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US Live Fire off N. Korean Coast Celebrates US War 10 Facts of History Condemn US

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Allies conduct exercise to mark Korean War anniversary
June 25, 2012,  By Walter T. Ham IV, Eighth Army Public Affairs 
"More than 2,000 South Korean and U.S. troops and 38 military units participated in the live-fire training exercise, June 22, three days prior to the 62nd anniversary of the start of Korean War."

This is an appropriate occasion to review the horrible truth about Wall Street's key investment program for Korea reaching back to 1905 at a time when the Yankee trader was breaching the monopoly of European Colonial Powers in Asia, having had its armies butcher in the Philippines and loot Beijing a half century after Commodore Admiral Perry threatened Japan into opening its ports to US commerce with his double squadron of warships.

Most all Koreans know:

1. - that the US supported the Japanese claim of Korea being Imperial Japanese territory for forty years!

President Theodore Roosevelt (obediently?) ordered State Department to deal only with the Japanese military mission in representing US interests, closing US Korea diplomatic channels. Racist President Woodrow Wilson officially recognized Korea as territory of the Japanese Empire. At the Versailles Treaty conference, he refused to listen to Koreans petitioning for freedom from Japan, a US ally in WW I. This state of affairs remained through for a total of forty (for Koreans miserable) years, right through President Franklin Roosevelt's administrations, although FDR did eventually call for freedom for all the colonies of the Colonial Powers once WW II was over.

(The reader might not have known this, but most all Koreans everywhere do. The Japanese occupation was brutal. For years Koreans were forbidden to speak their language in public.)

2. - that at the Potsdam meeting Stalin had been made to agree to halt the USSR army midway down the peninsula to allow the US to occupy southern Korea - no one asked any Korean if they minded Korea being divided between the world's dominant capitalist power and socialist USSR, half-destroyed by the German war machine built up with America's investment banks and collaborating great US corporations as a bulwark against the spread of socialism.[1]

(All educated Koreans and citizens of other former colonies know about this in essence, and of course so do American historians and the descendants and heirs of the early American backers of Hitler like Ford, DuPont, Rockefeller, Joe Kennedy, Prescott Bush and the CEOs of most all major US corporations all having had factories or offices in Nazi Germany.)[1]

3. - that the northern part of Korea at the time of its partition into what was supposed to be only two zones to be later reunited, had (before being crucified by vastly superior American weapons of mass destruction) been under the Japanese, especially, much more industrially developed and culturally advanced than the southern part, and therefore looked to after the partition for a certain degree of leadership, its government of intense interest in the South, even though speaking openly about it is still dangerous.[2]

4. - that the Russians allowed the formation of a socialist government led by workers unions and organization of farmers; that the investor ruled Washington government disallowed such a government and much of the business community that had prospered under the Japanese (and collaborated with Japanese exploitation of Korea came to be lucratively favored over the workers and farmers during the forming a government in the south.

5. that to this day the North commands the respect among the artist communities in the South (carefully muffled in relative silence since for years such an attitude discovered could mean imprisonment or even death. Notice it is well know and well reported in Western media that it is still a high crime punishable by prison sentence or worse to visit the North, and very dangerous to speak well of the Northern government.[2]

Readers should be aware that for Koreans anywhere, there is only one Korean nation.
6. - that the Japanese Armed Forces were defeated outside Korea. By the time the US Armed Forces arrived in the South, Koreans had organized a union of workers and farmer organizations democratic proto-government. US officers and officials were instructed to disassemble it, arranged through undemocratic elections to install Syngman Rhee as president.  Rhee, who was brought in from the US and would become a hated dictator whose US-trained special forces and police would be responsible for massacring nearly 200,000 communists, socialists, unionist democrats often along with their women and children [3] in the years before the Koreans from the north swept down the whole South unopposed in a few weeks effectively unifying a Korea free of foreign control for the first time in forty years, except for the southern most city of Pusan, fortified and held by US forces.[see various Wikipedia articles on the Korean War]

(Americans have been from the beginning to suckered to believe that viral anti-communist Rhee was a good guy pro-American leader of a democratic and peaceful US arranged South Korea.)

7. that in social discourse in South Korea, Syngman Rhee name is an embarrassment and/or negative memory and avoided. From school books my Korean friends born after 1970 remember only his having been the first president after the war being noted and little else. In the most Confucian society on Earth, one avoids uncomfortable mention of untoward past happenings. [2]

8. - that several years after deadly American fire power restored him to the presidency his own forced conscripted army had refused to defend, Rhee fled for his life, flown out of Korea on a C47 owned by the US CIA as protestors descended on the Blue House follow event of the student led April Revolution during which a hundred striking workers had been shot down.[4]

9. - that the Commission that .....was pushed thought the South Korean National Assembly, by President Kim Dae-Jung (who limped noticeably from being tortured by gangs of thugs during the decades of military dictatorships which ended only after the Kuangiu student revolution ending in a massacre that President Jimmy Carter refused to help avoid.[6] A objection of President Eisenhower is rumored to have once saved Kim from execution. The Kuangiu student revolution was in response to Kim's arrest.[2]

10. - Koreans know their nation, helpless after forty years of Japanese occupation, was ripped apart and families separated with brother forced to fight brother causing unimaginably deep suffering all for having been made made a pawn in the Cold War. This writer remembers New York Times front pages with photographs of visiting US congressmen in the trenches binoculars trained to the north, above dramatic reports of Senators calling for 'cutting the ropes' holding back the South's Syngman Rhee from sending his army North to clean out the communists, so incongruous, even incomprehensibly weird in view of the easy victory of the North a bare few weeks later.

In retrospect this was just one of hundreds of past US corporate governance macabre beating of war drums that continues today, but now with a media much more in control of how Americans shall be made to think. In 2012, Americans in general are still foolishly being conned into supporting atrocities by its military for the benefit of investor global hegemony, while begging America's wealthy, who long have had ownership or control over half the world's wealth and resources, to hire Americans in place of cheaper overseas labor, and accepting that there is some economic mystery involved that cannot be solved - though professed to be solvable by the two presidential candidates they are allowed by media to divert themselves arguing about.

In recent years OEN has published many carefully documented articles have sought expose the absurd lies, and rather crude propaganda repeated and repeated to justify Americans having mass-murdered Koreans in their own land, many in their own homes, and sanctify the present US continual barrage in media to demonize North Korea - just at it once demonized the incredibly brave Vietcong patriots and now demonize the Taliban, who once saved their country from the anti-education-for-women war lord paid, trained and funded by the same CIA which oversaw the grown of lucrative poppy fields and the destruction of the women liberating and once immensely popular socialist government in Kabul.
Reading these OEN articles attached, we can learn how Americans, duped into supporting genocide by American in Korea, with such simple-mined ideas like "the North attacked the South," have been taught to get at 'commies or Muslims trying to take over the world' that capitalists are protecting, we can surely more than just suspect other absurd explanations and justifications given in war-promoted media for massacring Vietnamese in Vietnam, Laotians in Laos, Cambodians in Cambodia, Dominicans in the Dominican Republic, Cubans in Cuba, Panamanians in Panama, Grenadians in Grenada, Somalis in Somalia, Afghanis in Afghanistan, Iraqis in Iraq, Lebanese in Lebanon, Pakistani in Pakistan, Libyans in Libya and apparently now willing to do the same being planned for Iran, while encircling China with bases and military alliances, and for having arranged massacres of Greeks in Greece, Guatemalans in Guatemala, Iranians in Iran, Congolese in Congo, Argentinians in Argentina, Peruvians in Peru, Chileans in Chile, Haitians in Haiti, Colombians in Colombia, Salvadorians in El Salvador, Nicaraguans in Nicaragua [7]and now Syrians in Syria.[8]
Before reading the conclusion of this article, reader is invited to look over previous OpEdNews articles on the cold-blooded homicidal US foreign policy in Korea practiced on an innocent people once freed of a US-approved Japanese occupation.

NY Phil Plays in a Korea Once Destroyed by U.S. Invasion, Flattened by U.S. Bombers

 Beautiful telecast. Koreans interviewed spoke of avowed resolve to protect their country,they knew Americans were their enemies, spoke softly, politely, with calm pleasant countenance. Americans can go on thinking they were good guys doing good. But they might like to remember that 'good' was done in Korea, to Koreans, all of whom were not in agreement that it was for their own good. Picasso's Cheju Massacre Painting sobering.
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U.S. Threat to Atom Bomb North Korea Never Forgotten On Nov. 30, 1950, President Truman at a press conference, remarked that the use of the atomic bomb was under active consideration. Koreans heard this as menacingly foreboding apocalypse, for U.S. forces were in retreat, and had suffered losses when China send 'volunteer' forces to N. Korea 45 days earlier. North Korea going to great expense to acquire nuclear capability. Is memory of that U.S. threat to Nuke fueling paranoia?
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Obama Calls on UN to Punish North Korea Over Rocket, but WHO PUNISHES THE U.S.?
Commercial media feeding frenzy on the space missile launch by North Korea at the same time whipping up fear of Iran. Obama has harsh words for North Korea, as earlier for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela and Iran, which received a kind invite to talk mixed in with such severe public criticism as to make the invitation unacceptable. So far, Obama, both as president and as commander-in-chief belies change to serious diplomacy.
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N. Korean Torpedo Accusation Fizzles - Strong Probability of US Mine Strike Investigated
The self-righteous scowling countenance of Mrs. Clinton reminded us of a serious Colin Powell pointing to photos of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction trucks, of Adelai Stevenson's photo evidence that planes that bombed Cuba were not U.S. planes, of Robert McNamara on the Gulf of Tonkin attack on innocent U.S. warships, of the John Foster Dulles proving that communists, not capitalists, were out to conquer the world.
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NY Times, AP Consistently Leaving Out Debunking Info on "N. Korean Torpedo' Claim
Even capitalist South Korea's major newspapers have carried the friendly-US-fire suppositions re its blown up warship by both a Russian Navy investigation and Japanese investigative reporters. It is difficult to even find having been reported in U.S. media the simple and diplomatic Chinese answer to the U.S. asking help to punish North Korea on the basis of a U.S. 'international investigation' finding. "Not creditable."
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On the Need for Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in America
In 2005, in keeping with its maturation as a constitutional democracy, the South Korean National Assembly established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to seek to "reveal the truth behind civilian massacres during the Korean War and human rights abuses during the [South Korean] authoritarian period and recent evidence of U.S. and South Korean responsibility for the massacre of civilians before and during the Korean War."
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The asinine and freaky idea of a few times a year provocatively blasting off with artillery, missiles and rockets so close to the coast of North Korea that the reverberations are heard in its capital Pyongyang!

Years after having bombed Korea cities and towns flat in both the north and south, murdering millions of Koreans in their own country, threatening to drop Atomic bombs on Korea and punishing the North Korean population with sixty years of severe economic sanctions while having US war-promoting corporate owned commercial media portray North Korea's strong military government and its arsenal of a few atomic weapons as unneeded, comes the sixty-second anniversary show of how homicidal, belligerent and dangerous the United State of America is.

Is the message perhaps, that the gargantuan colonial superpower still plans to finish what a half million Chinese sacrificed lives stopped it from doing a half-century ago?  And where might it be on the community of investment banking agenda? After seeing to the conquering of the rest of the oil rich Middle East and toppling the five Latin American anti-US-global-imperialism socialist minded governments and that nasty holdout against the New World Order (same as the old colonial world order of total white nation supremacy with invided Japanese membership)? Before the war with China and Russia being planned to use up the huge inventory of weapons of mass destruction so heavily invested in, make a separate second US-Korean war superfluous?

see OEN article 6/9/2011 and its footnoted documentation sources.
US Invested Heavily in Hitler Compensated Europe's Jews with Arab Land - Therefore: [Part 1]
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[2] Author lived among Koreans while a professor at a university in Seoul for seven years and heard much of the continued reverence and for the maintenance of Korean cultural purity in the North in subdued and careful conversations with colleagues in the art world.

[3] see OEN 4/17/2009
On the Need for Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in America
In 2005, in keeping with its maturation as a constitutional democracy, the South Korean National Assembly established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to seek to "reveal the truth behind civilian massacres during the Korean War and human rights abuses during the [South Korean] authoritarian period and recent evidence of U.S. and South Korean responsibility for the massacre of civilians before and during the Korean War."
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"The demonstrators soon overran government buildings and trashed the two main television stations.

On May 22, William Gleysteen, U.S. ambassador to South Korea, wrote in a cable to President Jimmy Carter's security advisers: "Kwangju is ... out of control and poses an alarming situation for [the Korean] military ... at least 150,000 people are involved."

Despite his public policy of supporting human rights, Carter refused to back the massive democracy uprising in South Korea. At that very moment, the United States was facing a huge crisis in Iran, following the uprising that brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power.

In public, the Carter administration condemned the bloody attack on Kwangju. But in private, White House officials feared Korea would spin out of control. Carter's top aides quietly backed Gen. Chun's use of South Korea's Special Forces to gain control of Kwangju.

The full story of this sellout of Korea's democracy movement was uncovered a few years ago in the "Cherokee files," thousands of secret documents about the Kwangju events that our government released in a Freedom of Information request from Journal of Commerce reporter Tim Shorrock.

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