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Cuckolded by Bush



Cuckolded by Bush

by Rob Kall

When a wife is unfaithful and betrays her faithful mate by having sex with another man, the spouse is called a cuckold. He has been cuckolded. It is not a complimentary term. To be cuckolded is worse than being screwed or embarassed. It is emasculating, an affront to one’s manhood, honor, integrity and honor-- a real trashing.

When a politician is unfaithful, when he makes a promise he doesn’t keep, when he betrays the trust that voters give him by cheaply selling his integrity, by not carnally, but worse, collusionally, going to bed with war profiteers, energy-gouging eco-rapists, soul-less corporatioins that pillage the nation’s commons, and when he outrightly violages the most essential precepts of the nation’s dominant faiths, then that politician has cuckolded the people who voted for him.

Part of the trashing of a cuckolded man, part of the shame and embarassment that is part of being cuckolded is the reality that the cuckold chose his mate. He made a decision to commit to someone who ended up cuckolding him.

Likewise, the person who voted for George Bush, or for slimeball (George Bush Senior’s word) senators or congressmen (or women like Katherine Harris) has been cuckolded-- betrayed, embarassed, dishonored, emasculated, taken advantage of, made a fool of....

The cuckolded mate may rationalize, to avoid facing the reality of the mate’s betrayal. "She made a mistake," or "she used bad judgement," or "she took bad advice, " or "here hearts in the right place and she still loves me."

But after two, three... five or ten times, the cuckold finally says "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" And finally, the cuckold leaves the life of the fool behind.

That’s all it takes to stop being a cuckold-- a cuckold who says he won’t take it anymore is no longer a cuckold. Facing the reality about the cuckolding partner and either stopping her (or him) or leaving the relationship ends the time as a cuckold. If you are a cuckold, then you have fallen down in stature, in self esteem, in respect, you allow yourself to be made a fool of. You can stand tall again when you stop allowing yourself to be cuckolded.

There are millions of people who George W. Bush and the Republican party have been cuckolding. And there are also million of Americans who have always seen Bush and his party for the cuckolders they are. These American’s have not been shamed by Bush. They have been disgusted by what he has done to the cuckolds he has duped and abused.

As we approach the election, it seems that finally, with the help of the 9/11 commission, Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and the fact that enough facts have come out to show Bush for what he is, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans who were being cuckolded by George Bush are standing tall again, getting ready to vote against Bush, becoming active in campaigning against him. If enough do, then the US itself will no longer be cuckolded-- in the White House or the Congress.

Bush, DeLay, Frist, Hastert and their cowed rank and file storm troops who vote the party line have violated the trust of their constituents, claiming high character, honesty and integrity while in actuality, they have been treacherous betrayers.

Like money-changers in the temple, Bush and his cuckolding cronies donned the raiment of the holy, but underneath their shallow disguise, the Bushies were ready for treachery and betrayal.

Are you a Bush cuckold? Did he seduce you with his failed claims of fighting terrorism, or his false piety and political, not pious position on abortion? Or is he playing you, like another good ‘ol boy, though he’s really a rich new englander whose daddy has saved his ass time and again?

Any way you look at it, you’ve been suckered and you’re a Bush cuckold. Worse, your participation in being duped by Bush has threatened the most basic principles of this nation.

Wake up. Stop being made a fool of. Throw the bastard who is cuckolding you out. Half of the population of America see you as a cross between a brainwashed fool and a stupid ass. Even more people outside the US see you as a supporter of the most despised man in the history of the world. Yes-- there are more people in the world now and so, Bush is despised by and hated by more people than Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin or even Osama Bin Laden.

What do you think of the people who supported them? Know that there are Billions of people who think that of you-- that you are a fool, a cuckold supporting the most despicable person the planet has ever known. Wake up.

Rob Kall is editor of www.OpEdNews.Com

You can find over 150 additional articles by Rob Kall at this Archive

Fell free to forward this on to any Bush Cuckolds you know.


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