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I'm an independent childbirth educator, and an advocate of independent midwifery. From 1993 to 2010, this was a felony in NYS because, as the judge who wrote the majority opinion in the challenge to the PMPA wrote (to paraphrase): "it didn't matter that the scientific evidence is in favor of independent midwifery, because there was enough LEGAL PRECEDENT for squashing it that the legislature might be justified in being stupid; and it wasn't for the judge to set the record straight and overturn the legislature's misinformed opinion." In short, to the gov't of NY, women's health finishes a distant 2nd after monied interests (hospitals, big Pharma, obstetricians) which independent midwives, who get better results IN PRIVATE HOMES, are a huge threat to. More succinctly still: who cares if more women & babies are dying, & the public is paying through the nose for all this needless carnage, so long as the hospitals keep raking it in. So long as legal precedent is upheld.
If you're having a baby, you're less likely to DIE in 39 other countries than you are here. Think about that. Also, the countries which have universal health care (all of which have FAR better birth outcomes than the U.S. does) each spend about HALF of what we do on maternity care. How did they do this? They took PROFIT out of the picture. They asked the WHO how to get the most bang for their health-care buck. A: Independent midwives for primary maternity care; and, keep c-sec rates below 10%, which independent midwives do. (Note: these countries didn't even ASK the WHO this Q until they had the burden of paying for everyone's health care with limited funds.) This was in 1983. What happened in the US when the WHO proved that independent midwives were the way to go? The c-section rate skyrocketed. What gets the healthiest results is not what the medical industry wants to hear--except to rush out and do the diametric opposite. After all, unhealthy people are repeat patients. In obstetrics, this means banning VBAC because, if you can do 4 c-secs on each uterus before you whip it out, you'll have maximized profits per uterus. So what if 3% more women are killed w/ medically-unnecessary c-sections? As long as moms are too scared to birth by themselves & illegal midwives remain scarce enough, the industry still makes handsome profits.
In any crime, the key question is: Who profits? With regard to US healthcare, the answer--ultimately--is whoever profits from bankruptcy. Because to fall into the American safety net--if you weren't already in poverty--you have to spend down your assets so far that you are in poverty. This doesn't happen in "first world" countries--watch the Swiss guy in "Sick Around The World" (Frontline, recoil in horror at the notion of losing one's home due to health care costs. The FACT that the US gov't exists to rob the non-rich and give to the rich is amply proven by many trends of the last 30 years. Look at the whole HIV=AIDS thing--read Duesberg's INVENTING THE AIDS MYTH & Read and Watch The MONEY MASTERS on google. Read Dean Baker's THE CONSERVATIVE NANNY STATE on google.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011 (1 comments)     

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On Labor That Only Women Do Pitfalls and solutions to main problems w/ U.S. obstetrics and midwifery