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David Spangenburg

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David Spangenburg is a Freelance Wordsmith currently working in both the print world and cyberspace. His short fiction, essays, articles, blogs and OpEds can be found in various magazines, newspapers and on numerous websites. He is the master of his OpEd Blog - The Opinion
A talented Playwright, he penned the Book and Lyrics to the cult classic musical comedy, "Carhops, Lost in Time" and the hilarious two act stage play "Pirates of the Airwaves!" which featured, legendary character actor and friend, Victor Wong("Last Emperor", "Big Trouble in Little China", "Golden Child"). He wrote, produced and directed; "caught between heaven & hell and no tomorrow", "Tapestry" and "Stream of Being"-a series of critically acclaimed Multi-Medium Performance Theatre Productions staged throughout Northern California. At home on the stage as well as behind his keyboard, his series of Performance Art Readings, "Twisted Tales", received many rave reviews and developed a enthusiastic following. He also wrote and voiced the narrative for a cable documentary on the life of "Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy". He lives in the Gulf Coast Beach Town, St Petersburg FL with his wife Kate and their three dogs.

Just recently he collaborated with Dr. Al Plechner DVM to create"...the definitive Pet Health Guide...."
"Against the Odds, Given up for Dead".

Did you know that a simple hormonal imbalance endangers the lives of all our pets? This imbalance triggers an immune system breakdown leaving our pets helplessly exposed to deadly disorders and catastrophic diseases. Veterinarian, Dr. Al Plechner discovered this imbalance and created a simple, lifesaving, treatment that has been proven successful time and time again. The Plechner Protocol has restored the health of over 200,000 dogs, cats, horses and even people. This book tells his story. Written from the heart, it illustrates his passion for healing, highlights fascinating episodes from his life and, for the first time, allows his people to tell their own dramatic, true accounts of life, death, courage and commitment. As an added bonus, it also contains the Healthfully Yours Handbook, a comprehensive collection of thoughtful, therapeutic information concerning Pet Health; it is an engaging, proactive guide for Whole Animal Health.

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SHARE More Sharing        Sunday, June 21, 2009
Reflections on "Medical Ice Age?" After I posted "Medical Ice Age?, on I received a number of emails singing the praises of Dr. Alfred Plechner DVM. They were from readers who had visited the page after the two week comment period closed. Being avid Plechner supporters they wanted to comment but, alas, couldn't. Their stories were very moving tales of near tragedy and touched me so deeply I decided to create this addendum to the previous article.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, May 21, 2009
Medical Ice Age? Considering the fact that every animal that Dr. Plechner's treated for cancer has had this endocrine-immune system -imbalance, Could we possibly be able to treat or prevent cancer by identifying and healing this adrenal defect? These are questions that continue to be asked, due to the advanced stages of "status quo" which has so grievously afflicted the corporate medical establishment.
SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Arlen's Specter Arlen remains as always an "even though". Even though he does bring them closer to the filibuster proof(?!) number of 60. There is no telling where he'll put his voting power. And, with the rise of the new "centrist" caucus, (the infamous ConservaDems) Vegas is currently taking odds on, if Arlen is a blessing or a curse.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, April 17, 2009
Dog Training This article answers that age old question. What do our dogs do, late at night, while we're sleeping? Or, maybe not.
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, March 12, 2009
Feed your Head We never have the time to realize that the high we've been chasing all this time has been chillin'. Just hanging out, waiting for us to slow down to catch up. There is no drug quite like the experience of life. If you want to expand your consciousness just open your senses wide because it is all around you.
(2 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Siren Song US Highway 66 was established on November 11, 1926. She cut diagonally across the middle of the U.S. like an exploratory surgery from Chicago to Santa Monica., 2,448 miles of wide open spaces and sheer American beauty.
(1 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Thursday, October 30, 2008
Open letter to the American Middleclass! Just who are they calling Joe anyway? Do they really think they can take the vast and diverse collection of individuals that make up the mighty middleclass of America and dilute us down to a beer drinking, can crushing, bulls**t spouting jingoist? Ready to sit up and beg for their guidance? YEAH, THEY DO!
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Monday, October 20, 2008
Jack Kerouac's Ghost Haunts the Bars of St Petersburg FL He always said that St Pete was "a good place to come to die". Some say he was cursed when he said that, cursed to haunt the bars in St Pete, much like Davy Jones haunts the seven seas! So on the 39th Annual Celebration of his final road trip, all you barflies all over St Pete stay alert and when the time is right, raise your glasses to the King of Beats! And say...'s to you, Jack!
(4 comments) SHARE More Sharing        Friday, October 17, 2008
Send in the plumber! The use of the McGuffin in modern politics or how I learned to start worrying and to appreciate Dan Quayle.
SHARE More Sharing        Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Dragons and Ogres A Fable for our Times?!