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The Sign of the Son of Man

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By: Larry Sparks 

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Once again all nations have rung in another New Year. For many, 2008 may seem no different from any other moment in time. As time goes, there really is no difference. But for those who look forward, beyond the now, to new expectations, there is an undeniable breeze or stir in the air that doesn’t want to go away. The uneasiness is fabricated mostly by politics: Rumors of war, terrorism, inflation, currency devaluation, and political shifts in the Middle East, Russia, and other parts unknown that promise only further instability. Even the American presidency is up for grabs that is assured to promise a greater loss of civil liberties, higher taxation, further loss of domestic jobs, and other economic instability that calls for more police presence and a crackdown with an even more inflexible rule-of-law. However, Big Business is assured to flourish because it is now the American Government as is every other government in the world.

Human behavior also seems to be shifting from civility to contempt and wrath resulting in unprecedented corruption at every level of the American society. Nature also seems to be reacting in its own way: melting icecaps, rising ocean waters, increase in violent storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions to just name a few examples. Is it possible, nature and man are so interconnected that what we do, what we say, and what we think moves nature to react in a countermanding or supportive way?

If it wasn’t for recorded history, we would be at a loss to answer the question about the undeniable interrelationship between nature and mankind. One of the most overlooked man and nature interrelationship occurs when a despotic species of government collapses. Looking back to the end of the rule of Alexander the Great, to the collapse of the Roman Empire, the end of the Napoleonic age, and the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich, Mt. Vesuvius erupted. While Americans look to the devastation of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, it was Mt. Vesuvius that also erupted that marked the political demise of Big Business monopolies that have returned to rule the One-world government of today.

For those who believe there is a God there are no spiritual leaders to turn to for answers. Religion seems to be interlocked in pettiness over meaningless trivia such as what is the correct day of worship: Friday for Muslims, Saturday for Jews, Sunday’s for Christians, and Monday for the Beast or recognized government holidays. Many Christian evangelicals are openly distancing themselves from the notion of the Christ Resurrection, the basic canon of Christianity, saying it was only an aberration. Fundamentalist Muslims are screaming for a Jihad or for a self fulfilling prophecy of what Jews and Christians look to as the age of the apocalypse. Religion in America has turned to government to finance their so-called faith based welfare programs instead of relying on their faith in God as their outreach programs imply.

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The Judeo-Christian Bible warns humanity of the wrath of nature, “Woe unto the tribes when the Sign of the Son of Man appears in the sky.” This far reaching paraphrased statement from the Gospel of Mathew of the New Testament of the Judeo-Christian Bible leaves three dangling questions: (1) what are the tribes, (2) what is the sign of the Son of Man, and (3) what is it the tribes have to be concerned about? To the consternation of many Christian denominations and their evangelicals, Christ is referring to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The significance of the Zodiac, every individual has a time and date of birth corresponding with one of the 12 Zodiac astrological signs displayed by star configurations in the heavens. Christ made sure He didn’t leave any one out from His ominous warning.

Those who live in the far North of the Northern Hemisphere can look skyward during March and April to see the Aurora Borealis projected on the backdrop of the night sky as draping, greenish-yellow veils or curtains of light. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights, are also seen as huge greenish-yellow veils of light against the Southern night sky. However, the Southern Auroras occur during September or October depending on the year. The significance of these alternating Aurora’s is that they mark the beginning and ending of a five month period that have significant religious consequences for the Jews and Christians alike. For the Jewish faith, the Southern Aurora occurs during their seven day Feast of Tabernacles believing this is when their messiah will come in person. The Christians on the other hand believe this is the season of Christ’s second return. Another often overlooked phenomenon, most Jewish and Christian prophetically ascribed events occur during the September and October season. The Northern Aurora occurs during the Easter season marking the Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. For these reasons, the Aurora’s are considered the Sign of the Son of Man and have been seen since the ancient of times (Mat.24:30 and Dan.7:13).

During the five month Aurora season, anyone who is of the One-world government or who are despotic in nature, suffers the most. The Aurora’s are caused by charged electrons hurled from the Sun into Earth’s atmosphere interacting with negatively charged ions in the sky causing them to light up. The electrons that make it to the surface of the Earth pass through humans as though we are transparent. However, despots, loveless godless individuals, or emotionally unstable individuals who are predisposed to having an excess of negative ions that positive charged electrons attach themselves to. This ionic activity makes unstable individuals even more unstable. This explains why the five month Aurora season always begins and ends with a massacre of five or more. With the passage of time the number of massacres, homicides, suicides, and other deviant behavior are also on the rise. We are warned that despots will also be tormented with unprecedented noisome sores during this same season. Some will wish they could die but can’t, even now the death rate declines twenty-five percent worldwide during the 5 month Aurora season (Rev.9:4-6).

Without question, humankind and nature is inseparable. Nature and mankind need each other for survival. Nature needs mankind to give it meaning while mankind is dependent on nature for his substance. America has become a Godless, loveless society. Beginning in September of 2006, for the first time single family households in America outnumber married households. We hear of global warning as being mans nemesis. However, an unexplained fact; the world’s ambient temperature rose three full degrees between 1935 and 1945, and plummeted three full degrees at the end of WWII. Today’s worldwide temperature has yet to increase one full degree but the icecaps are melting but didn’t show any signs of receding during the ten year warming period between 1935 – 1945.

Unless mankind returns to being a God fearing species, and non despotic in nature history has proven it is only going repeat itself. There is one cataclysmic event that is poised to destroy most of the human race if mankind does not take note and begin making some serious adjustments in its social interrelationships and make amends with nature. In the late 40’s and early 50’s, there was an enormous amount of flooding in America. The flooding prompted the U.S. government to direct the Army Core of Engineers to construct levies in the troublesome flooding areas. Because of neglect, and mismanaged funding over time, those responsible for maintaining the levies let many lapse into disrepair. A crucial New Orleans levy collapsed during hurricane Katrina because of neglect. However, of all the manmade projects on Earth, the levies were the only project that had an effect on the Earth. The Earth’s rotation slowed one tenth of a second per year as a result of the levies.

In 2007, the world’s largest Three Gorge Dam was completed in China, with the exception of the installation of some 37 generators. The last of the generators are expected to be installed by 2010. The Chinese dam is five times the size of the Nevada Hoover Dam and is already causing ecological disastrous effects in and around the dam: Earth trimmers, landslides, increase in rainfall, displacement of millions of people, the end of an endangered species of dolphins, and an increase in rat infestation to name just a few of the problems.

It is how it is affecting other parts of the world that is of concern. The dam sits squarely on one of the world’s larges fault lines and the world’s largest tectonic plate. Since its completion, the immediate area of the dam has been experiencing an increase in earth trimmers. In America the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest known underground volcano, has been rising 3 inches a year since the dam’s completion. Earth trimmers have also been on an increase in an already seismic active state of California. The neighboring state of Nevada, known for its five volcanoes, has been recording a disproportionate number of earth trimmers since the filling of the dam. When the generators are fully installed and the dam is fully functional it will make the American Army Corp of Engineers levy project look like the freckle on the rump of an elephant.

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It is expected the weight of the water being held back by the Three Gorge Dam will be enough to cause the underlying tectonic plate to begin sliding, causing adjoining plates to follow suit setting off the Yellowstone Caldera. This is no small matter. The down wind of the Caldera will make islands out of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. Most of the Northern states of America, including the Midwestern states of Kansas, most of Okalahoma and the neighboring states stretching to the Eastern seaboard will be chocked out from the eruption. Most of the Canadian Southern regions will have corresponding results as the Northern portion of the United States.

Despite all the ominous warnings, it is never too late to stop the demise of humanity. However, if the Sign of the Son of Man doesn’t humble a corrupt, arrogant, self righteous culture there is nothing that will move it but its own self destruction.


Excerpts from the book The Harlot and the Beast found on


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The Sign of the Son of Man