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Climate Change and the End Times

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Red Giant Sun Consuming Earth
(Image by NASA - public domain image)
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It is becoming increasingly clear to me that what is now commonly referred to as "Climate Change," a.k.a. global warming, has become a faith-based doomsday religion.  The Left has embraced Climate Change philosophy with a certain amount of glee.  Climate Change proves that free markets are bad, that governments know best, and that industrialized society is somehow sinful.  But if one looks at the actual facts, it is certain that government efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions have largely been economic, environmental, and humanitarian disasters.  In addition, greenhouse-gas emissions have increased worldwide despite all the rules, regulations, and costly renewable energy projects.
It is generally accepted in the scientific community that the Earth has not warmed since about 1998, yet greenhouse-gas emissions have significantly increased since then, an acceleration due in part to biofuel farming, which has dramatically increased the production of CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide, all greenhouse gases.  So why did global warming stop in 1998 while greenhouse-gas emissions accelerated?  
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Where I live in Oregon, we have had a long string of cool years, one right after another, with below-normal rainfall.  Global-warming theory predicts that Oregon should be getting much warmer and wetter, not cooler and dryer.  Something is wrong with global-warming theory as stated by Al Gore and others, and I know this by simply stepping outside and fe eling the record-breaking low temperatures.  
The tactics of Climate Change true believers are getting interesting.  They keep changing the advertised symptoms of global warming, which now mysteriously includes unusual cooling.  No matter what the weather is doing, Climate Change alarmists can find an explanation that shows that human-created pollution is at fault.  Any weather forecast has thus become a win-win validation of their belief system.
The Earth has been experiencing unusually low hurricane activity recently, which is exactly the opposite of what Climate Change theology predicts.  According to the popular news media, Typhoon Haiyan, which recently hit the Philippines, somehow validates Climate Change theory despite a lack of any confirming statistical data to back up that claim.  
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Quoting from well known energy-policy analyst, Bjorn Lomborg:
"Even when measured by total energy of hurricanes, the so-called Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE), the Philippines' area is below the norm, even after Haiyan.  The Atlantic has had no major hurricanes and the global total ACE is at its lowest since the 1970s. You cannot take Haiyan and claim it is caused by global warming, without -- incorrectly -- claiming that the lack of global hurricanes is also caused by climate change." 
There are a number of documentary films that point out glaring mistakes in the popular global-warming theories.  A very thoughtful, well-crafted example is "Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off," now on YouTube.   I have done no direct research into Earth weather patterns myself.  I do know with certainty, however, that Al Gore and other famous global-warming gurus have been dreadfully wrong about many important issues.  Al Gore enthusiastically supported biofuels as a replacement for oil, but later admitted that corn ethanol was "not a good policy."  
Al Gore, like T. Boone Pickens, championed wind power as a way to save the world and our economy, but industrial wind-energy schemes have proven to be both an economic and ecological disaster wherever they have been tried.  T. Boone Pickens finally gave up on wind power and stated that "He (Obama) needs to explain to his people, 'Hey, we can get on everything green.  We can get on everything renewable.  Then the cost of power will go up ten times.'"  
President Barack Obama, the world's biggest advocate of biofuels, has now financed a scheme to use windmills to manufacture a new generation of hydrogen bombs.  The Pantex Renewable Energy Project, built on 1,500 acres of government-owned land in the Texas panhandle, will be the federal government's largest wind farm when completed in the summer of 2014.  Empty green symbolism has been pushed to an Orwellian extreme.  Nuclear war, mass starvation, and death are now somehow "green," and surreal absurdity is government policy.  
FOOD = ENERGY & ENERGY = FOOD is an equation I devised to remind people that it takes so much energy to produce, transport, and safely store food that any increase in the price of energy immediately results in food-cost inflation.  Absurdly pricey wind and solar-power schemes, if implemented to any significant degree, will always result in absurdly pricey food that only the wealthy can afford to eat.  In my view, the renewable-energy fad is just another false religion created largely by the wealthy and by corrupt politicians pandering to greedy special-interest groups.  Their "green" ideas starve the poor yet produce no significant reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions as a benefit.  A study conducted by our federal government's own National Research Council states that windmills and solar schemes are not worth subsidizing because their real-world effectiveness at reducing greenhouse gas emissions is insignificant.  The study also says that biofuel production increases greenhouse-gas release.
Out-of-touch Al Gore, now a strict vegan, recently purchased yet another giant mansion, the newest one an $8,875,000 ocean-view villa in trendy Montecito, California.  Al Gore's jet-set lifestyle burns up far more fossil fuels per year than the unglamorous life of the average American survivin g on a low-paying job and food stamps.  Our own government and global-warming gurus clearly do not represent the views of the majority of American citizens.  

As there has been no measurable global warming worldwide for many years, and there has been a recent increase in record low temperatures, some scientists are now worried about the possible onset of a new little ice age caused by reduced sunspot activity and reduced solar output.  Many scientists suggest that CO2 is much less effective at raising Earth temperatures than previously thought, and that ever-fluctuating solar output rules our weather.  As my own crystal ball is broken, I do not claim to know what future weather will be like.  I strongly suspect that no one can predict long-term weather accurately simply because there are too many unknown variables that affect climate.  
There are many other dangers to worry about besides Climate Change that do not get anywhere near the same amount of press coverage.  My number-one worry is the affordability and survivability of the human food supply, which Barack Obama seems adamant to destroy with his biofuel schemes.  Biofuel farming has raised the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food all over the world.  The higher the cost of food, the more innocent people die of malnutrition and related illness worldwide, and the more Americans need food stamps just to survive.  The Democratic Party has disgraced and discredited itself by conspiring with Big Ethanol in a war against affordable food and their own grandchildren.  When we have eroded away all of our irreplaceable topsoil growing corn for engine-rotting, energy-inefficient ethanol, what will our grandchildren eat?  
Nuclear war is still a major threat, and recombinant-DNA equipment has become so cheap and easily available that any mentally ill scientist could produce a doomsday virus in his own basement that could kill billions.  A number of synthetic killer viruses have already been created in the name of academic research.  The subconscious psychological motives for this dangerous genetic-engineering experimentation is deeply troubling.  What if a deadly super-virus escapes the laboratory by accident?  
The Yellowstone Park volcano is long overdue to erupt, a cataclysmic event that will destroy our food-growing capacity with volcanic ash, and by blocking out the Sun's light for years.  There are a number of giant super-volcanoes around the world that could reduce Earth's human population to a tiny few through starvation.  A world-killing asteroid could appear at any moment, and with little warning if it arrives from an orbit that hides itself from our telescopes.  
I do not welcome mass death, but many Christians who believe in End Times theology seem to long for it.  I cannot help but notice how much Climate Change enthusiasts and Christian doomsayers have in common.  Are they just tired of living?  Do they hate themselves and the world? 
The Earth's climate is always changing because it is driven by constantly fluctuating solar-energy output, an irregular Earth orbit around the Sun, and a million and one natural dynamic processes that are mainly beyond human control.  Climate change is happening now, has happened in the past since the Earth was first formed, and will happen into the future up to the moment the Earth is consumed by the Sun.  The Sun will eventually run out of hydrogen fuel and gradually turn itself into an expanding red giant star that will envelop the Earth and expand past the orbit of Mars.
I do not deny that a future dangerous global-warming trend is entirely possible; I only deny that hysterical thinking is useful.  Shutting down debate by censoring and smearing critics is not good science.  There have been a number of credible and substantiated allegations that some scientists have tweaked and faked data to fit their beloved doomsday theology.  This kind of fraud is rather common among scientists testing drugs for pharmaceutical companies.  A strong profit motive or a heavy belief system bias is not helpful to the proper implementation of the scientific method, which requires neutrality and an open mind.    
Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions as a precautionary measure is a responsible idea that I fully support, but the facts show that renewable-energy schemes other than hydroelectric and geothermal power are of little or no use for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.  [See Germany's Green energy Disaster.]   There are far better ways to reduce greenhouse-gas levels without costly government subsidies and dictatorial government mandates.  For those better energy solutions and links to resources, please visit my websites, The Fusion Revolution and The Renewable Energy Disaster.


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Christopher Calder is an advocate for world food supply security with no financial interest in any energy related business.

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