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I live in Washington State, where I grew up, but I've also lived in Scotland,* England,** and France.*** My formal education was in language, economics, and law. I've worked as a roofer, translator, paralegal, prewf... pruef... proofreader, editor, and computer jack of all trades.

I'm a left-leaning social-democrat who used to vote for Democrats as the lesser evil. I now support Socialist Alternative, locally, and the Green Party, nationally. I probably owe most of my political and media de-indoctrination to involvement in advocacy for Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. (Well, that and a never-ending stream of "progressive" Democratic Judas goats. They've been pretty hard to miss, lately.)

Apart from that, I like my brother, my friends, little kids, bicycles, Canadian French and Scottish English, good food, open-source software, user-serviceable and -repairable stuff, movies, The Wire, Marcel Pagnol and John le Carre novels, and a Song of Ice and Fire.

* I kin say it's a braw bricht moonlicht nicht, so I'm a'richt.

** I'm sorry, but did you mean to say "SHEDule"? And when you say you want to "table" the matter, did you mean that in the *proper* sense of the word or in the *American* sense?

*** Ah! Ze sharmeeng creatyure! She eez playeeng 'ard to get, non? (Or, if you don't like Pepe Le Pew, you can substitute that Simpsons episode where Lisa takes a taxi to the wrong school and rushes to what she thought was her science classroom only to discover that it's a French class. All the kids laugh at her, the teacher admonishes them to do it in French, and instead of going "Ha ha ha ha ha!" they go "Hon hon hon hon hon!" And if you are French or a French-speaking Francophile and don't think any of this is remotely funny, "Of what am I mixing myself, me?")

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