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Entropy, The Quantum, Bush, Cheney and Justice

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Entropy, The Quantum, Bush, Cheney and Justice The inside scoop on Bush/Cheney/Rove, Daddy Bush, Iran, and a planned Coup, how to foil it and what this has to do with Cosmic Forces. Oh, bytheway, for those a little on the serious side, this is a SATIRE... but is probably closer to the truth than what you will see on Fox or Tim Russert or Lou Dobbs. Entropy, The Quantum, Bush, Cheney and Justice You can easily tell when a nation's people has given up hope in it's future; they begin to spin fantasies as though they were reality. They begin to see Messiah's everywhere and they begin to see cracks in the triple armor plating of the incumbent ruling power, which, at least in this case, is more heavily armoured than it's troops-a first in historical remembrance. The people smell cowardice, blood in the water and total defeat and even begin anointing impotent non-leaders and failures as saviors, while villains populate hallowed halls and decimate hallowed documents declaring null and void the freedom of a once great nation now fallen into ruin. These last five years, America has been driven by avaristic demoniacs, highly paid puppets of Nazi/fascist demons, meekly opposed by avaristic, cowards a couple of which are glib spotlight huggers, filled up with themselves, and purely seeking and basking in celebrity. I next expect to hear that one of them is dating Paris Hilton. I recall speaking with a bright, senior attorney of one of the largest law firms in Chicago, who for the last fifteen or twenty years, oversaw battles with ultraconservative administrators who, in the view of some, me included, turned a quality institution into a prophetic microcosm of Neo-con American politics, complete with large No-Bid contracts, political partisan hiring, and kangaroo faculty court and partisan-packed hiring committees. I recall saying to him at the time, prophetically, as it turned out, "what is happening here will soon be happening nationally unless avarice is squelched and democratic reasonability is reestablished." He agreed and helped me and my cousin, if not crush them, at least make them drunk with outrage and impotent despair, as dozens of them and their law firms chock full of eager attorney's, who soon became frustrated law clerks, wanting to find a new line of work, having found themselves unable to contain or outthink, out maneuver two quiet but not so humble professors. Democratic Entropy and the Republican Quanta Progressive pundits, scalded by *Nancy Pelosi's, (who should have stayed at home having tea parties with her dollies and stuffed kitties, instead of wandering cluelessly into the arena of death with grown up male and female warriors) hubristic ignoring of voter's wishes and of truth and morality, of senators, including those newly elected and supported by those who want an end to an unjust slaughter, which is pitilessly euphemized as a "war" driven by greed and bloodlust, who've turned their backs on voters and seem to prefer an end to voting, entirely. The Fascists in power, say one thing but display others, that they; eschew freedom and hate American's, Democracy and detest our brave troops which they have handicapped, trapped, helplessly in Hell, where those brave warriors are defecated upon by those cruel rulers already mentioned and misused, forced to act like corporate bullies, to aimlessly ravage innocent people, (which many are refusing to do) as the oil companies and other corporate vampires steal land, businesses and oil from them. Meanwhile strong American men and women of conscience have begun to gravely consider Third Party candidates, as much to punish the weenie Democrats, as to wean themselves away from a cowardly, greedy, political base which betrayed them. Therefore, angry and frustrated have they come to perceive their fantasies as reality. No longer confident that Democrats have anything more than being elected and accumulating wealth in mind, and have forsaken bringing war criminals and profiteers to justice, and what is worse joining them in the profiteering, slaughterhouse, feeding frenzy, voters are beginning to desert them in droves and invent Republican inner party squabbles that they pipe-dream will have the Neo-cons self-destructing. As usual, when there is no Knight in Shining armor in sight, to save a people and in this case, also a Constitution and Bill of Rights, the people have begun to conjure up, make-believe inner-conflict, fantasies that the Bushites will eat their own, obviating the need for Democratic heroism, which has left the building and lost the address, some time back. One fantasy rumor is that GW Bush (President #'s 44/45) and Richard "The Kindly Neighborhood Butcher" Cheney are at war with each other over Iran policy. The story is that American Death-Wish Cheney, called Bush 44/45 a wimp for not attacking Iran immediately. Further, that HGW Bush (President #41) is agitating against Cheney and that GW Bush (#44/45) is allowing daddy to undo the mess his infantile mind has helped create. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, who desires diplomacy over attack, supposedly supports the fantasy Bush decision not to attack Iran. (Yeah, right! And I am Superman in disguise.) Moreover, Putin' s saber rattling is rattling Bush, who even in his foggy mindset, is hopefully not stupid enough to tell a coalition of Russia, China and a good part of Europe to, "Bring it on!" The Demoniac Neo-cons are supposedly bristling against Bush as "...acting wimpy like his Dad..." a sensitive issue with junior, who is now "furious" with Cheney. Cheney and his Hitlerian demoniacs apparently have confused good sense and decency with Wimpiness, as all spawns of Satan, do. After Deputy National Security Adviser J.D. Crouch resigned without warning on May 4, Elliott Abrams has become the number two man at the National Security Council serving under Stephen Hadley, and Abrams has sided in with Cheney on the Iran attack issue. Now, here is a bit of pipe dreaming which does have some merit, however, George H. W. Bush (#41) is supposed to be taking covert action to force Cheney and the remaining Neo-Cons out. These fantasies probably contain more smoke blowing than substance, but one thing is not out of the question, that Mommy and Daddy, like any good parents, want to bail Georgie-Porgy out of his dilemma, and maybe out of a future ending either in jail or on Death Row, or exile. Given that possibility, HGW Bush may be, indeed, working behind the scenes to oust the "trouble-makers." The hitch is that no one forced GW Bush (#44/45) to dissemble the Bill of Rights, and seriously damage the Constitution. However, if he can recoup any sense of morality and start acting like a human being, he may yet save some semblance of a real president and a Christian. Cheney has easily proven to be a man whose soul is already burning in Hades, and he knows it, so he has nothing to lose, and like most in that peculiar position, is now a God hating psychotic and will spend his life avenging himself against God and God's creations of Earth. Now, here is the real scary thing, Cheney has, according to some speculators, stolen, heretofore untraceable billions of Iraq loot with which he has secretly, according to some, which source appears to be a mystery, run an Iran Contra, type operation out of the White House Basement. Cheney is next in line for the presidency, and to such a man, the presidency is a chance to impose Martial Law and deliver to his corporate Energy traders, arms makers, and mercenaries, and his Daddy, in red tights, horns, tail, spiky wings and pitchfork, America. Prophecy or Day Dream? As long as Bush was easy to manipulate, and Cheney was getting his way, he was as happy as vampire at midnight, in a funeral parlor full of stiffs, awaiting embalming. The darker side is that premonitions abound, tying Cheney to the ultimate manufactured "Terrorist" attack, which would be having Bush assassinated just before the 2008 election, blaming it on Al Qaeda the Democrats and dissidents, grabbing the presidency, canceling the Election and seizing complete control under a variety of presidential prerogatives, all invented by the Cheney/Rove marriage (Do they share joint health insurance and are they checked regularly for the STD's of Death), and making a series of arrests ala Stalin, Mao and Hitler, of dissidents, critics, writers and Democrats, for a feeding frenzy of torture and murder. After all, to Cheney, Bush has outlived his usefulness, so why suffer his Wimpiness much longer? All the laws are in place, and more than that, the Neo-Cons see the Democrats as pussycats, weak-kneed, cowards, hiding behind the petticoats, apron-strings of Nancy Pelosi, who, without a score card or a map from her Machiavelli, couldn't find the Ladies Rooms in the House of Representatives, her car in the parking lot, or a copy of the instructions showing exactly what Impeachment is and means. Until recently, she thought Impeachment meant to dump canned peaches in heavy syrup, all over the president the midst of a speech, in full view of the entire House. "I'm not In-peaching anyone! How Icky, gooey, Yuk!! Besides I don't like peaches, aren't they raised in some Southern Red State, anyways? Yucky-poo!" Cheney may have already laid plans to have Bush put "out of the way," or as he may have put it, "...out of his misery?" If that happens, he believes the congress will buckle under and support him as Emperor and Rove as Court Jester. That will signal a Blue State-Red State Civil War in which Cheney is Darth Vader whose Daddy is Halliburton execs, and whose she/he b*tch, is Rove. Cheney believes that the Bushes (#41 & # 44/45) are wimps, and will thus stand by and let it happen, too paralyzed with fear and Wimpiness to do anything but accept their own demise.

Now Then The Fictional Dream Here is the scenario and twist ending to the fiasco, fictional dream-delusion, by Cheney and Rove: George HW Bush (#41), is being advised by his new good buddy, Bill Clinton and both will soon meet with GW Bush (#44/45) and sock it to Cheney in the form of a new AG, perhaps Colin Powell, or Al Franken and tag Cheney with treason and hang the war criminal from a yardarm in the White House Swimming Pool Yacht after a somewhat fair trial, about as fair as the one Saddam got.

Clinton and George WG Bush would become a part of the cabinet and send the Carriers on a mission to bomb the bejeepers out of the No-Bid companies, pull the troops out of Iraq and redeploy, en masse, elsewhere, and then send the Marines, air force, Special Forces, Delta Group, and PS-147 Kindergarten students, to massively attack the 100,000 mercenaries employed by Cheney's pals, which Cheney/Rove had hoped to use as their White House "Immortals" Praetorian Guard, in their take-over of America in 2008. Bush apparently got wind of the plans for this coup and is now remaking himself from the once Cheney/Rove wimping-boy into a fire-eating Patriot out to save the Constitution and Bill of Rights from those bilge bloated, spawns of Satan and go on a campaign to restore America to its rightful place as the Great Moral compass of Planet Earth. If Bush thus rescues America from the Darth Vader-Cheney/Rove Siamese twin, hand-puppet of Satan, and forms a coalition, bipartisan government to restore America, he will immediately, force Halliburton to clean up New Orleans, at no-charge, nationalize the Legalized Street Drug Dealing (Formerly known as the Pharmaceuticals) industry, a new part of the Military Medical Industrial Complex, nationalize the production, preparation and delivery of drinking water, of oil, gas, electricity, energy, fuel, make energy trading illegal and the penalty for same, death, the same for lobbying of any sort, order the instatement of Cold Fusion, issue an executive order to grow all drugs and fuel from natural animal and plant bases, instead of from petroleum distillate waste and by-products, ending voter and corporate supported election funding and making in the government, a separate office of funds distribution for campaigns, will tax any American company which outsources, at 77% of gross, limit CEO compensation to 25 times the compensation of the average employee, capping even that at $2.5 million annually, make a public national statistical chart of the medical successes and failures of physicians, psychiatrists, marriage counselors, and psychologists, will mandate that no religion practicing in America has as it's priest's, ministers, rabbi's, Mullah's or what have you, any unmarried men or women, will then abolish the War Powers Act, make IQ tests and psychiatric exams necessary for all those who wish to run for office and making the results public and capping voting rights at a certain minimal IQ score, say no one under 115 can hold office, and then legalize prostitution, (Unattractive people, misanthropic people, disfigured people, shy people, are all happier when they have sex regularly, also you know.) legalize polygamy, dueling, bar attorney's from Small Claims Court, raise small claims court minimum claim to $650,000, and make retired neighborhood Liberals, who have sued corporations in the past, the judges. Oh, yes, and it would make Outcomes Management of Professional sports games, a Capital Crime and the Czar's/commissioners of all professional sports paid $1,000,000 per year plus expenses, and these men would be chosen by election in which players, seasons ticket holders, managers, and coaches are the only voters. All of this and more, I believe would exonerate Bush of some crimes and go a long way toward keeping him out of Death Row. Now that I realize that I wrote this entire column while asleep and dreaming, and that I have read it, I would have to say, I like the whole idea! *I do not know who Nancy Pelosi's Machiavelli is, but I am dead certain she has someone pulling her strings, because no one could be that insensitive, foolish or just plain dumb all by themselves. Anyway, whoever it is, is bereft of any semblance of cognitive foresight, intelligence and is certainly not blessed with prophetic powers. In short, she would do far better to have had as "advisors' any and all of the following: Bozo the Clown, Daffy Duck, Betty Boop, and/or the Mad Hatter.

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