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Flash! How, Who, Why, Where, America Fell Apart And Who Is Going To Put It Back Together Again!

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Flash! How, Who, Why, Where, America Fell Apart And Who Is Going To Put It Back Together Again! Democrats, intimidated by Fox? By Nancy? By Rove, By Cheney? By Mickey Mouse? By Casper The Friendly Ghost? By My Pet Flea? Bushite Hell And Movie/Rock Star Candidates, Jesse James Mercenary Bank Robbers, Wo/Men of Courage and Honor, With Good Eyesight or Glasses, Men Lacking Honor, Critics Lacking IQ's, Malicious Treasonous Collusion, or Merely Malicious Treasonous Greed and Collusion? Mr. Chertoff's Indigestion, Men Lacking Honor, Critics Lacking IQ's, A Nightmarish, Hellish, Satire/Fantasy A Tall Tale For Children and Men and Women of Prayer, End Income Taxes, Giuliani And Socialization Federal statute 18 USC 241, (TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 13) contains a perfectly compact and compressed explanation/definition of criminal conspiracy against citizen rights. "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the People; it is an instrument for the People to restrain the government." Patrick Henry TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 13 "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured-They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death." Bushite Hell And Movie/Rock Star Candidates The above is a perfect description of what the Bushite administration has committed, ad-infinatum, upon the people of these United States of America. That the above act has been profanely and with depravity, violated is clear even to an ambulance chaser. Unfortunately the ambulance chaser has a bit more dedication to his dubious vocation than do those whose high-minded, verbiage, signifies nothing, protects, less and displays contempt for those of/with which they speak and write. We, the people, of which genre the French and other Europeans respected, are here, shunned and held in contempt, as Bushites hold all. There, and interestingly, in Cuba, which the Bushites detest, medicine is a means of helping the people through their darkest times; here it is a profit, self-enrichment enterprise, to drain the suffering to fill the coffers of the already wealthy, the avaristic. That the medical industry and it's supplier's, physicians, minion's and sycophants are not held in utter disrespect and beneath the position of the honest prostitute, or gambler, is beyond my poor ability to confabulate and/or ideate. As historians look back they will wonder that/how such a nation as ours allowed men so obsessed with wealth, pomp and all the trappings of the Superrich, movie star, Rock-star, public imagery and trivial vanities, with so little comprehension of the solemn, sacred vocation they have entered, to represent their district and states in the congress of the United States. Demoniac is a more appropriately concise description of them. Never, have such a group of men and women paid less attention to the process of governing than the congresses of the last 16 years. Never have such inconsiderate, impatriot, foolishly blundering insensitive men and women, occupied the halls of congress on both sides of the aisle. From a Democratic congresswoman, in a Democracy, who unilaterally decides who shall not be impeached, to Democratic congressman who admitted, to the great discomfort of enlightened men and women, that, "We seldom read the bills we sign.... There is no time..." to those who openly profit at the expense of tens of millions on the other side of the aisle. One wonders what does that congressman think he was sent there for? Reading the stuff for which he claims there is no time, IS his job! They need all be sent a copy of Mister Smith Goes To Washington and forced to watch it. If one doubts the movie star, Rock-Star label, respectively, study the campaigns of Senator Fred Thompson or Senator Barack Obama. In Thompson, one sees the hyper-non-intellectual appeal to those in the south and southwest who have difficulty separating his TV persona as a tough, considerate, just, chief prosecutor, from his active participation and tenure in the most violent, corrupt and unjust congress and administration in history. If he-himself is absolved of corruption, he is still part of it by consenting to support and vote for those with another agenda. Obama? Not in many years have I seen a candidate so enthralled with his own persona. The seeming levity of his awareness and the air of amusement in which he seems to take his surroundings, the lack of response to serious attempts by ordinary people to reach him, the glibness of his rhetoric, staggers the mind of interested parties. I followed his campaign because, I thought perhaps, in him, there was a spark of light, but now I am quite a bit more than doubtful. My office, bytheway, never received a reply to several phone calls asking for an interview, and for him to consider our no-cost healthcare, no insurance policy, plans. His aid in charge of such matters hostilely dismissed it, while congressmen in other states showed remarkable interest in it. Jesse James' Mercenary Bank Robbers Those who deal in politics, power and cash, who allowed sealed-off, non-competitive, No-Bid, situations, have robbed America as she has never been robbed before and for that they must be accorded one thing we have never accorded any group before. We must accord them for thinking the same despicable thoughts about which most others day dream, but most others have the grace of God and humanity to reject as despicable, thoughts which they see as defiling their nation, defiling any sense of morality, defiling the spirit, and thereby teaching a new generation that the public is not something to be grateful for, to be protected and honored, but instead to be shorn and bled, shunned, exploited, robbed. Never before has our military allowed such travesties of justice to go on uninvestigated. Never have they suffered Private Profiteering Mercenaries to go unsupervised, unwatched, unpunished. Recently, along with more than $2,000,300,000,000 (Two Trillion, Three hundred million) been unaccounted for, according the Donald Rumsfeld, and recently an Iraqi bank was robbed of $282,000,000 cash, in American Dollars. What bank on earth has that kind of cash on hand? Moreover, what foreign bank has those many American dollars on hand? Furthermore, what American Bank has those many American dollars on hand, not bearing interest? Who carries $282,000,000 non-interest bearing cash dollars in their vaults? Worse still, why would a foreign bank, whose nation US forces occupy, and which carries that much American cash on hand, is not overseen and guarded by the military? Further, why are they even carrying, in-house cash in any amount larger than $100,000 in American dollars? Why has there been neither news focusing upon the lack of investigation, nor upon the lack of military intervention to find the money? That is some command; they cannot find 2 million acres of red poppy flowers, which make the largest heroin crop on record in Afghanistan. They can't find a tall skinny, Arab, dragging a five hundred pound dialysis machine bouncing along behind him, and they can't find robbers who stole $282,000,000 and the MSM seldom if ever mentions it? Come on! Send to them (The Military Police, the Iraqi police, and the Top Officers of the USA Occupying forces), some eyeglasses, telescopes and magnifying glasses and a copy The Complete works of Sir, Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Wo/Men of Courage and Honor, With Good Eyesight or Glasses All over America, and the world, especially in Washington D. C. in the Congress, the White House, the Justice Department, and our Law Enforcement offices nationwide, where are the men and women of courage and honor? Where have they gone? Where are the men and women with good eyesight, where have they gone? The same congressman who said he seldom reads the bills, upon which he votes, said he would not begin impeachment proceedings because Fox News and Commentators would beat up on him. He is also he's afraid of Nancy Pelosi who allegedly told him that if he started impeachment procedures she would strip him of his committee chairmanship. Is there any wonder why Bush has grabbed power? A Democratic Congressman is afraid to submit a Bill because cable news personalities would criticise him and it, and admits it publicly? A congressman whose teeth chatter at the rage of a colleague half his size? Is this a man of courage and honor, the man who is afraid of a small woman and Fox News? How much more must he fear the Bushites? Knowing we have such a fearful person in a key position in a Democratic congress astonishes one and leads one to the proposition that there stands nothing of substance between citizens and the Hun. Meanwhile, there does stand one who is afraid neither of Fox News, Nancy Pelosi, nor the Bushites, that is former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, who excoriated the USA, and President George W. Bush on Friday, saying that Bush is sowing disorder across the world in/by seeking to build an empire on the fears and confusion of his own ands the peoples of other nations and that after the Cold War, Bush displays for all to see his failure in understand a changing world. "The Americans then gave birth to the idea of a new empire, world leadership by a single power, and what followed?" Answering his own question, Gorbachev added, "What has followed are unilateral actions, what has followed are wars, what has followed is ignoring the U.N. Security Council, ignoring international law and ignoring the will of the people, even the American people." He went on to say, "When I look at today's world I have a worrying feeling about the growth of world disorder." ... "I don't think the current president of the United States and his administration will be able to change the situation as it is developing now -- it is very dangerous." Further, he said that the current Administration in America has "Made many mistakes." Gorbachev did for the Russian people what we need someone to do for Americans. Gorbachev became the Premier in 1985, and pushed through liberal reforms that made Russia more responsive to the will of the people and freed the press to speak their minds, while removing pettiness and paranoia from government in their dealing with their own people and further, recovered freedom of religion. Meanwhile here the Bush administration sees everyone as an irritant, to be harassed, reviled, killed or otherwise eliminated. Gorbachev is known as the father of "glasnost," (openness). Gorbachev also indicated what many of us who write have also, that Bush is creating intentional havoc at home and around the world to take advantage of the turmoil to build empire. It seems to me that three men who seem more to understand our extinct Constitution were not even born here and are ot American citizens, a Communist, who talks like a Founder of the USA, a Venzuelan who sells gasoline to his citizens at $00.12 a gallon, or $5.30 a BARREL, and a former movie star, an Austrian, who acts like a New Deal Democrat; Gorbachev, Chavez and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those of us here at and our readers, with a penchant for what is fast becoming a lost art in America, (A) Reading, and (B) Comprehending what they read, wonder what the MSM now does for a living. Many people, I included, have been saying for years, Rove and/or Cheney, perhaps tutored by Wolfowitz, have applied the prophetic warnings in the writings of George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty Four (1984) and Aldous Huxley in Brave New World, to an increasingly befuddled, materialistic, citizenry and an increasingly, retarded, and careerist system of "Higher" education which is today completely in the hands of a good many narrowly educated "professors" and administrators, which, having either failed at, or never a part of, but worshipful of ethics lacking, amoral, industrialists. Malicious Treasonous Collusion, or Merely Malicious Treasonous Greed and Collusion? Where is it all leading? We all know where it is all leading. It is, perhaps leading to no election in 2008. First we had the tall-tale telling, now deceased minister (whose end we predicted), saying "god" told him there was going to be a terrorist attack of monumental proportions, before the next election, on US soil. I said if he was alerted about such an attack, it was not by God, but by those who knew there would be an attack, (perhaps without Fallwell's knowledge of their source of information, I would hope) so that it would look to the naïve' that "god" indeed spoke to Fallwell. Well, God did, on May 15th, as we predicted on OpEdNews on May 13th. God, the real, God, will tolerate no false prophets at this time. In his article of this week in, Farhad Manjoo, writes, "July 30, 2007. Early in July, Michael Chertoff, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, told the Chicago Tribune that though he had no specific information pointing to a new threat, his "gut feeling" suggested that the U.S. faced a heightened risk of a terrorist attack during the next couple of months. Summertime is an "appealing" time of year to the enemy, Chertoff said; it was natural to assume, then, that the season would once again bring "increased vulnerability." He later pointed out that his "Gut Feeling" and experience told him it would be LA or San Francisco, oddly enough both Blue Cities. I wonder how Arnold feels about a handful of insane Neo-cons, planning to destroy half of his state. Many clear thinking, open-minded people, believe that a group, hired in treasonous collusion with a USA government official/officials, through a commercial American political mercenary company, to do damage upon a city with a large population of Democratic voters, (such as Chicago, Boston, LA or even NY), in order to disrupt the Democratic Party, to cancel the 2008 election, and thereby declare, Martial Law. Now we have Mr. Chertoff saying LA or San Francisco will be dirty-bombed, and in the wake of this Neo-con made disaster, declare Bush as dictator. However, what Bush may not know is that in this plan, Mr. Cheney may have other ideas about who will and who will not be "dictator," and Cheney wants that job for himself. Well, what can we say? This administration allowed Katrina to destroy a Blue state, and now learning how disasters can be enlarged and even initiated, they mean to do in the entire nation. It reminds one of a film Red Dawn, by John Milieus, a right-wing paranoia tale, which may come true in reverse. In the film left-wing Communists from Russia and Cuba attack America from North and South, and the gunless population is easily defeated but a handful of armed bring the enemy to its knees. I real life it will be the Right Nuts who attack from the inside and attempt to massacre the Blue Staters with the help of both sides of the congressional aisle. Mr. Chertoff's Indigestion And now, as to the veracity of Mr. Chertoff's "Gut" feelings, I suggest he see a doctor and have a colonoscopy, because perhaps those "Gut" feelings are the result of Indigestion and the fact that he was told that there would be a terrorist attack by someone, maybe his "Superiors," maybe a "contractor" hit-squad, making him the scapegoat fool, and false prophet and perhaps even an unintentional (on his part), party to treason. Mr. Chertoff may want to review the God sent fate of faux prophets. You see, the Jews had a method of discovering whether or not a would-be prophet was indeed, of God. If his prophecies came to pass, they accepted him, if not, they ignored him. Since the Democrats pose no problem, and are therefore no threat to the plans of the fascists hiding in the wings, the Neo-cons count them out completely. They are proving more impotent every day, from a woman (Nancy Pelosi) who makes unilateral decisions not unlike Bush's, to others who make all sorts of faux noises about doing this or that, and instead, do little, or nothing. Their's "... is a tale ... full of sound and fury; signifying nothing." Shakespeare-Macbeth. Romans 1:22: "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." Overall, what is good is that the markets are falling, now down about 1100 points in ten days. If everyone continues not to buy anything, as I suggested, the market may continue to tailspin and the mega-profits will dry up like Neo-con genitalia and sperm when encountering a real, non-passive, Liberal, woman. When that happens, the rich will begin to whine audibly, and then to beg. When men are stretched to the ultimate displeasure, when they are pushed a step further, to frustration, and finally when they have no money, no food or drink, no resources, what will they do? With all the horrors and injustices going on in and outside of America are occurring one would think MSM would apply some research skills to trying to change the world and alleviate the suffering, instead wanting the breadless sufferers of starvation, to "eat cake."

Not so, Chicago Tribune owned Radio Station WGN, whose silly afternoon daytime talk show hosts, dabble in gossipy, idiosyncratic news, and have their colleagues vote with callers on what are, in their minds, "signs of the apocalypse," while the world comes crashing down around them, failing to recognize that-they are the greatest sign of the apocalypse of America. So, if you want a hoot? Listen to The Chicago Tribune's WGN afternoon talk shows and their sports shows. In so doing, you would think you were back in the 18th century before the American and French Revolutions. Sycophantic Royalists (Who were also Right Wing, Conservative, Fundamentalist Christians) live on in the White House, Congress and radio. Does anyone still doubt that our struggle is a Cosmic one? Same cast, same dunces, same Caesarian/Hitlerian, indescribable violence, and torture, same issues, same methods, same Paradise for the Few, Hell for the Many. FDR is gone, there has not yet been the like of him in American politics since, and that is why we are losing our way. (And even he had moral limitations, forcing the envelope to the edge by trying to pack the Supreme Court.) Now, we find ourselves not in a Brave New World, but, instead, in a not so Brave, not so new, but a world in which the powerful wish to return to the days of Royalty, and the days of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Hell for those of intellect and godliness. We find ourselves once again defending and eventually fighting for the same things which our ancestors, their ancestors and so on back in time forever, had to verbally fight for, attain and lose, repeatedly over the eons, and so it will go on Earth. The trouble right now is that many of those of our era that should be doing this verbal squabbling, are cowards, disaffected, smarmy, sycophantic, easy-lifers, who want neither trouble, nor hassle, nor the trouble associated with becoming informed and defending their democracy. No, they want, instead, luxuries, sloth, sans confrontation or thought, toxic Chinese plastics, to breath, and toxic, polluted water to drink and e-coli chicken to eat. They crave neither meat nor potatoes, but instead champagne, beer, whipped crème cheesecake, lobster, crab-claws, and hotdogs. We need them, but we can't seem to find a good use for them, so we rather ignore them, except that before and after election time, we deplore them. Now we have a blend of Neo-cons/fascists, normal, legitimate Conservatives, Progressives, Liberals, Royalists, a smattering of leftovers from WW II Nazi's, Slothful I Don't Care-ists and what have you-ists, and then there is you and I. It's a typical, Democratic, mess of confusion, that makes a democracy so interesting, except that there has been added to the mix and newer element, the infusion of demoniacs, whose sole desire is less political solutions than murder and mayhem and greed and hatred, and avarice and violence, of the sort not seen in our time in America. The last time seen was in Russia, China, Nazi Germany, and Hell. The rugged blend of political parties and splinter groups is a normal expectation. All are to one degree or another interested (at least were in the past), in what is best for the nation, and it's citizens, and that is countered by some who want only what is best for themselves (and those who send them money and other advantages), or by differing but honest views on how to best achieve what is best for all and sundry. However, in this era, since the years of the Clinton administration, American politics has been hostage to interests divergent from those of altruistic Americans. America has been beset by a new phenomenon, not experienced since the 1930's-the injection of those which wish, and vehemently so, to undo, the gains of the era of FDR, and now wish to ransack, rape, and despoil her Constitution, Bill of Rights, natural resources and her manpower. They are equally interested in empowering the most violent, least educated, least restrained by ethics and morality, to serve in the future in a well armed Mercenary service and those especially unrestrained, to be transferred to what will become the president's Praetorian Guard, A more highly paid Mercenary force, which will stop at nothing, do anything they are ordered to do, and with impunity. And Democrats agreed to such a thing out of fear-cowards holding positions only men and women of courage should hold, but it is not courage that is needed in our society to win elections, it is money, courage is needed only to serve well, and few have served well, none in one party-the winners, and few in the other, the losers. Men Lacking Honor, Critics Lacking Intellectual Honesty Together with the above sordid goals, the instigators of this despicable, despoliation of all that is decent, they depend upon those least intellectual, whose ability to abstract, is nil, whose understanding of the finer points of altruism, is non-existent, whose capabilities to research properly is a paucity at best-I have visited websites where there are the writings of mine or of others from OpEdNews and other Progressive or Liberal Sites. I have read the partial and dishonest, copies of our columns, in which these lamebrains set up and shoot down straw men whose cases do not even exist within those articles which they perfidiously hatchet. I read strident attacks on a position in one of my articles that was non-existent-they had completely misunderstood what I wrote, in which they took the side in which they disagreed, while my point was convergent with their own, and they could not see it. It was like when you play the game with a small child, of "now it doesn't, Yes, it does," where in the midst of the instant repetition of those two phrases and chatter, you take his position and he unthinkingly takes yours. One poor minded, fellow, who claimed to be a theologian/political analyst, but intellectually ungifted as he was, was lamenting a Theo-political point, which point was based on pure logic and in which anyone familiar with archaic languages, and the most recent archeological findings, would entertain as a breakthrough, the theory which was unquestionably and clearly logic based Moses creation of the original Bankruptcy Act, at which ours was copied until the credit card companies allowed by congress to destroy it, and Moses correct political, theological, economic - Social Security theory of allowing each citizen living outside the city walls to be allotted several acres of land on which to grow his own food with surplus to sell. In this way, citizens were kept well fed, healthy and useful for many tasks including raising children to strengthen the nation and healthy minds and bodies in case they were needed to defend it. The IQ challenged "Blogger" then showed his incapacity for the discipline by voicing his frustration at not understanding where I acquired such information and conclusions-duh my mind, and Duh, research resources well known to anthropologists, archeologists, historians, independent thinkers and most even only slightly better than average graduate students. It is the mark of a fool who argues an unwinnable point because he lacks the intellectual and academic skills of even an average graduate school candidate. I mention this not because it is an anomaly, but because it is common and typical of those who collect and critique-rather ravage or rape, the writing done on BLOGSPOTS much like OpEdNews, the Daily Kos, and others. This is the non-competition, which we have, so inadequate and giving clear, unassailable evidence of the thinking of those who elected some of the miscreants, we now see in office in either side of the aisle. That, however, is another column for another day-maybe even a book for another day. Behind the slovenly criticism, the discordant disfigurement of logic, but worse, the pathetic underlying wonderment, and awe, the frustrated and envious inability to comprehend how someone other, can create thoughts, from disparate and sparse clues, that speaks volumes about the inconscient, pitiful, unregenerate, cry of cluelessness of our critics. It reminds one of the look on the face of an amateur hopelessly outmatched in a duel to the death, with epe'e or foil, with a professional. What we are seeing in the Bushite supporters are mediocre minds, from mediocre schools, or good schools forced by a point system, a quota system, and even a system subject to political pressures, to accept a student which would have difficulty, tying his shoes and chewing gum at the same time. Mediocre schools usually produce mediocrity. However, there is more than just intellectual and/or educational deficiencies we see here, we have seen this before during the reign of terror which America avoided but which France could not-that deficiency was and still is, an insufficiency of moral fiber. The inability to envisage, farther horizons-the consequences of certain actions or inactions, the lack of visionary giftedness to comprehend the long term effects, the logical projections of quick-fixes and illicit means to questionable ends, which are despicable, are the result of lack of moral upbringing, the encouragement of envy, jealousy, malice-aforethought, parental acceptance of bigotry and generally, such folks might have fared better had they been orphans. I know a good many people who are devoid of envy, jealousy, and avarice. Some students, the scions of stay-at-home moms, of parents who asked that one examines every pending decision before finalizing it, exploring every possible implication, a virtual chess match of parental guidance, all of which teaching and behavioral directions are the hallmark of intellectual maturity, conscience and right choices. The current dilemma faced by all is the administrations desire for eradication of the lower classes, by neglect, isolation, and marginalization, removing from them medical care, save the "emergency room," (Isn't that so much like, "...let them eat cake..."?) driving them if they have the proper degree of desperation, into military service. As for the middle classes and the rest, the plan is similar, but if resistance is encountered by the Bushites and they sense an intellect-a conscience, behind an individual's resistance, there is a possibility that person will simply cease to exist. Behind all of this is the insecure notion of men of poor mental health, worse morality and no sense of ethics, maliciously, went about agonizingly, attempting to undo Franklyn Delano Roosevelt's mandate-truly by four consecutive runaway elections-mandate, to endeavor to create for the greatest number of people a life of at least moderate comfort through their toils. So great is their malicious intent that they would deny the middle class and the poor even the smallest comforts and into the bargain, steal away what they already have. If this is not Satanic, Demonic, Maniacal, Diabolical, pernicious, diablerie, than nothing has ever been. Through the ministrations of FDR, JFK, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, more humans, most of which kind were intentionally kept out of the profits of the collective efforts of mankind in past, have earned their part thereof, and for reasons which would only make sense to others of their kind, the avaricious seek not only to refuse to justly reimburse their partners for their time and laborious efforts, their contributions, desiring not merely the overwhelmingly largest portion of the profits, but ALL of them, and then all of what little they have paid, everyone of them, and then they wish to withdraw the coverage of medical and accident insurance, taking away from the vast numbers of people the security and peace of mind, that even their small income provided. You may not remember, but President General Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the midst of a recession, frustrated that people had pulled back on spending, (Gee! I wonder why?) proclaimed, something to the effect, of, Go out and buy, buy, buy, anything to get this economy running again. It is your patriotic duty! Buy a refrigerator, an automobile, a stove, anything! Well, for months, I have been saying the opposite, don't buy anything, nothing, Nada, niente', Zip, Zero, only bare necessities, and hardly that! Especially buy as little gasoline as possible. Cancel your credit cards, keep one only, the one with no cost, the one you must pay-off each month and only use it in the case of emergency. When you travel, take the train, take the EL, take the subway, ride your bicycle, scooter, coaster wagon, roller skates, skateboards, if your dog is large enough ride on his back or get a horse, or an Ostrich. Now for a few final words Put an end to personal income taxes! Put an end to Healthcare through Insurance companies! How? Tax Outsourcing Corporations HEAVILY. Cap Corporate CEO/Executive Compensation packages at 25 times average employee pay, including outsourced pay independent contractors pay, and cap that at $2.5 million annually. The result will be employers would pay for healthcare. The IRS would be gone and their facilities and some of their personnel would be used to channel the Medical program without any insurance companies. Nationalize Drug companies, hospitals and Physicians, capping their salaries as well. The result? Corporation would raise salaries/healthcare of employees because CEO Pay would be dependent upon that of employees. Finally, the Hypocritcal, Demoniac, Giuliani He will claim this idea to be "Socialism" because he thinks we are all as stupid as he is I guess then he is the other Services we all chip into financing, as "Socialism," such as, Fire Departments, Police Departments, The Armed Forces: US ARMY, UIS AIR FORCE, US NAVY, COAST GUARD, NATIONAL GUARD, The Congress of The United States, The Entire structure and Services and people of the White House, The National Parks, The Forestry Department and all other departments of the US Government, The Panama Canal, The Federal Government, The FED, All of our Religions and Churches, Insurance Companies, The Stock Market. Besides, let's see what the dictionary says about: Social, Socializing, Socialization a. Living together in communities. b. Of or relating to human society and its modes of organization. 2. Living together in organized groups or similar close aggregates: Ants are social insects. 3. Involving allies or members of a confederacy. a. Inclined to seek out or enjoy the company of others; sociable. b. Spent in or marked by friendly relations or companionship. c. Intended for convivial activities. 6. Of, relating to, or occupied with matters affecting human welfare: social An informal social gathering, as of the members of a church congregation.

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