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The Silent Killers...

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Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo
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The Silent Killers... Home products, cleaning agents, mosquito spraying, lawn care products, lead paint, small balls and marbles, asbestos and more are injuring and killing as many as the wars about which we speak daily. Let's go after these producers of illness and death also! The "War" is Not The Only Thing Killing and Injuring Innocents New Homes Designed By Profit Hungry Developers/"Builders' are Worse-but worse still are what people put on their lawns and allow their communities to put into the air, soil and water. Some see these dangers as political, rather than health issues. However, then i guess a great many people are contracting health problems and dying of their political beliefs or disbeliefs. A study ought to be made of how many who do believe that, for instance OSB board releasing Formaldehyde, become ill from it. Or those who do believe that who move into a new home in which the Oil based staining and polyurethane treatment of floors does or does not suffer from the illnesses that such causes. The onward march of "Better Living Through Chemistry" has proven in many cases, to be a bonanza of disease and death for the medical establishment and undertakers. While parents are hysterically busy searching their homes for toys and other things that might poison their offspring, they are missing the bigger picture, as most people do, who are not fully informed and always cling to the latest trends and fashions. Is lead paint on toys dangerous? Of course it is. It can cause them major health problems, but living in a house with asbestos can cause them Mesothelioma a deadly cancer of the lungs which death rate is 100%. It appears that millions of very popular toys were covered in paint containing lead, but the possibility of being subjected to lead poisoning by eliminating lead painted toys is only minimally reduced as in older homes the walls are most likely covered with leaded paint and if remodeling begins the dust created in removing it is as or more deadly. Even if no remodeling or redecorating is done, deteriorating lead paint on walls is a large risk for children and pregnant women, as well as healthy adult males. Children and pregnant women should not be present during scraping and other remodeling and those doing the remodeling, should wear hats, gloves and proper breathing devices that are tested and approved for toxic dust filtering. Such dust can lodge in Forced air HVAC and haunt the home for month's even years. If remodeling is begun it might be a better idea to replace the Forced Air HVAC with a combination of Geothermal HVAC and Solar shingles, a much cleaner and far more inexpensive means of HVAC, in which the electric company PAYS YOU a monthly fee, and your heating/cooling costs are close to nothing. The greatest fear concerning lead is the particularly noxious, insidious and cumulative nature and nature of its. It attacks the central nervous system and the brain of smaller children, whose systems are still undergoing development, leading to impaired intellects, learning disabilities, and a lifetime of substandard health and existence. Balloons have always been a problem for children. Sometimes a child in trying to blow up a balloon, sucks in to get a breath and, the doctors says, "Balloons tend to drape themselves over the top of the voice box like shrink wrap; there's a suction that's created." "It will conform to the shape of the entrance of the larynx and will completely block off the airway." Adding to the run on toys, the toxic dog food and other toxic products, even though their were less recalls in 2007, the RC2 Corp. in June recalled 1.5 million Chinese made Thomas & Friends wooden trains because of lead paint, Americans were up in arms over Chinese products. Their fears were exponentially widened in August when Mattel Inc. world's largest toy maker, taking no chances, followed suite with a series of recalls of Chinese made products. The question for some in pediatric medicine is whether worry about imported lead paint obscures equal or greater perils much closer to home. In 2005, the most recent year for which data are available, 20 children younger than 15 died from toy-related injuries, according to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. Nine children between the ages of 15 months to 8 years old, died by choking on toys, six died swallowing balls which blocked their the throat leading to the lungs, and another choked on a toy dart and yet another died accidentally sucking in a balloon or part of a balloon and still another after swallowing beads off a toy horse, and still. While lead painted toys of every sort are a definite risk, more risky are other toys such as small rubber balls and marbles, which have been responsible for the deaths at least 12 children last year. Dr. Gary Smith director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Columbus, Ohio, Children's Hospital, says Ball-shaped objects are particularly dangerous. "If you took the best engineers in the world and asked them to design a perfect plug for a child's airway, you couldn't do much better than a round rubber ball," "It's airway-sized, it's airway-shaped and it will wedge itself in so that it is very hard to dislodge and will completely block the airway." You don't see them much anymore but I was nearly killed using a bean blower as a kid 10 years old, one of my pals showed me how to speed up loading, by using the bean blower as a straw, sucking the peas up into the mouth, I tied it and the pea caught in my wind pipe, I drew in air through my nose and coughed as hard as possible and up came to pea. That was the end of Pea-speed-loading, for me. Magnetic toys are atop the list of most dangerous. Mattel recalled more than 18 million worldwide and it had nothing to do with Chinese lead or manufacturing, instead because of a design error through which magnets could become detached from the toy, and which could be then swallowed. If a child were to swallow more than one magnet, the magnets could attract one another causing severe intestinal or stomach damage or worse, life threatening blockages or perforations. Also a heavy threat are certain cribs with up and down ratcheting side gates in which some infants and toddlers have gotten caught and choked to death as the gates fell coming down on the necks of children like a blunt edged Guillotine. Dr. Helen Binns, a professor of pediatrics and preventive medicine at Northwestern University's medical school warned, "By far and away historically, the major concern about sources for lead has been your home." "You may handle your toy for a few moments a day, but if you're in a home going through remodeling, you generate dust throughout your whole house." "So you're exposed everywhere you go, not just when you're playing." Dr. Garry Gardner, chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics' committee on injury, violence and poison prevention, says, "I think people don't always worry about the right things." He is precisely correct but his concerns do not correlate with mine. No, mine are wider and more far reaching than the product origins and dangers than those he was targeting. I am focusing on even more sinister and culpable product developers, sales and application organizations, which are using the same fear tactics as the Bushites use to scare citizens into giving away rights and treasury for pork-barrel No-Bid contracts. I am focusing on the sales through complicity, duplicity and criminal activities, which are curiously not covered by most laws according to police and prosecuting attorneys, whose political interests are as suspect as their creativity in protecting the public is low. Those who are anti-abortion, as I am, but pro mosquito spraying and cosmetic lawn care toxins, have their thinking caps twisted, bith are a death sentence, for not only the fetuses and infants we try to save, but children and adults of all ages. I speak of products being forced upon communities or sold to unsuspecting millions of Americans, to which full disclosure of the dangers they face in such products are not forthcoming and are fought like a plague, which their products truly are. I speak of products of THE CULTURE OF DEATH, lawn care pesticides/herbicides, which lead eventually, and sometimes more quickly to a variety of health and life threatening dangers, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimers, a variety of cancers such as breast cancer in women and testicular and prostate cancer in men. In 96% of the women who suffered breast cancer, the fatty tissues surrounding the cancers, found by doctors who were alert enough to check, were loaded with pesticide/herbicide residue. Using caustic, toxic chemicals as though they were as harmless as pouring drinking water on one's lawns, when in fact what they are spraying or having sprayed on their lawns are poisons, originally used by the Nazi's to "exterminate," humans-Jews in WW II concentration camps, only diluted enough to, in some, delay death and serious injury, so that they might be used on lawns today, by those uninformed or who think poisons are a political rather than a health issue. The other major health issue is spraying for adult mosquitoes, which kills only 1%-7% of the adult mosquitoes acting as a toxic panacea. Several communities in Illinois refuse to use it because every time spraying is done so many call city halls because they are ill. In DuPage County Illinois, where the breast cancer rate is among the highest in the nation they spray constantly and their growing call list of those who become ill is easily five time shire than those uninformed who are called by the Mosquito spraying firms. "Nuisance" calls prompting the company to spray yet again because being bitten is an "inconvenience" to those who are uninformed about the repercussions of the intoxication of the toxic products. What intoxication? Short term effects varies from High Blood pressure, asthma, sleepiness, listlessness, forgetfulness, confusion, muscular ticks in various muscle groups, headache, diarrhea, cramps, weak muscles and softer teeth, couching fits, anger, teeth-grinding, aggressive tendencies, violence and irritability. Long terms effects; Parkinson's, Cancers of several sorts, Alzheimers, in fact TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint) can also be activated by pesticides which are a neuro-muscular irritant, electro-chemical message blocker. Some people suffer from "Summer Stomach" or "Summer Bowel Disorder," and many physicians mistake it for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or eating too much of the wrong foods on summer. In addition, the impeding of Cholinesterase and the interference with Cholinergic activity (Ant-Cholinergic) is the cause of many bowel, intestinal disorders and one of the major interfering elements are pesticides. Stubbornness and disinformation and lack of information is killing and injuring many Americans most of them children and infants. Insurance Companies waste tens of millions of dollars on medical testing, treatment, and even end-of-life drugs because of the flagrant use of Pesticides and Herbicides. There have been no studies made about the interference and the negative interaction of pesticides and herbicides on prescription drug users, and it is only logical and stands to reason that there is such interference. The entire body is activated and dependent upon neuro-muscular systemic wellness, the interference of Pesticides and herbicides can do nothing but cause damage. These probably are also culpable in auto accidents and acts of violent crime, because of the neuro-muscular irritation of a primarily useless and much overused set of products, which are also a danger to wild life. However, as always, MONEY is at the root of all evil and people are abysmally ill informed about such products in which pesticide manufacturers and appliers make huge fortunes. Everything we buy we like labeled so we can make informed decisions, but no one knows a thing about the chemicals that are used in lawn care and mosquito spraying. One look through the warnings on the packages should tell most people with a functioning IQ one thing-don't use these products! They are, even in small doses, harmful and if everyone in your neighborhood is using them they can and eventually will be, devastating and for many, over the long term, deadly. Wake up America, say no to pesticides/herbicides, as well as lead paint and dangerous toys, unless you enjoy a shorter lifespan, and the years of end-of-life in suffering, pain and depression, with a mush-brain or the horrors of cancer. This is not a political but a health issue and if you are too stubborn to think of yourselves think at least, about your children and grandchildren.

Good Day and God Bless

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