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Is John Edwards Back In The Game? For Our Sake, I Hope So.

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Message Peter Mirisola
Finally, something that makes sense in this god forsaken country. Everything and anything that could possibly go wrong in politics in our United States has, in the past eight years, gone way wrong. We started with a man with no credentials or brains and the reincarnation of  Heinrich Himmler assuming the role of president and vice president, despite the voice of the American voter. Our generation had the distinction of experiencing the first coup d'état (that we know of, the court's still out on Kennedy) in our history. We had the largest terrorist attack in anyone's history occur on our soil, killing over three thousand of our own citizens and according to most evidence presented, professional opinion and the reaction of the administration itself through it's lack of legitimate investigation it appears as though our own reigning officials had great motive, opportunity and complicity in its planning and execution. Ain't that a kick in the ass?
We then declared war on and invaded a country based on what were known by everyone in the world except our president to be lies regarding weapons of mass destruction, then declared the war over, mission accomplished in several weeks but continued to decimate the country and its' occupants for another six years and counting. We held another election, you know, to show that we were still a democracy, and somehow this maniac and his henchman retained power, now demonstrating an amount of complicity of the democratic party through their failure to enforce their gained power in congress and allowing the bush administration to continue on their corporate crusade to drag the United States down to third world status in their efforts to raise the third world out of poverty, a noble gesture but at the expense of the American people but, hey, that's the way the One World Order crumbles. As the heat from the American public, thanks to alternative media resources such as OpEdNews, grew more intense, bush threw his henchmen to the wolves one by one. Not to worry though, policies were in place, the corporate world had successfully merged with the government. There was no republican and democrat. There weren't even many concerns for the 2008 elections, now that Edwards was out of the way with all that liberal, whiny bullsh*t about American workers getting their due. And with Edwards out of the picture, Hillary assuming the caricature of a typical carnival barker politician and Obama trying desperately to run a campaign and defend himself against all of her racial and religious innuendo, the democrats are beginning to get on everyone's nerves. Any message they may have once had is lost in the rubble of the campaign. By the time Clinton and Obama are finished showing America what a bunch of buffoons dems are McCain will be a shoe in. It's looking like a sad day in American history. It looks like the Fed has finally reached their goals and almost a hundred years to the day. They have privatized the government of the United States of America. "I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of Wal-Mart, Exxon and Bank of America, and to the republicans, for which they stand........".  Wait just a frikkin minute. Maybe, just maybe, bush and his corporate sponsors are getting a little bit ahead of themselves. I have to admit that I too, may have been getting just a bit pessimistic, thinking that all was lost. I was , at first, relying on the democrats to be the common sense party. Then I realized, not. Half of them are bought and paid for, just like half of the republicans. I finally realized that it's not a republican/democrat war. Nothing like that at all. I was doing exactly what Americans do when it comes down to everything divisive, we generalize. All blacks are this, all whites are that, all Mexicans are illegal's, all dems are liberals and all republicans are corporate manglers. I was wrong, it's not a black and white situation. It's a people against the residing corporate government thing and I gave up hope when the only person who I perceived as a true Patriot, the one leader of the people against the government, John Edwards, dropped out of the race. I gave up because I didn't believe that there was anyone else. I believed Obama was sincere but I didn't believe that he had the experience, the power or the connections to win back our government. Without Edwards, we the People lost. I even waited just for an endorsement, a sign from Edwards, a vote of confidence for Barack but none came.
Until today, John Edwards offered his support to Obama. Finally, one sliver of hope. One that I never expected. I perceive Edwards to be a man of honor, of his word. I believed he did not offer an endorsement because he could not justify it but now he has confidence. If Edwards has confidence then I have confidence. He's given be back my hope. But why, all of a sudden? Why now? My theory? He's watched this contest with the same dismay as I. He has recognized the obvious, Hillary is not presidential material. She has stooped to lows and underhanded tactics befitting a used car salesman, with the same winning personality. I believe that he has watched Obama as I have and has seen a man with a true mission and Hillary, not as an opponent but as a distraction from very important work. He is not like she. She is not to be beaten, crushed or destroyed at all cost as she sees him, she is strictly a heckler in the crowd, a madwoman throwing eggs, not a worthy adversary who must be overcome, but a gnat which must be ignored. If Edwards is indeed the man I perceive him to be and I'm on target with Obama then here is how I see this scenario develop. An Obama/Edwards ticket is an unbeatable match. The republicans may as well stop spending their money and go home and we, the American people, will have leaders to work with to oust the corporate vampires, put an end to the Federal Reserve and the IRS, removing our government and economy from all corporate control. No more lobbyists, no more bills passed without so much as a glance. A government of the people, for the people and by the people. No where do I see Exxon or Wal-Mart in there.
Not so fast though, we have a long way to go. We have many new generations of voters in this new century. We have people who have, for the first time in their lives, taken advantage of their right to vote. It took the virtual takeover of their government to stir them up but hopefully we've learned valuable lessons. The fact that the competition was so close was the only way that this takeover could have been accomplished. The people who don't vote are the most important. They are the ones who give us the spread necessary to determine the actual majority. Bush would not be president had there been even a slightly larger margin of democratic votes. So vote, get your family to vote, your friends, your enemies, anyone you can influence. Make people aware of the absentee ballot system, vote by mail. You can even register and request your ballots online. You don't even have to leave the house or so much as speak with a person. All you need is a social security number (yours), a computer and/or a phone. No fuss, no muss, no crowds, anxiety or rain. NO EXCUSE!
Then there's just one little thing. It seems that others have challenged this system before. Granted, at the time it wasn't as obvious to as many people that a portion of this government existed back then but they did and when someone like Bobby Kennedy bucked them, well, you know the story,,what was that?? Duran Duran? No,, no,, that was the scientist who Barbarella was searching for. Oh yea, Sirhan Sirhan. That's right. Yea, sure. In any event, be aware. These people need mega protection. No, not the Secret Service guys who protected JFK as he was being murdered by slowing his car to a virtual stop so they could get a better shot at him, or the guys who were several yards behind his car as they took him on an unscheduled route. We need some real protection. Maybe we could hire Blackwater? No, don't think so. Besides, that's just the stuff of all those conspiracy nuts. Bush and his boys would never have a presidential candidate murdered, would he? 
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I was born in 1951. I had the benefit of experiencing the naï vetï of the 50', The Ozzie and Harriet years, when Dad went to work in a suit and tie and Mom stayed home in high heals and an apron. Yea, that was life for me. I lived in a (more...)
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