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Jesus Death, Bushites, Neo-Cons, And Early Fascism, And How Everything Was/is Always About The Money

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Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
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Jesus Death, Bushites, Neo-Cons, And Early Fascism, And How Everything Was/is Always About The Money by Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo Page 1 of 2 page's) Ever notice how after the Bushites attack a nation, drug production, murder and chaos always rises and human dignity and life, declines? Everything is always about the money, even Jesus' Death. He wasn't killed because of religion, or blasphemy, or even treason. He was killed because he'd stumbled upon a dirty little, high-profit perversion of religion, exploitation and commercialization of once wonderful, Progressive plan. Jesus Death, Bushites, Neo-Cons, And Early Fascism, And How Everything Was/is Always About The Money Now Since 2003 in excess of 725,000, more people died violent deaths, than in the previous five-year period. In that time the two greatest Documents ever written by humans, died with them. Also in that five year span, two of the most hideously anti-human documents ever written, were born, in a union of the great Grandsons of FDR and the Great Grandsons of Satan; children of the Father of modern American Freedom and prosperity for the greatest number of people possible, in one era, and the Diabolical Dungeoneers, of overwhelming freedom and feckless, glaringly, gratuitous, prosperity, for the smallest number of elitists possible, of another, combined to short Americans of their potential. Perhaps Some Day, Again FDR, the Clarion, Communicator of New Deals and good News, against the Bushites, the most Despicable, despondent, of dictatorial, demoniacs, conceivable. FDR's heirs, the Progressives, advocators of Freedom and prosperity for the greatest number, against: The Bushites, advocates of Dictatorial suffocation and massive police state, Totalitarianism, disempowerment, and incarceration of the greatest number of innocent citizens possible. Against Over a faded dank and dreary gray, clouded, low oppressive skies, we have, here, at once, crowds of Bentley-driving, high-handed, shrill shrieking, halleluiah, hackers, hands grasping bloodied axes and scythes, maggot-squirmy corpses, beneath whited, hooded robes, covering, blood spattered hems above goose-stepping, boots, spiked with DU-238, crushing over human cadavers, of once free children, free men and women, led by a banner of a Muscled, Goose-stepping, bearded, dreadnaught, grey-skinned man, wearers of the crooked cross of black, wrought iron, over a whited disk, with hands all bloody, wild-eyed, and pale grayed damp flesh-stretched face, over tight, low, thick-browed skulls. Amidst All contrasted by sunny, cumulous Nimbus cotton clouded, baby blue high skies, above smiling faces singing Happy Days Are Here Again, led by a bannered young, smiling, bearded, long-hired, young, fellow, necklaced by a simple crucifix and followed by an entourage of happy-faced, clean shaven men and shiny faced women and children, spewing flowers from baskets and dishing out chocolate cookies and untainted milk and lemonade from green, glassed pitchers and freshly carved, wooden platters. 2000 Years Before Rabbi Yeshua, Joshua, (Jesus Ben Yoseph) was born in the reign of Herod the Great, sometime between 8-4 BC (Herod died in 4 BC/CE/BP) and Jesus died somewhere between 24-28 AD. The gospels were written: 1st-Mark's between 65-72 AD, 2nd-Matthews, between then and about 80 AD, Luke's about mid to late 80's AD, John's in 92-110 AD. Extant versions are copies, of copies, of copies, of copies, dating to the 2nd to third centuries (5400 versions, ranging from fragments to entire manuscripts.). From the beginning of Judaism, rabbi's, chief priests, Pharisees Sadducees, Sanhedrin, all Jews with education, argued long and hard life's meaning, the Nature of God, angels, everything in Torah, the After Life and more. They were used to and loved the arguments and discussions, the ideas and proposals. The things which Jesus related to his peers and Jews at large, were not all new or revolutionary ideas; many of them had been discussed for generations. Hillel appears as the Rabbi whose mind and direction most resembled that of Jesus, less the miracles. To and for, the tribes of Israel exiting Egypt, and looking for a home, a place to settle, Moses proposed a bevy of ideas. One of which was revolutionary and Liberal, a Progressive dream for the lower to almost non-existent middle classes of that time. It was an agrarian, therefore land-based Social Security Program, in which he deeded each family several acres, modestly meeting family needs for food and other necessities of life and allowing some excess to be sold. In this way the people would, in theory, never be without shelter, food or a livelihood, even if quite simple. From Torah onward, to keep them humble and avoid the growth of a formidable power block joining wealth and moral authority, Chief Priests were forbidden to own and/or operate the land. Keeping them out of the spiral of property values was one way of assuring the peasants of some degree of power. The land was one simple, cost effective means of keeping the people free and healthy, and not a burden to their families or the nation. In having land of their own, they could prosper and be available and in good health, to assist in building and other community efforts, like temples and to fight drought and flood, and available if called upon to serve, with confidence by the their leaders, to protect land, home and family and freedom, in times of war. Overarching it all was the Mystic numeral, seven (7). When God gave Moses the Levitical Law, He commanded that they rest on the seventh day, the Sabbath. Moses then applied the concepts of the number seven (7) to other things: A cycle of seven weeks leads up to the 50th day, called Pentecost. The cycle of seven years protection against bankruptcy, seven sets of seven years leading up to the 50th year, the Jubilee Year, The Year of The Lord. Each seventh year the land was left fallow. "For six years sow your fields, and for six years prune your vineyards and gather your crops. But in the seventh year the land is to have a Sabbath of rest, a Sabbath to the Lord." (Lev. 25:3-4). Moreover, in that Jubilee Year, The Year of The Lord-that fiftieth year (50), Jews who were enslaved were set free, and the families who had lost or sold their land under duress of economic conditions, would have the land returned to their families. Thus, the leaders of the tribes had instituted a bankruptcy plan in which if a person incurs debt they cannot meet, the debt is wiped away in seven (7) years, if it is not repaid. In seven (7) times that period, if their land had been taken in debt or taxes, or sold under duress (within the next 49 years) the next year, 50th year, was the JUBILEE YEAR or as Jesus called it, THE YEAR OF THE LORD, in which all land confiscated or bought for debt had to be returned to the family from which it was taken. And Then Eventually, the practice was abused, ill kept and forgotten. Priests began confiscating or buying up properties, and with some help from minor Roman officials, were commercializing the land. Both Romans and some Herodian officials were Practicing Fascism, before the term was defined and coined in modern times, after the then present Roman Battle Ax-the Fasces-the many composited, slender straight-cut rods of wood. They were breaking the bankruptcy laws initiated by Moses and the land laws. The Jewish Religious Leaders, with help from brokers and minor Roman officials, covering up their skimming, commercializing the land, in violation of Moses ancient concept, and selling it to rich Greeks and Roman's at prices out of the reach of peasant Jews. Moreover, they were outsourcing labor to scabs and outsiders. (Sound all too painfully, familiar?) Enter Wonder-Working Messiah Candidate When Jesus arrived at Jerusalem for the high holidays (Passover) he announced The Year of The Lord, (Translation-The Jubilee Year). Whether or not he stumbled upon the Herodian Priests indiscretion, named above, is debatable, but I believe that he did. It doesn't matter now, all that mattered then or now, is that the priests believed, from his mention of the old forsaken, misplaced law, that he did. They could not afford for him to walk around speaking about this again, for several reasons: For one, if the Romans found out that they were skimming, the punishment would not be palatable. To make their enterprise profitable and covert, the skimmers had to have the cooperation of some Roman officials. The lower placed key positions of information flow, were less suspect, were cheaper thus protecting profit versus cost of skimming. If the Roman culprits were found out, they would be flayed, fed to the lions, or burnt at the stake, or worse. That put all of them and the Priests in a very tight spot, if Jesus were onto them. They could not afford to let Jesus speak again. They had to move on him that very night and keep the spotlight off Jesus to prevent him from spilling information to the Romans, hence the terrible beating he took, to shut him-up, which hastened his death. Jesus was no longer working miracles in the desert and one-mule towns; he was in the Major Leagues, and the economic powers, even back then, were not as laid back as the small village functionaries. Jesus, the back trails Messiah was no longer in his element. His end was assured the moment he entered the gates of the City and even before with his display of political/spiritual hold on small timers from small towns. His charisma, healing and soothing powers, held no magic in the Big City. This Was Not The Roman Way: Skimming Rome Was A Dangerous Game In 71 BC after Spartacus was captured and put to death by the Romans (Led by Crassus), at Apulia more than 6,000 survivors of battle were crucified along the Via Apia. Rotting, crucified cadavers and men still alive, hanging on crosses lined the Via Apia for miles. Each case in which Rome uncovered any sort of conspiracy or opposition, they made great and hideous example of as many as they could hang up at once. Rome felt that the horror and humiliation would forestall any reprisal and shock people into abject fear of crossing the Romans-their version of "Shock and Awe." There were no exceptions in the cases of organizations or movements... that is until Jesus. For years, I had pondered why the Apostles and Disciples weren't also crucified and scourged. It puzzled me because it made no sense-it does now, however. He wasn't killed because of his theology, and his followers were considered harmless-he was killed and quickly before he could speak-out again because the Herodian Priest's and the corrupt, lower level Roman administrators were fearful of him. If they allowed him to speak again, the priests would either be stormed by the crowds and murdered, or the Zealots would assassinate them one-by-one and the administrators feared Rome would execute them in typical Roman gleeful, torture and crucifixion, or flaying or burning. They would lose not only their Golden-egg-laying-Goose, but literally, their skins as well. The Story of Jesus before the Sanhedrin I can possibly subscribe to, but his trial before Pontius Pilate and a cast of thousands, is, at very best, too iffy. For one thing, Pilate was a vicious Brutal man, so brutal was his treatment of the Jews, that even, if you believe it, even Tiberius was shocked at his cruelty and recalled him. (It is rumored that he committed suicide, later.) Before he could be brought to trial, however, Tiberius died. Yet, in the story in the gospels he was humane toward Jesus. I doubt that. However, he may have argued for Jesus because he wished to tweak the Jews, which he apparently disdained, as he did most everyone, "below" his status. The details of the secret "trial" before the Sanhedrin, were specific, but from whence came the information? There were no Apostles at the "trial" and certainly no Christians. From where did the "trial" stories before the Chief Priests in the New Testament, come? Was Nicodemus there? "The Chief Priests and the entire Sanhedrin kept trying to obtain some false testimony, against Jesus so they could put him to death, but the found none, though many false witnesses came forward." (Matt. 26: 59-60) "The Chief Priests and the entire Sanhedrin..." and there were no friends there to repeat the story. So, then, from here did it come? If Jesus speech speaking out side the temple was not the last straw, his routing of the Moneychangers on the Temple Portico sealed his fate. (Their exchange rate was said by monetary experts, designed to not favor those coming with local currencies, and was unfair to the poorest of those coming to make their peace with God.) More than that, as always, even now, it can be assumed that not just anyone could set up a booth in the prized positions on the portico-graft surely abounded with brokers paying top shekels for a favorable spot. In addition, certain brokers had a lock on the sacrificial animal trading and fixed prices. If Jesus was alert enough to have figured that out, and the exchange rates, he was smart enough to know about the land commercialization and who was profiting from it. The greatest hypocrisy was that anyone with a visible Imperfection was not allowed in the presence of God in the temple sanctuary. Guards were set up near the entrance, whose jobs were to disallow anyone with a limp, any visible wounds or scars, any disability, or "imperfection," into the temple. All of these things rubbed Jesus, a man of honor and justice, the wrong way, and for that virtue, he rubbed the Chief Priests the wrong way in return. The die was cast for a quick exit for Jesus, and death at the end of that exit. Jesus did not go through anything like a trial, he was rushed to judgment and I doubt that even he knew exactly why. He was probably whipped and beaten to keep him from speaking up at his "trial," and then rushed off to death. No others of his group were executed, because the authorities did not want too much publicity surrounding the "...treasonous, blasphemer..." neither charge of which were true. Nor, do I believe the massing of a crowd to decide who, Jesus or Barabas, would die and who would be freed. I can find nowhere in Jewish culture or custom of that era any mention of anything like a crowd being given a choice of whom they wanted freed and whom they wanted killed. That is hardly the way of Roman "Justice." The Gospels were written 40-85 years after the death of Jesus. If he was born in the Reign of Herod The Great, that would have been between 8-4-BC according to the "Slaughter of the innocents, the Children of Rachael," which would have made Jesus between 3-5 years old when Herod died. (Herod said to kill all children 2 years old and younger. Herod died in 4 BC, but we do not know how long it was from the time the Wise-men left and Herod had the children killed, nor how long after Jesus' birth the Wise-men found him, nor in what year he was born.) Jesus was taken to Egypt) If Jesus indeed did die between ages 31-33, that would have put his death between 24-28 AD. The Judeo/Christian views of property, bankruptcy and the Jubilee Year, were being trampled upon by conservative businessmen of the era. Everything is always about the money. The execution of Jesus by Rome and the Chief Herodian Priests, was no exception, it was not about theology, blasphemy or treason. Religious Arguments far exceeding those of Jesus were always brewing in Israel among the argumentive rabbi's. Jesus' execution was as much about the money as was Bush's attack on Iraq. Trillions for war, for mass-murder, nothing for healthcare or for mass-Life. Funny how Americans accept socialization of government, of schools, police, fire departments, city services, the military, but of not necessary products like fuel, water, housing, medical care and other personal necessities? It is about the money, avarice, and contempt for the masses and for the God these fascists claim to serve-hypocrisy. As we see, Jesus was crucified repeatedly in the form of some 725,000 Iraqis and just fewer than 4,000 Americans, between 2003 and 2007. Last month the US and NATO forces killed more civilians than did the Taliban. The framing and the murdering of innocents go on and on and not since Hitler, Stalin and Mao have such slaughters occurred. Following The Money "People always follow the money," Martin Scorsese, says, as the cynical CEO of the sponsor of the corrupt Quiz Show (The Movie directed by Robert Redford) which investigation was the downfall of not of the sponsors, not of the station owners or managers, but of Charles Van Doren, a minor player in the drama-with maximum exposure to the public. It was/is always the money. Innocents die so a few can prosper beyond the wildest dreams of the rest of us. Most of us are as unlike those who pull the strings as Jesus was as unlike Herod. The corrupt that engineered this war in Iraq, and other such things, cannot restrain themselves from acquisitions, from cheating, from perpetrating whatever it takes to gain what they covet, and they hate us for doing the opposite. Their fantasy is that they deserve to be richer than we, because what they conjure up in their imaginations, the plans, to make dynastic wealth, are things of which we are not capable of conceiving. The reality is that many among us, do in fact, have the same thoughts, and perhaps even more clever ones, we, however, reject them as depraved. We are not avaristic, nor would we waste our time driving ourselves to do such things, make such money. We value our immortal souls too much and even had we none, we would value our self-respect too much. They, on the other hand, do them for power, dynastic wealth, to satiate their sadism, and just because they can, while we reject them all, for the same reasons. They try to make some believe that they do it out of patriotism, altruism, for the future of our nation. Lies, and even if true, preemption against and inferior enemy 1/12 our size, with neither air force nor navy, is administrative, Hitlerian, cowardice, which could only be even considered by minds, seriously damaged, and warped by fear and satanic possession, as well as twisted by covetous lust, and treasonous, perversions of misfeasance and malfeasance. All virtues of which most of us here on OpEdNews.com are severely lacking. The people were all killed for the same reason Jesus was-Money, in this case black gold. "...Just Following Orders...?" If some people, (and you can see that it is just a very few), aided by armies of scum, sycophants, who repeat the mantra of excuses babbled by the Hitlerite s when they were caught, "... we were just following orders..." Sure, and I am certain my regular readers know this, some of us don't, "...just follow orders." We would THINK first about our immortal souls or how we would feel if someone did such a thing to those we love-The Golden Rule. We would think of our self-respect, in a world where too few do so. We think of our families, how they would feel about our taking advantage of those less able to ward off human blood suckers-vampires consumed by sucking pennies, nickels and Social Security from the defenseless, sucking anything, that can lay their rotting hands upon-anything-why the Nazi's stole even eye glasses and gold tooth fillings from the corpses of the many they "processed" through ovens and pesticide/herbicide showers. I know a company that screws with the minds, endlessly, of it's employees through their Health-care program, always arrogantly canceling policies for no reason and then inventing faux transgressions employees, they say made, refusing to pay for medicines they paid for in the past, lying, cheating for pennies which become dollars and eventually millions, coveting everything everyone has. They get these people, women, and men to practice deceit as a career. Things, I am sure many of you refused to do in your careers, and I as well. Dissembling The Military Medical Industrial Complex More than once I made the choice, (before going into business for myself and later becoming a Tenured Professor), to quit a job rather than screw a peer or a client, or customer, at the direction of a supervisor, and in each case the supervisor was dumbfounded at my choice-I mean DUMB-FARKING-FOUNDED! How could I do such a thing, they would ask, incredulously? HOW COULD YOU LEAVE A HIGH-PAYING JOB. LIKE THIS? They could not conceive of such a choice, for them there was no choice. There was no choice for me either, and once on Christmas Eve, I walked out on a degenerating company. They gave new meaning to the phrase of Jesus, "...ask and you shall receive...." The bosses asked their underlings to do evil things, and the bosses received what they asked for. The underlings could always be counted upon to follow through where a few others could not, or would, not. When finally they came to me, to "pay your dues," they intimated, I told them where to stick it and quit on the spot on Christmas Eve. A downer? Not at all, I took my family out to a movie and dinner and by the follwing Friday started my own business.

Here is the thing. Life would be a dream, if we simply tried to spread our wealth to the whole world, starting here, covered everyone of God's children regardless of race, religion, nationality, state, nation, or conditions, put them all to work at a living wage, and excellent benefits, capped CEO compensation packages at the post war high of 25 times average employee compensation packages, including outsourced employees or subcontractors, taxed outsourcing companies who pay outsourced workers less than a World Union Wage, equal everywhere in the world, at 90% and used the taxes to support my No Insurance company HealthCare Package, outlined in http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_professo_070201_a_comprehensive_heal.htm

There is more than enough for every living person on the planet, if we could only rid ourselves of the true enemies of freedom, the fascist desires for power and ostentatious wealth. If we cannot do that, and it will take some guts, we will always have the same world, owned by the evil, Tripartite World Powerful Wealthy. I have to say the French, had some stones, and maybe eventually their approach will need to be taken but we have to eliminate from the world that small number of avaricious, super-wealthy, who profit from everything, every time, everywhere. Maybe it is time to end the existence, let alone the reign of the corporation and those who run them in Hitlerian manner. We did rid ourselves of Hitler, but he was only a symptom of the infectious disease of avarice, which, love of, is truly, the root cause of all evils. We need to sublimate our every desire to one-up each other, with cars, bigger TV screens, better hotels, gated communities and neighborhoods and we need to take the profit out of illicit drugs by making them licit and prescription available, thus eliminating the major cause of destruction, addictive drugs and the profits thereof. WE NEED TO STOP BUYING STUFF! Have you not noticed that whenever, Bush and or Cheney or the CIA are involved in attacking a nation, they begin to grow poppies or if already growing them, production, and drug traffic goes up? Have you not checked to find who is behind the illegalizing the 5,000 year-old proven (now by five university studies recommending its use too many seriously ill patients, the miracle drug Marijuana? It is the major Drug Dealers, the Pharmaceutical companies that are trying like hell to synthesize it because they cannot patent the natural plant, and therefore cannot profit from it. We need to end the lock by the lobbyists, which forbid the easy, cheap, and natural curative powers of many plants and vegetables, instead of replacing them with profit designer drugs. We need fear the lobbying firms than the terrorists, and we need to have our armed forces make war on them instead of oil rich nations. They are destroying Americans and America with them. WE ARE AMERICA, NOT THE SCUM IN CONGRESS AND THE WHITE HOUSE, GOLDDAMNIT! Choking off Materialism And Downsizing Corporations It is also time to eliminate all toxins, including pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and insurance companies; we did and can, live well without them. We then need to nationalize all necessary industries, such as: Fuel, Healthcare, water, etc.

We need to stop being so damned materialistic and acquisitive of useless things. We need to stop being so insecure and put faith ourselves, or if we believe in God, He as well. Lastly, we need to end the reign of lobbying, once and forever, and alongside of a representative congress, use referenda for all but a handful of decisions and laws. One last thing: We need to stop blaming industry for the mess the world is in. we know they are criminals- murdering, perverted sonsofabitches, and the only reason they are not all dangling from a rope or in jail for eternity, is because other murdering, perverted, sonsofabitches criminals passed "laws" which protect these industrialist, murdering, perverted, sonsofabitches. You have to know, they are trying to sell everyone, fattening, carcinogenic, vaso-constricting, Alzheimer, Parkinson's, materialistic, look-at-me-my-car-house HDTV is/are bigger than yours, crap. However, the world doesn't have to buy into materialism. With the profits they make they support Fascists and Nazi's, the grandchildren of Hitler, Himmler, Goering and company. Don't buy their crap and Bushites will have no financial support. It is that simple-do without, self-restraint, self-sacrifice stops the flow of cash from you to corporations, to fascists and Bushites and Nazi's.

Don't Buy Anything, at all! Try living the simple life; whether or not you are a true Christian, whether or not you even believe in God, it won't hurt you to do without. Self-sacrifice in a good way. Stop buying stuff for cosmetic purposes. Instead spending thoiusands to look cute at a health club, pull weeds by hand instead of using herbicides/pesticides-stop giving yourself and your neighbors cancer-and for goodness sake stop spreading that noxious, toxic, black top on your driveways. That is not a Spring ritual, it is veritable cancer fest, and it is unnecessary and counterproductive. It does NOT preserve your driveway, it worsens it. It seals in heat, or cold and moisture, and promotes cracks and pot holes. I have not coated my driveway in 20 years, and I NO cracks or potholes. All my neighbors do it every year and all of their driveways are cracked and full of pot holes by fall.

Oh and everything I have seen, smelled or experienced which was made in countries like China, Mexico, middle-eastern nations, oriental nations, smells, tastes, or looks, toxic and carcinogenic. Learn to read the ingredients of everything you buy. Don't buy anything that smells dead. Don't buy anything to eat, which contains ingredients which sound like something you dissolve metal with, or like it can be used instead of kerosene, or like you should pour it into the carburetor, or rub a sore back, or clean out a bad cut with, okay? Good Night and God Bless!

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