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B. Bhutto, FDR, Reclaiming Illicit, 9,000% Profits, Amid Silence From Candidates

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Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
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B. Bhutto, FDR, Reclaiming Illicit, 9,000% Profits, Amid Silence From Candidates A heroic, prophetic, President who saved America in WW II, a coward who betrayed Her in the 21st Century and those who elected him, killing 1,500,000 people, Stealing $12-trillion dollars, and slowly killing millions of Americans, in his bid for Hell! The Provocative Assassination of B. Bhutto. Are American Terrorists wearing pinstripes, betraying troops under fire? Read this Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Dennis Kucinich and the rest. No one save a handful of Non-mainstreamer's and most of the nation's population which are not running for office are saying anything much about the things I cover in this article, however, I ask, are Bushites and their Mid-Eastern Counterpart-allies sloshing kerosene on the fire in Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere to maintain occupation until the Bushites and Brits can seal the Privatization of Iraqi Sweet Crude Oil which costs are less than 2.6 cents a gallon? ($00.99-$1.49 a Barrel.) Are American torture concentration camps and mercenaries stoking the fires of rebellion with atrocities designed to anger and provoke ongoing fighting to make a suburb of Washington out of Iraq? Are politicians and contractors heavily profiting from the War promoting its longevity (Spell that Carlyle Group). Read below and connect the dot-it might lead to Washington. Weren't American's and Brit's caught trying to set off bomb's in residential neighborhoods, even while the US was building security walls around Baghdad and these same neighborhoods? Why was not a team made up of people like; Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Paul Krugman, Seymour M. Hersh and Bill Gates, sent to make peace among all the Iraqi, Pakistan, Iranian factions? For that matter why aren't the White House crew under arrest for High Treason, kidnapping and other crimes? In 2002, I stated in my now extinct newsletter, which gave way to my blog, and my one-year plus tenure as "Trusted Journalist," here on opednews, that I believed that "al Qaeda" was an Anglo-American creation-a CIA underling, a Cheney HellBoyGroup. Now Larry Chin of Global Research's new article (12/29/07) Anglo-American Ambitions Behind The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the Destabilization of Pakistan, writes confirming my thoughts of six years ago Who really murdered Berizine Bhutto? General President Dwight D. Eisenhower just before JFK's Inaugaration on the Bushite/Brit anti-democracy forces in the Medical Military Industrial Complex warns about my money. Bushites, al Qaeda, Brits, they are all the same-all after the same thing oil and the bogus issue of "terrorism" is the means to frighten weaker people into giving up their rights/freedoms for "security." If you want security, you can buy it from Colt, Berretta, Glock, Winchester and many other sources, but you won't get it from The Patriot Act, The Military Commission's Act of 2006 (MCA-06), or the Home-Grown Radical Terrorist Violence Act which removes what little of Habeas Corpus remains after the (MCA-06) except that this last bit of satanic injustice was designed by a Democrat, one Jane Harman from California. Wow, two dingbat congresswomen from the same state, perhaps there has indeed been too much spraying for bugs out there, warping what little intellect and common sense they might have had. Those laws were designed to keep the Bushites in security, not the American people, and to keep, those American people, instead, in turmoil and fear. Key Bushites have already bought home sites in South America, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dubai fearing War Crimes Trials in 2009 here, if their planned coup, before the 2008 election, fails. As Time Goes By... was a WW II song, made famous by Dooley Wilson, in the film Casablanca. You may or may not know about gasoline ration stamps, a certain allotment each person received regularly. Gasoline, despite the shortage because of a real War, was $00.19 a gallon, or about $8.40 Retail a barrel and about $00.05 a gallon post-production including a moderate profit, exactly the retail price of gas at the pump in Iraq before the Bushites attacked them. The price in 1943 was high for those days because of the war, but the Roosevelt Administration had price controls in place, so the people would not be robbed. Roosevelt cared, as most prophets do. At $00.05 a gallon that would make the retail price $2.21 a barrel, or the wholesale price at, $00.01+ (actually One and three-quarters cents a gallon a gallon or $00.77 a barrel. Back then there were saboteurs, but FDR saw no need for (MCA-06), or the Patriot Act, but there was the unjust imprisonment of Japanese-American citizens and some Italians as well as Germans and a few others against which many including my family, prominent union movers and shakers, complained, with some effectiveness. Human beings all have feet of clay, even a prophet like FDR. One thing about the WWII era which my folks always remembered, was how close everyone was and how unafraid and relaxed Americans were. At that time, we had a crippled president FDR, crippled by the same disease that temporarily crippled me-polio. In his era, exterior materialism had not yet taken hold of most Americans. Fifty-five years after his death, TV/cable and the Bushites corrected that divine undersight. Throughout America, there were incidents of what timid, mousy people call "terrorism" but which people of courage call Sabotage. People of God, people of courage do not allow themselves to be "terrorized" by government perverts, or any of the other myriad enemies of freedom. In our neighborhood, there was a military parts factory, at which someone with a good arm could throw and hit with a baseball from our porch. One cold, dreary late December afternoon, Nazi saboteurs tried to blow it up. They succeeded only in knocking down a four story high, metal debris shaft, which teetered and then in slow motion crashed across Menard avenue diagonally, stopping what little traffic there was on that street. The whole neighborhood under my grandfather's direction as Air Raid Warden in Chief, grabbed guns, ran to the scene, searching the entire neighborhood for the culprits. The authorities caught the Nazi saboteurs a few weeks later. Those Nazi's were American citizens who had children and grandchildren who were traitors, just as Prescott Bush did. Too bad. Americans had great advantages, because good citizens back then were hard workers, so hard that they out produced the rest of the world. They had common sense and had weathered hard times, and as Nietzsche said, that which does not kill you makes you stronger, and they were also fearless. Our greatest president, perhaps the greatest man since Jesus, was a man who had overcome most of his own classes' prejudices, their rather elitist background, and their wealth. FDR, who was as much at home with the many top notch Republicans he appointed to key peace and wartime positions, as with most of the Progressives and Liberals of his New Deal era, said it quite plainly, The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself... That nationally broadcast comment was the key that supported and bolstered the courage American's. Today, however, so materialistically demented, cowardly, sycophantic and easily manipulated by Neo-con fantasies, anti- Liberal, historical revisionism, are some Americans, that such a courageous, crippled man-the one who saved America, moving about whether on crutches and painfully, or whipping by in a makeshift wheel chair, must be pining away in Heaven, in shame of what has happened to the once party of justice. Were he here now, and president once again, he would have immediately, as I would have, and will, ask my congressmen now, do as he did then to conficate all profits from the Iraq war from all contractors and at once.He set up the Recapture of Excessive Contractor Profits, program I describe below. Recapturing No-Bid Contractor and oil company profits! Let us focus for the moment on $99.53 a barrel oil-oil which is delivered to the pump where it is sold at $3.65 a gallon- (An American Gallon consists of 44.2 gallons of oil, of which 19.5 is used for autos), were it all auto fuel oil, is $161.33 a barrel-the same oil that costs the producers to make into gasoline, $1.00-$1.50 A BARREL! Or less than $00.03 a GALLON! Yeah, it was selling in Iraq before the war at $00.05 cents a gallon and is right now selling in Venezuela at $00.12 a gallon. Saddam Hussein, an executed war criminal, was satisfied with a 40% mark-up/profit, but our own countrymen-the oil companies are making a 4000%-9000% mark-up/profit and are still not happy? The people who our president and his puppeteers think were so horrible to their people apparently thought enough of them not to allow them to be gouged by oil profiteers. Oil right now is selling, at the pump in Iran and Syria at about the price of a stick of gum is here. There is an eminent precedent for recapturing excessive profits from government contractors in Wartime and more so from No-Bid Contracts today, because in truth, in America there are no Uniquely Qualified No-Bidders, so Let's see if Nancy Pelosi is going to take that off the table as well! Use the funds for a New GI BILL! Yes, indeed, let's recapture "No-Bid" Contractor and Oil Company Charges by Mandatory Renegotiation of Contracts! And Use Funds for a New GI BILL and healthcare programs without the use of insurance companies! Franklyn Delano Roosevelt was Undersecretary of the Navy in World War I and he handled the job better than anyone before or since. By the time he became president and facing a Second World War just 23 years later, he knew exactly what to do. "Roosevelt, who had handled the Navy's contracting responsibilities in World War I, was well served by the procurement team Stimson assembled at the War Department. Undersecretary Robert Patterson, General Brehon Somervell, who commanded the supply services, and Clay presided over the greatest military buildup the world has ever known within a time frame few considered possible. Between Pearl Harbor and V J Day, the armed services let contracts that ultimately exceeded $200 billion ($2 trillion currently) with scarcely a breath of scandal. "We were not against industry making a profit," said Clay, "but we were damned well sure they were not going to make an excess profit." For the first and only time in American history, the military employed a process of mandatory contract renegotiation. Whenever a supplier reaped an excessive profit or the Army no longer needed what it contracted for, the War Department renegotiated the contract and recaptured the government's money. "I think it was the greatest job we did during the whole war," said Clay years later. "You haven't heard any criticism of excess profits from World War II, and no one else has." (The mandatory contract renegotiation and recapture of excess profits, faced repeated court challenges, but the Supreme Court upheld the army's authority. Justice Harold Burton said, "The constitutionality of the conscription of manpower for military service is beyond question. The constitutional power of congress to support the armed forces with equipment and supplies is no less clear and sweeping. The mandatory renegotiations of contracts are valid, a fortiori." From FDR, by Jean Edward Smith Roosevelt could have allowed everyone to steal everything from the American People, and contribute to his campaigns in future, just as the current Pork Barreling, war criminals are doing now, but he was a man of honor and justice, and he lacked their avarice and demoniac personalities. Roosevelt had war pushed upon him, despite what those whose research skills are rather lacking and those who were and continue to practice scumbag Rovean slanders even about Pearl Harbor, and the error ridden Wikipedia chasers, who are jacks of all trades and masters of none, whose naïvete' dupe them into being victims of Neo-con, prewar, Swift-Boating and Nazi sympathizing, say that FDR tried to manipulate us into war. Such people have no in-depth knowledge of the history or conditions in 1932-1941, or neither of the power wielded by the Nazi's nor of the Prescott Bush Nazi Sympathizer slander machine, which tried to utilize the 500,000 WW I Veterans, to other-throw Roosevelt in 1933. More On Recapturing No-Bid Contractor and oil company profits! It is entirely possible, if all of the complaints we read about in quality are true that the clause, "Uniquely Qualified Contractor" is bullshit. When I was a tenured professor, the Halls of Higher Education were diseased with "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" who, after I sent out for bids from others for the same work, were no more "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" than your pet turtle is for Astro Physics. I do not know what experience Halliburton had in food service, but right now in America, there are thousands of restaurant chains, caterers and food service contractors serving millions to tens of millions of customers a day, with good, nutritious food, and until proven to me to my satisfaction, I question the Uniqueness of those so specified in employ of the government as contractors in Iraq. I say if Halliburton or any contractor has men of superior skill and experience the government instead of paying billions, should merely hire away these "geniuses" and set them up within the government. I also wonder why American contractors were hired to reconstruct what the Bushites intentionally destroyed for the expressed purpose of rebuilding for the graft and the payback from contractors for construction work in Iraq, the Iraqi's seem to have done a fairly good job of building their own edifices over the last few thousand years, and why and how the contractors that were sent there were "Uniquely Qualified" when we also have thousands of building contractors, architects and engineers, right here in America also, who might have delivered lower bids, is beyond men and women of even minimal intelligence. We have, right now, (not having to wait until after the 2008 election) a rare opportunity to take down the scourges of the earth, by getting back about 80% of the profits they have skimmed, and break their strangle hold on cash, and share the money with American citizens and returning troops, the very people from which they've been allowed to snatch it. I say we ring every penny of it from the contractors and oil companies, and right now, as Roosevelt did! What do you say? Will you join me in asking every single congress person in each of your districts to subject the "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" No-Bid contractors to Mandatory renegotiation and recapture of US Funds which are in our opinion excess charges, not just excessive profits, but excessive charges. Profits can be hidden, so I say reduce their payment by 80% on every job they and their contractors and subcontractors have done overseas and here, which is in any way related to this war. We need no pork barreling at the expense of our troops and our citizens here who have kept the home fires burning brightly for their return. Let's take back most of that $2.3 trillion thrown away to pals by the Pork Barreling War Criminals in Washington and the trillions robbed from America's workers by the oil companies, and the $5.9 trillion left by the Clinton Administration, blown by the Bushites. Let us form a letter writing, phone calling, personal visiting, push among our citizens and congress to follow FDR's lead to renegotiate all No-Bid Contracts and recapture 80% of all charges made by "Uniquely Qualified Contractor's" No-Bid contractors, Oil Companies, and other contractors, ASAP?
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