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Ashcroft's Principles Meets Gonzales Pimp-ciples

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Ashcroft’s Principles Meets Gonzales Pimp-ciples

A sycophantic male pimp, a sadistic oaf, a malfunctioning criminal, bully-coward, a woman with the enlightenment of a gnat, the sense of justice of a toad, and apparently the conscience of a lump of gruel, one candidate who acts like he is the Belle of a ball to which no one is going to attend, all of which gather together to laugh at justice for oil, murder, slaughter, genocide, campaign money, and grab a large chunk of the real estate of Hell, another who sounds as insane as those she claims as our enemies in Washington, all of which are ignoring the slaughter of humans in the middle east and the draining of the American treasury funds from the many to the few… as God watches with scythe in hand, and death in mind.

A Portrait Of Men Heading To Hell For What They Have Done And A Woman Heading To Hell For What She Failed To Do.
Revisiting a story I reported on in June and adding heat to the story which the below link relates, in my article: Vice President Blocks AG Appointment Over Wire Taps? On June 7, 2007 at 19:09:17:

The man attacked and labeled by Liberals and Progressives, who saw himself as some sort of David reincarnate, appears to have had qualities and principles we might have wished Nancy Pelosi possessed, one being integrity of heroic proportion. Anyone which GW Bush does not trust enough to allow to read secret documents, he is being ordered to sign on a near deathbed, is a man of a certain kind of honor, which, despite his differences with us, must command our respect, if for nothing else, for standing head, shoulders and waist, above the man who sits, sycophanting his way along, as Attorney General of the once noble mantle of the USA, upon which honor and reputation he and his henchmen have defecated all over.

John David Ashcroft refused to sign-off on the escalation of wiretapping even while seriously ill and not quite able to function. While still dazed and overcome from surgery and the aftermath drugs, assisted by his deputy, James Comey, snuffed out the most unbelievable whoring, slime balling, cowardly action, by what passes in an era of nefarious, and despicable, misbehavior, as by what degrading pestilence, to anyone with an ounce of integrity would agree, is unmatched in American history.

It was said by John the Baptist that he was not worthy to unlatch even Jesus sandals, I will say that regardless of what many may hold against John D. Ashcroft,  in this case, at least, he was a man of honor and principles, it is a modest matter to say, and I do not mention his name, not wishing to sully the name of Ashcroft by association in the same line, the current Attorney General is not worthy even to clean the outhouse if only perhaps used once by his predescessor.

Although, I am certain most of you have heard it before, this is the details of a sordid, pornographic story of a magniloquent creature debasing himself, by attempting the intellectual rape of another, a fallen colleague in ill-health, which action, to all with a sense of enlightenment by Almighty God, thereby endowed with a sense of decorous and altruistic behavior and Democratic justice, appears to merit nothing even reaching high enough to be fingers gripping the lowest rungs possible by a human creature slobbering in excrement, if indeed he is considered one at all, judged by other men, but perhaps not even by the lowest, slithering life forms on the Planet Earth. I have been assured that barring his sudden, and immediate repentance, his soul and that of any confessor who gives him absolution, will find themselves in depths of a Hellish place so deep that even the Messiah cannot find him. I have seen him in my thoughts, he there with his superiors, patting him on the back and he panting like a vicious puppy dog, commiserating in ridiculing, those which he has harmed, bloated with laughter at his own antics, bragging over them, ever seeking the approval and acceptance of/as the Gringo’s who hired him with less respect than if they’d hired a whore of a non-human species, sewed together by the machinations of Dr. Moreau, finagled by/as the fascist bullies and their nefarious henchmen do, in films, books and real life. He has never heard that if the wife of another man allows you to f*ck her, as she has cheated on her husband, she will cheat on you, just when you think she is yours, for it is not you, which is the stud, but she who is the stud leveler/user, for such behavior is Ineluctable. As they betrayed Ashcroft, why does this ninnyhammer think they will not betray him? Ask him to discuss the Price of Loyalty with Paul O’Neil or Colon Powell, or many of the others used and deserted. Satan has those he uses but none which he loves nor love him.

I am certain that many of the readers here on Rob Kall’s are completely in agreement and benignancy with the idea that we who love America for it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights have been ill-served by the lowest forms of life in high places, of lawlessness, terrorism, gangsterism, mobsterism, racketeering, war mongering and simply anti-Christism at the top, while hypocritically paying lip-service to it, (a sure sign that they are not believers, or they would know that such actions have doomed their souls), than any nation other since Nazi Germany under Adolph Hitler, Communist Russia under Stalin, or China under Mao, or Rome under Caligula or Nero.

It should be no surprise then, for those among my readers who are enlightened, that we live in our nation’s darkest hour. I recall no fear in my parents, grandparents and myself during the days of WW II, because our courageous Prophet/President, FDR, showed us we had NOTHING to fear but fear itself, and none were there, which we feared. What has made some Americans, so cowardly, so fearful or sardonic enough to sustain the loathsome, malignity of desecrators of goodness and the murderers of life and hope, at the apex of our government, I know not. It may have been the addiction to luxuries and comforts to which some have allowed to possess them, while men and women of honor either shun or are careful to eliminate from their lives, or possess casually and/or at arm’s length, rather than BE possessed by things.

The horrific scenario of Gonzales as Attorney General is about as unseemly as having Bob Ford (the assassin of Jesse James), Snidely Whiplash or Judas, as our Attorney General. Of course, with a president who reminds one of one of the bad-guy marshals, or Mayors, who try to take over the valley in an atypical western, or of Nero or Caligula in real life destroying everything in their path, what can one expect? This a significant statement from a guy like me because, although I worked for JFK right out of college and the military, and for women’s, integration, and Blacks rights, in the 1960’s and as a Business agent recruiting black and female construction workers for the local of the General Laborers and Hod Carrier’s, which union my grandfather founded, I was mortified by the Viet Nam War and the betrayal of the middle class by the Johnson Administration, which was practicing seemingly spiteful reverse discrimination against innocent young people seeking entry to universities and housing. After many appeals for justice, I frustrated, resigned from leadership in the party, against the war, the reverse discrimination and malicious, childish vengeance against those who were not the authors of the problems for which they were being punished, thus I became an independent until HWG Bush following Reagan, having voted for a Republican at times, I and became a Democrat leaning Independent, again because of the Prescott Bush Nazi banking connections. I have not voted for a Republican for national office since.

I thought in my lifetime that I had witnessed the most vile, ignominious, lowest of the low, here and there, but I was wrong because until this smirking, miscreant, maladjusted image of Charlie McCarthy, puppet, never have I seen anyone so arrogant, with so little about which to warrant arrogance, if it can indeed ever be warranted, as this popinjay with a badge. Gonzales is not only a schmuck; he is a foolish, schmuck, a coward and a sycophant sucking up to the Gringo, disowning his own heritage. One on one with anyone I know, or ever knew, he would rank last in integrity, and intellectually a shade below Wiley Coyote, with none of Wiley’s charm, or anyone else’s. Some men do not believe in God, and they display it by selling what little dignity they, (though it is doubtful Gonzales has any) do have and thus eagerly embrace the flames of Hellfire, for the favor of an evil empire and it’s despicable Emperor. To one of his disgusting character, neither the Bill of Rights, nor the Constitution has any meaning…and that was before the story we now know so well and about which I elaborate herein. The incident I relate here, reminds me of people blaspheming in the presence of The Lord. In the case I relate next, Gonzales
was allegedly also willing to accost a seriously ill man in his hospital room to get his signature on a malicious justification for unprecedented domestic surveillance.

On the evening of March 10, 2004, a few days after Ashcroft was rushed to George Washington University Hospital in the wake of an acute attack of pancreatitis. They removed his gallbladder and he was bedded in intensive care. Mr. Ashcroft's wife banned all visitors and phone calls because of the seriousness of the illness.

At the time of Ashcroft's illness there was a tooth and nail battle between the Justice Department and the White House concerning the program of warrantless domestic electronic surveillance which GW Bush had authorized after the September 11, 2001, disaster. The Justice Department had reviewed the program and was doubt, to say the least, concerning the programs legality.

As Ashcroft was crushed by pancreatitis, he transferred the powers of his office to Comey, his deputy. Comey said that both Ashcroft and then he had refused to recertify the legality of Bush's warrantless wiretapping program (the reasons for that are classified of the program until changes were made. On the eve the current authorization was set to expire, as Comey was being driven home he got a phone call from Ashcroft's chief of staff, who had been called by Ashcroft's wife to inform her that Gonzales, who was then White House counsel, and White House chief of staff Andrew Card were speeding to the hospital, to attempt to convince get the acutely ill Ashcroft to overrule Comey and recertify by signing the reauthorization.

Backing up a bit for a moment, at a White House meeting on March 9, 2004, Comey had told Vice President Cheney that he, was not about to certify the program.

In light of this untoward action by Card and Gonzales, Comey ordered his driver to swing about and rush back to the hospital. (Obviously, this is a dedicated man of action) and arrived at the hospital not knowing if he had beaten Card and Gonzales to Ashcroft’s room, and rather than risk waiting for the elevator, he raced up the stairs. When he arrived, heart pounding from the stair leaping to the correct floor, once at the room, as he testified, he encountered, the following scenario, "…And Mrs. Ashcroft was standing by the hospital bed. “ Mr. Ashcroft was lying down in the bed, the room was darkened. I immediately began speaking to him, trying to orient him as to time and place, and try to see if he could focus on what was happening, and it wasn't clear to me that he could. He seemed pretty bad off."

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