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W David Kubiak  (# of views)

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Basic descriptors: grandpa, interviewer, writer, organizer, media stuntmonger, Libertarian Green, indigenous inspired pantheist, permanent residency holder in India & Japan, mass media lecturer & IMC veteran, and director of Big Medicine, a minuscule non-profit researching the corporate takeover of our countries, cultures and consciousness. Mentation samples available at academia(dot)edu.

Basic poli-sci piece footer (with links): Project Censored award-winning activist-journalist, avid exponent of Big Body Theory, #bigbane recognition & Immunocytizenship and winner of the 2000 NH Dem VP Primary on an anti-megacorp platform.

Basic self-reflection: 40-year Cassandra re the #bigbane cancers consuming the world.

Basic misadventure index: yet to come...

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Sanders/Warren - Reluctant invincibility, From InText
(3 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, December 2, 2019
When Liza Yessed Bernie - Inviting audacious conjunctions A rational progressive antidote to 2020 self-defeat.