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Now It's Time To Clean Up The Mess Left Behind. The First Thing To Dispose Of Are The Criminals Who Made The Mess.

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Author 11987
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Now that the election is out of the way and it's time to tuck the nit-wits back into their cerebral comas it's finally about time to move on to further agendas.
As you read this I would ask you to read and continue on. Do not make assumptions on what I say before you have moved on in the article. I ask this because I find that many readers have a tendency to come to a certain type of statement, make a determination on a sentence and in their mind, stop allowing new information in. I'm asking that if you come to a sentence or statement which un-nerves you or causes you to form an opinion, please, read on with an open mind. Things may not be what they appear all at once. Another thing, I'm sure that, after all of the bull which we've been through in the past years many will say "enough, I don't want to have to deal with this anymore. Let's move on and get past this."
Why? Why would we say forget about it? Did Bush steal your ice cream cone? Did they ruin your birthday party? No, they destroyed lives, ruined people financially, murdered people by deception, tore our nation down in the face of the world, passed laws which affect our rights and freedoms. Forget about it? Not me. We have a reputation which is vital to uphold, not only to the world but to future would be leaders. Were we to dismiss these actions as acceptable we are opening the door to many, possibly even more dangerous, elements who will have no fear, no compunction in mastering future takeovers which may put us in far more dire straights than we've been. It will be open season on the United States of America.  That being said I'll continue.
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I suppose now that Bush has made his gracious "no hard feelings" speech to the nation we should all just get on with the future, forgive and forget, put it all in the past and just begin mending the broken mess in which he's left this nation.  Well, right, on one account. It's time to start mending this nation and the first step in doing that is making damn sure that we send out a message to future would-be traitors to give a massive amount of serious thought before they ever try to overthrow our government by coup d'état, use our government and military for their own private use and that of their corporate cronies, manipulate terrorist attacks on our nation which kills over four thousand souls as a means to instigate a military attack on an innocent country and murder its' leader, enact laws for the sake of altering or diminishing our constitutional rights, placing our nation in jeopardy by failing to mediate with world leaders and on and on. Do you want to really support our troops? Bring to justice those who put them in harms way for frivolous and personal reasons. How many of their brothers and sisters have already sacrificed life and limb for these fascist maniacs? Should they not get justice now because we're tired of dealing with this mess? No.
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Forgive and forget? No way, absolutely not!
Would we forget such charges if they were against any other individual in the world? Absolutely not. We stood by while Saddam Hussein was hanged by the neck for almost similar charges. We had no regrets, no compunction hunting him down and turning him over to the people whom he wronged to try him and execute him.  Now, I'm definitely not saying that Hussein was not a murdering scumbag who got what he deserved. He was a dictator, just like Bush, who caused the death of many people for his own personal gain, just like Bush. He lived in riches as did his accomplices and cronies, just like Bush. He lacked all empathy for his fellow man and had no regards for their lives, just like Bush. About the only difference between Saddam Hussein and Bush is that, as far as we know, Bush always had someone else handle his "dirty" work for him whereas Saddam had no problem pulling the trigger and when caught Saddam didn't grovel and beg forgiveness which is what Bush's post election day speech was. He sure sounded like a true humanitarian, didn't he? Man, what a guy.
He's gonna help all he can to acclimate Obama and Biden to their new positions. Thanks, but no thanks. We now have a president and a vice president. It's time to impeach both Bush and Cheney now and seat Obama and Biden to get on with fixing things before Bush can do any more damage. Then congress can get on with the indictments and trials, and there will be many as there were many people involved and no one gets a pass. No one. 
This was not a single act of indiscretion, not an error in judgment, nor was it even a means for a better end. It was, right from the start, a conspiracy to overthrow and use the office of the presidency to place himself and his corporate complicities in a position to attain as much wealth and power as any group of people could amass. It wasn't an act configured by Bush alone, and Bush alone should not be charged. Everyone from Carl Rove, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and dozens upon dozens of others, every corporate head and CEO who had their hands out waiting for their contracts, their assignments, their stipends should be included in charges of conspiracy. I'm sure it will involve hundreds on down the ladder but no one should be exempted, no one would be under any other circumstances. This was the gravest crime, the most brazen act of greed, the most despicable offense which has ever been committed on our soil, bar none. How can we, people who live by the constitution, possibly ignore the brazen disregard for its' laws by the people sworn  to uphold it, the very people elected (by duplicity) to uphold it. 
These same people who harassed for six years of his term and impeached the prior president over a sex act (who, by the way, did an excellent job of running the country barring a personal indiscretion) would now dare ask our forgiveness for their heinous acts, crimes which cost thousands upon thousands of lives, destroyed the credibility of our nation as a world leader, crashed our economy costing trillions of dollars and caused the loss of jobs, savings and investments of millions of hard working Americans?  How can we dismiss this? We can not allow a coup to happen so much as once, but we did. It was a horrible misjudgment on the part of the American people and their so-called leaders. It should have been stopped when we realized what was happening, when all of the circumstances of the election in the year 2000 displayed acts not congruous to a just count. Officials in places which constituted conflict of interest, a brother who was a governor in a critical state where the count was awry, a senator in the same state who happened to be the campaign manager of the candidate in question, calling shots in regards to time constraints in the count, all things which should have put on the brakes and called for investigations and final counts before a final count was called. It was worse than a B movie, yet, we let it happen and then we witnessed the consequences. These people too should be prosecuted.
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Then, just a year later we happen to have the largest terrorist attack in history on one of our largest cities and again, just as with the election, it is wrought with questionable circumstances. How did planes get past NORAD, how did multiple buildings fall in the same manner, as though they were professionally demolished. Even with films and photographs depicting flames burning with an impossible intensity, small explosions called "squibs" bursting out below the fall zone on the buildings and many, many other circumstances called into question all was just dismissed when the president headed off the investigation. Case closed even though 70% of our nation believed that there was inside cooperation. How can 70% of us always believe that something's wrong yet our government fails to investigate it to our  satisfaction?  This is our country, when the majority of the people consistently disagree with something it is the sworn responsibility of our officials, those who we've elected  to represent us in the government to act on  and investigate the issue and act accordingly. Even when this president took our country to war with obvious lies and deceptions, fabricating evidence to justify the attack, we were ignored and now, when over 65% of voters petitioned for the impeachment of George W Bush and Richard Cheney we were ignored by Nancy Pelosi and congress. Why? What has this administration got that gives it immunity from prosecution on charges of treason, murder, conspiracy and more? Is it money, is it personal threats, or maybe threats against the nation itself? Do any of us truly believe that they aren't capable of another terrorist attack, possibly nuclear? Well no more trust. We can't afford it. Look at what they've already cost us. 
Bush knows that now, with a new incumbent president and vice president and a democratic congress there's a new game on. It's time to make nice and put on his human face figuring that, as always, he'll coast right on as though nothing has happened and live on to enjoy the fruits of his malicious indiscretions.  Can we really allow that? How? In the name of humanity? Well, of course not. They perpetrated these crimes because of one reason. They knew that a bunch of p*ssy liberals would let them off. In the same way, in their thinking, that liberals want to give reparations, want to redistribute the wealth to the poor, are against the death penalty, liberals would be heart felt to excuse a bunch of old patriots who really didn't do anything wrong, they never meant any harm. Those p*ssy liberals will fold and let them slide. I guess that they really don't understand much about most liberals. We don't want to redistribute wealth to people undeserving, we only want hard working people to be remunerated on an equitable level with investors and corporate management. Payment due for services rendered, no free ride. Reparations? For those who actually deserve it for losses they have personally incurred due to circumstances created by national policy. Nothing for nothing. The death sentence? Only where there's no shadow of a doubt that a person is absolutely guilty of an appropriate crime such as malicious murder or rape. Let's face it though, there are many variances and circumstances which can alter the degree of punishment deserved and that's not what this is about. I'm just stressing the fact that liberals don't believe that criminals should go free or that they're all a soft touch. We're just fair. I'll personally pull the switch on the appropriate criminal or put a bullet in someone intending to harm me or my loved ones,, hell, someone who's harming anyone else for that matter. So, maybe all liberals aren't lily livered. One thing that I know for sure is that  these people must pay for their crimes. Because they broke the laws that we all must obey and they, above everyone else must be made an example of.
We cannot forget what is indefensible. We cannot allow mass murderers to walk free. We cannot allow traitors and thieves to go on and live their lives and enjoy the fruits of their malfeasance.
There will be those who say that it's time to put the past behind us and move on.
I would say that there is a price we all must pay for our pasts. All deeds, good or bad, will become the past in just a short period of time, this is not a valid reasoning. Should I kill a man today knowing that it will be excused tomorrow on the basis that we should all just "put the past behind us"? Of course not! The prisons would be empty and the streets would be a veritable danger zone. On the bright side, we wouldn't need lawyers, everyone walks because their crimes were in the past and we can't dwell on the past, we just need to let it go.
I believe I've made my point on that reasoning so now, is there any other reason we can think of not to begin thorough investigations against every single person involved in everything from the 2000 election itself through now?  I'm straining, I can't think of a thing.
I can hear some die-hards whining "think of what it will do to this country, it will go on for years and dig up all sorts of things". To this I say "absolutely right, that's the idea".  Just what it will do to this country is make it stronger, stronger than it's ever been. It will establish a new standard, a higher standard for all of our officials to achieve. There won't be any more Watergates, no more assassinations, no more hidden agendas in midnight bills being passed, maybe we can even get them to keep their zippers up. There are many examples of benefits from examples set but most of all it sends a message that we're a nation whose laws apply to everyone, not just the man and woman on the street and we will not tolerate any interference with our government, not from outside sources and especially from our own citizens and politicians. 
We are the United States of America, we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights which were founded by our forefathers over two hundred years ago. Over the years we've fought to amend certain rights. Our Nation is a living entity and as we grew, we matured and found that certain rights no longer applied fairly to all individuals. Men and women have suffered, been beaten and died for those rights and no one will be allowed to tamper with those constitutional rights without facing charges of treason. We have tried and executed traitors to our nation on charges of treason and we are no different now than we were then and if anything this will make us grow stronger. We will never stop growing or learning from our mistakes, and mistakes, through the years, have been many. For many years we stagnated and as many incidents occurred we, as a people, allowed our officials to deceive us or distract us from the truth. What we've just been through is going to free us as a people, all people as one. With this tribulation we will for once, be lifted from the dark and learn what we need to watch, as we've now found that the media, whom we've always trusted and relied on to be our watchdogs, are not our friends. We must be vigilant on our own. We must be closer to our local politicians, be sure that they walk the straight and narrow and they in turn must be aware of their superiors. They will all know that we're watching and that we mean business. Anyone who belies their position or uses the authority entrusted them for reasons of duplicity will be dealt with expeditiously. Whit collar crime against the citizens of this nation will not be tolerated on any level, not from CEO's, not from politicians or public officials. This is how we learn, this is how we grow and this is how we begin to control those who work for us.
I've only touched on this subject as it stands now. There's so much that must be done and it will be a long task but we can not let this distract us from its' significance. Each step is vital as it will be a lesson learned and a problem resolved. These people must be approached as the criminals they are. They must be separated from the persona and dealt with as a source of information and a perpetrator of a crime, a crime against the people, against us.  We can not let sympathy stand in our way. It's now time to revive all of the petitions against Bush and Cheney and begin asking for indictments for each individual in the administration, retired or not and from there force investigations with firms such as Blackwater and Halliburton. It will all be federal investigations from there on but no one involved can escape investigation and punishment, if warranted.
As I said, this will be a large task but so was what's been done to this country and its citizens in the past eight years.
From there, it may be time to discover our true history for the past fifty years. It's a long road but we have lots of time.


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I was born in 1951. I had the benefit of experiencing the na-vet- of the 50', The Ozzie and Harriet years, when Dad went to work in a suit and tie and Mom stayed home in high heals and an apron. Yea, that was life for me. I lived in a (more...)

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