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The Wall, Which May Be Designed To Ignite a World War!

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The Wall, Which May Be Designed To Ignite a World War! The Bushites wall building in Baghdad may be designed to encourage more fighting so that they can get more funding and troops to attack Iran and Syria and widen the conflict into a World War as I predicted in 1996. The Bushites Keeping The Congress Off Balance Several articles this week-end speak about U.S. troops building 3-mile long 12-foot high wall concrete wall to cut off a Sunni Arab district from the Shiite Muslim neighborhoods surrounding it. Neither Sunni's nor Shiites are happy about the wall. The USA claims that the wall will make it more difficult for insurgents to attack and then run back to their own hiding spots. The wall, which was begun on April 10th, will, they claim, be finished in about a month. Didn't we celebrate the destruction of the Berlin Wall constructed by our "enemies," not that long ago? There are dozens (at least) of blast resistant walls, checkpoints and other temporary barriers, including a huge wall surrounding the entire Green Zone. However, the barrier being constructed in Adhamiya appears to natives to a sectarian separating, or to me a sectarian enabling wall. It (Adhamiya) is primarily, according to reports, a Sunni district. It is also a violent place in Baghdad, avoided not only by Shiites, but Sunni outsiders as well. Adhamiya is virtually surrounded by Shiite- districts like Gurayaat and Shamasiya. One of the writers says "The ambitious project is a sign of how far the U.S. military will go to end the bloodshed in Iraq." However, I have more than a mild criticism of that point of view. If the Fascists in Washington "...wished to end the bloodshed in Iraq," it should pull out of Iraq. This administration has perpetrated or provoked all of the violence in Iraq. The president and those who believed his lies about why we should attack Iraq, a decision according to several sources (Paul O'Neil, Dowd, and many others) was made long before 9/11, some say even before Bush was elected, and I predicted in 1996-1998 that for Bush, if ever elected, attacking Iraq would be the first order of business. 9/11 gave him the excuses that Iraq was implicit in (WMD's, yellow cake, 9/11 Nuke building) none of which I never believed for a moment. An Army spokesman, said that cordoning-off Baghdad completely, was not a part of the Military's strategy. Interestingly, the construction, which started April 10th, was not reported until April 19th, and even then in a Military newspaper, the Stars and Stripes. I wonder why? Military secret? Hah! Both Shiite's and Sunni's living close by were contemptuous of the Costly Concrete Ghetto-like Wall, asking if this was part of a plan to divide the City into small sectarian territorial divisions. A few commented that they thought the physical divisions would only serve to make the effort at reconciling differences near to impossible and drive the opposing forces to redouble their efforts at vengeance. The similarity between the Baghdad and Palestinian walls is hard to overlook and residents noticed that similarity immediately. They also felt that the many walls constructed by American Contractors are destroying traffic patterns, causing extended delays and are tantamount to creating or accelerating, by sectioning-off so many, creating Ghettoes, and will fan racist and religious hatred and other sectarian strife. They appear much wiser than Washington. However, the Bushites know what they are doing, they are following the 1984 and Mein Kampf scripts to the letter. It is difficult for me to believe that anything the Bushites have done or will do is not intentional. They are either the stupidest idiots on the planet or are dedicated to intentionally igniting further violence in an effort to prolong American occupation and enlarge the war placing workers and American troops in greater harm's way. I favor rejecting the former and accepting the latter about their motivation-they are the New World Order, a recreation of the Third Reich. What better way, if you are psychotic, which I believe the Bushites to be, to expand the war, put pressure on and embarrass Congress, and pull other nations into the conflict. Why? So that the Bushites can double the number of troops and the funding. Funding which can be spread to contractors as Graft and more end up as campaign contributions to fascist politicians and can loosen up the war to draw in Iran and Syria. Is the "Great Wall" is a brainchild of the Bushites, or their concrete contractors or raw concrete materials brokers, knowing full-well that it will be a large, hard to miss target for bombers and they can replace it again and again, and thereby steal more money from the USA treasury? The workers may as well paint targets on their backs, because right now they are fish in a barrel, more plans of the Bushites I believe. The more provocation to violence they can create the longer they can stay and protect the oil for their oil company political supporters. In this way, they can also request and receive more troops and money. The longer Iraq is occupied, the more oil and money can be stolen, dealt back to politicians in an endless, unconscionable whirlpool of graft, murder, stealing, and political corruption, unmatched in the history of humankind. I predict the Bushites will create, once given more trillions, another "surge" effort to plant between 250,000 and 500,000 troops in Iraq with the express intention of attacking both Syria and Iran, chopping them up like they are doing with Baghdad, creating certain partitioning which will increase insurgency widening the conflict to provoke other nations bringing more supporting troops in to assist the insurgents and so on, ad infinatum. Congress must recognize that the Bushites are a group of demoniac, megalomaniacs, and they ARE, indeed, planning the unthinkable, the unspeakable. The Bushites plan is to subdue the entire world, nation by nation, including our own, to be run by a handful of Hitlerite-Bushites, which are intent on destroying democracy everywhere an replacing it with a Bushite version of 1984 NAZISM. I was the first, in 2003 and before that in 1996, to label them fascists and was chided for that, now it is an accepted nomenclature for them. I read about Prescott Bush's Nazi adventurism back in 1986. Now I call them Nazi's, for that is what some of the Bushites are, and worse, wittingly or unwittingly. The Bushites are not merely Republicans; they are fascists, bent on domination of the entire world, including America. If they are not literal reincarnates of Hitler and his henchmen, they are a close imitator of that regime. I sometimes feel as if we are living in a vortex, a Hellhole, of a combination of three books/films, The Boys in The Band, The Invasion of The Body Snatchers and 1984. However, rather than scientific clones being reared, or planetary aliens possessing the bodies of living Americans, Nazi's, almost immediately after reaching Hell, were turned about and sent back as Bushites, to families receptive to Fascism or with a history of support of fascist and Nazi's. That is exactly the irony with which fate works its magic. The actual demoniacs (literally) were driven to read, 1984 and Mein Kampf and with the resources they lacked in Nazi Germany, to conquer the whole world, here waiting for them in America and Great Britain were the facilities to do what they failed to do from the 1930's to the 1940's. They then needed only to unearth the Big Lie, their chief internal weapon against their own people in Nazi Germany, to grab power. As I have said since 1996, there is no mistaking who the Bushites are. Destroying America, at this point, could not be done from outside, but so far has been a snap from within. However, instead of having the Jews as the target, these modern Nazi's are using Jews as the enabling force, an excuse for attacking Arab Muslim nations, in a twisted religio-genocidal, mumbo-jumbo, making the Muslims the intended Genocidal victims first and then when they no longer need the Israelites, turning on them, once America itself is completely subdued. Even now, men fighting for freedom, American citizens Like Professor Murphy and others are being tagged on the "Terrorist Watch List," much like the hit list of the Nazi Gestapo and the SS secret police. Think of the irony. The two nations, which defeated the Nazi's, have become the unwitting enablers. Twin Allies and subsequently the victims, sold out by traitors in Britain and the USA-traitors whose motivation is steeped in family sympathy for fascism and/or for dynastic wealth, betrayed by cowardly avarice, the root of all-evil. Wake up Congress! This is indeed a Cosmic Battle, carefully made covert by several layers of camouflage. The first layer is the smoke screen, which the "Christian Right" (of which they are neither) obsesses over. That "Cosmic Battle" of the Neo-cons was a faux-a charade to discredit the real Cosmic Battle. It is a disinformation, misinformation, masterpiece, in which a Philosophical Cosmic Battle of which I speak, is replaced by a so-called spiritual battle which is another name for a racist/religious Genocidal screen for world conquest fronting for International oil and water control. Yes, water, too. It will soon become of more value than gold. However, there is a way to stop it all and it is coming soon, if congress has the stones to do it. How? It is simple. Appoint several Special Prosecutors to investigate all corruption, install a Nuremburg War Crimes Commission and go after all of the Bushites and their financial supporters, including those churches and other institutions which collaborated in the destruction of our Democracy and do what Jefferson said about tyranny. Nationalize all the banks, dissolve the Unconstitutional Demon of Turtle Island, the FED, and sack the "World Bank." Declare war on these entities, nullify all oil contracts made with Iraq, dissolve and nationalize the American Oil companies and turn one of the Special Prosecutors after the congress people, those in the White House, and the other national offices who have sold us out. Repeal the Patriot Act and the Military Commission Act of 2006, or indict those in congress, the White House and the AG's office, who have already broken those "laws." The nutcases coveting Power and Greed used the Christian Right. It is that simple. Baghdad will be the ignition site and the wall may be the Catalyst to a major World Conflagration. I have written extensively about (including in a novel in 1996) the New World Order, which back then I recognized as influenced by the father of Prescott Bush and continued by Prescott Bush and his Nazi Partners in UBC and The old Brown Brothers Harriman (not it's present successor) which lent money to Adolph Hitler from 1932-1942 and covertly until as late as 1951 held Nazi funds and invested them for their "owners."

Several people, have either wittingly or unwittingly tuned in on a prophecy, which I have repeated several times in print, since a dream I had decades ago about Nazi tanks rolling bumper to bumper down my street in Oak Park Illinois through Berwyn Illinois and points north and south for miles. What they have envisioned is what may happen here if the Bushites are not disposed of by congress, that is, if congress ever wakes up from its delirium, which I doubt they will. We no longer have a nation of the people, by the people, for the people, because the people, too absorbed on materialism and peeking into the bedrooms and lives of others, have bought hook, line and sinker into a nation of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation and the state which is Fascism and the manner in which it is being run is Nazism and the once great home of the brave and land of the free, is now the home of the haters, the avaristic, the violent and the mind peepers. Everyone wants a piece of everyone else and everyone is out for themselves and groups of people are all out for themselves, People once put upon by others as victims have become the victimizers of others. They formed groups aimed at hating their pet targets. Blacks who hate whites and whites who hate blacks, men who hate men, men who hate women, religions which hate other religions, religions which hate women, religions which hate people who are intelligent and independent Women who hate men, women who hate children, women who hate the unborn and women who hate other women, evil men which control religions and wish to control everyone. And much, much more. Now there are greater groups of haters than any nation has ever seen since Nazi Germany, all based on hatred. If people still cannot see that once again we are being assailed by the fascists of ancient Rome (after the ancient Roman war weapon, thickly laminated many twigged, battle ax called the Fasces), indicating strength in numbers, tightly tied together. Where one cannot stand alone without breaking many molded together can, which is a rough translation of the Archaic Latin definition of the fasces, which process led to the New World Order of GW Bush designed by fascists and Nazi's in his administration. Hitler has returned, that is as plain as the nose on any enlightened person's face, and congress, thinking they, whether "Democrat" or "Republican" will be invited to the feast are lining their pockets and the people who were supposed to be vigilant, are too busy being cowards (I'm not sticking my neck out, they say.) or too busy text messaging, iPodding, Reality show watching, American Idol-ing, shopping the lazy fat asses off, wasting their souls, if they have any, on meaningless pleasures while the precious, sacred documents that kept us from being the beasts we had been, are being destroyed and those American Prophets, led by the minds of Jefferson and others in our own day are ignored, jailed or victims of "unfortunate accidents". Maybe such fools deserve what they get but we who have been vigilant will suffer along with them and probably before them, because what fascist fear an indolent, pleasure-me-now idle, materialistic fool? Someone, in Nazareth, said 2000 years ago, "Those with Ears had better hear and those with eyes had better see!" To see a witting or unwitting prophecy in motion on the fate of America if the Bushites maintain power in 2008 or if the congress does not root them out now, go to: --LIFE WHERE 9/11 is 24/7"" Here on Opednews.com.

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