's upcoming game. (Pat Tillman's mother, Mary. said "NO!" to that scurvy effort. All of this against the alleged words of both of this brothers that pat had regretted is entry into the military and was, before his death, against the entire concept of the war in/on Iraq. Apparently, Pat Tillman shortly before his accidental, fratricidal death declared that he now wanted out. It was reported that he was also sorry his influence had gotten his brother involved His parents, and both of Pat Tillman's brothers, in quotes were now apparently angry at the administration and against the war. Citing Pat and Kevin's assessment, the war was wrong and a pack of lies, some reports have stated. "They blew up their poster boy," Patrick Tillman told The Post; he is convinced that "all the people in positions of authority went out of their way to script" the fake narrative (or, as he puts it, "outright lies") that followed. Pat Tillman's mother, Mary Tillman, was offended to discover that even President Bush wanted a cameo role in this screenplay: she told The Post that he had offered to tape a memorial to her son for a Cardinals game that would be televised shortly before Election Day. (She said no.) Being interviewed Mary Tillman told The Arizona Republic: "They could have told us upfront that they were suspicious that it was a fratricide but they didn't. They wanted to use him for their purposes. It was good for the administration. It was before the elections. It was during the prison scandal. They needed something that looked good, and it was appalling that they would use him like that. I was used as a symbol." Pat Tillman went from a Rambo-like figure, walking away from a $3.6 million dollar contract in Professional football, to become the quick and successful superhero, to a young man sadly disabused of his visions of heroism and altruism of striking back at an enemy which had tried to destroy America and finally to a young man at his physical peak, disillusioned by the entire experience. Would that we heard more from him on his feelings those last few weeks before his death. Why did he not speak out publicly? Maybe that was a part of his plan. Now the news seems to be saying that Tillman was killed by friendly fire, a regrettable, episode, of accidental, fratricidal death. Or was it? Dare we think that since both parents and Pat Tillman's brother's, appear to have soured on the war, given, that Pat was disillusioned and angry about involving not only himself but his younger brother, given that the news for the Bushites has gone constantly from as bad as it seems it could to worse, and now a high profile, top flight Professional Football player, a newsworthy person, none of whose family appears shy, may be planning to blow the whistle on all he has experienced and seen, would shoot the chair out from under an administration hanging by a veritable thread, that his death was not an accidental, fratricidal, mistake? There have been hints that reporters over there who were less than friendly, were set up or assassinated, could it be that to avoid the further scandal of the hero turning the tables on them, the Bushites, emboldened by other murders (Senator Wellstone's?), reporter's, attempts to frame a variety of lower level people, the Swift Boat attacks, the attraction to sadism (the concentration, death camps, the outing of Valery Plame, (Which easily could have cost her life), the attraction to Capital Punishment, the rumors about the missile striking the Pentagon instead of a "terrorist" driven airplane, the attraction to capital punishment, the "rendering camps in other nations, billion stolen from Iraq and the No-Bid contracts overseas and in New Orleans, the huge standing and active armies of mercenaries, which could become a virtual 140,000 man hit-man force, the possibility of Cheney running an Iran Contra type "Terrorist" movement which is funding Al Qaeda in actions against Iran, Syria, maybe Venezuela and ultimately before the 2008 a massive "terrorist" attack on America, followed by Marshall Law/Martial Law and a complete coupe to install him or Cheney as dictator. If even a handful of the above are true, and we already know many of the above are, setting up an ambush, "HIT" in the wilderness would be easy after so many war crimes have been swept under the rug. I am not in favor of capital punishment, but I will be joyful in life or death if all of the Bushites serve lifetime sentences in maximum-security prisons, and are fined enough to strip them and their families of every penny they have ever made. Pat Tillman appeared to have had an epiphany and it may have been a justifiable fear on the part of the Bushites that he would snatch media attention and turn the last dregs of public opinion against them. Now with Gingrich, and a flood of Republicans, like insider Gold coming down on the Bushites, it is time for Nancy Pelosi to stop protecting GW Bush, Texas answer to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Caligula and Nero, or she will be stained by her apparent school girl crush on him. That is the mildest possible answer to her bewildering protection of him. Her, I do not understand. She is ignoring and therefore defying the will of the people and the promise of revolutionary changes, one of which is to bring the worst war criminals in American history to justice and SHE has no right to cover up such horrific crimes. In her own way, in this Bush business there is little to distinguish his willfulness and stubbornness from his. I can tell you this, I know the better part of some 2.5 million souls who voted Democratic, in a switch this time around (2006) will be looking for a third party candidate next time around and they may have a lot of company. Could Pat Tillman's death have been a political HIT? In any case, we need to (at least) investigate it, given the record of this administration. People ought not to be allowed to kill and cover it up. Someone may have talked "The Messiah" into the David set-up assassination, ambush of Uriah, "You see, David got away with it because God wanted him to, because he was also a messiah." Therefore, in the view of those who have always avoided consequences, whose parents have always bailed them out, whose clout has allowed them to do one evil thing after another, ignore those who protested or be rid of them, who are even enabled to thumb their noses at their responsibilities in the military, what is assassinating a minor millionaire athlete? I would be no big deal knock him off to one to whom capital punishment is a minor thing, to one who has killed millions with impunity. "God always forgives the messiah," his handlers would tell him, if they even bother to tell him. To keep someone apprised of your actions, you first have to respect that person regardless of the office he may hold-because you know how he got it and it wasn't through merit. Now we may have Pat Tillman's amBush, by the Bushites. What next? Guess! I already have. Let us move to hiring several Independent Prosecutors. Good Day and God Bless. Some Tillman Links:

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