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The Abortion Issue: Who Is Behind It?

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The Abortion Issue: Who Is Behind It? And Why? ''The rich make money; the poor make children.'' In Italy, Russia, Japan, Germany, and a few other countries, the birth rate is falling rapidly. In Italy it may fall by 33.33% in the next two generations, the others above listed may soon follow suite. As lifestyles change, exterior distractions overcome growing birth rates. Bigger more luxurious homes, sportier, or larger vehicles, expensive vacations, second and even third homes, eating out more, more entertainment, collectibles, horses, more vehicles, clothes, shoes, hats, more, more and more of everything, means fewer children. People begin to desire entry to the culture of acquisitiveness-they want things. The countries named above and others are beginning to seek ways to make motherhood more attractive. A nation's economy, it seems, unless that nation has a huge trade surplus, is dependent upon population growth. In the 1940 Shirley Temple film, THE BLUE BIRD, 20th Century Fix's answer to MGM's THE WIZARD OF OZ, children yet to be born are piling up at the gates of heaven waiting to descend to earth. In real life, at least in America 40,000,000 bodies of the unborn dead have been piling up in morgues and refuse heaps, victims of abortion. They remind one of the Nazi mass graves into which the lifeless bodies of Jews, Poles and others were being plowed with bulldozers. Those 40,000,000 unborn dead have taken a huge toll on America's economy. With the labor market falling, and fewer buyers, many items have become scarce or discontinued and with a paucity of workers, salaries rose and companies began to outsource to get cheaper labor, throwing millions out of work and in the process, destroying tens of millions of lives here. Gasoline which sold for $00.05 a gallon at the pump in Iraq before the unwarranted attack on her by the Bushite fascists, which sells now for $00.12 a gallon in Venezuela, and the price of a chocolate bar in Syria, Iran and other nations, is selling for between $2.50 and $3.89 a gallon at the pump in the USA. (Hmmm, seems coincidental that all the nations the Bushites want to attack have very low oil prices.) Well, the post-production cost of sweet oil, the moment before it goes to the pump at your local gas station is actually only between $1.00-$1.50 a BARREL! That same oil is selling at about $70 a barrel in America. Who is making all that money? You know who it is, the Bushites, The Carlyle Group, the Bushite Family business and the Saudi Bin Laden's. Costs will go higher, as the birth rates continue to decrease and especially if a Special Prosecutor does not rip the Bushites from office. Perhaps we ought to think about recalling or impeaching Nancy Pelosi who seems to be protecting GW Bush? Mistranslations and separations from reality and consistency-Some people say that they are against the evils of Preemptive war, murdering, torturing, Capital Punishment, the use of pesticides/herbicides- (some of them I know even use them on their gardens) but favor abortion. Those who say it is not evil are not merely inconsistent, but they have let others, or their own selfishness, define their morality for them. In this inability to create their own belief systems, they mimicked the "Christian Right" (of which they are neither) who supported Preemptive war, murdering, torturing, Capital Punishment, the use of pesticides/herbicides, but are anti-abortion, the flip side of the abortionists, which is even more inconsistent. However, before you gloat at the Christian Right, at least they were right to pick up on the Catholic stand against abortion, at least they got one of six right, the only thing they've gotten right in decades. Thomas Malthus, early in the 1900 century wrote that the population was growing so fast that by mid-20th century, we would be standing on each other's shoulders. Margaret Sanger made a hysterical plea to reduce birth rates, especially among the poor. You see, abortion and birth control is aimed at the poor and the naïve'. It always was. Snobbish Leftists, selfish Rightists, none of them want blacks, Spanish speaking peoples and other minorities to outnumber them, despite what they say, so they dreamed up the abortion issue, selling the idea to some naïve' women as a body control issue-clever, if devious marketing. Body control for whom? Thirty-odd years ago, the person who helped perpetuate the lie, testified on national TV that she was raped and without an abortion, she would have to put up with a living reminder of the rape for the rest of her life-poor pregnant baby. The moment I heard her, I turned to my parents and others at our home that night, and blurted out, "She lies, she was not raped, and her boy friend got her pregnant." When I said that I had no clue about her private life, whether she was or was not married. However, I knew at the moment I said it, it was true. Thirty years later, she admitted/confessed to exactly what I stated so long before, just before being baptized and turning Catholic. Those with an agenda duped her into the testimony; they would pay for her abortion if they got the bill passed. Just like in the Iraq War, America was lied into supporting death. It certainly seems awfully easy to trick congress, they didn't follow due-diligence in the abortion issue, any more than they did concerning Iraq. But, Hell, Rep. Conyers said they don't read most of the bills they vote on anyway. How would you like to have them as your lawyers? You'd get a parking ticket and end up in the electric chair. That lie told under Congressional testimony has now cost tens of millions of lives and a host of elections. The Dems, once the party of the underdog got swooshed by the Republicans into supporting abortion, became perennial losers and the Republicans, grabbed the brass ring and ran against abortion and won and won and won, while helpless little unborn babies died under the phony lie that a woman's body is her own. How could anyone who has ever seen a little baby even consider such a thing? They don't, they just don't think about the issue of 40,000,000 aborted unborn babies any more than they do about the tens of thousands of dead and dying children in Iraq. They just don't care-they are too busy searching out new ring tones for their cell phones. You see now days ring tones, not one's strength of conscience, or one's integrity, are the symbols of one's individuality-Ring tones shared with tens of millions of people, asserting individuality? How not so is that?. Ring tones are easier to find than one's conscience. Some people need not worry, however, because some people came into this world unequipped with a conscience. Abortion, is pure and simple an easy way for those in power to control minds of the simple-minded and the populations of the minorities. However, still those most damaged by it, do not comprehend of what they are a part. Just as the key supporters of the war, were, when it started, those who entered the service for honor and patriotism. They were easily duped and those who entered to get an education were easily bamboozled. Before the Fascist, Nazi imitating, Pro-Death Squad, goes off on the abortion issue, they should first do something that I know is hard for them, they'll have to THINK, strategy, THINK, empathy, for the helpless, unborn. THINK of exactly who is really behind abortion? Who stands to profit most from it? Doctors, the Medical industry, and the Right Wing politicians, against which most of the minority babies, when they grew up, would vote. The Left, has duped itself, however, aided and abetted by the happy Right. The powers of deduction of the Left got waylaid-got lost in the Viet-Nam, abortion fiasco, thirty-odd years ago and never recovered it. It was the stupidest support of all time. 40,000,000 dead, unborn babies, sixty times as many as have died in Iraq, in less than 35 years. Nice going, smart, yeah. 40,000,000 dead unborn future democratic voters, gone forever. What kind of logic is supporting abortion? It is what derailed the Democrats, which drove many Christians, some Muslims, Jews and many others, over to reluctantly vote for the Bushites. Had the Dems dumped that Evil, there would have been no Bushites and no 1,100,000 casualties, no tens of millions of ruined lives for generations to come, no Holocaust of Muslims, no economic slaughter of American families. Congratulations to those who supported murder and abuse of the helpless, unborn, whether or not those helpless, unborn yet had yet a soul or a mind. Those who did so caused all of this, for their purely selfish and despicable desires, for a practice supported by Adolph Hitler--they and the one that now calls himself pope, who does not support abortion, but did support Bush and his death squad of political opportunists! But hey, why bother to revere life? Why bother with babies, when they can buy dogs, or cats, or robots, or new houses, or cars or anything they want. Those things may get them heavily into debt, but raising children, that is also very costly and it is a heap of responsibility. You have to be mature and unselfish to grow a family. If everyone decided not to, there would no humans left in less than 100 years. Not so long ago a Catholic bishop who condemned gratuitous, overt, and graphic violence in films and TV, chided me because I had not seen The Passion of Christ. My reply was, "I do not watch gratuitous and graphic violence in films and TV, and I do not applaud actors or others who practice above their competency, (Gibson is no theologian) nor do I applaud overt anti-Semitism or anti-Muslimism, nor anti any religion or ethnic group. I do applaud anti-stupidity, but NOT patronization of others who are grappling to learn. I also do not applaud false theology, and Gibson's film was false theology. Further, you urged people to do in the case of The Passion of Christ, what you urged them not to do a few years ago in other films. At that time, you urged them not to encourage and support with dollars or in any other way, the display of gratuitous, graphic, violence. Good guidance needs to be consistent. You have been a bit inconsistent and a bit hypocritical, sir. What? It is evil when 'Hollywood' makes a violent film about crime, but not when a Catholic makes one about Jesus?" His stand makes no sense, does it? Neither does the stand of hating the evils of Preemptive war, murdering, torturing, Capital Punishment, the use of pesticides/herbicides-but favoring abortion. So little these days makes sense. Too many things clogging the logic center of the brain/mind, diversions, diversions, diversions, until one's entire life is diverted to material things. Think about it, if there truly is a God, every trivial thing, which is set before us, is a diversion. If there isn't what have we lost, by acting responsibly? Do you think that the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 or any year, would have been passed if Mr. Conyers and his colleagues which seldom read the bills they vote on, would not have been diverted by so many things-like making money off the lobbying scum-those demoniacs who live only for the money they make? Do you think any person ever, if they gave thought to what the Hell is going on, would really want an unborn innocent creature or creature to be, one with a brain, and perhaps a soul, to be ripped from the womb and tossed into the garbage pail? Who could do such a thing? And why would they do such a thing, why? Insanity? Selfishness? Foolishness? A sense of hatred of the gender, which impregnated her? Hatred of children? Rape? Pressure from the father who does not want children? A desire for material things? What? If that is unimpressive, think, please about the Bushites and the war and the bills they have passed turning America into a 21st Century version of Nazi-fascist Germany of the 1930's-1940's. Think of the incredible avarice and violence these people represent. Think, for a moment of the future under such selfishness and violence. It can only get worse as the Bushites and their successors, attack Iraq, Syria, Venezuela and finally the Blue States, yes those Blue States... in the USA. You think not, my friend, if that is the case you are naïve'. I wrote in 1996-1998 about what would happen if GW Bush became President, in a novel. I missed nothing, called it all. Why do you think? I even wrote about it in my now extinct Newsletters, which gave way to my Blogspot, where I continued to write about things yet to come and they came, like clockwork they came. Ask my regular readers. The future is viewable, a Tachyonic reality for those who are not distracted. It was all there in the human wiring long before the occurrences. I have made far too many accurate calls for them to be coincidental, besides neither Einstein nor Jung believed in "coincidence," Einstein, Jung when asked by Jung what he thought of Synchronicity, was it coincidence or a psychic reality? Einstein looked up at Jung and said, simply, "It is simply God's way of letting us know we are not alone." Read Jung's little book Synchronicity, it may change your life. The future is a direct result of the past and the now. It is not isolated, but tied, directly to decisions made now and before now. The information rides on the Quantum, streaks back and forth on Tachyons, which can be interpreted. It truly is simply God's way of letting us know we are not alone, but it is also, some of it, changeable. If you have read my work in the past, you would know that I am thoroughly against a Theocratic State. Only a fool, an addict, an insane person, an extremely needy person, or a demented person, would ever support a Theocratic State. It and fascism on the rise were the reasons my Great Grandparents left Italy for America. I do not advocate a Theocratic state, or an Organized Religion to be recognized as state favored or sponsored. I am not a fan of Organized Religions-any of them. That, however, does not negate individuals recognizing the reality of a living God. The living God is another story. Avoiding diversions, would have negated the Bush presidency, but too wrapped up in iPods, the silliness of seeking out ring tones (I hear of grown up searching for hours to find new and "exciting" ring tones. Can you imagine a more frivolous or foolish occupation of time?) Just before one dies one often wishes s/he had more time. More time for what, adding iTunes to their iPod? Seeking new and more "exciting" ring tones? Buying yet another new article of clothing? A bigger house? And what do they leave behind, a family who loved them for giving them life, or a house full of inanimate, "things". Maybe their loved ones are lying, rotting in a pile of the 40,000,000 dead unborn babies-I wonder if the souls of those babies will pray for the souls of the parent or parents who put them into the garbage dump. What a graceful, loving burial, that is. Everything, which is not pointed at making life peaceful and happy for those around everything, anything, which takes our eyes off our responsibilities for our families and ourselves and the rest of mankind, is a diversion. Prada Shoes and purses, Gucci wallets, new cars every year, will not appease a conscience which is overburdened with unease, with guilt, with a sense of wanderlust, of things undone, avoided responsibilities, if's, and's and but's, chances missed and worse-these are all things which drive us to acquire, those and selfishness. We cannot tolerate the idiocy of the Bushites so we send after them the Pelosi's, and that is enough to make a healthy person puke or want to go shopping for a week.

A dead or never conceived baby leaves a deep hole which no amount of material consumption or collection will ever fill-not even until the person responsible takes their dying breath. The more educated, "smarter people" are not having babies and the naïve' and not so well educated, not so bright people are having most of the babies, which clears up the mystery of how the Bushites got elected. In a straw poll of aborted babies, at least 73% would have voted for a democrat. One cannot escape the cause and effect. I have seen the future and if it includes the current rate of self-centered materialism, the Bushites are just a blip in the Standard Deviation of Evil, which will run mankind off the planet and into the garbage pail which is currently inhabited by the 40,000,000 dead, unborns they killed, all of which gave us fewer voters, which in turn gave us, fascism, which is fast growing into a Nazism for which not even Adolph Hitler, the idol of the Bushites, could have hoped. We need now to plague Pelosi and the others with letters and emails and phone calls to either Impeach Bush and Cheney or hire a Special Prosecutor before it is too late, because at the rate that Pelosi and the others are pissing off voters, the third party candidate could hand yet another election over to the fascists. I am sure that Ralph Nader is watching very closely. He can't win but he can collect huge dollars from the FEDS for his candidacy if he pulls 5% of the vote as he and others have in the past. It is in your hands. Note: More and more I am getting the impression, of the frustration of our readers, and readers on the other sites on which my articles appear and on my BLOGSPOT, the possibility that Ralph Nader will, have in 2008, many more voters, mainly because of the Pelosi Abdication of Responsibilities. How do you feel about that issue? PS: I spoke to Senator Durbin's office today. I called three times got put into three filled mailboxes. Called back and told the secretary I was writing my next article about why a Special Prosecutor has not been appointed to go after the War Criminals. I said OPEDNEWS.com has 2.5 million readers a week. I asked that he return my call and discuss the Special Prosecutor Issue.

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