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When Liza Yessed Bernie - Inviting audacious conjunctions

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As Biden falters but new "moderate" Dem saviors rise and proliferate, is it still too early to nudge Warren & Sanders to finally tie the knot? Given their respective crews' extraordinary energies, campaign fusion could deliver a populist green power source the country hasn't seen since heartland chautauqua organizers blew away the ruling megacorp trusts of the Gilded Age.

Sanders/Warren - Reluctant invincibility
Sanders/Warren - Reluctant invincibility
(Image by Justin Sullivan)
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Hesitant invincibility"

Arguments for Bernie and Liza's swift integration are fairly self-evident.

Waste reduction: B&L's open collusion would generate unity, synergy and cohesive momentum among near identical progressive camps that would otherwise waste the next vital months trading snarky barbs and invidiously trying to distinguish themselves.

Energy conservation: Whatever the ironies, hoary B&L most electrify youth whatever their ethnic background. And while it's heartening to see green reformist zeal finally rivaling dark money as a high octane electoral fuel, we can't forget zeal's peculiar volatility. The First Law of Thermodynamics took a pass on the political realm where volunteer energy can be created or destroyed overnight. Either Bernie's or Liza's defeat at the end of the primary gauntlet could degrade the losing camp's motive force to bare "lesser evil" voltage.

Historic inclusiveness: Yes, there are optic issues. B&L are both quite white, northeastern and getting on, but both champion issues that resonate widely and transcend identity politics. And she is very much a she and he an old-school Jew, offering an unprecedented dual milestone in White House equal employment.

Revelatory messaging: Since our assorted climate, health, inequality, violence and ecology crises are all symptoms and subsets of a "megacorp emergency", B&L declaring one aloud could connect a lot of dots and unite diverse single-issue activists to collaboratively depose their common enemy.

Both B&L already seem to sense the potential of megacorp restructuring to downsize, decentralize and democratize these vast bodies with focused activism and federal chartering curbs.

Consider our leading causes of eco-social disorders: Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Tech, Big Chem, Big Ag, Big Defense and all growth-obsessed etcetera. Their obvious common descriptor suggests corp devolution could finally offer a true broad spectrum remedy.

Such an agenda may sound quixotic, but it merely revives and replicates the precautionary constraints American state legislatures imposed on corporate bodies through most of the 19th century.

After freeing themselves from the East India Company, Hudson Bay Company and other Brit-chartered predators, the founding fathers were careful to curb the hell out of those we grew at home. They entrusted all chartering to locally answerable state reps who demanded recipients remain tiny, transparent, transitory, focused on public good and totally banned from politics .

Yes, the corporates did gradually lawyer, lobby and suborn their way back to dominance both in the US and worldwide. Nonetheless, it's clear that a national back-to-the-future enforcement of those prescient ancient limits could restore popular sovereignty on a wide variety of fronts.

Even the simple addition of workers, consumers, community reps and other key stakeholders to megacorp boards with powers equal to shareholders could internalize most oversight functions our corp-captured regulatory agencies were originally designed to perform.

Democratizing megacorp governance could thus not only internally enforce triple bottom line accountability, it would also allow radical deflation of many bloated federal agencies.

Our founders' corp-wary foresight suggests many other stratagems, but radically downsizing huge sociopathic bodies is a major first step.

Right now B&L are among the few edging toward such holistic prescriptions, but that can quickly change as more activists recognize #bigbane as a soluble scourge and the common upstream cause of most modern global maladies.

How would a merger work? One promising scenario: Bernie leads the 2020 ticket with an open agreement to yield the Oval to Liza after the midterms and then be appointed VP. Presuming Liza radically extends the office's purview and potency, this would scarcely be a demotion. Even now a VP's powers can be full-blown astonishing as countries full of Cheney casualties may recall. But whatever the titular order, B&L would offer the US its most inspiring progressive dyad since Henry Wallace and FDR.

Plus Liza would enter the 2024 fray with all the bully pulpit's perks; and continuity will be essential given their transformative programs and the predictable megacorps blowback as their henchmen are expelled.

Sexism disclaimer: Bernie's initial primacy would be less about gender than seniority and lifetime achievement. He did push or prefigure most of today's progressive agenda from Medicare for All & Green New Deal thinking to 99% consciousness & corporate coin rebuffs. In 2016 he almost single-handedly shifted America's "socialist" preconceptions from grim Stalinist cliche's toward hip Scandinavian tropes. Nor can one discount his poll-proven "likeability" as a precious asset to sustain trust and introduce fresh ideas.

Also in this scenario Liza actually does become America's first woman prez. The champagne is simply postponed a bit by her own results-driven selflessness. But in all other respects both should serve as co-equals to strengthen each other and exemplify a post-ERA world.

Exec branch foreshadowing wouldn't have to stop there. B&L could jointly recruit their entire shadow cabinet early on and leverage their nominees' cred, voices and constituencies all along the election trail. Seeing who is chosen and willing to serve could help voters visualize a B&L White House and inspire vital confidence in its competence and course.

In any event, watching Wall St, the MIC, corporate media and tycoon players all hyping mod "electables" should kindle a few survivalist synapses and remind progressives yet again that divided they're fucked, but togethered they're hot.

For all we know this may be B&L's own game plan: individually galvanize their respective teams with personal pitches & rallies and then conjoin them near the end zone to prodigious effect.

If that be true, hats off, but the faster they unify the more they could boost down-ballot allies and primary challenges to corp-servile pols at every level of play.

Either way, suggested or self-generated, B&L fusion seems called for now and extremely auspicious. Just pray all who see any sense in this help them hurry the hell up.


By W. David Kubiak

W. David Kubiak is a Project Censored award-winning activist-journalist, an avid exponent of Big Body Theory , #bigbane recognition & Immunocytizenship and winner of the 2000 NH Dem VP Primary on an anti-megacorp platform .


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Basic descriptors: grandpa, interviewer, writer, organizer, media stuntmonger, Libertarian Green, indigenous inspired pantheist, permanent residency holder in India & Japan, mass media lecturer & IMC veteran, and director of Big (more...)

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When Liza Yessed Bernie - Inviting audacious conjunctions

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w david kubiak

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Here we are at the 20th anniversary of the great Seattle WTO shutdown and its people-powered rejection of corporate dominion. That was then - when 51 of the hundred biggest economic entities on the planet were not governments but megacorporations. But this is today, long after our Seattle "victories" but that megacorp count has escalated from 51 to 69 forcing us to search for better strategies.

B&L are already helping with that, but can't really succeed without more campaign unanimity. This election is their/our best chance to dethrone the ruling corporates, but B&L can't prevail until they recognize this cause requires them both and failure is not an option.

Submitted on Monday, Dec 2, 2019 at 4:07:48 PM

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Dave Lindorff

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  New Content

I like this idea Dave. There's no constitutional requirement that the VP do nothing and the President have all the power. A president could, for example, focus on global issues and the VP could focus on domestic ones. In this case, it would be ideal since Warren is actually less progressive on foreign affairs than Bernie in his latest positions, which are far less zionist than hers, far more critical of the military than hers, and far more non-interventionist. On domestic issues Warren is actually more knowledgeable, particularly regarding the all powerful financial industry, than is Sanders. Interesting proposal. Coming up with a shadow cabinet would also be a great campaign strategy. Here's another idea -- Sanders and Warren could announce now that they would adopt a shared presidency, that sanders would stand down in 2024, and that in the primaries, whichever of them won more total delegates would be the progressive candidate, and the one with fewer would ask their delegates to vote for that candidate with the most delegates, hopefully avoiding a deadlocked convention and a second ballot.

Dave Lindorff

founding editor of

Submitted on Monday, Dec 2, 2019 at 10:17:49 PM

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w david kubiak

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Author 503247
(Member since Aug 7, 2015), 1 articles, 4 comments (View Extended Stats)
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Reply to Dave Lindorff:   New Content

Gracias, brer D, you got all the main electoral hooks and baited them with even better reasoning. :) Still hoping though that the megacorp dissolution issue starts to get more traction. We really can't enjoy democratic governance or a livable planet while they remain at large.

Submitted on Tuesday, Dec 3, 2019 at 7:03:51 AM

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