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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

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English philosopher Edmund Burke's above quote sums up this election. 43's Mini-me McCain's policy will cause evil to flourish. Why were there so many synonyms for what big bro 43 initially vaguely labeled "everlasting war against terrorism"? When a policy is evil, failed, vile--and you want to continue it, you simply change its title!
Mini-me will not only continue the insanely un-defined "GWOT" or all of its imprecise synonyms such as the fight of "those who are against", or against the latest incarnation "Islamofascism" but increase the blood letting.

For years the US populace has differentiated between the occupation in Iraq and the "everlasting war against terrorism" because they have known that before big bro 43's Iraq war al-queda wasn't in Iraq-neither was any variant of extremist Jihadism! Most recently big bro 43's military advisors have talked about the greatest enemy in Iraq being sectarian violence, not terrorists. Big bro 43 and his chief propagandist "Herr Karl" a.k.a. "Turd Blossom" Rove and his crew of liars, including mini-me have tried to blur the picture, but we went into Iraq in a lie and Petraeus' military leaders-such as Pace and Mullen wanted troop numbers to be reduced in Iraq.

The idea has crept into even the dimmest of dim-bulb red stater that bin laden--the terrorist who big bro 43 vowed to get "dead or alive" hated Hussein, and that bogging down our military in Iraq was allowing al-queda to gain strength.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael G. Mullen clashed with Petraeus precisely because Mullen wanted fewer troops in Iraq.

During Mullen's Senate confirmation hearings for the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mullen stated "there does not appear to be much political progress" in Iraq, and "If [the Iraqis] aren't making progress in [the political] realm, the prospects for movement in a positive direction are not very good. Failure to achieve tangible progress toward [political] reconciliation requires a strategic reassessment." Mullen further told the Senate that the United States needs to "bring as much pressure on [Iraq's political leaders] as [the U.S.] possibly can."

In March of 2008 the top military commander for the Middle East, Admiral William J. Fallon, resigned because he was, of among other things, on the record in recent months as being less enthusiastic about the surge than his subordinate Petraeus.

Petraeus has been given the job of commander of U.S. Central Command because big bro 43 needed someone who could agree with his stupid Iraq policy-a policy that has made the US less safe and alienated the Islamic and non-Islamic world!

The man who did in fact "betray us" has spouted Herr Karl's talking points about Iraq and since big bro 43 needs all the propaganda he can muster about this atrocious policy, and the U.S. main-stream media didn't see an interest in advancing different opinions regarding W's latest policy blunder in Iraq, another synonym for "stay the course"-- the surge, was implemented while our apathetic red staters mouthed praise for big bro 43. W has succeeded in reaching the vilest recesses of our least interested members and that has been the margin that has accepted his pretenses of being the one who can protect against terrorism. He and his stooges lie about fighting them in Iraq so that we don't have to fight them in the cities of the US and you get the idea that you are back in the 1960s and "Tricky Dick" is spreading the hypocrisy that the "domino effect" will have communists leaving Vietnam and entering the US to battle our every man woman and child. Herr Karl knew that slimmest of ignorant strata of our society was enough to appeal to back then and that the same plot would work now.

Mini-me doesn't say much about Iraq now. How could he?

Before it was popular Obama said that he favored a phased withdrawal from Iraq, and that the US should be as careful in leaving Iraq as it was careless in entering. If Iraq doesn't want us there how do we stay unless we blatantly defy Iraq? How do we do that?
Now Iraq wants no part of the US military. Today Iraqis staged a large rally in the holy city of Najaf, urging the government to hold a referendum over the US-proposed security pact.

A few days ago senior cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, said that a US-proposed security pact must not undermine the country's sovereignty. Earlier this week, the Iraqi cabinet decided that the draft of Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) should undergo necessary changes.

Big bro 43 originally picked Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and considered him to be a good stooge. W is so stupid that he didn't seem to understand that he didn't have al-Maliki in his back pocket like all of the vile GOP creatures in the US Congress. al-Maliki wants to stay Prime Minister and he'll do what he needs to do to win the next election.

W chortled about Iraq becoming a sovereign nation. How can we defy them? We can't! Besides, poll after poll shows that our citizens are irate over our spending in Iraq while our economy is plummeting, our deficit soaring and our infrastructure decaying. The dimmest US bulb has heard that Iraq has projected four-year budget surplus of up to $80 billions and isn't paying for its reconstruction. Even our dullards realize that isn't right.

Whenever sane people talk about what causes Islamic people to become terrorists you'll hear that the root cause is lack of economic opportunity. Who would wear an IED and forfeit their life if their life was worth living? Well guess what? The US military has recently said that recruitment numbers lately have skyrocketed without bonuses specifically because US citizens have no hope for economic opportunity, and mini-me has every hope of letting them die in Iraq as IED fodder.

It isn't only the "GWOT" failed policy that mini-me wants to continue! He is also is a "trickle down" proponent-a GOP favorite that only allows the top 1% to make a profit. They never considered a fair share for everybody and their bible never had the idea that the top should not covet the limited resources of the bottom 99%! The GOP makes sure that not only do they covet, but they steal every last cent that isn't nailed down!

Remember how mini-me says Obama is the "re-distributor in chief". Well mini-me in fact is the "deregulator in chief". Mini-me is quoted as saying "I am fundamentally a deregulator". One of mini-me's chief chums is Phil Gramm. They have been destroying all the regulations that protect the bottom 99% for years-probably back to mini-me's Keating Five days. Phil Gramm has always been able to scam the bottom 99% out of money for the top 1%'s gain and that is the deal that mini-me is currently pushing.

Back in 1999, when the GOP controlled the Senate, Gramm came up with a plot the top 1% loved. He gutted the Glass-Steagall Act with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, thus allowing commercial banks, investment banks, and insurers to merge.

Mini-me's former economic advisor Phil Gramm, as a lobbyist, was one of the most visible forces in deregulation which resulted in legislation that preempted stronger state laws against anti-predatory lending. So mini-me has a direct link to the economic destruction of many poor souls who thought that the US government would never allow them to sign a mortgage they couldn't afford. Mini-me says he'd keep US forces in Iraq for 100 years. That is not to fight terrorism remember--that is to quell sectarian violence, while bin Laden gets stronger.

It can't be clearer. Vote for Obama. The other side has ruined our chances for financial security-resulting in our desperate youth joining the military for a chance to succeed. Who will they be fighting if mini-me wins? Not bin Laden, but Shiites and Sunnis and Kurds who want to kill our boys and girls specifically because they hate the US occupiers.

We are not asking for much--but remember "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Vote for Obama so that GOP evil doesn't triumph!
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